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Ebony Dumas or 202.445.0141

The After Party @ BoomHammer

52 O Street NW #100 Saturday, October 5, 2013 8pm - 2am
BoomHammer is an arts project space & studio with a focus on unique collaborations across disciplines and cultures. Founded by DJ Natty Boom & visual artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer while on sabbatical in Peru, BoomHammer hosts creative events & artists in residence at the 52 O Street Artist Studios in Washington DC.

The After Party

On Saturday, October 5, during (e)merge Art Fair weekend, BoomHammer will provide a social space, post-fair hours, to increase the engagement of international gallerists and artists with the DC art community. The After Party artists were chosen because they illustrate conceptual performance in their daily professional lives. Julianne Brienza and Shauna Miller have careers that rely on building a public persona via both social media and in person. As the Executive Director of a performing arts organization, Brienza personally engages with hundreds of people daily over the course of two 18-day festivals. As the Senior Arts Editor for The Washington Post Express, Miller constantly uses Facebook and Instagram to share and comment on current events and the writings of her colleagues while providing an astute and honest context. Observing Brienza and Miller networking in person and online, one can easily see performative elements. Jane Claire Remicks work is an intentional artistic exploration of the nuances that make up a public persona. The After Party attendees will not only be viewers, but also participants in these performative installations and presentations. - Ebony Dumas

VALUE // CONNECTIONS \\ CITY |$| NATURE = YOU + ME by Julianne Brienza

Executive Director, Capital Fringe Does our city behave like us? Are we constrained by it? Are we our city? Is each of us and our friends and even strangers just separate from it? Where do we nd nature? Where do we nd value? Each other? This work is one part interactive installation and one part nothing. Its up to you.

THE PRESENT by Shauna Miller

Senior Arts Editor, Washington Post Express In an age of constant instant documentation, how are we "present" in the moment? This series turns Instagram on its head, into a mindfulness machine using images of words (hand-drawn/mixed media photos and appropriated images) including poems, memes, quotes and directives to complement an experience of live music and community. "The Present" will also play with the meanings of the word, examining how we present in our community and what gifts we can oer one another.

HABITUS by Jane Claire Remick

DC based Multimedia Artist Habitus explores how the physical body in a physical space is understood as much through constructions as it is through sensory experience. Using projections and appropriated images of various natural environments, Jane Claire will explore what it means to simply exist as part of them.

Also featuring music by DJ Natty Boom and artwork by Lisa Marie Thalhammer and Thom Flynn