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Deputy Chief of Party, Assessment and Strengthening Programme

Application Deadline: 6th September 2013

RSPN has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with USAID for an Assessment and Strengthening Programme (ASP). The objective of ASP is to undertake assessments, capacity building and validation of institutions, both public and private sector, that receive USAID support. The mandate of ASP covers HRD, Governance, Financial Management, Procurement Management, Accounting and development of Business Processes of recipient institutions. The project is for 5 years (2010-2015) and will enter its fourth year shortly. ASP-RSPN personnel are governed by RSPN Rules. The DCOP will report to a Chief of Party of the ASP.

Terms of Reference: 1. The DCoP will assist the ASP Chief of Party in implementing the ASP-RSPN programme in

accordance with the Cooperative Partnership Agreement dated October 12, 2010 between RSPN and USAID. 2. He/she will work closely with other Directors of the ASP-RSPN and supervise and coordinate

their activities under the overall control and guidance of the CoP. 3. He/she will undertake policy, implementation, compliance and quality control responsibilities as

assigned to him/her under the Programme by the authorities described in the Cooperative Agreement and those prescribed from time to time through delegation of administrative, financial and operational powers. Specific Roles and Responsibilities: To provide strategic support to the Programme under the guidance of CoP. To monitor progress of Programme targets and quality of work. To ensure compliance with Rules and Regulations of RSPN and USAID as applicable. To ensure proper coordination and collaborative teamwork in implementing Programme activities. To ensure timely preparation of all Reports mandated in the Cooperative Partnership Agreement.

To be the Focal Point of ASP-RSPN on day-to-day basis for donors, GOP, other partners and particularly with USAID authorities. To ensure that progress is made towards the achievements of each project component. To support the provincial offices in operations and in meeting the results of the various activities carried out under ASP.

Required Qualifications and Experience: Academic. Masters in Economics, Management and Business, Public Policy, Development Studies and related disciplines (Preference to reputed local institutions and foreign) (a) At least 20 years of management experience at senior levels; a blend of both Government and Private Sector experience in the fields of planning, HRM and related areas will be essential. Experience of working with donors, especially USAID, will be preferred. Hands-on basic IT knowledge/skills.


(b) (c)

Application process:

Send CV, two references, and USAID Biographical Data Sheet (available at to by 6th September 2013.