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SALBWBriok blook Mo. 11* West IN 0OMMOH OOUIIOIL. ( Brtk bluak No. 118 Wet Fir.I street. - i ^ r hoose, M modMB 1 at p* * * tei HOMDAT BTIIIHO April W.IMJ^S oaiuatet wik from Pol vfflo* (Ooaoladed] Vajoaui lot. comer of W H I Third U d I ilso fiod iht ID Common Ooanoll Vanrluren ilrU Small bout* No 1*3 Wen Ooelda t t r | of April 28ib, 1874, t b i .lqlloffinf I (One hundred stfd^ssTtaty flve-aore farm, ood Duiidiogs, la -aaataa ooaaty, onesp, prooMdlogi: Or exohenge. The Ooaaattltt on whom riv* bundled tori twtnty IW t e r n or limber land in KOKOB c o a r u onmp, or wti referred ihe resolution of Aid. ezebtngs. inquire of D * . 9 U U K H . Kehoe, reJatinx to railroad oomptslet



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gtaDtlog unto Ihe Borne, Watertown ler street from Third to Tenth and railroad track at a point midway be* Ogdenaboxg BaUtoed Ooawpeny, One-Half street, wiuld report that tween Seventh and Xlghth streets; permission to grade ao4 \%f tracts all they have examined said street and from thence to Ninth street four feet aloog aod aerosi of nslo pobtte streets find that the Rotne, Watcrtown below said middle traok, gradually In the olty of Oswego, under oeiUln A Ogtfensboig fttlroad Oonnany asoendlog at Ninth street to a Icrel s, perhaps. Plenty of rHtrletloes and conditions, be and it are moving the Mldfrnd tTaok South wl b said middle trick aadoattlnuol Its present bed without permission is hereby repealed, rescinded and anlog upon a level therewith to Twelfth rjy * tilings will save work" in washingif cf this Ooanoll, alto cutting down treet; to extend suoh grading to tbe nulled. don't mind more or less harm Aid. Kane moved to ley the reso shade trees, tearing up sidewalks Booth gutter line of Bohoyler street to the clothes. .JBut if you lotion on tbe table until the next nd otherwise lnfrlpgtng upon tbe sad provide a soluble waterway ; to rights of tbe property owners on said grade the approaohes from the orosa do mind it, and wajut to mett'ng ol the Ooanell. Lost. kceplog ilreeis In repair, would re* Ihe question was then taken on street, In defiance cf tbe protestations streets and relay the crosswalks; to hit sure: that you're not U l B - f i o u i t No. 213 Koorln port that they have had the tame an- the adoption of the original resolu- of laid parties AVo that tbe R W. oonstruot a s'dewalk between Fourth l U H t Apply oa praniltea. der oomlderatloo.imd offer the follow* tion. running any riskthen A O.RR.bave taken Ue seventeen feat and Fifth streets on the South side of leg: get Pearline. Pearline In front of their property,(which alcne tiohoyier street, and to grade for and Ayes and Nats called. OK H41.ik i ri K A l'-On surry. 1 UQUIIe M. M WHKELIR, of u. B.O>truout. _ Is tbe olty's right (tnd whereas It ooostrtot a sidewalk ilx feet In width, AyesAid. Parsons, Navsgh , Edhas been proved, over and J . O . WELLINGTON, **" O.ldKt land, Phelpe, Hall, Tattle, Newell was not oontempUte4 (to giving tbe o< plank, in tbe usual manner, on the over again, to be absolutely QEOK <B GDHLJC, Marphy, Qiono#, Fo*t, Haven, Oai. right of way to s*td rtilroe'l oomptcy North side of Bohayler street between j*OM I A L I - H t o o k , flvtari, raarblnes ABRAM BUCKHTOT, harmless. It saves more ud pop huilnets of T F. Alkeni for en said street) that they oould take Ninth and Twelltb streets, to be done llnan, Bmith, the MayorIt. Sale cheap. Alto one doable nd oae i l a THOMAS said property without the ojnscnt of poOer the. general dlreoilan and sub- drudgery, i n washing-tlothos- or cleaning- house, that* any .Niv*Aid. Kaufi Saudi, Backfie MI light barat< Aid park phaeton. r * ldtt tbe owners thereof, aid ts laid rail ject to the approval of the Chairman boat3. Adopted. Oommlttee. road oom pan y refuse to compensate of tbe Committee on Streets and the other thing that's safe to use. You can't afford to use anyBy Aid. Bdland : S i l t V H A P . H h o i T M i desfca, Beiolved , That tbe Hirtit Oorjonolithing that's doubtful. ' T itore stools cjoak racks, at *,. Clancy ' Rsiolvcd, That tbe Rome, Water- tbe owners In a reasosable amount, dt^eet Commissioner. dry goods store. < U 8 ionr be and he Is heieby aalborli4 ^^flH Pddlers and some unscrupulous rc>cers v '! tell you " this is as good a s w Ayes and Nays called. town A Ogdensborf Railroad Ootn- your oommlttee desm It their du*y t * J ^ l l l l or " t h same a* I'earlrhc." I T ' S FAL:: K Pearline is never peddled, HAL--Wou*d, fentle nprs<. *ny and directed to eioerialo as too* a peny be and ll Is hereby permitted to to ask *hts Counoll to protect tbe AyeeAid. Navaga, Eilanc\ Hart. ady cao drive. Inquire 1 * 8 West possible the oondhion of the iiretti you something in i>lice of Pea oJLthapeople* asfl tm leave to yuntuet awe aad lay ttaefca tot 1U *oad ' J I U U Bali, of the clly of Oiwfgo, in whioh raTP IdSt Murphy, Henoesiey, Fort, Haven, road trioki are laid, tod to report the the purpose of making oonneotions offer the following .. J f O Oaslck, Unlllnan, the Mayor14 OT r n K S A L M - A good DUUdlOg lot caocie to t&e Oommon Ooaooll at 111 with the Oiwego railroad bridge 4 00 v Wxiro. obesp, (trail eay. on Weil atxwt to be oonstraoted and to use THB WEATHK* EEPORT. NaysAid. GoDlf, Habbard.Bmlth J . O'Connor '" P. J . CULU*A, Adopted, inth tirfli,betwea Uneidaand Mobawk. ntit meetlog. MIIIKSO 8 75 said tracks for railroad purposes 3 . Adopted. OIOKUKULYNN O4 4,2dim May 4. rorsaart tkil 8 . ' Committee. Mrs. J . Longhway 0 o Aleo In Oommon Ooaooll, May ^ aorost and along the following named By Aid. Hartney: Mrs. J . Moran 10 00 r. M. Wednesday. ~jH)H HALK OK TOKKNT^Krbm May 1st Resolved, That this Oounoll inFor Kartern New YorkThreatening 1897, tbe commodious hoose. ooroer 1874, I find the following: 140 M streets, to w W : That tha preient struct tbe Olty Attorney to have an Whereat, The New York AOiwego C. H. Newell Wait ttscond and (Mbayler streets Hot To the Honorable Jhe Ma\or and Oom. weather with showers tonlght, WednesJB. Kelly . . . 58 83 traok of the Oswego * Rome Rail- lnjunotlon served on the R., W. A 0. Midland Railroad Oompaoy has re- Referred to Oom ml tie oa Claims. day fair io southara aad showers i s and oold watt r; balk, Ioxoao*, etc. A ppl* ^o Joan P. Phelpi. J71 s,6dtr mon Council, City of Oswego, N. Y, : road Company East of East Thirteenth RR. Company, u soon as possible, moved the traok of Its road In East northern portions, variable winds beoom* By Commissioner Schilling: GL.STLKMINPtmasnt to^a rtaola- street aoroas YanBoren, Thirteenth restraining them from grading, mov Hobujler street (or has permitted the Resolved. That orders be drawn on ing northwrsterlv. __ TO .Him, For Western N*w YorkThreatening tlon adopted by the Common Ooanoll and Twelfth street to Sohnyler street, Ing, laying or enlarging*be tnok on stme to be removed) to near ^fce oen- tbe Treasurer to the above named persona weather with occasional shiwers toTf O RJCNTHOUIH and bsrn on Katt 10K Taetday evening, Apill 2Sib, 1874 re- ilong Sohoyler street to Third, along East Sohoyler street tam Third to ter of said street wlthoat permission for the amonnt of tbeir acoonnts allowed. nlght, Wednesday generally fair, slowly Ayes and Nays called. Jl street Inquire corner of Katlfitc and lative to itreete In which railroad Third street, erostlng 8eneoa, Oayuga Tenth and One half sireits.not'l they cf the Oommon Oounoll cf the oUy of Onrlda streetj. wlLLIABD W. BATA vesMessrs. Schilling, Looghway and rising tempralare,lle;ht northerly winds; tracks are laid, I have the honor to and Bridge streets to the pnbllo sqnare, have settled with all the parties on Ojwego; and TLES. . - 8d8t 698 Dnnn. - v M I J 4 , 8:00 A. * . ay aNone. ' Adopted. * report that I find the streets In which Whereas, Saoh removal and the JK O HKNT-l'lea'aat furnJsbed rooms to the tracks ol the D . L, <fc W. railroad aoross Seoond, Onelda, First and Mo~ sild street having just olilms again3t Applications were presented private Jamil/: oenlral looatlou. on hawk streets to Its connection with said R , W. A O. RB.Cotapany. ncoeesary embankmint therefor have and refsrred to the Clerk. WfsT'slder Board if desired, insurr* at ara laid, In good oondUion, exoept the track* of the Jild Oiwego Railroad Aid. Buckhout^ offered tae follow- OQOisloned danuge to t i e property on tnuoffloe. Sd8i Mi* " Wind that portion of West F l n t street, Bridge Company, upon the follow- log amendmrnt: ibe South side of said sireet, between report as follows: Number of persona in boose at list reO KENT No. 2SJ West F ftb strset, be. from Uloa to Tairuan streets, and ing oonditlonsrestrietlons and reservaResolved, Tbe oooupaaoy of the fifth and Tenth streets and no com- port, 41; received since, 1; number of per* tween Albany and Erie itreeu, Apply that Is being repalredr-tnd will In the 1 hennas Kelly, 285 Wait Fifth street, tions , however, to wit: Said com- reserve of seventeen fet bsonargcable pen-at ion for the damage thus caused sons discharged, 1; aTerage nnmber of York^. 29 34 majSdat 6*8 Pt. Cl'df ooarse of a day or two bs In peifeot pany in grading and laying its traoks to R. W. A 0 . Railroad Company at h&9 been made; therefore, pcraoxu donag month, 40; nomber of Albany 89.78 Clondy males, 20; Datnoer of fematefl. 14. Ham repair. Tha streets In whioh the tan per aenf pet amranr as value ol That the New Yoik A or_ weeis ooara or poor auring mooihT MonUwaliiii Barn In, good condition! H9 10 Raiui TMfjj t a d O RBMTBarn : HouieHIF" npnn" Hoch ester... . . 16 acc&SflidatS Ap- nauki ut ing OiWflffr & atS (wo horses A lands, which will be satisMidland RtUroad Company shall not Interfere it number of weeks board Baperlnt Blxth B l t h itreet, ply at 178 East 7 Ida 47 road are laid are In good condition. tbe- tame -at -grade with the faotory *o the city's interest. Oloudy 30. Amount, ot farm ba and 1> U directed and wqalxed SW lr Oteudy Aid. Murphy moved to amend Aid. take ap and remove tbe traok cf Its products sold, fST.BT. OOM8.TQ HKNT-Tnqolreof P . > , Lei* The streets In wbleb the tricks of the tnok of the New York 4 Oawego Brie ^ Rain W 14 ter, No.'3 Grant block Respectfully submitted. Nw York A Oswego Midland and Midland Railroad Company now laid Baokhcmt's amendment by allowing road In East Scboyler, between Fifth Cleveland..... . C. S. N*wiLL,'Bap l t. SW 20 y i .. * wit Lake Ontario Shore railroads are laid thereon, ezeept It be upon agree* theR. W. 6 0 . Baliroat Oom piny Qd Tenth streets (being the most On mollon of Mr. Fianagan Mr. New- rWtfcmit-.,,,, , 38.96 NW fpfj BENTUpper story Ho. 88 West are very cnuoh oat of rpp%lr, and In Cloudy mem with and oonsent of the said more time to settle with the property (outherly railroad track In Eatt eU's report was accspted and placed on Saogeen..... SU.OS X Tbird street, pleasant location. Apply ear N W ;iear Alpena . . 30.04 to 146 West Water street. Qulok response bad condition, nothing having been New York A Oiwego Midland Rail- dwners along the line cf said railroad. Sshuyler, between Fifth and Tenth file. The Cleik reported he had received Boo Ste. Marie. 30.12 aeovssary, W. R Hosmer. done by sitd oompanle* to. Improve road Company. Us receivers, repreNW 6 :iear Lost. streett) within thirty dsys after serv- tS1.67 12 from Mr. Newell and deposited the Chicago.. 43 Gh them.' . -. > tentatlvti or att^gBf or upon toe sab* The question was then taken on tbe ice of a oopy of thU resolotlon oa a samewiui Miiwsnfrw S2 V ^-lt ->' nB x-uosse* svoxl etor^ ooiuoined 18 d ear RMpeolfa y J No. Ill corner Ninth and Utloa streets Bequtct action and ootssnt cf tbe amendment of Aid. Baokhoat whioh efflser cr tgent of sild Nilroad com- ' There being no farther business the suurjueue. 80.02 144 Calm , meeting ad joorned.' ~ *' * Third, war/i; in tood order. Kent I ISO Port Arthur.., 42 30.K 8W It ear piny, and that In default thereof the Common Oonnoil in case such oonseat wasloet.T BA l'LYNCH. 464 3,6d3tawtf E. K K I X T . Clerk. Duhrth . 30.08 7T> N - 6 Clear M.F. 0ARP5TSB, oan not be obtained from the New Tha q awl Ion then reeatred on the Street Commissioner bs and ne Is New Orleans... 3W 1% 89.M Clear \* KMNYstores, omoes, balls a n a flats Aid. Fort moved that the report be Yoik & Oswego Midland Rallroal adoption of the report of tie commit- aotborUsd and directed to take up JaeksoQville... In West Bridge strreet, between tteo/vn4 Ta4r4 stree>ai A l aecepted, wfmed to ttte Committee OotflpMny. sad remove said traok. toca?wa*torTH PrtcetiPaM i t fl . a o O K L o r R. H . K I N O . lag at 8 A. M. May 4, on Streets and pabllibed with the proAyes and Nays eslled. Aid. Fort moved that It be referred 2 2Q1 I farther find under date of NovemOIWMO, May f. 1U7. Wfotogf; ~ j ^ Oarrleoi A yes Aid. Navagh, Kane, Phelps, to tbe Sireet Oommlttee and Olty ber SOth, 1*75, i t a special meeting ( o E N T - H o a s e a a We t Second stree ft mi. I also fiod the following lengthy HiH, Bands, Onlilnan, Bmltk, tbe Attorney. W.U. 20.79 I W it til.per month. flAhT L Y T^n w UTT H _ _ l t tp proceeding In Oommon Ocwnoil May f 5 Mayor8. flfiJB fcd-Jfaowry iUm f 99.9& ft t Lt. Rain I 44 58 The Mayor stated the objtot of tbe AyPS and Nay* nailed. a a a-Freeh s toioe per esea MaTimnm temperatuie, 5<H. Aid. Gable, Newell, Fort, torewlto the ^ T .ii)dltawtf O BBJNT-Ftom ttte flrst of ^ray mrxr 11th. 187fi; BKKtH^a r boaaJ meeting to bB torewto e repotToT po Aid. PnonT,ElIaad,Tai.l emperatora, 43; maximajn velocity of X the two upper stories in Austeu bloos To the Honorable, the Mayor and i l committee i i t d on Newetii Marphy, Qioaoe, fart, Book Hat)bard. Haven,8mltb. the special appointed iles W at 11:40 A.* Tot%l Totl o** Nos, 203 and 202 West First street, here owind, 18 miles 0ARBOTa6eor* Common Council oj the City of November 231 to examine Sohoyler bout8. - v Lost. MtTor8 fore oooupied by Aaitin Manafaotarlng OXfIOFB-)oto41 p u muoal o l t , T t ^ f an Inch ^of rain during Tlt^f Company. Apply to O. L. Uastingi. POTATOSSS2^e per basaai By Aid,Bnokhoat: aftornoon'and nd night niht Aid.Ni OB %eo ' - street from Third to Tenth and Onettr Lo TgBgnPB-tts.fjB pel p y bawftetw for gay s waav Whereas, The R. W. A OL saHrotT , Hall, Phelps, Sions, Marpby, BEMF Oaroass safe pr la. Half streets, Second ward. The comKK>T-fcitone bouse oorner West 6th Your OooomlHee d n i 29.78, mean temneratan 46, and mesa ODOKBAilve lOaiaa. dretsesl liaiso. and Cayaga streets; fine grounds, if. whom was referred tha petition Cf mltree abflftltted the failowiijg re- at the list mting of this Oouooil Hennwsey, Oasiek 9. relative humidity 87. Average cloudiness FOWliAlivs 8al0o psr II was 8. nnoher 64J 17dtf to have ohangad the manner of the RJme, Water town A O/densburg pott: Aid. Oaiiok moved to lay it on the MUITOIf-eafs psr Ife. aiked Stationary barometer and temperature; ITO RENT-Nomber 117 West Fifth street Railroad Company for .permission to The special oommlttse appointed appraisal tot damage or pircba 55 of table until next meeting and that no- SPBUfa^iiiOKVsT8-T5o per, pair light to fresh variable winds. JL between Briage and Caynga streets. grade |nd lay Its traoks through oarcertain looAllty defined lnheacilon tloe be tiven to t*e B. W. 4 0 Raill b the last- meetifijt oi this Oorflft** tz W. A Poacher. 644 17dtf tatts; iwMii utoits tain streets of Oiwego, woald relpiol* report on the condition of East of the Ooeamon Council tspte~mter road Company. A POINT TO REMEMBER. lOih, 1878. T*O R S N T - A n eight loom flat In the ally report tblt they have had the Aid. Hartney called for Ayes and FUOoV-PaWaN 14 T8; family M 60 ifraafts ' stress from Third to Tenth p blook la A . _ *PA. West Bridge, between ame nndtr oonalderrtlon and wUl re Now. therefore If you wish to purify your blood you as this 0jmm:c Half streets, wnnM rtnnri 4.8, dr 4 VI perk the following resolution : menu. w. H. PULVBR that l a *T nave examined said l i n e I Uotindll aHlrl 10 ftdlllUtl Bfl U> A y e s - A l i . N m g h . U j b l e , Phelpi QOB9 MSALr-BolMsl W4W; akOltS4 diseases. The record of cares by Hood's htc* Nowe41, Murphy, Heoneesey, Fort, CHARLES 8. NEWELL, Sarsaparllla proves that this is tne best T O B B T O B I N T - * A l t o offloe room* tnd flnd that tbe Rome, Wttertown ilsve stid railroad oompaoylrom 1 above, best location In the olty, corner medicine for the blood sever prod need. dranoe and as the oity It llktwlse In d tit 00 per ton. Habbard, EUvdD, Ooitok, Smlth.OaU A. BOCKUOUT, & o nbarg Biilroc4 Oom pan y are Interest In the sevtnieen feet reserve of West Bridge and Second streets, from Hood Sarsapartlla onres the most stabHAl-QQo**l a i t i a seatit m per tosii , the Mayor13. B E H B Y QDOHCE, May 1st. 1897. K&qulre of G B O B G B W. born- cases and tt Is the medicine for you movlDf tha MtdUnd tnek Boath of MULL Wl ~" " ~ LYMAN. S17 3,l8dtf made for what in aald petltUn Is oil.l* y Aya Aid. ElUnd. Hartney, HtU, HALL to take If your blood la l

The Washing .

that's Easy




street, in United s t a t e s Life Inmranoe tonildinf, now occupied by ttte 5 M b ' hoe store. F . . hAt KH2 . 264

RENT. FBOM MA.T F I B f T 8 ( e a M z . TO* Jrealftd Jrealftd tore.Not 13 and 14 S a l t Bridge nited s t a13 t and Lif tore.Not 14 S I a l t Bridge ._

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of thli Oounoll, also catting down

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A N T E D - A g s n t s t o !! flavoring powder, 10 c a o v s s * from borne to W fcome. A duress X . , oare P A L L A D I U M , olty . 640 xrr ANTBDRmployBoent a t any k t s d of fY labor: ooarrid.ndobildrD, and need w o r k . Add 1 CM 278 West 6th street.

the property ownen on nld itrest, In defianoe of the proteftatloni ot aaJd R?solved, Thai the Bomer Water- Dirties. Also that the R-W. * O. R B . own < f e O^dgptbarg Rallrotd Qoinpiny be iod to hereby parmltled to of taeli property (whioh alonels the grade aod Jay traoks lor its iotd (or olty's right;) and whereas it was tbe purpose of making oooneotloni not contemplated (In givingthe with- the Oawtgo rallfoad Mwldge right of way to said railroad oomabcal to bs oomtruotsd and to nse pitny on laid street) thil they oonld t a tnokt for TvUroad purpoees take said p*>Pty without the oon^ .erots and along the following pub- sent of tbe owners ^therto', and as lo ttieets, to wit: From the present siid raUroid oompiny leloiej ta oom*

Pi^smnns rr *wj as ss mt see AyesAid. Ouletoa,Folay,Thomp LAJIB cto.lon with the trioks of tbe said lojanotlon serred on the B . W. * V. iat Sehayler stiet, between Fourth POBTXJLJTB OBXBJTTago perB*rrel and Twelfth streu, In ths Third son , Yoanf, Dinmnit Banimg~6. _ Oswego Riliroad Bridge Oompaoy do. Ual? yd of this city tha loaiwey of the Nay 1a one. unit* sj n Adopted; dO. lt*14U. 0VO1 m let Baeoa>t-iai resirlokions and rwervaiionshowever, restraining them from grading, mov. said East Bahnter street fau been I oertlfy that the foregoing resoluxteoeipvs, 8,MM packages ISfe; Shoulder ea7 to wit: Bald oompaoy in grading ing, laying, or enlarging the * ; O A narrowed and neda widening and w AZBB Ucsta-tH per barrel. tion was duly passed byvthe Oommoa and laying Its trackttipoft^hlrd and E M I 60bay ler H t w , from- ThirdI lo grading to ma* a passa&ls sireet, s-HepelDts. ia,84 Ocuooil on the 26ih day of April, So bay ler streets shall not interfere Tenth and One-half slreets.antli they Ihtreiore be It _ o u w i , Mar . i w . 1897-T--T 03T Blaok bat, with mathsrsaad par except to cross the same at grade have settled wllh all parties on aald ixourmMarket steady; la wood, waits Ttt between Foarth XJ pie tw*lv with the traok of the Nsw York A street having jnsl claims against said erinter, HtQi spring w&s,trs; gT*a*as FEED D. WHKELES, Oity Oleik. et h a g j and Fifth itreeHon the Soatfa side o< o'clock, in vicinity of Wfit tfeoood a i d 16 C O . Paper taeksTlio off. Oounoil adjooroed. Utloa streets. Finder will be rewarded y Otwego Midland Railroad Company R W. B , S3> ne I red, 95 it No 1 W 4 0 . Ballrcal B l l r c a l Company 8ohayler street the street fanoe line Company asaflaa leavine same at tt. C KDDl'S, KO West 1st now laid thereon ezeept lt be apon i . FRED P . VYHESLKB, OUy Olerk. 1 10 Q . T. Rlsbardsop, Buj^AOJmitL be and it is hejby ordsred otdsred moved s i*adj: rsaaed, au por(, u -lirest. ttf tdt Oemaoa sarltTi wesMn n '" and content of tbe the B . W. A O. RaUroad Company and lootied at sdlstanee of six lett sarle7.r0, and 400. Dcpartaienc f Ckirlty. O O M o . 2 yellow, 13 fc New York A Oswegc Midland wu present and by ananlmonf con- North ot and psUlel to tbe bdlldlng t WAle 90S A regular meeting of the Department OATCBIO ftNBY Of HAMMOR said OOBJI Riliroad Oompaoy, Us receivers, rep- tent addrtned the OoanoU In relation ine. ot Gnarity Monday afternoon, MAJ 3d, erftoa. M A > - J e t i e d , 14 Mi , is Builder and Contractor, retenuilves or asaigoeei Of upon the w-the-mattar. BMolved, Tit between Eighth X897. slixjt rnu>Steadj; saortt, 14 Ht a i d . M l it maj concern: PresentMessrs. Donn, RchllHag aod cling*, '8 0S psr toa. Aid. Phelpe motei to amend by re- and Ninth sine, on the Ssaih side . I bare pl*aare in thli date. subsequent aotlon acd oonsent of the prloe B A O M A I jrmwTS Flomr, gra'n, fsa .\ ' to tbe propriety of condoot, meobanieal Oommon Goanoli in oase snob oensent ferring the matter to the two special of Sohayler stel, the sinei fsnoe Flanagan. aad malt la sarloadi psr 100 lbs 1 To Boifeos Absent Mr. Longhway. ^abliny and irenoral desiie to*-xeoutein tne aad BTsw Bat-land poiatt, 18; New Yora. r5Sf ;oonncommittees appointed to investigate oan not be obtained from the New se be and it Istreby ordered moved Tbe President presiding* 'iulUn 4De sd most liberal manner,auch Rivsr point*, le 1-Se; Albany STAAW quiat: oa*r*ct workt sa tell to tbe lot of MM. York & Oswego -Midland Balliotd the coarse taken by the B . W* A O. and located at sdUiance oi ten feet Themlnatcs of the last maeliog were aad Hudson J iNMdT aad ttailons sasTof Byr ati, ^ B a K k T H*MauN,M ons of tUose tender, read asd approved. 1km follow ing ac- tanas, Is;.PAUadslpBla and Phiradelpbis Nor to or and pattet to toe v*MiBj( caonts z: -ing for and awarded o&traots IA tne baud- Company. al^oafl O p were presented: - l-SSr Lass kas> earloadit To ing line, oat or my oflld during tbe yean I farther find in Oommon Oommon .Aid. Qaonoe offered the following line. W- H. WaiJace > ,r. . : . . . ^ ft^C Bsw~T*rk aad Hndsoa Blvsr polnti. Us*, n t still be posssaset. by Mr tfamnM>n,sna May 18ib, 1875, ih*-4oilowi*g: Bsoek staTsesSMrii a o a r d Rstol?ed, Thjthe B . W. ^ 0 K B , O. S. Oterhoat , 1 Q 50 Albamj, Tzoy^eksasetadT and pouts tati amendment, whlob having been aoought to prove a weighty faeSor ID bis layer Oswego Hospital 10 90 andN. Y . 4 0 . ; B B . .Oompanlea be By Aid- PartODS: and of ianoa ossinlnsss to anyone in aaed oepted by Aid. Phelps and the oomat lhi Prims meroanttl paper, . , ; W. D. Macktn 12 00 el.hisservioes. B*t illver, f -H. sterling ezohangs steaoy: Beioved, That i h r resolution mhtee, became a pat of the original and they art sreby n q at 9led so James XOOD an 11 00 atonal buslnen i Hal 16}< for stsiy grade the said Jit Sohayier street, passed by the Oommon Ooacoll on retolntlon: W. K. Nlvar J*Company.. r.,: 48Oft J . SMITH, Bttis; st7Hs4 8'jtf for amand: tFaortiftd Twelfth sireetj, Hn, Cairv ge ihe 11th day of May, X875,gi?Ing and ^ Msyy 4-Closing: Contois, for rates, CTat 88 * ; oonuoerotal bilU, TOftOFTO, Rseolved, Thai tbe whole subject b 4 864 Qovsrnmsat bi>ndi t*trad7 WlUUm Qalnlan..' 12* 00 AICHITICT. money, 11'^ do for tbe aooount. 113H; matter of the report be referred to the ander the dlreon and sabjsot to the) R. J . Manln 13 00 uaaaaiar Pactao, biX> Kris. I39i; Erie flrst . rsg B*s 112U1 8* Paai * Omsk 68tt approval of thesmmlttee on Streets. d0 *--- r m prefemd.29; lilisma uairai.4 ; M ex loan da de eonpl]2>4 M B . O'Connor 4 00 Common Ooanoll and that said Ooanordloarr 20 ttt.PttJ, w a n w a , 74H N * w BrisOsnLisn.... ~ Aid. Oalllnemovtd tha) it be reM. LtJTy . . . 90 00 oll visit the locality mentioned in the Central. 101}*; Peansylvaala, H%\ Westisaore , . : . 16 00 York: to the smmlttee oa Streets A. L . HagenOrach.. .\rr: Heading 9% Mexican Ceotial new 4s, U. B V% reglMB.. report on Wednesday, December 1%>, ferred Mrs J . boDKhway 6 DO 71 Atcblson common. IQH: Lom#4Ml do epnpi836 .Cairled. Mrs. D. K- Donojibue 15 00 1876, M thieffo'clock P. M . , for. the and Oity Attcsy. hiUU;46i<jbsr sliver kT 15 l i ; monrvji dams w j press ..7... lsi_ I also find I) tha Oommon CoonwM o<n' t o e rate of dlioount ia the F. A . CHynn ...:.." 24 57 Am. Kxv^ss....U4 Ed. Gan. BUot's. 81^ parpoie ot examining into the matopen marlet for i > rt bills, 1 S-l per eent aaada doath'au 48 JohnHealy 8 00 Toe rate of (3'soount la tneopen market for ters submitted by tbe oommittee and cU prccsadlngiily 20.ii, l^o.haTi Oswego aes A Ohio ]u BlPMm* MiL. Ury Goods Co. T> 48 CO., O.*flt.L.. *: Buff, H. A F i l l s . . hearing the grlevanoaa of tbe people the following K . Culeton '. 9 00 tin** montns' bills, l% per eent. uotloa Oil erNsilonal LMMUI.. By Aid. Bjscy : j J . Miner 83 00 aod snoh expUnatlons as msy be of_, jifloatea. aji Beading Gold M'ket, Bts3l?ed , it the Boat?, WatcrM. J Del *Huasan TexAsraoino.... fered. . -parried LONDON. May 4.-GoJd ) quoted at D..L <tw 6 00 Dnton Paolflo... 5 I also find that In Oom men Oonnell town & Ogds>arg Ballrosd Com* Thomas Henderson 6 25 Boenos Ajrfi al m , at. Lisbon Erie... Western U&IOP, 77 pany be and is hereby required to &9M at Some, 10ft. 47, Cne preferred.. 18 00 Medloog Brothers augar ^. December 7th, 1875, tha following H k i V | r ide, restored repair ** dob ay. reanessse) Ooai.. 1 3 90 Mead's dro* stor was reported: , Oal ana Waiters )8 * O K * (WffBttO A tt n a i l Aid. Oolllnan called ap the report ler street lmeolty of Osvsgo in manner tollotg, to wit -*"o maka Krie new ABHLLVED. S A T 4. 1T of the (special oommlttee appointed the grade of d street from Fourth coa 88H ouhaern . . . . . . Haselton, ingertcU, 'Waopooie, 104:2 l b r Oentral.,. w e way lit November 30>h, 1876, which reads as to Seventh tits on a level with tbe flali. H.J. Oeinral..'.T;HH do pfd Malt 26J4 follows and movtd its adoption : M American..... *% . Brailfy, Toronto. U.8 LMiher.... 9 middle ralii track therein and BlPaolils 12 Parse?* f-elpi, cnaorront. d pfd (SH Tbe special oommlttee appointed gradually dandlng from Seventh For Infants and Children-' U S Ruboer 1st* Cornelia. Honon, Clayton. at tbe tot meeting of tals Ooanottto street to foa*t below ss'd middle H Y Oa&trai.... VH do v*" . _ei lBMI Jf T aad R gag 17 N a t l L l n OJl.^rrlO lepoil on the. ooadlilon ** r - ^ C L E A R E D , MAX 1,1SW. ANTED- Men to preps re for examlo atton for clerk or carrier to be held at uiwego i*osi OEQ06 tooa. v n Xormation about all Qoverum^n* potitl JUS and examl* atiom fre. NATIONAL. uOft* BX8PONDENCK 1NST1T0TE, Depart* sent a"., Waihington, D. C O

tl oo per pair m T o j y p e r i fiaacived, That the repof* oT Id8t l i T . "4tnisc per pooad VsorJoren, Thirteenth and duly to ask this Council taprotejet oil prooeedlngt of Jane 27ih, 1876, Olty Attorney bslald opan the table rfcovB-Oatano aa Qlobe AMTIO'Boome'Uo ooenpy two or Xwefth 8 reeta to Sohoyler ttreeti, the rlihts of the p*6p;tod beg leare have the followlnj: ____ era&am Do per saek -Jaoill Wednetday tar pleasant rooms on Ws4 LABBTried or Leaf, raes, strtei to Third street, to offer the following: By Aid. Jeanne* : Sightb street, near Normal lobool. Ad* BAX>B9 HAT-^OO pe* ewt Motion nor seoonded. dress X, this offlae 621 4.*01tf M. 0 . Kunt, - = ^ ^ - street eroeslog OeaM o t*sha>. Whereai, By aaaon of the eon * Xhird X g Seneea By Aid. Dramm; OOBJT JLBAir-jaoltsd Usi a*bolted, P . J . OULUHAN, a working honsekespvr. itraotlon of toe taoJa oi the R~ _ aynga and Bridge ttreeis to the ptfb Is Ooanoil do mnit b> fond of a h l l d r e ^ Ad< OuniuHtfteav & O. B . B., and tie ew Yoik A O. i n o ^ b f k reierenes) and wages, q aoross flecoodi Oneida,Flrtt Rttolvso', That Ih's Coaoctr in M. B . B. oompies> in and along now edjoarn. gronAdooxna&doatsTSe pevewU IOOK, PLainfleld, M.J. Ayes and Nays'oslJed. d Mohawk streets, to Us oon0ArsS per bain. 16 4?9dit structbe Olty Attorney to hare an .painter.. iio_

Bseolved to le%?e said Allot ^hloh is rsfptetrully sub^ ^ ^w oa a j to the railroad mitted acd farther time asked to asTt Is, bnt tD after in tnaiNoe Oom- qaent sot ion whioh msy hare been mon Ooanell, appoint the third man, tsken relative to the rights of the who shall bs empowered to lay u to several raHroad OOOOPIEIM In. on and ooat of pnrohaee or diamige. olty being reoogniud In the rtsarre saoh loilon apoik the rlghls for the parpoee aa referred 4a laid o' ths olty aod property owners on petition easnBent, and IA case fny the fa d street. party refuse to oo-opents In iilpalaF. E. HAMILTOV, tlon that woh party be legally at OorDoratlcn OoanaeJ. setssd. . April 25th, 1897. Aid. Smith snOTed to refer the ret- Ordered filed and printed with the olntlon to the OoeuBlttee on Sireets. - proceedings.


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. ' - " 18? West First Street.

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