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color bottles. Ÿ Analysis of surface water. photocell. Ÿ Analysis of living water. lens. Ÿ Analysis of waste water. Water Beryllium Content Detector works with the reagent to form colored compounds on selective absorption of electromagnetic waves having recognized colorimetric assay. Ÿ Good Analysis Speed (A Measure of A Sample Just 3 Minutes).. . Applications Ÿ Analysis of steam distillation of water. Ÿ One-Time Special Kit. Ÿ High Sensitivity. The signal processor consists of direct read out LCD meter which displays the levels of ozone. Features Ÿ No Moving Parts. Ÿ Other Analytical And Laboratory Applications. Ÿ Pulse Power Supply. Ÿ Analysis of drinking water.R WATER BERYLLIUM CONTENT DETECTOR MODEL NO.174-SC The Water Beryllium Content Detector are very economical single element Beryllium concentration meters. The equipment comprises of Silicon Light source. These meters are normally used for quantitative detection of Beryllium content in the given liquid sample.. Ÿ Analysis of sea water.

0 mg / L ≤ ± 3%. DPD method 0. Ÿ Easy to Operate. Ÿ Light Weight. 10 minutes after cessation of the use of self-closing devices.3 seconds LED silicon LED. Working ambient temp. Technical Specifications Measuring Range Measurement Accuracy Measurement Methods Response Time Light Source Power Supply 5. Size Weight 0 ~ 40 °C 140 × 70 × 30mm 180g (including batteries) .30.R Features Ÿ Low Power Consumption (A 9v Battery Can Be Used For More Than 40 Hours.00. Ÿ Small Size. a wavelength of 510nm. 9V battery 1 can be used for more than 40 hours.

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