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Miguel Serrano Memoirs of He and I

Volume 1: Appearance of the I - Estrangement of He

Translator's Introduction Below is the Introduction to Volume One of Miguel Serrano's Memorias de l y Yo: Aparicin del Yo, Alejamiento de l. I translated this text because of its extraordinary relevance to the present day, perhaps even more so than when Serrano wrote it in 1994. Serrano writes extensively about the role of technology in the future of man. Like Heidegger before him, and like other obscure writers today on both the right and left, he is not optimistic about what the ascendancy of the machine will mean for humanity, the planet and most importantly the spirit. One should understand that for Serrano and those like him, whose thought is rooted in the primordial Tradition of the primacy and transcendence of Mind, what is at stake in the supplanting of the human brain by machines is the power of the Imagination. Nowadays, the word imagination is almost derogatory, as in Oh, that's just your imagination or It's only imaginary i.e., not real. But the great mystics and seers of the world have always known and taught that, as the 20th century Taiji master T.T. Liang was fond of saying, Imagination Becomes Reality. The Imagination is the creative capacity of the brain, or rather, the mind. For as Serrano writes, the brain is only the physical expression, the physical vehicle, of the immaterial and transcendent mind which is ontologically prior to the physical world. The modern or postmodern world of machines and their incessant barrage of images, sounds, thoughts and every other conceivable sensory stimuli, is for Serrano part of a grand conspiracy against the very soul and spirit of man. The danger, greater now than at any point in the past, is that the mind of man will become so distracted and disused by these diversions, that its greater power that of Creation will atrophy, forever. Serrano writes of technology's insidious mimicry of Tradition, of its techniques of ascesis, or rather, of the results of that ascesis, insinuating that the old ways are no longer necessary, no longer valid, or never were valid in the first place. These claims would be little more than the blathering of snake oil salesmen, were the stakes not so high and were their words not listened to and believed by so many. To this imitation of the truth by techno-science, we can also add a similar imitation by new age pseudospirituality, which also speaks of the power of the mind, but only to appeal to the most base impulses of man's animal nature: using the secret of the mind to obtain more money, more sex, a better appearance. This should come as no surprise to those familiar with the worldview offered by Serrano's writings, for we are in the Kaliyuga, the age of decline and descent, of involution and inversion. Thus, everything is upside-down and backwards, through a glass darkly, as the New Testament says, or perhaps better, through the looking glass, as Lewis Carroll says.

Paradise exists since it was lost Before, it did not exist

Only know that which is Chile, that which has been lost. P. Manuel Lacunza

Introduction Today, the 25th of June in Year 105 of the Hitlerian Era, 1994 of the judeochristian era, on the Winter Solstice, in the old city of Valparaiso in the country called Chile, I begin these Memoirs. The father of Memoirs was not Pytheas of Massilia (now Marseille) who sailed in search of the remains of Hyperborea, nor Julius Caesar, warrior in Gaul, nor Babur, conqueror of India, nor Marco Polo. It was Benvenuto Cellini, who recommended writing after the age of 40 and before one's memory is lost. But it turns out that, with the curious acceleration of time an inexplicable phenomenon, like the deceleration of the sun, which makes one suspect the existence of an external agent, extra-stellar the life of man also becomes longer, as a necessary compensation, apparently. Today men can preserve their memory and publish their

biographies in their eighties. As the only rule I would say that a man not all men, of course should write his memoirs when the nostalgia of the past begins to invade him, the remembrance of very distant events, which will sometimes moisten the eyes of the soul to think that this was once, only once and perhaps will never be again. I came to my room, with my pictures and memories and a stone head of Shiva, and my two German shepherds, Thor and Freya, loyal companions of many years and many battles, to help me to evoke and feel those who are gone, because they see ghosts even better than I. There, beyond the sea, above the summit of La Campana, stands the immense snow-capped Aconcagua, the highest of the Andes. Today was a transparent day of winter, and I am surrounded by Geminis, including my oldest son who has just returned from abroad, after years of absence. We had an important generational conversation. This time, Pollux has spoken in him. He told me of that horror which is upon us, apparently inevitable: virtual reality; which is to say, a synthetic reality from someone else's imagination, artificial. I do not wish to use buzzwords from the new science, be it technotronic, psychotronic, cybernetic, even quantum or quasaric. I will not depart from my ancient, antiquated, simple human language, so as to make more definitive the difference between my world and that other which will supplant us, drowning us like the wave that engulfed Atlantis. I will mark the outer limits, where we will fight the final battle in this war, which is more than generational because it is cosmic and even proto-cosmic; against the Demon of technology and the machine, against iron and against plastic, against the virtual image, product of the machine and of an Evil Ontology, prior to the land. A war which only in one secondary aspect today appears to express itself in the generations. Oscar Wilde said, Nature imitates art. Today nature imitates the machine; which is to say, man imitates the machine, assuming that man is also part of nature. And this machine was a product of man, who was born imitating nature the flight of birds, for example or the brain of man the computer. Thus, children today are born computerized and fully capable of handling the most complicated gadgets. They are born dreaming of computers, when my grandparents knew neither computers nor cars, nor phones nor airplanes. My grandmother yelled during a telephone call, because she did not understand how her voice could be heard at that distance. Furthermore, today children are born with their eyes open. Hesiod said, more than two thousand years ago, When children are born with their eyes open, we will be in the terrible Iron Age. The last age, that of the end of this cycle, of this Round of the Eternal Return, the same that the Edda called Ragnarok, Twilight of the Gods, and which the Hindus call Kaliyuga, from the Goddess Kali, of Destruction, when everything dies, even the Gods. Hesiod certainly never dreamed of telephones, much less computers. But he was able to know that in more than two thousand years children would be born with their eyes open, and this would mean the end of the world, on the downward path of entropy, of involution. Not the mechanistic myth of evolution.

Thus he pointed out the definitive, essential difference between those born with their physical eyes closed and those born today with their eyes open. Previously, the Spiritual Eye, the Third Eye was still open, if only halfway. Today it is no more, and there is no remedy. Man begins to be a product of the machine, a pure reserve station, a container of data, a virtual program which, without any real power, will live in many realities simultaneously, with just the push of a button, without actually being in any of them, without being the owner of any, without being anything to anyone. Not even a schizophrenic, as his schizophrenia will also have been programmed, synthetic, virtual. The course of the fall, of the descent in the involution, has been enormous, distant and obscure. Already in Hesiod's time, those who knew grieved, because the power and the key had been lost. And the most marvelous computer, the human brain, created to express here on the plane of terrestrial energy the power and the action of the mind, as its representation, and to act on exterior and interior matter, began to atrophy for lack of a supreme use in its two alternate hemispheres. The Aryans of India tried, with varying degrees of success, to recover the ancient art, the lost science that would revive the wonderful treasure of the human brain, this perfect machine of biology and blood, of insuperable power and delicacy, and which, only from the inside out, from the Invisible Mind, may be used and recovered. This was the art and science of Yoga, which could reunite, join anew the two hemispheres of the brain at will; the only, the unequaled Human Computer. Indeed, only some of them achieved it, and that was enough in the great sowing of the cycles, for this is not a matter of quantity. Fewer today than yesterday. But it was difficult, very difficult. Even my generation tried. Some of us tried to return, to become gods again; those born with both eyes closed. And this forever marks the difference between us and those of today. A great war was fought in the world, between these two sides, and I was with the losers, with those who heroically tried to resurrect the gods, the Man-God, putting the machine at his service, which would only have been possible using the human brain in a manner superior to the maximum and seemingly infinite capacity of the machine, in such a manner that the machine ceases to be necessary. All powers of the Divine Mind in expression, throughout the allencompassing brain. The brain, as a functional part of the nervous system and of the chakras, vortices and centers of living conscience, will and representation, of the supra-human Mind, but also ours. (Because I and the Father are one.) We always knew (with the knowledge of Hesiod) that what played out in that War was the Destiny of man. Today I say: We were not on the side of Hitler and Hitlerism for political reasons, or socio-economic reasons, or even racist reasons. We were there because he had made possible the mutation of man, the recovery of his divinity and his immortality, with the recreation of the Superman, the Absolute Man, Total Man, the God Man. That is what was intended in the tantric-alchemical laboratories of Wewelsburg, of the SS, in the Ahnenerbe and in other centers of initiation. Social and economic justice inter pares and racial purification would only come as a consequence of magic. It was not necessary to look for them, or declare them. Beginning from the Spiritual Body,

science and technology were reduced to an instantaneous situation, like the knowledge of the essences which, they say, the angels possess. And even more so, the Gods. At the greatest crossroads in the history of life on planet Earth, as they call this thing upon which man has existed, the war was lost - because it could never be materially won. The winners found themselves in a position to give new force to the involution-conspiracy, planned from the mixing of the angels with the daughters of men And today children are born with their eyes open, and fixed on the screens of the virtual images of video games, and their little fingers pressing keys on computers, with their little heads ready to be repositories of the chip that will connect them directly to a robot, in this way reactivating, from outside, the occult powers of both hemispheres of the brain, which eventually will make them into another mechanical robot, automatic, isolated, in total solitude and with no possible human communication with another individual of the species. All this is an ersatz, a diabolical substitute, an imaginary reactivator, like the drugs that were tried just prior as a replacement for the efforts of Yoga and the authentic ecstasy of the mystics, as Aldous Huxley explained to me in India, in a verbal introduction that he gave me to his book The Doors of Perception, about his experiences with mescaline. Now there is no time for long and torturous asceticism, he said. Today just one tablet of LSD is enough. And this is how the winners have destroyed almost three generations, before chaining man to the machine, to technotronics, with cybernetics, psychotronics and the sinister manipulation of the human brain. That this has been a conspiracy of centuries, with an extraterrestrial prologue to human life on this Earth-Object, which now culminates, reaching its limit, is obvious to me. It has the same legendary stamp. The conspirators are called futurologists, and just like the Christians before, the Marxists, the Freudians, the Einsteinians, they fanatically announce that the past has disappeared, because it was an error (a sin.) Poetry, music and philosophy are finished, as is ancient paganism, and now a completely new age is imposed, an age of the computer, of the robot, the clone, virtual reality, the Internet, telepresence. The rest is nothing, was nothing. The times we live in today are of grave importance for the efforts to transmute humanity into divinity, into a Man-God, Superman, a Siddha. For those of us able to understand, it makes us shudder. The things to come could prevent this possibility forever. But, it is not something unexpected for those who have tried to envision the process from the first manifestation of Being. It was foreseeable. Within timelessness, it was already prefixed by the presence of an extraneous factor. What is upon us, what is already here, is the imitation of the truth, the imitation of the Superman, the imitation of the Man-God, of the Siddha. It is called virtual reality and it represents the annulment of the possibility of man's transmutation. Technotronics, cybertronics, psychotronics, etc. are not only increasingly displacing the more natural work of the brain, the alternating or conjoined work of the two hemispheres of the human computer; they are also destroying the potential of the chakras, their reactualization and

potentialization for some individuals, in conjunction with the astral body, as products of a discipline. They are to be replaced with a cybernetic suit, a cyberbody, which will become the astral body of the future, a false Son of Man.1 In order to save the legendary treasure, all that is left to us, the Forefathers of this Son of Man, is to take refuge in a bubble of indestructible time, amid the disaster that envelops the planet Gerda, to continue the alchemical work of the recovery of the divine Siddha, as we were before these changes. To rediscover the power of Adel, Odal, Odil, of Vril, Mana, which allows us, with a single flash of the Third Eye, of the Ajna Chakra, to reduce to nothing and to chaos from whence it comes the demon Smara, expelling it from the Great Tear of the Cosmos, in which today it is hidden.2 There was one sole attempt in this century to change the course of Destiny. But the betrayal of the religions and their representatives has been immense. The Catholic Church took part from the beginning in the conspiracy. Today it is associated with the Jews, working together in the Middle East to install a laboratory for cerebral manipulation. Even the Dalai Lama has been made into a tragic character, receiving the Nobel Peace Prize and traveling the world being used. He has thus given a death blow to Tantric Mahayana Buddhism. Whether or not Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, or Arthur Koestler were aware of what they did, as an important part of the post-war Conspiracy along with Toynbee, John Lilly, Timothy Leary and the rest of the agents of Intelligence
1 Thus, as Aldous Huxley said that drugs - mescaline, LSD - replace the visions and experiences of mystics and saints, the cybersuit, the cyberbody also supplants, automatically and without effort, the work of yoga to consciously detach the astral body. We are at the beginning of a more subtle and extremely sophisticated cybertronics which will lead us to exchange our human skin for a cyber skin, with installed subcutaneous chips, connected to computers, so that everything comes to be automatic, and permanent. But the bionic, cybernetic man will always be a caricature of the Superman and the Man-God, a Batman, a burst of laughter from the Demon, the Demiurge. Because the question that must be asked is: Who runs all this, who controls it, what group of individuals here on earth, or outside of it? In the German language there is an enlightening term: Ersatz, meaning replacement. Which is to say, imitation of the truth. Virtual reality will become more real than reality, to replace our biological computer with the machine-traps of Saturn (of Yahweh-Jehovah) the Prisoner God of the Demiurge. And none of this will belong to us anymore, having been imposed from outside. The recovery of the Man-God, the Hyperborean, the Siddha, will have been interrupted forever. At a later, more sophisticated stage, virtual reality may become more real than this reality, traveling to distant space-times to live out cosmic or planetary events of the past and future. This may become customary, although never directed by us, but by machines. Not metal or plastic, but biological, cellular, genetic machines, synthetic, products of artificial intelligence, which today is being worked on everywhere, even in the Churches. But, although man will act like a god, he will not be one. A technocrat, a scientist, a cosmic taxi driver as someone once defined the astronauts, is always a cretin, as are astronomers, technicians, cybernetic engineers, directors of NASA. None of those acting like gods are true Risen Gods. The divine powers that the Siddha recovers were aristocratic and selective, for an elite. The new virtual powers, in contrast, will be available to all, to the great democratic mass of morons, directed and controlled by a small group of criminals and subhumans, both morally and spiritually, at the service of the Intelligence of an extraterrestrial Demon, of a Dark Energy, which acts from outside without their knowledge. The world has been hypnotized, like the prisoners of Klingsor in the Chastel Merveille. This event has already been exposed and analyzed with diagrams and graphs in Manu: For The Man To Come. But this Man will he come now? I am writing these notes at the time of the torture voluntarily propitiated of Jupiter in the universe; of this God also a prisoner of the Demiurge. 2 It is not just a coincidence that they have given the name of SIDA [Translator's note: the Spanish acronym for AIDS] to the synthetic evil which is spreading rapidly across the planet, a name that has much resemblance to the Sanskrit-Hyperborean term Siddha, name of the semi-divine ancestors of some men. These are the codes which the Demon himself gives out, out of vanity and pride, and which also illuminate us warriors.

Services or of other intelligences - I do not know. In any case, they have been very useful servants for the realization of the plans of the non-Ayran and anti-Ayran futurologists, which have led to the destruction of the white race. But the great wave that submerged Atlantis will also put an end to the Rabbis, since their archetype predeclares it: the Golem disappears with its creator. An inverted, non-Aryan Twilight of the Gods. Savitri Devi and some others have dreamed that Nature will give a solution to this drama, ending with a planetary catastrophe the evils of man, who contravenes its laws and contaminates everything. But I think these are illusions, because there are no natural laws; only habits, bad habits. Rather, there is a synchronicity between man and the earth (so that the sinking of Atlantis was also produced by man) because the earth is a thought, a projected embodiment, which was fixed and corrupted by Demiurgic action - when the Divine Magus fell, by the mixing with the daughters of earth, (with those genetic robots which the Shadow projected) and ceased to be MagusCreator, no longer immune to the influences of the Enemy. The Kaliyuga is not a natural event; it is not outside but inside. And the Ragnark will destroy both inside and outside, and even the Shadow Enemy itself, now also mixed with its invention, the computer, beginning to coexist with the plastic robot. At this juncture, we the survivors of the Cosmic War and the last attempt to change the course of Fate, let us entrench ourselves in the last positions, on the borders, defending that which should never die: the Poetry of Pindar and of Hlderlin, the Music of Wagner and Bach, the Philosophy of Plato and Heidegger; enveloping us in its mantle, remembering the Heroes and the Beloved Dead, so as to achieve with them the New Day of Resurrection. And so here, near the top window of this castle, contemplating the ocean and the Valley of Paradise, I now begin to write The Memoirs of He and I with an ink pen, the same one I used for my old writings, the one I used in India. Meanwhile, I await the moment of re-emergence from the bottom of the frightful waters of the Pacific, the great wave that engulfed Atlantis, Lemuria, with the White Giant and the Continent of the Spirit.