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Population: 106 534 880 Income group: Middle Gross national income per capita: $8 340

Institutional Framework Lead agency National Council of Injury Prevention (CONAPRA) Funded in national budget Yes

Data Reported road traffic fatalities (2006) 17 003c (78% males, 22% females) Reported non-fatal road traffic injuries (2006)

National road safety strategy

Measurable targets Funded

Yes Yes Yes

603 541d No

Costing study available

c d

national legislation Speed limits set nationally

National Institute of Statistics Geography and Information data, defined as died at the crash scene. Health data.

Local authorities can set lower limits Maximum limit urban roads Enforcementa BAC limit general population BAC limit young or novice drivers Random breath testing and/or police checkpoints Road traffic deaths involving alcohol Enforcementa Applies to all riders Helmet standards mandated Helmet wearing rate Enforcementa Applies to all occupants Seat-belt wearing rate Enforcementa Enforcementa

Yes Yes 4080 km/h 4 Yes n/ab n/ab Yes 3 Yes Yes Yes 3 Yes Yes 5 Yes


Other (1%) Occupants 4-wheelers (68%)

Drinkdriving law

Pedestrians (21%)

Cyclists (4%)

Motorcycle helmet law

Riders motorized 2- or 3-wheelers (6%)

Seat-belt law

Source: 2006, National Institute of Statistics Geography and Information

Child restraints law


Trends In Road Traffic Deaths

6 000 Number of road traffic deaths 5 000 4 000 3 000 2 000 1 000 0
1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Enforcement score represents consensus based on professional opinion of respondents, on a scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is not effective and 10 is highly effective. b BAC limits are set at the subnational level (0.08 g/dl in the Federal District and most cities).

VEHICLE STANDARDS Car manufacturers required to adhere to standards on

Fuel consumption Seat-belt installation for all seats

Yes Yes No Yes

Road safety audits

Formal audits required for major new road construction projects Regular audits of existing road infrastructure
Promoting alternative transport

Source: Vital Statistics

National policies to promote walking or cycling National policies to promote public transportation

No (subnational) No (subnational) registered Vehicles

Post -CRASH care

Formal, publicly available pre-hospital care system National universal access number
Data not available. n/a Data not required/not applicable.

Yes No

24 970 879 total (2006) Motorcars Motorized 2- and 3-wheelers Trucks Buses

66% 3% 30% 1%
Data cleared by the Ministry of Health.