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Nine new

join CNBAM
SEPTEMBER 2008 Welcome to our nine new CNBAM
members who have joined us since
the convention in March. Please join
THE CONSULTANT SAYS— the Board in welcoming the following:
• UVU Review at Utah Valley University,

It’s NOT about Perfection... Oren, Utah — A weekly broadsheet for

UVU’s 25,000 students. Robbin Anthony
is the ad manager.

It is ALL about Progress! • The Nevada Sagebrush at University

of Nevada, Reno — A 5,000 circula-
tion weekly broadsheet for UN’s 17,000
One Step at a Time achieve what you had hoped for. students. Brook Barlow is the advertising
Judge your skill acquisition in terms coordinator.
on Your Newspaper of its continuing improvement, • The Bennett Banner at Bennett Col-
Adventure looking for progress NOT perfec- lege, Greensboro, North Carolina —
Two simple secrets to be successful tion. Michelangelo, when asked A monthly broadsheet publication. Dr.
are developing a strong skill set and about the source Lona Cobb is the adviser and Jacqueline
having the right attitude. Let’s ex- of his genius, Hernandez is the Ad Manager.
plore learning and incorporating each replied, “Genius • The Cardinal Points at SUNY Platts-
burgh in Plattsburgh, New York —
of them into your day to day activi- is patience.”
A 3,000-circulation weekly broadsheet
ties, helping to assure your ongoing • One Step for Plattsburgh’s 6,200 students. Ashley
personal growth and success. at a Time ... Roberts is the Advertising Manager for
Learn one new the paper.
As you go forward, consider the pro-
skill rather than • The Campus Digest at Tuskegee
cess of growing to be an adventure,
tackling every- University in Tuskegee, Alabama —
a journey or an opportunity to learn A monthly publication for the 300
and practice different techniques and thing at once. It’s
Chuck Nau students at Tuskegee. Janene Tate is
strategies. not how many the Adviser.
steps ... rather it’s the direction you
• The News Record at the University
As you begin, let yourself enjoy the are headed that counts most. Tackle of Cincinnati in Ohio — The MWF
journey, have some FUN, allow your- smaller revenue accounts first, then publication has a circulation of 7,300 for
self to stumble now and again, but, as you gain experience and confi- the 36,500 students on the Cincinnati
most of all, stick with it ... the longer dence (... which comes through do- campus. Nick Schneider is the Business
the better and the better you’ll get! ing), broaden your account devel- and Advertising Manager.
opment moving to regional, majors • The Northeastern News at North-
Here are some guideposts to help eastern University in Boston —
you along the way ... or larger revenue accounts. It’s
A twice-weekly tabloid for North-
better to approach smaller accounts eastern’s 20,000 students. Carlton
• Relax ... and succeed, and be encouraged to Jones is the Business Manager.
Challenge yourself and strive to be continue, than to approach larger • Baylor Lariat at Baylor University
the best of the best, but recognize accounts, fail and be discouraged in Waco, Texas — 7,000 papers
that anxiety is common and is and tempted not to continue. published four days a week for Baylor’s
brought on by fear of failure. Over- 14,000 students. Julie Freeman is the
• Start With Questions ...
come this fear by taking action, Director of Student Publications.
It’s all about questions. Don’t tell
moving forward a step at a time • UVI Voice at the University of the
to sell. Ask your potential accounts
and remembering ... when you are Virgin Islands in Kingshill, VI —
questions, questions about them- A monthly publication for the UVI’s
uncomfortable, you are growing!
selves, their business, their custom- 3,000 students. Dr. Robin Sterns is the
• Be Patient With Yourself ... ers, their goals. ASK questions! Advisor.
Don’t be too critical and don’t
Welcome to you all, and we hope
give up if your first efforts did not PROGRESS continues on page 2… to meet you at the convention in
Charlotte in March 2009!
President’s Notes
Who knew the summer would fly by and that I would of Mentoring or the Adviser’s Din-
once again miss it? ner), great speakers and numerous
Whether you are on a semester or quarter system, the fall
semester is here and our back-to-school issues will hit the Start planning now for the 2009
stands within the next few weeks. As the new school year convention in Charlotte, March 25
approaches I just wanted to give a few updates … through March 29, 2009. The reg-
istration form will be available soon.
The board met in July to have our
Dawn Zuerker Watch for convention updates on
CNBAM President
Summer Board meeting and host
the listserve.
our inaugural Student Ad Manager
Workshop in Chicago. We discussed The 2011 convention has been
the ins and outs of our convention, contest, Web site, narrowed down to St. Louis and Nashville. Anne Richard,
2011 convention site, marketing CNBAM and so much Convention Planning-Elect, is busy working on getting
more. information on both of these fun towns.
My thanks to Kami Hammerschmith for all of her hard Recruitment for Board positions is an interesting and
work putting together the workshop and planning the somewhat daunting task every year. The Board is plan-
many sessions and meals for the students. I hope those ning on having a couple of conference calls for those who
of you who were able to send a student have heard great are interested in running for office but would like more
feedback on the event and plan to send another ad staff information. We also are working on a responsibilities of
member next year. The evaluations we received have duties grid and planning a detailed calendar of what each
been very positive. position is accountable for. Every position on the CNBAM
Board is necessary for this organization to continue to
I would also like to thank Kodi Wilson from Louisiana
grow and move forward with the changing trends.
State University and Dave Graham from the University of
Pennsylvania for taking time out of their busy schedules I’m looking forward to another great year and seeing you
and planning the many sessions they presented to the 30 all in Charlotte in March. Until then, if there is anything
students in attendance. your CNBAM Board can do for you, please contact me at
Despite increasing convention costs, the registration fee
for Charlotte will remain at $175. The same great benefits Sincerely,
will continue, five meals included (not including Evening Dawn

...PROGRESS continued from page 1

Questions help people open up ... • Accept Your Mistakes ... efforts and success.
Questions demand answers ... Ques- When things do not go the way you Don’t relay only on your tools at
tions put you in control ... Questions had hoped or planned, pause for a hand. Invest in yourself with different
give you valuable information. moment and ask yourself these two experiences, looking for the teaching
Nothing I SAY today will teach me questions ... “What did I do right?” moment, in continuing education
anything, if I am going to learn some- and “If all things were the same, what and volunteer opportunities outside
thing today I need to LISTEN! would I do differently the next time?” of your newspaper. Practice your
• NOs! ... To incorporate your mistakes and to newly acquired skills with friends and
Understand them and use them to learn from them, just go back to the acquaintances, so they will become
your advantage. When a potential point where you first slipped up and natural to you day in and day out.
account tells you “no”, be sure you start again. Focus on designing the • Lighten Up ...
understand, through questioning, future, NOT redesigning on the past. Fear of failure may cause you to
what prompted the “no”. Guard your • Use The Correct Tools ... subconsciously push too hard, to
time, today and tomorrow, by giving Whether it’s your newspaper, your “white knuckle” sell. Anticipate minor
yourself permission to tell yourself and media kit and rate card, special sec- setbacks, have FUN and laugh at
others “no” so your time, your valu- tion calendar or credit application, yourself. You can do it! You know you
able time, is not carelessly given away. use them and use them correctly to can! Be patient ...
enhance and maximize your selling PROGRESS continues on page 3…
hotel experience — the hotel went
2009 CNBAM Conference: through a $25 million remodel in 2007.

Charlotte, the Queen City After reviewing evaluations from the

San Antonio convention, I’m happy to
say that your suggestions are helping
Start planning now! CNBAM goes to and Amusement Park, Discovery Place,
to shape the 2009 convention. At the
the Queen City March 25th – 29th, Concord Mills Mall, The Blumenthal
convention, you can expect:
2009. Charlotte provides great restau- Performing Arts Center and the Billy
rants, hot nightspots, fabulous shop- Graham Library. CNBAM has locked in • Roundtables on two different days
ping and historic sites. the room rate of $159 per night, plus • A pre-convention workshop, for
tax. Our members can expect a great advisers, on web sales held during
The conven-
Eric Melendez
registration on Wednesday from
tion will be held
VP/ 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Convention at the Hilton
Planning Charlotte Center • Great keynote speakers
City. This four- • Tons of informative sessions, and of
diamond hotel is located in the center course…
of America’s Financial and Banking • Fun times with new and old friends.
Center, which means there is a lot to Once again, American Airlines has sup-
do within a short distance. Some of the plied CNBAM attendees with a discount
nearby attractions are NASCAR’s Lowes of 5 percent off the lowest published
Motor Speedway, Carowinds Theme Photos courtesy of Visit Charlotte. fare. You can book flight arrangements
at or by calling 1-800-
433-1790, reference code A1139AJ for
discount. For those on the east coast,
you may want to look into taking a train
to Charlotte. It may be more cost effec-
tive than flying. You can check on fares
and schedules at
The convention is a short seven months
away, so start planning now. This will
be one CNBAM Convention you won’t
want to miss! As always, if you have any
suggestions for the convention, you can
email them to me at ericmelendez@

...PROGRESS continued from page 2

Good Luck? It’s simply where prepara- • Step Back ... strengths ... Minimizing your weakness-
tion meets opportunity! Teach yourself to regularly and fre- es is a challenge. It is also hard work.
quently to ‘step back’ and look at the But the rewards are usually hard earned
• Don’t Overlook the Obvious ... big picture, your overall account list and well deserved.
Much like an artist, develop your or sales territory rather than always
depth perception and judgment. In If you expect the best ...
intently focusing on each and every
other words, the farther away you go, you’ll get the best!
account. Where are you going? What
the smaller things become. are you trying to achieve? What are Have Fun!!!! ... and Good Luck!
you attempting to manage? Asking © MURRAY & NAU, INC.
Don’t go too far away from your
yourself similar questions and paus-
existing accounts in search of the next Chuck Nau of Murray & Nau, Inc. is a Seattle
ing to take an overview will ensure area based publishing consultant and sales
new bigger account over the horizon.
that you do not stray very far before and management trainer. He has been a
you realize you’re making a mistake speaker for and conducted advertising,
You may just lose your perception
marketing, management and sales training
of that existing account and not real- or focusing on the wrong accounts or workshops with newspapers, niche publish-
ize that had you asked they would the wrong areas of opportunity. ers, publishing groups and press associations,
throughout North America.
have happily said yes to a larger and Don’t forget, like some of the best sym-
Comments and questions are welcome and
larger ad dollar expenditure with phonies, some of the best newspaper may be directed to Chuck via email: mur-
your newspaper. careers, are unfinished! Enhancing your or at (425) 603-0984.
Ad managers ‘summer school’ a success
The inaugural CNBAM Summer Stu- BAM continuing to offer the Summer asked, would you recommend that
dent Ad Manager Workshop was held Student Ad Manager Workshop. When CNBAM continue to offer a Summer
in Chicago, July 20-23. Thirty students Student Ad Manager Workshop?
from across the United States met Sun- Why or why not?, comments
day evening at a kick-off dinner with the included, “Yes, it was fun and
CNBAM Board at a traditional Chicago beneficial. I learned so much and
pizza restaurant. it was so much more personable
because there were only 30 of us,
Kodi Wilson from Louisiana State
as opposed to the big CNBAM
University and Dave Graham from the
conference,” “Yes, definitely. It
University of Penn-
was nice to be around a smaller
Kami sylvania were the
Hammerschmith group of people my age who
primary session
Past President are all facing the same issues as I
leaders. CNBAM
am,” and “Yes. It has been very
Board members
informational and helpful. I will
Chirs Richert, Dawn Zuerker, Matt
be taking back a lot of new ideas
Mielke and Kami Hammerschmith also
and information that I can’t wait
led sessions. Hanna Kahn from Alloy
to share with my staff.”
Media + Marketing presented the Alloy
Readership Study and College Explorer The CNBAM Board is looking at
Study. Jack Brady from the Newspaper dates to schedule the 2nd Annual
Association of America presented a Summer Student Ad Manager
session on getting your share of the fall Workshop in July 2009. Final
political advertising. dates and registration materials
Students unanimously supported CN- will be available later this year.

college nagers
newspaper business & advertising ma

CNBAM is holding a contest for a T-Shirt design. We will be

selling T-Shirts at our convention in Charolotte, and we want
YOU to design it.
The winner will receive 12 T-Shirts for their staff or a free
registration to the convention.
The board will pick their top five choices and will post them
to our facebook group. There, our members can vote for their
favorite. The design with the most votes will be the winning
design for our T-Shirt.
Your design must include the CNBAM logo and can’t use
more than two colors.
Send entries to Eric Melendez before September 30th.
CNBAM offers student managers Membership renewals
to be mailed soon…
ideas, connections year-round Dues will remain the same this year,
$75 for newspapers with weekly
Over the summer, myself and a handful despite its addictive nature, it can be circulation 40,000 or less and $125
of other managers attended CNBAM’s used to help CNBAM better understand for newspapers with circulation
inaugural “Summer Ad Manager the issues facing its current member- above 40,000.
Workshop” which was held in Chicago. ship. Aside from the polls and surveys
Please take a few minutes to fill out
As an Ad Manager, this workshop was I’ll be posting, there will be discussion
the membership update form. This
a huge benefit for me because I came boards where you can find help or ideas
allows CNBAM to keep the listserv
out of it with a lot of fresh ideas that I from other students across the nation.
and membership roster current.
can implement at my paper, with ses- Besides fattening your “friends list,”
sions and other you can make the next convention less Credit cards or checks will be ac-
students offer- about meeting new people and more cepted for payment.
Matt Mielke
Student Board ing a plethora of about catching up with old friends. So Newspapers will have until Oct.
Representative different perspec- if you haven’t joined the CNBAM Face- 31 to renew their membership. If
tives and insights. book group yet, do so soon and start you have any questions or do not
The workshop also served to inspire having your ideas heard. received a renewal notice by Sept.
a few ideas that can help me, as your 1, please contact Secretary-Trea-
Ad Linage’s “The Kudos Corner”
elected Student Representative, better surer Paul Bittick at 805-756-2537
represent your views as students and While there may only be one “Student or
improve CNBAM as a whole. Advertising Manager of the Year” or
“Student Sales Rep of the Year,” many To subscribe to the CNBAM
One of CNBAM’s main strengths lies
within its membership of approximately
others do amazing work that deserves list, send a message to…
recognition. This new feature will be in cnbam-admin@dailypennsylvanian.
150 schools. The combined knowledge
future Ad Linage Newsletters as a space com with the following informa-
and experience of this network is un-
for you to submit these stories of victory tion:
paralleled and it represents the ultimate
and have them read by all. Submissions 1. Your Name:
resource for finding unique solutions to
can be about yourself or others but 2. Your School:
problems we all face. Chances are, the
please keep “creative embellishment” 3. Your Newspaper:
issues that you face now have probably
to a minimum. Submissions should be 4. Your Title/Position:
been dealt with before, and possibly in
no more than 300 words, and emailed 5. Your E-Mail Address:
a manner you would never think of.
to me at 6. Student or Professional?
Our conventions are amazing, the The CNBAM Board will review entries 7. If Student, when does your posi-
camaraderie and sharing of ideas cre- and each month select a new tale of tion end?
ates an enthusiasm we all feel. But that triumph to be featured in the column.
buzz, that zeal, it doesn’t have to be a New CNBAM website
Those tales of achievement and perse-
once a year feeling. In fact, it’s in every- just around the corner!
verance can inspire others to work at
one’s best interest we stay connected. This fall CNBAM will launch a new
their full potential, so make it known
Not only can fellow students offer help website with lots of innovative fea-
and get that well deserved kudos.
in discovering new innovations to help tures. Soon (once yours truly gets
your newspaper, but feedback about Student List-Serve the hang of web design) you will be
your CNBAM experiences can help us This will be another tool to keep the able to register for the convention
improve the organization. lines of communication open between online, students will load resumes
us. Moderated by myself, this will be for vendors and recruiters to review,
If market research class taught me
a students-only network where you and by next fall you will be renew-
anything, it’s that progress and positive
can voice your thoughts or seek some ing your memberships, all on the
enhancement cannot occur without new and improved website!
advice. I’ll also be using it to send out
feedback from the consumer. By letting
announcements and updates to keep Lots of other features are in the
your thoughts and issues be heard,
you all informed about CNBAM’s activi- works, but I’ve gotta hold some-
you will be directly contributing to
ties and new information regarding the thing back for the next newsletter,
CNBAM’s growth.
convention. so stay tuned!
The CNBAM Facebook’s Facelift As soon as it’s all up and running, I’ll — Christy Harrison,
This is going to be the main hub of send out info on how you can join so VP/Public Relations
discourse. Most of us already use it, and be on the lookout.
2008 Conference —
San Antonio, Texas

Deep in the
Heart of Texas,
March 26-30, 2008

At the summer board meeting, the CNBAM b. Not having a significant financial immediately for appropriate fol-
Board outlined this conflict of interest policy. or personal interest in any spon- low-up and resolution. Requests
All board members will be required to sign sor/supplier of goods or services for exception to this policy must
the agreement before their term of office.
to CNBAM. Upon disclosure, it be made in writing.
will be at the discretion of the
CNBAM Conflict Executive Board whether to allow
d. Not participating in activities that
will result in a conflict of interest
of Interest Policy the member to continue the busi-
ness relationship or not.
with CNBAM. All activities must
be compatible with CNBAM’s
The reputation of College Newspaper
c. Not accepting more than nomi- right to the performance expect-
Business and Advertising Managers, Inc.
nal (under $50.00) monetary ed of all Executive Board mem-
is critical to our continued success. This
value from firms, service provid- bers and members.
reputation is predominately dependant
ers, vendors, CNBAM members, e. Recusing ones self from any deci-
upon public perception of the conduct
or any other person or entity with sion-making discussions of the
of our Executive Board and members.
which CNBAM does business or matter, or engaging in substan-
Therefore, all Executive Board and
has any type of formal or informal tive discussion of the matter
members should strive to:
relationship. CNBAM considers before a final decision has been
1. Communicate honestly and openly
attendance at conventions and rendered. The recusal should be
to avoid misrepresentation;
events sponsored by itself and noted in all applicable minutes
2. Exhibit respect and fairness toward business-related meals as ordinary regarding the decision making
all those with whom we come into business and thus not subject to process.
contact; restriction. Acceptance of such f. Board members cannot be part-
3. Ensure all information, which is con- items having more than nominal or full-time employees of profes-
fidential, privileged or non-public, is monetary value without prior dis- sional newspapers or other media
not disclosed inappropriately; closure and approval could result organizations. Student board
4. Avoid conflicts of interest (or the in disciplinary action. Such accep- members may serve short-term
perception of conflict of interest) by: tance should be reported to the internships.
a. Not initiating any transaction in Finance Executive Board member
which they may have self-interest.
Self-interest shall be considered
any transaction in which one has CNBAM Confidentiality Policy
a financial or material interest in Personal information should be considered confidential if it is not readily available
the vending party. This extends to the public, and such information should not be disclosed or made accessible
to transactions that may benefit to any individual – member or nonmember – nor any entity that does not have a
any person who is a member of legitimate personal or CNBAM related need for such information. Types of informa-
one’s immediate family. As soon tion subject to this policy include, but are not limited to
as one becomes aware of such
• Personal data
relationship, one must disclose it.
Upon disclosure, it will be at the •CNBAM member data
discretion of the Executive Board •Vendor bids and related information
whether to allow the member to CNBAM retains the exclusive right to determine which entities or individuals may
continue the business relationship be granted access to such information. Members must exercise good judgement
or not. and care at all times regarding all dissemination of CNBAM information.