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HR Questions
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Tell me about yourself? Strengths? Any question for us Tell me about yourself Why not pursue foreign education Meaning of name and birth place

Technical Questions
1. 2. 3. Two key areas where Airtel is lacking? Profit margins and strategy, not many technical questions Don’t ask much on the sector, even in the Corporate finance role

Interview rounds
1 or 2

Alpen Capital
HR Questions
1. Tell me about yourself? 2. Why IB? 3. Why Alpen Capital?

Technical Questions
1. Make a Sales Pitch to a Private Equity player for a 20% stake in a vocational Education company

Interview rounds

American Express
HR Questions
1. Why Amex? 2. Why finance? 3. Finance is hectic, will you be able to manage?



Technical Questions
1. Written round: How do you decide on whether a credit card transaction is fraud or not. Derive a methodology. How do you satisfy customers whose transactions were wrongly blocked by your methodology? 2. Round 1: How do I know whether a credit card transaction is fraudulent or not? Generate options. 3. You have to organize a music concert in Lucknow. How do you measure the potential no of people who might attend? 4. Round 2: Puzzle. How do we decide on credit limit of a card? 5. If you are a music lover and wants to open a music concert. What are the different type of sources where you can get the information regarding place, people, instruments, investments etc.? Need to write 5-6 points about everything. 6. What does American Express do? 7. What new is going on in the company? 8. Past work experience related questions. - Prepare this part well. 9. "Puzzle- a deck of cards (52 cards) with 4 aces. How many cards do you need to flip on an average to get the first ace? 10. Credit Risk Analysis: - How would you analyse credit worthiness of a customer? How would you analyse his internet surfing history to plan what type of card should be given to him? Suggest some promotions that can be offered to customer. 11. Assume that there are 1 lac prospective credit cards clients available in a city. Design a strategy based on five parameters/basis to approach clients i.e. which clients should be approached first, second etc... 12. Guess the number of 3 - wheelers in Mumbai. Asked to find out the error in estimation approach taken. 13. In a deck of 52 cards, there are four aces. If you are picking one card after the other, at what position the first Ace card will appear in the long run?

Interview rounds
2 interviews and 1 case study Quant based puzzles. Credit card based questions


. Financial Ratios(Comment on Debt-Equity) and few others. what does a bank do with the money they have 4. 3. SLR. Tell me something about yourself Why Finance profile? Something about interests Tell me about yourself? Why Bank? What is bank according to you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Which organisation and which position? Technical Questions 1. Learn the banking system and their finances and recent news 2. What sets Axis apart from other banks? 8. 2. Capital adequacy ratio 5.ask questions to the interviewer all along Interview rounds 3 rounds Axis Bank HR Questions 1. Interest in I banking and Avendus? Technical Questions 1. How different is service marketing from product? 6. Know your CV well. 1 interview round 3|Page . Short discussion on how to value a Spices manufacturer . assumptions to model. what are the sources of income n expense for a bank 3. Valuation: valuing private company 2. .interactive . CRR. How would you use social media for the banking sector? Give strategies to target a particular segment of customers? 7. especially work ex/internships and projects 3. Explain the three major factors in ROE for DuPont Analysis! 10. Repo rate. What are the most important ratios? 11.What all Equity comprises of. 4.. What is DuPont Analysis? 9. Accounting: accounting for acquisitions and related questions around the above two broad topics 3. 6. some ratios.. What is the difference between Balance sheet and P&L statement of banks and other companies 2. Interview rounds 1. 5.TEAM DISHA 2013 Avendus HR Questions 1.

2. Tell me something about yourself? What do you like to do in your free time? What do you expect from the internship? What unique skills do you have? Why finance? Why this company? Tell me about yourself? Tell me about your work-ex? Technical Questions 1. Why Finance? 2. confident person with good communication skills for client interaction BMR Advisors HR Questions 1. Tell me about yourself? 3. What do you know about BMR? Why BMR advisors? About the role offered by the company What do you know about Risk Management? Which area of Risk Management do you see yourself fitting in? Interview rounds Two rounds 4|Page . 8. 2. 4. 4.TEAM DISHA 2013 BFC Capital HR Questions 1. 3. 2. 7. Need a dynamic. 5. Do you know what we do? Technical Questions 1. 3. 3. 4. 6. What All work-ex based questionsWhat was job profile there? What projects you were involved in? All details about your work-ex Interview rounds 1 round. 5.

what was in there What is financial inclusion? What is the government doing towards that? What is IRR? How would the balance sheet of an IT company differ from that of a bank? If you are a net exporter of your good. 2. 5. About the work experience. Financial ratios 3. Formula of normal distribution. what would you prefer: rupee appreciation or depreciation? 10. Tell me something about yourself which is not in the CV. Achievements Which Banking domain I would like to work in? How will DBS help you to accomplish what you are looking for? 5|Page . About yourself 2. prepare HR well Crisil HR Questions 1. 8. 6. What can big banks like BNP contribute for financial inclusion? What do you know about BNP Paribas? What is global transaction banking How can u get credit card of BNP (u can't since it is not into retail banking in India) Have u seen any of our company ads lately. Why finance? Technical Questions 1. 9. Comparison between ROE & ROCE.. 4. Which is better indicator? Interview Rounds One round DBS HR Questions 1. Finance related work that you have executed. Particularly for GTB profile. 2. Why BNP? Technical Questions 1.. 3. Which Subject interest you in the curriculum? 2. Interview rounds One rounds.TEAM DISHA 2013 BNP Paribas HR Questions 1. 3. 4. 7. 2... Why Finance? 3.

Various sectors that the company is present in 6. How many do you think would be hired in all by the banks.Any Financial Crisis. 4. Confidence needed more than functional knowledge Citi Bank HR Questions 1. Strengths and Weakness Run through your CV Core values of Citibank? Define leadership? What was your latest achievement as a leader? Why banking? Justify your aptness for the role? how will you contribute? Why do you want to go for a career in banking? Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line? Why do you want to go for corporate banking? Technical Questions 1. 7. Which financial policy should be used by US at this time? What is the cause of subprime crisis? What is the cause of any crisis . Be thorough with your CV. 5. 2. If I give you Rs.Can you estimate what are the number of cars that enter IIM Lucknow in a day 6|Page . 16. 2. What is banking? Different types? Interview Rounds 1 round of interview and GD. 8. 9. 4. 11. 6. Mainly related to my Investment Banking Research experience for CTS 8. 3. 12. what should Greece do now? Some economics/finance concepts How will the deregulation of interest rates on savings by RBI impact the banking industry Guestimation. where will you invest it and why? What is the relationship between the price of gold and equity price? Why does a company need a bank? Tell some more points. 3.100. Project Finance and Risk Analysis 7. 9. What do you know about corporate banking? What are the earnings of a bank? What does a company need from a bank? Tell me some more points. About company's growth and presence in India. 6. Stringent regulations will help the bank or not? Fin . 14. Why are you interested in finance? 9. 10.Assume 7 banks are hiring in top 10 b-schools. 7. 13. 5. 15.TEAM DISHA 2013 Technical Questions 5. across campuses. Guesstimation .govt or environmental situation? European Crisis. 8.

You have $1m and you want to invest it. 4.then what? Company Questions 1. 5.What insights did you gain from it? What are your interests? Which books do you read? and why? 4. Market Capitalisation of a company I mentioned I was tracking Any other sector you follow? 1 guesstimation question. So. I did tell them in advance to correct me if I was wrong. What are the key differences in the writing styles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sidney Sheldon? CV Questions General feedback 1. 4. Effect of appreciating Yen on (Japanese) companies who export and import. But since I wasn't sure. 3. give them a disclaimer. 2. Last but not the least. Which would be your area of preference? Technical Questions 1. Describe your FRA project in detail. This helps as the recruiters feel that the candidate is genuinely interested and the role being offered. Do you have any questions for us? (I asked them 2-3 questions) 3. Are you tracking any sector? If yes. After 5 min. That could be the reasons why I sailed through. I didn't know the answers to most of the finance-based questions that they asked. which one? Questions like P/E ratio. I proactively asked them 2-3 questions about the company. Why did you leave Edelweiss after working there for just 4 months? 2. But in the end. What should be the companies plan of action be 19. Answer. Can ask about a particular sector that you follow Interview Rounds GD and interview. 3. 4. 3. 1.TEAM DISHA 2013 17. another topic was given "Why inflation is persistent in India and whether steps taken by RBI are correct 18. humbly. 2.demand for split ACs in IIM L. I mentioned the wrong P/E value. I stayed super calm throughout and was honest during the interview process. yet confidently in case of Finance-based interviews. Selected because of confidence. 3. Convince each other which asset classes you would invest into". Answer confidently. In fact. Some basic FRA/Eco questions. quick response and good preparation. 7|Page . Know about the company undertaking and the recent press releases Edelweiss PGP28 Summers 1 interview round HR Questions 1. 2. I gave a lot of wrong answers. in case there's an answer you are not too sure about. 2. Tell us something about yourself Question based on interests and hobbies What are the things you are most passionate about? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why finance? If not finance. There's no reason why they won't take you in.

so rest of the discussion was on ethics 4. What all shortlists you have? 3. Why fund management? Why buy side? Why Fidelity Technical Questions 1. be impressive and show them that you are made for fin 3. Prepare your HR answers well and be yourself in the interview. What is capitalism? What is socialism? Which will you prefer? 7. Obviously I said no. so asked which stocksyou willprefer. Telecom sector in detail-When it started? What were the policies 10 years ago? 5 years ago? 3 years ago? Current trend? Future trend? Focus shifting from penetration to QoS 4. recommend a stock from that sector) 2. examples? 5. 3. What ethics mean to me. then he said so you are an ethical person. stick to my ethics point (clincher!) Always have a smile :) Fidelity PGP27Summers 1 interview round HR Questions 1. Grilled about the research report they asked to write before the interview (recommending a stock buy/sell/hold) 4. Go through your first term project properly 2. One of the interviewers. so questions will revolve around your CV and fin project General feedback 1. Be Confident. It was more of HR. Why Edelweiss? Technical Questions 1. My project was on telecom. Why shareholders and managers don't go along? 8. Relevant work ex.TEAM DISHA 2013 PGP27Summers 2 interview round HR Questions 1. Is manipulation good? 6. What's your portfolio? Have you faced any failures in your investments? 3. good HR answers. My interview was sector based knowledge because i forced him to listen. So dont lie!! 8|Page . Love or Happiness? Company Questions 1. actually asked me the date and price at which I made my last investment. Situational questions on leadership roles 2. 2. Which sector do you follow? Elaborate on that sector (industry overview.

and all major news items from around the world. Macro-economic developments. 5. around P/E ratios. Know basic ratios. Please follow markets regularly. How is ATF prices regulated around the globe? (My eco project) How is regression done? What is called call? From where CRISIL gets data for various parameters? General feedback 1. EPS etc. justifying reasons for buy/sell. I made a model. Asked me if I have traded in the markets. (I was not good at DCF. 8. even if a virtual one 7. Post the report.TEAM DISHA 2013 5. I didn't have a portfolio and they specifically mentioned in the ppt that they were looking for someone who is passionate about stock markets. and had my own portfolio. and wasn't able to justify it well enough. Do have a portfolio. Look at as many sell-side equity research reports as possible. The interview was also largely driven around this report.) General feedback 5. and what the competitive advantages of your company are. and try to come up with a price target. because you will get caught in the interview. Be abreast with current happenings and try to capture the impacts of various news items on the stock price. I think this was among the most important steps in getting to the final shortlist. 7. 6.. 3. if you are comfortable with valuation then do a DCF/some other valuation model. and 2-3 companies in it. will be helpful!! HR Answers and Company write-up 1. and what were my learnings. lots of eco questions. then don't try to pretend like you have. why those stocks etc. HR Answers: Try to display your passion for equity research. I could not demonstrate that passion. Give it some thought and be genuine. 4. 9|Page . They basically tried to gauge my interest in the markets. so make sure you do a good job of it. Start reading Economic Times religiously!! 6. Try to build a story around your recommendation. pick up a sector. If you haven't been tracking the market. 2. I think a large part of the shortlist for the interview depends on these answers. They also asked me what were my best and the worst investments decisions. FPI PGP27Summers Technical Questions 2. Created some problems during my interview. DCF may not be possible here given the word limit. Put a price target based on some logical valuation assumption. 4.. Asked me about the company i had chosen for my report. 3.. Be absolutely thorough with your economics project. This would be helpful in the interview process. Let it be simplistic. My rationale for selection. Know about the competitors. so be well prepared. They will ask you which stocks. Report: We had to make a 500 word write-up on any company.

1.TEAM DISHA 2013 Fullerton Securities 2 rounds of interviews HR Questions 1. I think I was selected because i was very much confident during the interview and showed lot of interest in the finance. 3. 2. 3. The interview was video conference. 4. 5. What is Equity Research General feedback 11. 2. 2. Tell something about yourself? What if we don't select you How would I manage a team that has conflicting ideas and solutions to the same problem? How would I manage a team that has conflicting ideas and solutions to the same problem? Work culture based questions What is Market Risk Management? What is Market Risk Management? Why investment research? Domain Questions 10 | P a g e . 4. Goldman Sachs PGP28 summers 2 rounds of interviews HR Questions 1. 6. 9. 12. 7. that's really important. Tell me something about yourself? Tell me something your any two strengths? Do you like reading? Which novels have you read till now and which was your favorite character in that novel? Can you arrange your own accommodation? Do you have any questions? Do you know about the profile we are offering? Do you have any issues if we would give you sales profile? Why Finance Technical Questions 10. 4. 8. so for such interviews i would say the most important thing is to smile as in they can easily see your facial expressions and be patient because any technical error can occur during such process. 3. I guess the key behind cracking finance interview is your passion for the field and even if you don't have any knowledge but still how enthusiastic you are to learn it.

1 lakh. working capital. What kind of trading and investing strategies did you use to select a stock? 23. What is the price of HUL stock? 13. operating leverage etc. What other companies will get affected by the changes in the policy changes? 11 | P a g e . Why was the stock rising or falling? Reasons? 29. they asked me to name a stock that I had tracked. What is the capex of different sectors? 35. What is Interest Rate Risk? 8. 28. where will you invest? 15. FRA . Which link in the supply chain will have positive working capital and which link will have negative? 26. What is Interest Rate Risk? 9. Questions related to ratios like ROA. Which financial statement should you look out for for the details of the same? 34. Questions specific to stocks and the domain of the stock that I said I knew about. 27. 31. Difference between RD and FD? 16. Since I had mentioned real estate sector. Do finantial analysis of Kingfisher 19.growth drivers. If you were given Rs. cash flow statements. Given a high operating leverage will you invest in a fast growth company or slow growth company? 32. What is rate of inflation? 18. 22. What are the prospects of the company for the next 6 months? Reasons? 30. how will it be reflected in income statement 21. How did u build an inclination towards finance? 5. What is working capital? 24.inventory valuation. Which changes in the environment will trigger its price change? 38. Calculate expected value of a die 10. If i give you 1 lakh rs. how to compare three different companies in the sector etc. Asked questions about the sector which I was following . 2. market shares of diff players in FMCG 14. What are the prospects of the same? 37.TEAM DISHA 2013 Technical Questions 1. Is high capex good or bad for a company? 33. Which stock will u buy currently in FMCG? 12. Which better counters inflation? 17. How can u match your skills with this type of work???? 7. Questions related to your FRA project. How does power transmission company like powergrid work? 36. If i borrow money. liquidity ratios. Will it be positive or negative for a company in the FMCG space? 25. ratios (EV/EBITDA.. Which sector do you follow? 11. ROE. where does capex come in cashflow statement? 20. capex. relevant ratios. Relative comparison of finance and marketing based on numbers? 6. what would you invest it in? 4. profitability ratios) 3.

Being in Deutsche Bank helped.i chose IT stocks that you follow in the sector which stock would be better to invest in if iam a 60 year old guy Impact of Euro crisis on IT sector How many types of valuations are there? When do you use EV/ probably i was a bit too smart. U have done a course in some NSE. 6. P/E. 3. 4. 8. 1. 4. Catch the hints. 12 | P a g e . Smile a lot. trading and most importantly catching the hints provided by the interviewer to answer the question correctly.TEAM DISHA 2013 C V Questions 1. 5. 7. and thats what actually sold in the interview. 90% of my interview was CV-based.past work-ex and honesty (my interviewers complimented me more than once for my honesty. Euro crisis and credibility of euro Sector specific questions . Then they asked me questions on the companies which I followed in the sector? It went on for quite some time. 4. Why finance? Tell me about yourself? Questions related to my undergrad college as the interviewer was from same city. 3.. 5. 90% of my interview was CV-based. investing.. 7. 2.. 3. I think logical approach and confidence while answering the questions is I leveraged that and drove the interview to my advantage. P/BV ? (They asked me this when I was answering my first question)? 9. Even though I did not sufficient details of a particular sector from a financial perspective. My role in TCS General feed back 1.. Do you follow any sector? Which sector? 10. Speak out your thoughts. Selected for 2 reasons: . 2.. 5.. 11. Understanding the financial statements thoroughly. interest in capital I leveraged that and drove the interview to my advantage. Finally they asked me if I had any question for them. 2. 3. Sector prep helped and was also able to answer most of the FRA related questions.. I could relate to the same with the current affairs and happenings. Did you apply for GS when you were in undergrad? What happened at that time? Tell me something not in ur CV? Which football team do you follow? Technical Questions One head line related to finance in recent news. 4. I just missed out at the last moment when i asked a question which they what's it all about? 2...Being in Deutsche Bank helped.. PGP27 summers 2 rounds of interview HR Questions 1.

I believe its because i picked a sector they were looking at and i justified it and i was also able to explain in detail about the sector and its potential. What work did you do as a lawyer General feedback 1. How can you relate your previous work ex to IB Technical Questions 1. Knowledge about sector and stocks of the sector And general knowledge about macro economics These i guess helped me to get selected I had a good understanding of valuations and was following the auto sector. 13 | P a g e . Why HCL? 3. Justify CV Questions 1. What kind of work did you do as a credit analyst 2. 2.TEAM DISHA 2013 General feedback 1. 3. 2. How many golf balls are produced each year in India? CV Questions 1. Also i was able to link my work ex to the profile offered. Interviewer was an alumni and was considerate of the stress we were undergoing. Tell me about yourself 2. Around 6-7 questions on Economics. What sector shows maximum investment potential. FRA question on Ratio. both Micro and Macro. 4. including the technical sides. Why IB. Lots of basic questions on the subject that you claim to have interest in PGP27Summers 2 rounds of interviews HR Questions 1. I think I got selected because of my decent understanding of the sector. Not much on any other CV point General feedback 1. Any Location Constraints? Technical Questions 1. Extremely chilled out. HCL Capital Markets PGP28 Summers 2 rounds of interviews HR Questions 1. 2. Exhaustively on work experience.

be brief and to the point. Please specify the attributes you'll measure the candidates on. HR Questions 1. 2. What do you want to do? (Exact words. and be brief. Run me through your CV 2. When leaving again shake hands and keep smiling during the process 8. but with original ideas rather than speaking a lot and not adding any value to the discussion 4. While solving cases articulate your ideas and though process. Two GDs (one contemporary topic and other a case) 2. in two simple statements give your short term and long term goals)? 4. what do you really want to do in your life (this time be frank no need to sell yourself. Focus on structure. Please do attend the Disha sessions on case solving and also go through the Disha material on Case solving frameworks PGP27Summers GD 1. Clubs and Committees in a Bschool 2. when you go in shake hands and ask their names. Strategies to remove corruption from India 3. It's better to speak less. You are a new consultant at Headstrong and you have to prepare strategy for succession of new CEO. There were questions on FRA but very basic like P&L statement 14 | P a g e . 6.TEAM DISHA 2013 Headstrong PGP28 Summers 2 GDs and 1 inteview GDs 1. Corporate Ethics are overrated HR Questions 1. how do u see urself in 5 yrs Technical Questions 1. At the end again. In the GD. Ask questions (again be very brief will asking questions) 7. Don't interrupt others 2. What kind of company you're looking for? CaseQuestions 1. 5. interpret as what profile you'll like more) 3. 3. Always listen to what others are saying and try to build on it. Be in a conversation mode. In interview. Tell me about yourself. with focus on Internal Selection or External Hiring. Case: You're a consultant and you have been asked to analyze a P&L. Start analysing General feedback 1.

3. 4. 7. 2. 4. Why not citi or stan c 5. 2. 13. Why would you invest in Tata or reliance. DID not accept globe answers of environment friendliness. Tell me about yourself and why finance and then why banking Something about your family and value. 10. 8. 6. Give me one pro and con of city. Difference between Accounting & Finance? 4. Why Corporate banking and not investment banking About Marwaris why not your own business Introduce Yourself Strengths and weakness Short term and long term goal Tell us an instance where you demonstrated leadership qualities Why Banking? Why Finance? Why don’t you complete your CA? Why MBA after CA? Tell me about yourself. 5. 3. Why HSBC? 9. 3.TEAM DISHA 2013 HSBC PGP28Summers 1 round of interview only HR Questions 1. Questions on loyalty cards Science Olympiad Odissi dance Some questions on why did you not complete CA and why did you join MBA None 15 | P a g e . Ratios of various firms 2. HSBC and why do u would choose them. Why HSBC 4. Why finance? Why corporate banking? Company Questions 1. Why HSBC 7. FRA project very specific with the value of ratios. Impact of CRR rate cut on banks CV Questions 1. 3. 11. 12. Why retail banking? 8. 5. the values attached in it. 6. Is Tata better than Reliance in growth and values of business. 9. 14. Why HSBC and not city or standard chartered 2. Why HSBC? Technical Questions 1. profittability of citi and hsbc 6. Stanc.

Why MBA directly after college? 4. So be careful what you say in the interview. 2.then why do yo want to join?" 16 | P a g e . Why banking ?would you go for retail banking ? I refused. The interview was basically HR questions and CV based. Screwed it up.. use a lot of gestures to convey your enthusiasm about joining the company. "why HSBC?" 6. So. 1. Could not convince them. 2.. my idol in cricket and the justification to idolize him was asked. I had a cool and calm attitude throughout the interview. its better to be positive and to face the situations in a calm and composed manner as and when they come. Why do I want to get into finance? 7. I said 2nd. 5. 3. almost the same kind of questions were asked to everyone. Give me an incident when you have been part of a team and there has been discord/an irritant in the group. Your strengths Company Questions 1. 8. . "why banking?" 7.Some more questions about the work that I had done 2. What are your expectations from a summer internship at HSBC? Where would you rank HSBC in your preference list. Be confident in all your answers and have a smile on your face throughout the interview. 6. simple hr interview.basically because of finance background 3. Why IIM? 4. Due to inadequate preparation of my FRA project. Also. they specifically en quire about it . "As an intern you would not be exposed to actually dealing with clients. 6. How did you handle it? What was the result? 5. A little information of type of profile of commercial banking offered will add up to your discussion. PGP27Summers HR Questions 1. Since I play cricket. you need to be honest. 7. Tell me about what you did in Varchasva? . I was very positive about everything.. I also said that its no use to sulk after an interview as it would make me nervous for the next interview and spoil my chances of getting selected. Never mention the other banks . In the end they offered private banking only. I was asked how many interviews have you appeared for before the HSBC interview and how was I feeling. My profile matched with what they were offering (as i worked in a retail project in TCS) 4. Then they asked Private banking ? I said Private I could still consider. I also said that I had a great time and I was enjoying the placement process and going forward and learning new things from the process as it was once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of such a wonderful process. Why do you want to join HSBC? 5. So. I had replied that HSBV was my 5th interview for the day. Stress HR interview.TEAM DISHA 2013 General feedback 1. Tell me about your undergraduate POR? 3. they need to know your perception.

FRA Project . 4. why not the more sexy Investment banking profile given that you are into markets and all (Credence Capital) Technical Questions 1. * Prior preparation of FRA project and your CV is must. 6. Be truthful. Why banking. 6. It helps HSBC Commercial Banking 1 interview round only HR Questions 1. which are the top 3 foreign banks. I was grilled for around 15 minutes on my FRA project. no fin ques General feedback 1.What did I do and how did I do it? 3. 4. 5. I said I would prefer Standard Chartered over HSBC and they could understand that as StanC's wholesale banking segment in india is much bigger than HSBC's. What is the source of income of a bank\ How does a bank's balance sheet look like CASA ratio NPA percentage NIMs &NIIs What would you bring to the table as a corporate banker 17 | P a g e . One must be able to give sound explanations to whatever has been asked from anywhere. What kind of perspective people would have about you towards the end of your career (was speaking a lot about goodwill so this question stemmed from that conversation) Company Questions 1. 1. What is going on in campus and how have you been feeling How do you find this process. 2. Be yourself. I mentioned a marketing project and we comfortably discussed it for about 15 more minutes.TEAM DISHA 2013 Technical Questions 1. 3. how many in family and profession of each Your take on the current frauds that have been exposed despite the various control mechanisms imposed by a bank 6. * Always keep up a smiling face. 2. 2. 5. 3. What all marketing projects related to advertising/branding have you been a part of since coming to IIM Lucknow? 4. Where do you see yourself in future 7. They asked me my favorite project at IIM L.What are the different ratios? What ratios to apply in different sectors? 2. At least all the relevant points. 4. 2. 5. what is transaction banking all about. how many companies. whats the trend these days Which is the sought after bank on campus and what are they offering Family values. why HSBC. Be thorough with your CV. FRA . 3.

about HSBC. They projected some revenue for 4 years and as a Bank will u provide them a loan or not HR Questions 1.about the banking industry. honest. That itself took the pressure away and gave a huge confidence boost ICICI 1 interview. Total GD members: 7. 1 psychometric GD process 1.5 million ->As a bank would you invest in this. earns brownie points and breaks the ice if you can start with it. 1 GD. and most importantly. 7. The firm has a requirement of $3. Has ePharmacy too. providing consultation through top class doctors online. 12. about myself 2. 4. 7. 6.. lot of details and some little data were provided in the case. Business: Medical consultancy through internet services Financial projections and few other details provided. 5. 9. candid. 10. Investment decision in a start-up company. like collecting blood and urine samples. Be relaxed and be yourself. 3. 11. Case Topic-2: A situation in which a company wants to set up an e-organization. 2. 2. everything is online here.TEAM DISHA 2013 General feedback 1. weigh the risks and benefits. the projected gross profits for next 7 years is given. Confidence can do wonders and a little bit of wit and humour lightens the mood. Time: 10 minutes to prepare. 12-15 minutes for GD Case Topic-1: An emerging firm -> Offers healthcare consulting over the internet(globally) -> has tie ups with N diagnostic centers and M doctors(consultants). Why MBA after engineering? Most challenging task in work ex What kind of role you're looking for? Details about work ex role What previous interviews did u have(I said P&G) Did you make it(No) What quality of yours do you think is the reason why you dint make it? A discussion on the skill I told was not matching with P&G Tell me at what point u notice that possessed this quality did What measures did you take towards shedding it All questions based on CV Why banking?Why finance? Why ICICI? Few questions on the GD topic Strengths and Weaknesses 18 | P a g e . Case based GD / case is to decide weather to give a loan for new venture(1 yr old company). Coincidentally my interview started like that and in the first few seconds I got it that I am through unless I really screw up myself later. Original. genuine answers peppered with personal anecdotes. 8. what are the various things to look at. its provides services to patients via online. 13. Its growth (revenue and gross profit margins) are given for the 3 years it has been up and running. Confidence and in depth preparation on all fronts . 6. 3. 4. 5. 14.

I was friendly and honest in the interview. Two things I did good: 1) Person who started claimed a good point and 1 or 2 people who took over from there built up on that. What is IRR? Difference between 'which' and 'that' (The interviewer seemed to have been having fun at my expense) 19 | P a g e . Brought good direction to GD. but all they were trying to judge here is basic basic knowledge) CV Questions 1.TEAM DISHA 2013 Company Questions 1. I feel creating a good impression during GD was when they selected me (because I personally feel my interview went bad) 6. I then brought about a structure (a basic one. I choose "Future of Newsprint: Paper vs. Most people were focusing on theory. why must he do MBA in the first place 3. nothing specific. She then asked: What are the key financial ratios that I must have looked at while making my decision. 2. and in the interview try to bring your achievements and strengths. join a bank like ICICI. General feedback 1. They asked us to choose a topic of our own and deliver a monologue of 3 minutes. I did well in the GD. I wasnt the guy who concluded. explain. but half of the time I tried to refer all the HR answers to the points I made in my CV. That is the most important part ICICI Prudential 1 interview. that more or less seals the deal. I was not the guy who started the GD. 1 task round Group task 1. Questions on my FRA project. 5. About profile Technical Questions 1. 3. 3. Some questions on F1 and football from other interests. 4. CV Questions 1. 2. Why did you think so? (I started speaking qualitative things like nature of the present stakeholders etc) 2. Why must an IIT Grad like you who was working in a good firm. If you're able to have a fun and intelligent discussion with the panel. nothing great) 2) I pulled out numbers and trends from the case at the right moments 3-4 times in GD. I as a banker did not approve this investment. good position and a good package too. Show your passion for the profile. (I made a slight mess in this. 4. I feel GD. what i did in it. Going back to the case. At what point do you think you can make a real and tangible contribution to ICICI 2. paperless" which was a GD topic for one of my previous interviews.

Know your CV well KARVY FINANCIAL SERVICES GD TOPICS 1. What is the implication for FMCG companies in the current macroeconomic situation in India? 3. The whole interview took place for over 30 minutes.TEAM DISHA 2013 Other Questions 1. 3. 9. They asked me 3 Guess-estimate questions. 2. The company wants to double the sale of Bournville chocolate by the next year. However. It was a stress interview. Throughout the process. What should be done to increase the sales of Bournville / Whether it is priced rightly 4. Told the panellists about my assumptions. 3. Is the macroeconomic environment in India favourable for FMCGs INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. Ratio analysis ofTata Motors(FRA project). Facebook time versus Face time. GD: Structured my points in a good manner. What is a MOSFET/JFET? difference between them General feedback 1. What should they do? 4. other facts etc. I kept my cool and answered confidently. 8. Jan Lokpal Bill. What are the factors to be considered to achieve profitable growth in the consumer space? 2. Why Corporate Finance? Why not Investment Banking? 10. I thought it a necessary evil in India 6. Why do they have negative working capital? Is it good or bad? 6. 4. Any example where you displayed your Analytic Skills (Full Description of the process would be better) 20 | P a g e . Interview: Did well in guess-estimates. Who is real youth icon of India? 5. 2. Tell us about credence capital. Corporate Corruption.Is it an effective solution? 2. How to increase sales of Cadbury in IIM Lucknow campus? 2. 3 main insights you got from your (mark) project on ICICI Bank 7. All 3 were general questions (one was estimate revenue/yr of Manchester United). Is austerity a solution to Euro crisis. before giving them the final number. Why Cadbury's corporate financerole? Why not something else in finance? 5. KRAFT – CADBURY GD TOPICS 1. Tell us about this paper you wrote on Indian Economy.

4. so all my interview questions were around Indian smartphone market. 2. Most part of the interview was based on Valuation Run through your industrial project on valuation for M&A advisory Details about the project and the procedure I had used. 2. (b) I had worked in Travelocity so questions on that workex. What are the growth opportunities and challenges faced by OTA market in India? 3. Few other questions related to smartphone industry only. Current smartphone market? 2. 6. 4. 3. Are the OTAs making money? 4. profit/loss and its future outlook. 5. MACQUARIE INFRASTRUCTURE FUND 1. Why Cadbury? 12. multiples. 1. Any sector you follow and why? Numbers not needed but give broad idea of the industry. Ratios. 1. debt-equity ratio and its effects. Questions on company's debt equity ratio. How MakeMyTrip's model is different from that of Travelocity? 21 | P a g e . Talk about online travel (OTA) 2. Talk about some other product apart from chocolates 13.TEAM DISHA 2013 11. Explain your FRA project on Suzlon. What are challenges with chocolate supply chain? 14. Do you follow energy sector? Oil sector? What was the oil price yesterday? Recent announcements in Indian oil industry? What do you know about project finance? Do you follow the L&T stock?What is the current level. Asked me in detail about Inflation. How important is supply chain in FMCG? 16. MULTIPLES ALTERNATE ASSET MANAGEMENT (a) I had worked for an Indian smartphone client. Key features of smartphone market? 3. Explain the strategy of any one smartphone player in India. beta calculation. Comment 18. effect of leverage. FCFF vs FCFE. L&T GROUP 1. How storage and placement of chocolates in shops are critical? 15. lowest mark it went last time? 5. How do you evaluate a project? 17. PE Ratio of a stock is 35. 3. thorough discussion on this. market fluctuations. How is a company valued? 19. What are the profitable smartphone companies in India? 4. competitors.

2.TEAM DISHA 2013 (c) Talked about auto sector after I mentioned that I follow auto sector. Monologue on industry overview. what strategy will you follow in the next 2-3 years and why 2. Which sectors would you consider attractive for investment in the infrastructure domain and why? NOKIA GD TOPICS 1. How would your predict the revenues of a telecom company for the next five years? 9. 1. How do you write a journal entry for a stock bonus? 8.Boon or Bane? 5. Discuss Nokia's similarity with Maruti? 3. If you are Nokia India's CEO. 13th interest rate hike is not curbing inflation INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. 4. Capital punishment in India . What is the maximum probability of picking a red ball with whatever rearrangement 6. Derive the balance sheet and income statement of a retailer? 5. If you are advising Nokia India's MD. Why Nomura 4. Should India have a twp party system or a multi party system? 2. Difference between equity research and investment banking 5. Why Finance? 2. 2.Democratic or Tyrannical 3. If I sell inventory how will my current ratio change? 7.good or bad? INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. suggest 5 ways to recover lost market share NOMURA GD TOPICS 1. The nature of research done by me in the past: primary/ secondary etc. I was asked about ROE. Discuss the pluses and minuses of the Indian Education System 4. Inflaion in India and how should it be controlled. Why equity research? 3. Social Networking . (d) What is infinity*zero? (e) Some specific questions about a due diligence project undertaken by me. America's foreign policy . Two boxes one with 50 red balls and one with 50 white balls. How would you find the growth rate of number of subscribers? 22 | P a g e .

Small case-lets like"The cement industry is in demand in India. 9. what will you advice them? 22. Asked me to make a balance sheet. Which part of the job do you like more . Do a valuation of yourself 23 | P a g e . Explain the various parts and constituents of a balance sheet 16. FRA related questions on B/L sheet. What is capital employed? 20. Why finance? Why investment banking?Why O3 Capital? 2. financial ratios.TEAM DISHA 2013 10. Can operating income be positive and net income be negative? When? Which all sectors can have this? 12. What is ROCE? 18. Name any recent deals of O3 Capital 6. Why you are a fit in our company? 4.investing in the markets or providing advisory services to the clients 25. cash flows. What is Debt to EBITDA ratio? 21. Name one listed company from your hometown 10. Where was Sensex and NIFTY yesterday? Suggest a stock in which I should invest in and why? At what price did that stock close yesterday? What is the P/E of the stock. 24.FRA project 11. How will you value a FMCG? 15. what is the general industry P/E of that sector? Why should I not invest in the other stock? (cross questions on each answer) 27. Then. (cross questions on each answer) 26. What change will you make to the company? 5. Have u invested in the markets? Which sector do u track? Why? Which ratios do u look at and why? suggest 5 sectors which have I growth potential in India and a stock in each. Depreciation for a bank? 14. How will you value a bank? 13. He asked me to prepare consolidated balance sheets and standalone balance sheets. If days inventory increases then what happens to operating cash flow? 19. Company A is acquiring Company B. interviewer gave me a balance sheets of 2 companies. Questions about the sectors that O3 specializes in 7. P&L. How to value a hospital? 23. Finance: . Will you suck up to clients? 3. Balance sheet analysis. what are the revenues of that company. Significant accounting policies and key financial ratios . A problem on standalone and consolidated balance sheet 17. Which sector would you like to work in? 8. If a PE firm wants to invest 100cr in a hospital. but the analyst at Nomura has published the report saying NOT to invest in it"What could be the reasons Hint: Give as many possible reasons you can O3 CAPITAL 1.

4. Your views on the GDP/ GodhraKand/ effectiveness of the current PM? 15. What is the biggest problem faced by Private Equity in India according to you 12. 2. sell call at strike 28. you are having long position of Zinc at Rs 31. 19. 6. Since I have worked on the banking and insurance sectors. make a payoff chart and effective purchase price.( Recent crr cut by 25 basis points) 21.Asked various approaches to do the same. What is CRR? Why is it kept? step by step impact of the policy change. What is ROC? How a Company is Valued Why PE? Why not consulting Macroeconomics related Relation of exchange rate and interest rate Gave two situations of investment and asked which one is better India's inflation scenario (Causes) Tell me about the various valuation methods that you used while working at Credit Suisse 9. Asked to value an unlisted IT company. 7. Why finance? What is your view on banking industry? What do you about commodity trading? Tell me about the nature of your work at ICICI Bank? Why agribusiness? Why finance? Have you worked on any cash management system? Why RaboBank? Why ABM . 3. When did u realise that you liked finance? 13. given hypothetical sales & margin. 24 | P a g e . Hedge with option – Eg. 4. It was entirely about valuation. sell put at strike 28. 5. I was asked primarily about these two fields. 6. 3.TEAM DISHA 2013 QUALCOMM VENTURES 1. 5. work ex related question . 8. You want to buy call at strike 32. 20. 5. CGPA? SAMARA CAPITAL 1. Discussion about the portfolio and investment criteria of the company 16. 2. 17. Effect of government policies on the market. Pros and cons of using these valuation methods 10. 10 year and 5 year goals 14. Options Payoffs 18. 2. 4. Tell me what do you know about Private Equity as such and the current state in India 11. What is the riskiest thing that you have done in your work life? In which of our portfolio companies would you invest and why? Have you gone through our profile? What do you think has been our best investment so far and why? What are the 4 things you would ask an entrepreneur when he asks for capital? RABO BANK 1. 7. 3.

Role of banks in financial inclusion 5. optimal leverage. Corporate Governance is a social fad 6. 23. Can you give me the Black-Scholes Model Equation? 6. What is CAPM? What is Beta? 7. given different business environments 24. 26. call-puts. you are an option to invest in an idea of AIR PAN which can fry food using air. I was also given an investment case. Why Financial markets? 12. Why consumer banking? What specifically interests you in CB? Why from IT to CB? 2. tranching and securitization of debt STANDARD CHARTERED BANK GD TOPICS 1. Why did you do NCFM certification? 4. whether to buy a company or not. If you had to invest in a stock which one would you invest in? 10. Do you have any idea about the profile offered? (I was interviewed for project advisory and structured finance) 4. Developing countries need Trade and not Aid 4. You are an investor. Where will the Sensex be in December 2012? 7. he asked: What do you think is the reason why BSNL GSM is not so popular compared to the other GSM services? 25. Tell me about any engagement in which SBI capital was involved in recent past 3. Any topic that you are comfortable with? (I spoke about the basic valuation of equities based on the dividend growth model and pricing of bonds) 25 | P a g e .TEAM DISHA 2013 22. Few questions about debt syndication. INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What does the balance sheet of a bank look like? 8. Why StanC? Why this profile? 5. How do you tackle inflation? 3. Are we heading towards a double dip recession? 8. Giving voting rights to illiterates is illogical because they can be misused 2. How can banks help in Financial Inclusion. What is operating leverage? SBI CAPS 1. What is the biggest component in a bank's balance sheet? 9. Asked about valuation (effect of changing depreciation and tax policy on the value of the firm). Current Price and the Highest Price for the stock that you would invest in? 11. What specialization do you intend to do? 3. Since I am from BSNL. What do you know about SBI capital 2. why leverage is good. What is P/E ratio. India's GDP? India's population? Per Capita Income? 13.

overall and sectoral in India VODAFONE 1. Which important data came out yesterday? 17. Where do you see the derivatives market in India few years from now? 36. How will you do balance sheet analysis? 34. Cement industry . Did you apply for banking profile to earn more money? 31. as StanC was also very serious about social work. What do you think is the way ahead? 23. Why Banking? Why Investment Banking? 18.TEAM DISHA 2013 14. went on for around 5 mins) 38. One thing you liked in Vodafone and not present in other competitors Latest info about Vodafone One problem which telecommunication sector marketing is facing these days Why not FMCG? Why telecommunication sector? Tell us about Telangana movement which is going on in Andhra Pradesh and if you were given a chance what will you do as a CM of AP? & why? ( cross-questions based on my answers. What do you know about the role we are offering? 21. Where do you see yourself fit in StanChart? 20. What is transaction banking? (transaction banking is the profile i applied for) 30. How can you manage risk? 24. What would you recommend on the Pharma Sector shares? . 26. What do I understand about the subprime crisis? 22. How would you comment on the financial status of any pharma company looking at its balance sheet & CFS ? 37. Different valuation techniques. What do you know about Standard Chartered's financial markets division? 19. How to price a bond and a sample question on valuing it? 15. Small states Vs Big States. US subprime crisis. 5. 25. EUR/USD all time high/low? 16. 4. 3. Would you prefer marketing in FMCG to Consumer Banking 28. Difference b/w options and futures. What do you know about standard chartered? 33. Interested a lot in my social work that I had mentioned in my CV and asked me in detail about it. Will you shift to any other vertical after joining transaction banking? 32. Questions on Eurozone crisis. 26 | P a g e . call and put options ? 35. 29. 2.what do you think are the future prospects of the industry in India? Market leaders in the cement industry . What specializations are you planning to take next year 27.