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Agreement of Employment

Party A (International Exchange Division of China Youth University for Political Sciences) and Party B(visiting teacher: Mr. Paul Carr) have reached the following agreements:




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Party B has agreed to teach Oral English and other teaching tasks decided by the two parties in Party A’s school. Party A should provide necessary teaching materials and references to Party B for class use. Party B should work for Party A from September 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010 teaching Oral English or other designated courses for no more than 14 class hours per week. Party B should perform its duty completely and in good quality, and Party B’s performance is subject to the assessment of Part A. If Party A falls Party A’s assessment, Party A has the right to terminate the contract. Party B is responsible for making up the term exam papers and conducting the term exams, and should hand over the written grade reports to Party A before the term ends. Party A will regularly evaluate Party B’s teaching performance by the same standards as for other faculty members. Evaluation is to be made reasonably and objectively and if the result is below the satisfactory level, Party A shall notify Party B in a written note and Part B should make adjustment and improvement within 14 days. And if the re-evaluation results still can’t meet the standards, Party A may terminate the contract for Party B’s poor teaching performance. Within the first week of the month, Party A should provide a salary ¥5000RMB to Party B for the work of the past month within the contracted teaching period. Party A purchases a commercial health insurance for Party B for the duration of the contract. If Party B falls sick or needs emergency treatment , all the expenses should be covered by the health insurance according the relevant policies and/or by himself or herself. Party A has no reliability for Party B’s expenses for medical treatment. Party B has the right to enjoy all the Chinese official holidays as Party A’s faculties do. When being absent for personal reasons with the permission of Party A, Party B will have the salary deducted according to days of absence. Thus, for each absence day, one day’s wage is cut off. One day’s pay is one 30th of the monthly salary. If Party B misses the class with no acceptable reason, Party B will incur deduction of the salary. For each missed class, 5 day’s pay is deducted. Furthermore, if Party B is absent from teaching for unacceptable reasons for three class events or is late



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for the class for 4 times, Party A has the right to cancel the contract. With the doctor’s written statement, Party B may not be on duty when being sick seriously enough to influence teaching, and during the period of treatment and recovery, the salary is not to be cut. Party B should make up the missed classes in time. Party A has the right to terminate the contract if Party B cannot work over 30 days because of illness or other health problems. During the contact duration, Party A allows Party B to live in the International Faculty Dorm. Each month Party A covers the consumption of electricity, pipe water, natural gas in the dorm within the total expense limit of 200 RMB. Party B pays the excess part of the total expense if it exceeds the limit. Party B returns the room to Party A in 10 days from the ending date of the contact except that both parties agree to extend the contract. If Party B arranges housing for himself, Party A pays Party B 2000RMB as the allowance for the room rent off campus every month from September of 2009 to June of 2010. Party A and Party B shall discuss the possibility of extending the contract to another term in the month before the month where the ending date of the contract falls in. If one party wishes to terminate the contract, he or she should inform the other party one months in advance. While still in negotiation, both parties should do as the contract regulates. Party B should follow the rules and regulations of Party A’s university. The penalty for breaching the contract is 10000 RMB. This agreement has 2 duplications both in Chinese and English.

Party A (signature)

Party B (signature)

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