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Via Gummudipondi Post
South India





February, 1977
Mission Services

P, 0. Box 177

Kempton, Ind.

Dear friends of South India Church of Christ Mission:

It is always a joy to greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ


the dear friends of South India Church of Christ Mission have become so very precious

through the years. Tremendous victories for our Lord have been won in India because of your help. So we believe you are our friends because you are first of all friends of
God who are concerned about the work of His Kingdom everywhere.

This annual report will give you a brief idea of how the work continues to grow. And just as the year of 1976 came to a close there was a tremendous response to the appeal
for flood relief. This, of course, is not reflected in the enclosed report. But it is

just another of the many special projects that had to be undertaken, and you helped with
the need in such a meaningful way. Enclosed with this letter is our annual financial summary as well as a list of accomp

lishments and goals which we know are all of interest to you as you plan your support. Please study these and see that they reach the proper parties if sent to a group or church,
A record of your contributions is given at the bottom of this letter. Please remember these things: (1) This is the record as of December 31, 1976. Any checks you dated in 1976 but did not send to us until January would not be included. For the purpose of the annual receipt, we close the books the last day of the year, (2) Any contributions you sent to Odon (or checks V7e forwarded to Odon for you to be used in the Boys' Home work) are not included here. We show only those contributions that we deposited in the account
here at Danville. (3) Some contributions may have been sent under several different names

during the year, but actually were for the same group. Sometimes we do not know this. (4) We will be glad to check our records and explain any differences that exist if you
will kindly contact us.

Certainly you must know how much we do appreciate your help. But we are glad to again say "Thank you" for serving the Lord so faithfully with your gifts. We believe you will
feel that your support has been justified as you study these reports.
Sincerely yours in Christ,

D. Eugene Houpt, Fwd. Agent


According to our records, we received a total of $


from the

addressee of this letter during the calendar year of 1976.




We close our books on June 30.

1975 to June 30, 1976.

Thus, this report is from July 1,


Balance on hands July 1, 1975


Income from contributions Other income (insurance settlement) Total cash available

136,112.37 1,600.00 $ 148,640.26

Paid out during year Balance on hands July 1, 1976


127,554.OS $ 21,086.21


Christian Hospital Boys Home College General Mission Account TOTAL SENT TO INDIA
salary ACCOUNT:

18,000.00 20,000.00 26,000.00 23,500.00 87,500.00 7,206.40 3,195.56

3,300.00 3,197.00

Arthur Morris Family Insurance retirement


Morris living expenses in states Loan payments (All paid in full)




Advertising Printing Office Travel

Auto (final insurance premium)

1,614.28 1,089.12 13,393.25


Don Myers (for use in India)

Miscellaneous (mainly for supplies taken to India)




$ .40,054.05_
$ 127,554.05


This report was presented and approved at the annual meeting of the
trustees in Indianapolis, Indiana, October, 1976.

The year end balance was high because of special offerings that had been designated to special projects that could not be undertaken until Art and Ruth got back to India, The high balance does not indicate that the mission is in an exceptionally strong financial position. As

the next annual report will show, these funds have been used as desig
D. Eugene Houpt, Fwd. Agent

nated for the continual advancement of the work.

Accomplishments during 1976:



We visited many friends of the Mission in the United States while on furlough.

2. 3.

Reorganized the Indian preachers to get maximum work in 1978 campaign. Started new Telegu speaking Bible College in Andhra. We now have three colleges in three languages with 110 full time students.


Started new home for girls in Madras.

house which we rent.

The home is in a nice large

There were 1,110 souls baptized into Christ.


Added two new B.D. trained professors to Fible College staff in Madras.


For the hospital: purchased beds mattresses; made a new laboratory; put a final roof on the building.


The hospital lost two doctors, but we added two fine evangelistic
Christian doctors to replace the ones we lost.

Printed 10,000 adult literacy books.


There were many other things too numerous to list, but this list gives you the main picture. Keep in mind the missionaries were away
from the field 5h months of the year. The fact that so much progress was made in view of this indicates the good hands available to carry
on the work.


1. Win at least 4,000 souls to Christ.


Install new press and develop great printing ministry.


Finish hospital construction and develop it to full 80 bed capacity.

Equip and put into operation the Bible puppet trailer team program.
Teach 10,000 people to read and write in our adult literacy program

Build new buildings for the Boys' Home at Agharam and Nagalapuran.


Secure recognition and accreditation for Southern Asia Christian


Stabilize and strengthen the evangelistic program through Indian

Association of Churches.


Prepare leaders and members for greatest evangelistic efforts ever

held in Asia.

The last time it was great, but this one may be

Office; 662090

c5<?w/^ S-ndia &liui*cli <9/

BOX 215.


11, RUTLA'

tLLINOIS 61832

madras '

S. INDI> Date...

Dear Friends in Christ,


Greetings from Sunny India. It is now over 100 daily and getting hotter all t This letter comes from us to you, as the visit that we would like to make, but distai prevents us from doing. We thank you with all our hearts for the wonderful way you
stood with us, and shared in the preaching of the Gospel. There are now over 650,000,000 people in India and this is now one sixth of the

whole human race, so you can see how things have to be big here, and plentiful, or else

We do so enjoy writing to you. and do It justas often as we can, and we do want you to know that we also enjoy hearing from you too. Would you like to just drop us a line
and tell us you are praying for us ?

It won't work. We stand together in a big circle, to win the world for Christ.

Christmas. We praise God for these victories and trust Him for the Strength to proceed on
into the future.

We want to list just 12 things that have happened to us since our last letter at

1. College graduations are all over now. in all 3 sections of the College and we had
In this.

27 graduates, who finished the course. That means 27 new preachers, and we rejoice

2. We are thrilled beyond words at the new Industrial workshop training program that has just been started. Now the sons of bullock cart drivers, are learning to repair
cars, trucks and tractors. The girls have new sewing machines to work on too.
Thank you so much, dear friends in California.

3. God s grace is made manifest in the lovely new printing press and paper cutter at the

Thank you Howard and Carole. 98% of India Is not Christian, so by reading tracts many
can know about Jesus.

College press. Now we have the means of printing one million tracts a month.

4. We are so grateful for the wonderful friends from the States who have just been here. Bro. Reggie and his party were here to plan for the biggest campaign ever to be held in Asia by our Churches. It will be In February 1978. We invite you to come with him and share or at least pray daily for these meetings. 5. Thank you one and all for the many fine parcels. The post charges are terrible,
but still you help us. God bless you.

6. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Conley Graham for coming and bringing the Puppet Program to India. It has been estimated that In the next ten years, this program
alone could win a million souls.

7. We rejoice In the fact that now there are 4 Gospel teams. Each one is out preaching
for at least 25 nights a month. They have become the front line troops of the
Christian Soldiers.

8. We thank Fame and all of you for the wonderful help on the Hospital. Now the roof is all done and the walls plastered and the wiring In. Still there are bathrooms,
mosaic floors and a well. It looks really beautiful. Come and see it.

9. We have just paid the 3rd payment on the Bible College in Madras. Just two more and it is debt free. We have been tentatively selected for Accreditation and can start
the regular courses in July. God sent us 2 more trained staff members, both B.D. trained and capable. Now we can train in India just as good as sending to America, and far cheaper.

10. The Boys Home had the largest number of boys to write the High School Final Exams than ever in its 23 years of history. More trained leaders for New India. Thank you

11. We thank the Lord that Sharon has found a good school and now has finished
6th grade. It is up at Kody In the hills.

12. We thank the Lord that we had our first great Convention at Madrapakkam. Many could only come for a short time, but we averaged over 800 every session. The Church Is
surely alive and growing. Now over 500 added so far this New Year.
God bless you and thank you in Christ,

Art and Ruth

$ A(\




Office: 662090

Residence; 89599

c5csw/A (^ndla

ut*c/. 4 SLi*isi inissien





Dear Friends in Christ, (A/ ^

Greetings from the ART MORRIS family in Sunny Madras, India. We want to tell ycu hew much God is blessing us and the woric here. We chose just a few of the many projects to give ycu an idea of the great things that God has done and is doing now in 1977. This work is made possible by your love and concern, by your faithful gifts to the South India Church of Christ Mission. Aside from the following projects, there are over SCO Churches of Christ here in the villages in 3 States. There are 9 more Children's Homes with hundreds of homeless boys and girls. Also there is Rural Development program that is helping 40 villages to have a drinking water well. There is a great evange
listic program that has already this year won over 1000 souls to the Lord.

We are asking each of you to join the group of Americans who are coming here for the great Asian Crusade, February 13th to 25th, 1978. If you can preach, sing, pray or talk for the Lord, ycu are needed. Please write Bro. Reggie Thomas or us, tell us your interest and secure a place for yourself.

The Bible College has many new students and staff this year. We have at last been accepted for accreditation by the Bible College Association of India, and now our graduates can study in over 40 different

countries. We are getting applications from Burma and..^

of students in our student body this year.
III. The new B. Th students, those in B. Th 1, II, 111 and IV.

states in India. We have 8 different sets

There is one student in the B.D. course

There are the regular G. Th students, some in G. Th I, II and

(comparing to the M.Div. in the states).

We hold classes all day, both morning and evening. At night

eleven interested students from Madras area are taking classes We offer Greek both to the day and night students, as well as other subjects in the evenings. There are now 61 students here in English College. 28 are in the Tamil College at Madrapakkam and 25 In the Telugu College at Sathyavedu. Thus daily at least 114 students are being taught God's Word, more as the night classes are constantly increas

Also the Bible College building is the focal point for all kinds of Church related activities.


meetings, youth Rallies, men's meetings, and 2 Church services every Sunday morning. On Saturday afternoon Ruth holds her city-wide ladies meeting here. Recently, on just an ordinary Saturday, there were 86 ladies from 21 Churches present. Her group is called Women at Work for God and they do all kinds of evangelistic and charitable work. Weddings are also held In the College. So are any kind of Church rally, as It is the largest place to meet among all our Churches.

The Andhra Pradesh Government was so pleased with our good work that they have doubled the area allotted to us for work and treatment. This now doubles our evangelistic work area. Leprosy is very, very bad in this mountain area, and we see so many sad and pathetic cases there. The Tamil Nadu
Government added a large area to our program and now we cover this whole end of the State. The new

Hospital is almost completed, and we are so thankful as the need of it is so great.

We want to thank FAME and all of you who have contributed to it. This project is now almost completed, and we have just the furniture and bathrooms to finish up, as well as equipment. The sturdy
building is completed, and you can visit with us there in February.

Our staff break-down Is 3 Doctors, one of whom is a lady doctor, who works mostly with maternity child welfare and the children's homes both in the village area and the City. There is a capable Adminis

trator, 8 paramedical workers who work along with the doctor in the diagnosis and treatment of leprosy. There are 2 physo-therapists, who treat the ulcers and sores. The lab technician checks thru the microscope for the progress of these cures. The non-medical supetvisor checks the para-medicals and keeps all
records for the Government, which are many. We are also helping one doctor to complete his training.

Our plan is that he will head up our Andhra program as soon as he finishes his degree work. Also, there are 3 good nurses, a tailor, driver, ward boys, cook and other staff who keep records, do the clean up work, etc. Except for Ruth and myself, the Hospital is staffed with Indian Christians for the ministry of the
people of India.

The press, located in Madras City, has just installed its second unit, a big double demy cylinder press. This makes it possible for us to print a million tracts a month. We have the need, but not the paper. We wish you would share in this. The press is busy printing tracts to be distributed by the students of the 3 Colleges and the 4 Gospel teams. Also text books for the Colleges and stationery for the hospital and all the Children's Homes. Just as an idea, one day it is tickets for the Annual Convention
dinner, then the next day, it is the new leprosy forms for the Government. The next day it is work sheets

for the College and the next, will be an invitation for a Church dedication.
the heart of the business work of the Indian Church. GIRLS' HOME IN MADRAS

It is not only a busy place, it is

We have moved 30 of our lovely young high school girls from Madrapakkam into Madras City, in the month of July. Now they are all happily enrolled in a fine Christian Girls High School. This school is really challenging their minds and spirits. They have much to learn in Madras, but their abilities are great. It is a joy to see Ruth lead them into fine Christian womanhood. There are 70 girls remaining in Madrapakkam, making our total at 100 girls. The uniforms in the city have to be changed from blue and white to green and white. Our support for these girls still remains at S7.00 a month. If you are interested in helping, which we hope you are, then please contact: Tom Haney, First Christian Church, Odon, Ind. 47562. We thank all of you sponsors and those who share in this valuable project.

We thank all of you wonderful folk who have so wonderfully and personally helped In building His
Church in India. We need far more parcels of bandages, used clothing and food. With so many children, if it is cloth, we need it. Also shirts, sheets, dresses, almost anything you are not using there. We need medicine samples for the hospital.
We need books, Christian theology, doctrine, and magazines. We need books and pamphlets that can be reprinted here In regional languages. We need doctrinal small books that will suit the Children's Homes in Tamil and Telugu. We have just printed a Work-book on Christian Doctrine in Tamil and are getting it ready for Telugu.

We thank all of our Living-Link Churches for their faithfulness, all Faith Promise Churches for your faithful help, month after month, and for each of you, our dear Co-laborers in the Lord, who give and pray
and serve.

We would love to hear from all of you. Why not drop us a line or phone us. Our number In Madras, India is 89599. This Is the first telephone we have ever had, and it has just b^n installed. Pray

for this work. More later,


v y

/Cul/Yours in Him


FALL 1977


will this Be your Adopted son?


South India Church of Christ Mission

This edition introduces you to several changes in the Homes, all for the better. The biggest change is the moving of the girls from Madrapakkam Into Madras City. Only the high school girls could come. High school is from the 6th grade thru' 11th. Since 30 of the girls moved out, it left room in Madrapakkam for more small elementary girls, and now we have 70 of them in

Taking care of 100 girls is a full-time job, and I find that Iam constantly running to the doctor or to the schools to put right some problem. But they are growing in the grace of the Lord
and are a pleasure to work with.

Other new features is the workshop for the boys.

They are

encouraged that they can make a living thru' this means. Do read about it in the following pages.

School was delayed this year by a month until after the elections were finished, so now they have all settled down. Another year is in full swing.

Sharon has gone to boarding school at Kodaikanal and it is awfully hard getting used to her lonely bedroom. Fortunately
several visitors from USA have come thru' and helped fill the vacant

We need your prayers for these young men and women who are so earnestly trying to live a Christian life and prepare themselves

for the future. Also pray for this new government that it can fulfill its many responsibilities to so many people.

My Ladies Bible Class

Forgive our long silence - the work here is often complicated

and demanding. While doing the things that MUST be done, our
paper has to suffer.

But, now with the children enrolled in school for another

year, we can turn our attention to this area of communication. We

want you to feel close to your child, and we long for the time when we can tell you little details of your child. How she or he reacts to different situations. For example, how Sheila Grace was afraid to

pick up a puppy (as tho' it could bite her); how the girls giggled
when I gave them a tea of orange juice, mutton cutlet and Indian sweets. How Poornam is growing up so fast. How Govlndammal has a boil in her ear that we are treating with pencillin injections and tablets; how Murugan is having operations on his eye.

The list is long of exciting things that are happening to these children. James has found the one thing he is interested in now that he has finished high school - motor mechanics and driving.
Kannan, out of the home now for several years, is cured of T. B. and is coming back as a young man to study mechanics and

On the older level, this past three months have seen several marriages. T. David, T. K. Yesu, Rajasekaran, J. K. Subramanian.

Two of the faculty of Southern Asia Christian College have also

just married.

Rv t'

. !s j


Albert with lovely wife

On the oldest level of the Boy's Home, T. K. Moses has just added the 7th child to his family; while T. M. Masilamani has just been blessed with his 5th child, another boy.
So life goes on so quickly. I am now free to answer the letters you have been sending It's always good to hear from you.

to us.

We have a special request to ask you. Will you read about this request under the heading "Know Your Child". Continue to pray for us that God will give us the strength and courage that we daily need.


One of the greatest problems in our Homes is what to do with the boys after High School is over. How can they live and support a family? Many of the boys carry on to the Bible Colleges, either in Madrapakkam, Satyavedu or Madras City. Others are willing to carry the story of Christ and work in any Christian capacity, but do not filled called for further studies. For those, we started the motor mechanics and driver training school. Here the sons of bullock cart drivers will learn to become car, truck and tractor drivers. There are jobs in this new profession provided they
are trained.

Thanks to our fine friends in California, we were able to get 3 vehicles that you see in our pictures. There is a Jeep in pieces
that we plan to rebuild, a 1946 Studebaker and a 1946 Morris

Minor. Thus we have the basic equipment plus some basic tools.
A mechanics teacher has joined the staff.

Our need now is for a truck and a tractor to practice on and get our young men licensed to drive them. After years of sending the young men to High School, the cost of 6 more months of train ing is not much. Please pray for this program and help us if you can. Some of you are already expressing your gratitude for such training, and we thank you for such encouraging letters.

Thanks to friends in California

Teaching time for motor school

Checking out the motor


WE are happy to bring this good news to you. All the High School girls shifted from their Home in Madrapakkam to Madras
City, some 35 miles distance. They are now enrolled in a beautiful

Christian High School and learning Madras ways fast. It is very difficult to get a single seat in the private High Schools in the City, but by the Grace of God the Headmistress took all 30 of our High
School Girls.

The girls gave up their whole summer vacation in order to

study for the tough entrance exams. All were accepted and now the blue uniform of the village school is no longer usable. Now the girls are in the green and white uniforms of a new High School.
One of the greatest advantages to this move is that now the girls for the first time in their lives have plenty of water to use. The Home has both Corporation water and a deep well. Can you imagine water gushing out by the move of a tap; when previously has been hauled up by rope? The girls are thrilled and studying well. Have you written to your adopted daughter recently?
NOTE : The elementary girls are still in Madrapakkam. As soon as they reach 6th grade, they are eligible to come to Madras for high school studies.





M. Sheila Grace, l-iigh School Girl G 19

P. Kottisvary G 41

In April we had the first Annual Church of Christ Convention of South India. This was sponsored by the Association of Churches of Christ. It lasted 3 days and the average attendance was about 800. This meeting was held at Madrapakkam. The panda! was made of cocoanut palms with open sides. This has afterwards been converted to the motor workshop. In May we had a freak tornado In Madrapakkam. It blew the water pots away from the taps. Our 500 gallon portable bapistry also flew across the fields. Several of the boys jumped Into the bapistry to hold it down, so they got a free air ride. No one was hurt and the bapistry was reclaimed.
On June 15th the election was held and a new Chief

Minister was elected. The Prime Minister was elected in February and immediately the Emergency was lifted. The schools could not
reopen until after the election and the returns were in. that is the
last week of June.

In July Sharon went to Kodaikanal to a boarding school to begin her 7th grade. She will be there until the last week of November. You can well Imagine how we miss thj's ray of sunshine.

August 15th was the 30th anniversary of Free India. We have been here 28 of those years. There were special programs in all the schools, and a flag salute as welt as patriotic program at our

Bible College in Madras.

As the speaker brought to our attention,

the color orange in the flag stands for sacrifice and service; white for purity and green for prosperity. The wheel In the flag stands for equality of the people of India. India now has 680,000,000 people or 1/5 of the human race. Only 2% of the people here In India are Christians I This is why we need your help in the work of the children's Homes so badly!

Church of Christ convention

My ladies bible class at Madras


BIBLE college

Graduation April, 1977


A dream of many years is coming true with the new bore well at Madrapakkam. We first come Into this area in 1951 and

dug a shallow well. We bought 10 acres for SI00 In those days,

and added on until we have 25 acres now.
had water.


Some of the land is

good for farming, other is marginal, but all would grow crops if we

We prayed and waited on the Lord and finally our turn has come to get the Government deep bore well truck. We drilled over

200 feet and hit a stream of water. It means everything can bloom like a rose, and the boys can grow part of their food. NOW WE
HAVE A GREAT OPPORTUNITY. We bought the 200 feet of 8

Inch iron pipe and put It in the ground. This casing will keep the mud and sand out of our well. Now we need a submersible pump
and 200 feet of 3 inch pipe.

The Lord blessed this effort and we paid $1000 for the drilling machine hire and another S1000 for the 2 truck loads of

iron pipe. Now we need almost $2000 for the submersible pump
and pipe. Every day can be planting day and harvest day also. If you can help us on this project it would ensure constant
food for the young men and girls of all the Homes.

will you send a check to Bro. Tom Haney, marking it pump at Madrapakkam. Please do It today, to the below address :

Boys Home of India, Odon, Indiana 47562

If you are able to do so, God will add His blessings to your

life as you help the lives here in South India. If you cannot help financially, will you just pray that God's Will be done regarding
this matter?


Winnowing Rice

f- 1 . ^
, f'

. -/-i
; f.
M, T

' 'i

Children come from villages like this



Newly Rented Building


Moving day was really a happy time for the boys of Oothakotie. For 3 long years we had been trying to persuade the
landlord of the Home to keep his promises, but all to no avail.

He promised our own well, a nice bathroom, laundry room

as well as enclosed playground. Nothing ever came of this, so we

decided to move. For 2 years we searched every vacant house in the small town. Nothing was usable for our boys.
In April, one of the town leaders bought the only nice house

in the area and rented it to us for the Boys Home. As you see in
the picture, it is modern and clean.

In this house we have running water inside, instead of

running with a bucket a mile down the road. Electric lights are there also as well as a nice, open terrace roof where they can have devotions in the evening and morning. Will you help us thank God
for this victory ?



The need for help through child support is very real today. There are so many pathetic children coming to us with the constant cry, "Can you help me?" The look in their eye is "Can you love me?'. Many are orphaned at an early age and have had to live by
their wits a bite here, a bite there.

Following are 2 examples of these children. Will you pray

with us that their needs can be met?


Murugan is a boy child born to poor illiterate parents. The village is backward, made up of huts only. At the age of 3 his
Mother died of Tuberculosis.

Murugan's father left him alone day after day, and so drifted
off, never to return.

One of the Indian preachers found this starving child. Not able to care for him, the preacher brought him and enrolled him in
the Boys' Home.

After 1 month in school, Murugan's eyes turned dreadfully red.

We brought him in by Jeep to the Madras Eye Hospital. After

examination, they found that he has T. B. of the eyes, a most rare disease. Three times a week they have been treating his eye by some difficult method. After 1 month passed, the hospital has
allowed him to return to the Home. He must take treatment

weekly for the next 2 years.

Now he is 7 years old.

Can you help Murugan to regain his sight and lead a normal,
happy life?
Note ; The name of this child has been changed, but it is a

true story, and Murugan is again back in school, going weekly to

Madras, some 35 miles for treatment.


The Girl's Home of Madrapakkam was full and overflowing.

We had been turning down requests for additional children. But could you have turned away this child? A thin, half-starved, ill-clad woman came to our door. With her was a little child, who had

been without food for some days. The woman begged us to take this, her dead sister's child. "But", we exclaimed," you are
the auntie. You must care for her."

"No" she replied, "I cannot. It is impossible. I am but a

servant and have no home.

There is no place for this child.


will both starve." So crying, she stood silently waiting for an

What would you have said? Now Martha has been with us

for a year. She is blooming under the care of our Home. Can
you help her stay in the Home? Note; This is a true story, but the name of the child has been changed to avoid embarrasment. Her father is unknown.

Receipe of
the Month

In this hot weather we have found a cooling drink that

is also very nourishing. We take it as the following, but you

may be able to think of several variations:

i cup yoghurt 1 cup water

2 ice cubes

pinch of salt

1 hot green chilli or chilli powder.

Put all in the blender for a few seconds.

Many in India use sugar instead of salt.

Very refreshing.


Did you ever hold the picture of your child and say,
"I wonder what he or she really is like?"
Of course there was no way to come to India to see the child, as India is half way around the world, too costly, too many problems of visas, plane tickets, places to stay once you arrive
in India.

Now all that is gone and there is an easy way for you to have the thrill of a life time. You can actually come to India for
2 weeks.

What do you imagine India is like? Taj Mahal, temples, most fantastic shops in the whole world ? Eating rice and curry by hand, sitting on the floor? It is all true and much more. It can be yours, a dream of a lifetime come true in February, 1978. Reggie Thomas and Revival Fires are bringing a tour group to Madras in February, 1978 and you can join in with them. No
reservation, lost luggage, missed planes or bad taxi drivers. No worry about food, its cleanliness or price, visas or permits. You may come as the Boys Home Group. Just leave all travel arrangements to their travel agent, come and spend 12 days with the boys and girls at the Homes.

You will see Indian homes, schools, shops, and you will add your blessings to the lives of these children. When you leave to go home, you will be taking fantastic presents for only pennies. As well as souveniers to all your friends. Indians are friendly and you will make more friends here than you can ever dream of.

If you are interested, please write to us and to Reggie

Thomas, Revival Fires, Joplin, Missouri.
Art and Ruth


T. G, Aruldoss and his lovely family. He has helped us in

has blessed his home with a lovely boy baby, named Jonothan.


phase of this work, sacrificially and wholeheartedly. God

All the old boys from the Home who have come back to serve this work. For their understanding and helpfulness with the new boys. For their kindness and patience.
For the new Girls Home in Madras, and the leaders we have

working with them. For our elder's daughter, Siromani, who has just recovered from yellow jaundice, brought about by overwork.
For Dr. Susheila and Dr. Daniel who have helped bring

several of the children through trying illnesses. Dr. Daniel has just diagnosed a case of brain tumor in one of the new boys. Now

we will be able to get his operation successfully done, in time for

him to recover to a healthy, strong life.

For the High School and its headmistress who has allowed our girls to enter that school, and has been helpful in getting free
books issued from the Government - the only one of our group that have not had to buy each and every book.

Sending back the boy who was bitten by a snake, well and

For keeping all the boys and girls that we care for safe not only from harm and evil, but also safe from the scorpions and
snakes that abound in this area. The latest scorpion that was

brought to us yesterday measured six inches from tail to head.

For the sponsors who are so patient with us when we do not get the chance to answer letters, but who understand that we
are deeply involved with child care.
the last week of August.
For Mrs. Brown at Odon, Indiana, without whom these

We do intend to answer them

Homes could not run. Not only kind and cheerful, but also most careful in all the records that she must keep. Hundreds of hours of her time goes into this work, and how patient she is with us. We Need your Prayers for: The young boy who has come to our Home, who has no feet at all. We are hoping something can be done for him so he can lead a productive life.
For the project of the Bore well, which means so much to us in this tropical country. For those who visit us here, that they may have travel mercies as they leave here to go on their way.

Sharon, away from home and adjusting to new people and

school conditions. Also for her parents who miss her so much.



A Faithful Christian

God's Servant

We are saddened to learn of the untimely death of our

Mission Trustee from the Odon Christian Church. Bro. Julian Brown was the first trustee from Odon and sen/ed with distinc

tion until he went to be with the Lord. Our prayers go to the

Brown family at this sad time.

Mrs. Brown has also served as a voluntary worker in the office

of the Boy's Home and continues even now. We are so proud

of this dedicated and consecrated family.



Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. All His wonderful passion and purity. May His spirit divine, all my being refirm. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me. When your burden is heavy and hard to bear.

When your neighbors refuse all your load to share. When you're feeling so blue, don't know just what to do.
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.
When somebody has been so unkind to you.

Some word spoken that pierces you through and through. Think how He was beguiled, spat upon and reviled.
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.
From the dawn of the morning to close.

In example in deeds and in all you say of day; Lay your gifts at His feet, ever strive to keep sweet. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.


I would like to adopt boy(s) in the Boys' Home of India. I am enclosing $ 7.00 per month or $ 84.00 for the year for complete support of the boy.

I am not able to adopt a boy, but want to send a gift to help

a poor boy or girl.





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