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some having up to 50 floors. Reviewer for CS EXAM... GOD BLESS ME...

PART I - SYNONYMS Directions: Choose the word closest in meaning to the bold world in the sentence old and weak first class gigantic 1. We should never be apathetic towards other people for we have a social responsibility to fulfill. indifferent concerned generous worried 2. A good leader should be cognizant of the numerous issues that affect his constituents. aware uninformed confused idealistic 3. Always be careful not to issue any disparaging remarks against other people. praising confusing damaging discouraging 4. Flowers are ephemeral; they bloom yet wither in a week or so later. shrivel long lasting beautiful short lived 5. A fastidious person will never find true happiness. simple choosy greedy contented 6. The Ortigas Center is filled with gargantuan buildings, 7. Nobody liked haughty Monty who kept bragging about his riches. arrogant foolish respectable dependable 8. The corrupt policeman was discharged from service due to his ignominious act of accepting bribes. honorable disrespectable unwanted remarkable 9. The impudent child was scolded for answering back to older people. respectful honorable clever rude 10. Spores are infinitesimal reproductive units of fungi and lower plants. invisible interesting microscopic large 11. Never trust an insidious person because youll never know what goes on in his mind. honest treacherous loyal crowded

trustworthy 12. Jessica is an irascible girl who frequently has tantrums. impatient cheerful hot-tempered jolly

miraculous 18. The piquant mouse was able to find its way out of the maze in a short while. dumb clever small unusual

13. Surgeons should be meticulous especially when performing operations. careful careless strict lenient 14. Christ teaches us to be concerned about putting riches in heaven and not to be obsessed withmundane things. temporary worldly insignificant important 15. Rochelle has difficulty seeing things from afar because she is myopic. cross-eyed eagle-eyed farsighted nearsighted 16. Regina, being a child of three, is oblivious to the world around her. careful carefree aware unmindful 17. Man can never be omniscient like God. all-knowing logical immortal

19. It is now plausible to say that someday, interplanetary travel will no longer be impossible. reasonable unusual illogical extraordinary 20. A prudent person is not easily deceived. loyal careless wise foolish 21. Spare the rod and spoil the child is a common aphorism. slogan battlecry proverb motto 22. Charmaines deportment is highly commendable. belief behavior intelligence competence 23. For enzity and hate are contrary to friendship and concord. agreement mutual hatred confusion division

24. The Filipinos fortitude is the reason why he seldom complains.

feeding bottles as soon as possible to prevent malformation of the infants erupting teeth. get used to

endurance peace-loving discontent satisfaction 25. Poverty should never be viewed as an impediment towards attaining good education. reason way link obstruction 26. The students were upbraided for misbehaving during the assembly. ABCD praised CBDA honored BCDA scolded ACBD stopped 27. Urbane people are appalled by rude behavior. well-mannered ill-mannered modern rich 28. Clowns are never vapid but the sick usually are. lively and energetic lacking spirit and liveliness clumsy funny 29. The client was asked to verify the veracity of the statement of accounts issued. accuracy discrepancy redundancy mistake 30. Dentists believe that babies should be weaned from ABCD ACBD BCAD CBAD 3. A. Food and Nutrition Research Institute B. Fiber Industry Development Authority C. Foreign Service Institute D. Family Planning Organization of the Philippines ABCD BACD DBCA DBAC 4. A. Insurance Commission B. Industrial Technology Development Institute 2. A. Cooperative Development Authority B. Cottage Industry Development Enterprise C. Cottage Industry Technology Center D. Council for the Welfare of Children develop hatred for free from dependence make more dependent PART II - ALPHABETIZING Directions: Arrange each group of items in alphabetical order. 1. A. Commission on The Filipino Language B. Commission on Human Rights C. Commission on Higher Education D. Commission on Population

C. Institute of Labor and Manpower Studies D. Instructional Materials Corporation


BDCA BACD BCDA BADC 5. A. Presidential Commission on Good Government B. Presidential Commission to Fight Poverty C. Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor D. Presidential Commission on Human Rights

9. A. John Shannon Montessori B. John Paul Hospital C. John Robert Powers D. John Nelson and Associates DACB DBCA DCBA DABC

CBAD BADC CABD CADB 6. A. AA Industrial Chemical Supply B. AB Capital and Investment Corporation C. A Soriano Aviation Incorporated D. A-1 Driving Company Incorporated DCAB DCBA ABCD CABD

10. A. Sports Zone Restaurant B. Sport Resources Inc. C. Sports Values Inc. D. Sports House and General Merchandise

ABCD BCDA CBDA DBCA 11. A. Abad, Josephine B. Abad, Jason C. Abad, Joseph D. Abad, Jane

7. A. Ayala Plans Inc. B. Ayala Health Care Inc. C. Ayala Land Inc. D. Ayala Life Assurance Inc. BCDA ABCD DCBA BACD 8. A. Filspin Incorporated B. Filway Marketing Inc. C. Filsov Shipping Company D. Fina Products Inc. ACDB CABD ABCD CDBA CDAB DCAB 13. A. Santos, Anita B. Santos, Ana DBCA DBAC BDCA BCDA 12. A. St. Stephens School B. St. Stephens University C. St. Scholasticas Academy D. St. Scholasticas College

C. Santos, Antonio D. Santos, Anthony


CDBA DCBA BADC BACD 14. A. Philippine Daily Inquirer B. Philippine Star C. Philippine Herald D. Philippine Tribune

18. A. Bureau of Post B. Bureau of Internal Revenue C. Bureau of Mines D. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources DBCA DABC DCBA DBAC

ABCD ACBD ADCB ACDB 15. A. Luna, Antonio B. Luna, Juan C. Luna, Olive D. Luna, Oliver

19. A. Rancho, Elian B. Rallon, Michel C. Ramirez, Sean D. Rancho, Elaine BCAD BDAC BCDA BACD

ABCD ABDC ACBD ADCB 16. A. Felimon, Joson B. Felipe, Julian C. Felimon, Jamie D. Felipe, Julia

20. A. Quesada, Arianne B. Quisumbing, Armie C. Quintin, Adela D. Quezon, Aurora ABCD ADCB ACBD ABDC

CADB ACBD CABD ACDB 17. A. UP Institute for Small Scale Industries B. UP Institute for Science and Math Education C. UP Institute of Biology D. UP Institute of Chemistry ABCD BACD

PART III - CORRECT USAGE Directions: Fill in the blanks to complete the sentence. 1. Czarmaine ________ remarkable poems even at her young age. rites rights writes write 2. Being too ________ will undoubtedly make other men hate you.

vane vain vein vanity 3. Due to bad weather, the airline company decided ________ postpone the flight. two to too then 4. Drunk driving was the reason for ________ accident. their theyre there there are

ascent descent decrease 9. The children ________ the ill effects of war. have borne have born has borne had born 10. The teachers distributed different ________ outlines for the students to follow. coarse corps course corpse 11. Carl juggles oranges, ________ you? why

5. May I________ your Titanic compact disc? borrow lend loan credit 6. ________ the three girls, the eldest is the most diligent. Between Among In By 7. Exposure to air pollution will ________ your asthma. cure deteriorate aggravate annoy 8. His ________ to Mount Apo was carefully documented. assent

may should can 12. The refugees decided to ________ their homes because of the war. desert dessert deserve reserve 13. My sister ________ to Zamboanga seven years ago. migrated migrating immigrated immigrating 14. We used ________ sauce for the spaghetti last Sunday. less few

a number of pieces of 15. If we work together, we could finish this ________ in a short time. piece peace please peas 16. When the Apartheid Policy was still in effect, the Blacks were ________ by the Whites.

21. Marty ________ Evelyn ________ to dinner. asked out asked after called out called up 22. The celebrant ________ the candles after we sang. blew off blew up blew out blew over

praised hailed persecuted prosecuted 17. When we ________ the flag, we should all stand up.

23. The secretary ________ due to stress. broke even broke out broke in broke down

rice rise risen raise 18. The DPWH crew worked ________ the night to repair the damaged bridge.

24. The EDSA Peoples Revolution ________ the Marcos regime. brought in brought on brought forth brought down

threw through trough true 19. ________ the leader of your group? Whos Whose Which Whoms 20. The village elder told many interesting ________. tale tail tails tales

25. The unexpected ________ of vehicles along the Marcos Highway cause heavy traffic. build up build on build in build over 26. After cleaning the entire house, I felt ________. burned in burned out burned up burned over 27. The drug pushers tried to ________ the arresting cops. buy in

buy off buy out buy up 28. The cabinet meeting was ________ on account of the Presidents ill health. called in called up called out called off 29. The tele-novela viewers cried helplessly when they got ________ by the tragedy that befell the main

Charles Perrault Robert Frost 2. Confucius : China :: Mahatmah Gandhi : India Japan Africa Philippines 3. BIR : Taxes :: DPWH : Public Roads Houses Traffic

character. Churches carried out 4. Barangay : Captain :: Provincial Governmnent : carried away Congressmen carried over Mayor carried on Senator 30. We should ________ on expenditures and spend only on our needs. cut short cut up cut back cut out Governor 5. USA : Washington D.C. :: Philippines : Quezon City San Juan Manila Cebu 6. Presidential : President :: Parliamentary : Prime Minister King House Speaker Cardinal PART IV - SINGLE WORD ANALOGY Directions: Choose the best word that will fit the phrase. Ilocos 1. Moby Dick : Herman Melville :: The Old Man and the Sea : Charles Dickens Ernest Hemingway Cavite Benguet Cebu 8. Pyramid : Egypt :: Taj Mahal : China 7. Tagbanua : Palawan :: Kankanay :

Japan India

15. Gionnani Boccacio : Decameron :: Niccolo Machiavelli : The Little Prince

Malaysia 9. Tigris-Euphrates : Mesopotomia :: Nile River : Egypt Greece Italy telescope Spain 10. Mahabrata : India :: Gilgamesh : Assyria Sumeria Chaldea John Logie Baird Babylon 11. Italy : Latin :: Greece : Grecian French Greek Albert Einstein Greece 12. Sistine Madonna : Raphael :: Last Supper : Michaelangelo Leonardo da Vinci Rembrandt Alfred Nobel Van Gogh 13. Stalagmite : Floor :: Stalactite : Wall Ceiling Mouth carbonic acid Window 14. Catholic : Priest :: Moslem : Rajah Hajji Koran France Imam Britain oxygen radium potassium 21. Allied Powers: Russia :: Central Powers : Isaac Newton Tartaglia Rene Descartes 20. Henry Cavendish : Hydrogen :: Henry Priestly : Aristotle Galileo Copernicus 19. Pythagorean Theorem : Pythagoras :: Cubic Equation : William Sony John Vincent Crowe Howard Aiken 18. Earth is the center: Ptolemy :: Sun is the center : telephone teleportation door bell 17. Parachute: Andre Jacques Garnerin :: Television : Utopia The Prince Wealth of Nations 16. Samuel Morse: Telegraph :: Alexander Graham Bell :

Italy Austria 22. entourage : attendants :: cortege : procession for a saint procession in court funeral procession floral procession 23. islet : small island :: rivulet : small river small land small review small rebel 24. conspicuous: obvious :: hideous : hidden ugly expert in hiding

tub sink bathroom 29. masticate : chew :: eradicate : collect count complete throw 30. mazurka : Polish :: fandango : Russian Spanish German Polish PART V - INDUCTIVE REASONING Directions: Choose the best answer that will fit the sequence. 1. 3 6 9 12 15 2

very bad 25. nose : nasal :: abdomen : abnormal abdominal abominate L adenoma 26. agnostic : doubts God's existence :: atheist : denies God's existence denies God as creator affirms God's existence R affirms God as creator 27. infanticide : killing of infants :: genocide : killing of genies killing of geniuses killing of a race or social group L killing of Geno 28. latrine : toilet :: lavatory : basin M T S P 4. B D F H J M N O 3. I K M O Q 18 22 20 2. C E G I K

N P 5. 10 17 26 37 48 49 50 51 6. 37 50 65 82 98 99 100 101 7. 3 9 5 25 8 64 12 144 15 17 20 16 8. AB EF IJ MN OP PQ QR RS 9. ZY WV TS QP NM ML LK KJ 10. DC HG LK PO OP RQ SR TS 11. 1 2 5 6 11 12 19 20 25

27 29 31 12. 4 9 5 11 6 13 7 15 19 9 8 17 13. 6 12 36 72 216 250 300 400 432 14. A C C F F F J G K V 15. 1 2 6 12 36 50 52 70 72 16. H H L L P P T T V X Y Z 17. E F H G I J LK JL KM MN

18. 6 12 7 11 8 10 13 7 10 9 19. A C F J O T U S R 20. B DE GHI MNDP LMNO JKLM KLMN 21. A B C D E F J I H G 22. N O P Q R S W V U

10 12 25. 29 58 29 145 29 231 232 233 234 26. MZ KX IV GT ER FS DQ CP 27. LO KP JQ IR HS GT FU EV DW

28. G F I H K J M L O

29. AZ BY CX DW EV T 23. 3 8 48 55 440 448 449 450 451 30. 396 384 370 354 336 24. 16 12 17 11 18 318 7 314 9 316 320 GT FU HS IR