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Federal Register / Vol. 64, No.

209 / Friday, October 29, 1999 / Notices 58455

KS990069 (Mar. 12, 1999) DEPARTMENT OF LABOR the statute. To the extent that there is a
KS990070 (Mar. 12, 1999) material modification in the terms of the
Louisiana: Pension and Welfare Benefits plan or a change in the information
LA990005 (Mar. 12, 1999) Administration required to be contained in the SPD,
Texas: section 104(b)(1) requires that the
TX990005 (Mar. 12, 1999) Proposed Extension of Information administrator furnish participants and
TX990010 (Mar. 12, 1999) Collection; Comment Request beneficiaries with a summary of such
TX990014 (Mar. 12, 1999) change within 210 days following the
ACTION: Notice.
TX990018 (Mar. 12, 1999) end of the plan year in which the
TX990019 (Mar. 12, 1999) SUMMARY: The Department of Labor, as change was adopted. Regulations
TX990054 (Mar. 12, 1999) part of its continuing effort to reduce published at 29 CFR 2520.102–3
TX990100 (Mar. 12, 1999) paperwork and respondent burden, provide guidance on the required
TX990114 (Mar. 12, 1999) conducts a preclearance consultation contents of the SPD.
Volume VI program to provide the general public
and Federal agencies with an Review Focus
None. opportunity to comment on proposed The Department is particularly
and continuing collections of interested in comments that:
Volume VII
information in accordance with the • Evaluate whether the proposed
None. Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (PRA collection of information is necessary
95) (44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)). This helps for the proper performance of the
General Wage Determination functions of the agency, including
Publication to ensure that requested data can be
provided in the desired format, whether the information will have
General wage determinations issued reporting burden (time and financial practical utility;
under the Davis-Bacon and related Acts, resources) is minimized, collection • Evaluate the accuracy of the
including those noted above, may be instruments are clearly understood, and agency’s estimate of the burden of the
found in the Government Printing Office the impact of collection requirements on proposed collection of information,
(GPO) document entitled ‘‘General Wage respondents can be properly assessed. including the validity of the
Determinations Issued Under The Davis- Currently, the Pension and Welfare methodology and assumptions used;
Bacon and Related Acts.’’ This Benefits Administration is soliciting • Enhance the quality, utility, and
publication is available at each of the 50 comments concerning the information clarity of the information to be
Regional Government Depository collection requests (ICR) incorporated in collected; and
regulation pertaining to the required • Minimize the burden of the
Libraries and many of the 1,400
content of Summary Plan Descriptions collection of information on those who
Government Depository Libraries across
under ERISA, 29 CFR 2520.102–3. A are to respond, including through the
the country.
copy of the ICR may be obtained by use of appropriate automated,
The general wage determinations contacting the office listed in the electronic, mechanical, or other
issued under the Davis-Bacon and addressee section of this notice. technological collection techniques or
related Acts are available electronically other forms of information technology,
DATES: Written comments must be
by subscription to the FedWorld e.g., permitting electronic submission of
submitted to the office shown in the
Bulletin Board System of the National responses.
addressee section below on or before
Technical Information Service (NTIS) of Current Actions: The Department is
December 28, 1999.
the U.S. Department of Commerce at not proposing or implementing changes
ADDRESSES: Gerald B. Lindrew, Office of
1–800–363–2068 to the existing ICR at this time.
Policy and Research, U.S. Department of
Hard-copy subscriptions may be Comments received in response to this
Labor, Pension and Welfare Benefits
purchased from: Superintendent of notice will be incorporated in the
Administration, 200 Constitution
Documents, U.S. Government Printing submission to OMB for continued
Avenue, NW, Room N–5647,
Office, Washington, DC 20402, (202) clearance of the ICR.
Washington, DC 20210. Telephone: Type of Review: Extension of
512–1800. (202) 219–4782; Fax: (202) 219–4745. currently approved collections of
When ordering hard-copy These are not toll-free numbers. information.
subscription(s), be sure to specify the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Agency: Pension and Welfare Benefits
State(s) of interest, since subscriptions Administration.
may be ordered for any or all of the Titles: Summary Plan Description
seven separate volumes, arranged by Section 104(b)(1) of the Employee Requirements under ERISA (SMM/SPD).
State. Subscriptions include an annual Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) OMB Number: 1210–0039.
edition (issued in January or February) requires that the administrator of an Affected Public: Individuals or
which includes all current general wage employee benefit plan furnish plan households; business or other for-profit;
determinations for the States covered by participants and beneficiaries with not-for-profit institutions.
each volume. Throughout the remainder Summary Plan Description (SPDs) Respondents: 2,027,293.
of the year, regular weekly updates are which describe, in language Frequency of Response: On occasion.
distributed to subscribers. understandable to an average plan Responses: 160,703,000.
participants, the benefits, rights and Estimated Total Burden Hours:
Signed at Washington, DC this 21st day of
obligations of the participants in the 1,928,889.
October 1999.
plan. Plan administrators are required to Total Burden Cost (Operating and
Carl J. Poleskey, furnish SPDs to participants and Maintenance): $216,316,365.
Chief, Branch of Construction Wage beneficiaries within 90 days after the Comments submitted in response to
Determinations. participant is covered by the plan. The this notice will be summarized and/or
[FR Doc. 99–27996 Filed 10–28–99; 8:45 am] information required to be contained in included in the request for OMB
BILLING CODE 4510–27–M the SPD is set forth in section 102(b) of approval of the information collection
58456 Federal Register / Vol. 64, No. 209 / Friday, October 29, 1999 / Notices

request; they will also become a matter Name: Special Emphasis Panel in The Licensee reported that information
of public record. Experimental & Integrative Activities (1193). had been received which indicated the
Date & Time: December 14–15, 1999; 8:00 annual test firing of shotguns used by
Dated: October 26, 1999. a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Gerald B. Lindrew,
the security force at the Kewaunee
Place: Room 1020, National Science
Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Nuclear Power Plant was not performed
Deputy Director, Office of Policy and
VA 22230. when due. The Licensee conducted an
Research, Pension and Welfare Benefits
Administration. Type of Meeting: Closed. investigation and determined that Mr.
Contact Person: Lawrence E. Brandt, Randall G. Falvey, the training manager
[FR Doc. 99–28420 Filed 10–28–99; 8:45 am]
Digital Government Program, Experimental for the Wackenhut Corporation, was
BILLING CODE 4510–26–M and Integrative Activities, Room 1160, assigned the responsibility for ensuring
National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson that each firearm at this site, including
Boulevard, VA 22230 Telephone: (703) 306– shotguns, was test fired annually. The
investigation by the Licensee
Purpose of Meeting: To provide advice and
recommendations concerning proposals determined that Mr. Falvey had not
Special Emphasis Panel in ensured that 11 shotguns during 1997
submitted to the National Science
Experimental & Integrative Activities; and nine shotguns during 1998 were
Foundation for financial support.
Notice of Meeting Agenda: To review and evaluate CISE tested. The investigation by the Licensee
In accordance with the Federal Major Research Instrumentation proposals also established that Mr. Falvey falsified
submitted in response to the program the records of those tests in order to
Advisory Committee Act (Pub. L. 92– announcement (NSF 99–103).
463, as amended), the National Science show that the tests had been conducted.
Reason for Closing: the proposals being The Licensee also reported that two
Foundation announces the following reviewed include information of a
meeting: shotguns which Mr. Falvey had not
proprietary or confidential nature, including
technical information; financial data, such as tested and for which he had falsified
Name: Special Emphasis Panel in test records, failed to properly cycle
Experimental & Integrative Activities (1193). salaries; and personal information
concerning individuals associated with the during the test firing following the
Date & Time: November 8, 1999; 8:00 a.m.–
5:00 p.m. proposals. These matters are exempt under 5 identification of this issue.
Place: Room 320, National Science U.S.C. 552b(c), (4) and (6) of the Government The OI investigation also determined
Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, in the Sunshine Act. that during the Licensee’s investigation
VA 22230. Dated: October 25, 1999. of this matter, Mr. Falvey provided false
Type of Meeting: Closed. Karen J. York, information about the test firings to the
Contact Person: Lawrence E. Brandt, Committee Management Officer. Licensee’s Security Director for the
Digital Government Program, Experimental
[FR Doc. 99–28419 Filed 10–28–99; 8:45 am]
Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant. In a
and Integrative Activities, Room 1160, written statement to the Security
National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson BILLING CODE 7555–01–M
Director, Mr. Falvey wrote that he had
Boulevard, VA 22230 Telephone: (703) 306– completed the test firings on the
shotguns. However, review of Kewaunee
Purpose of Meeting: To provide advice and NUCLEAR REGULATORY
recommendations concerning proposals
Plant security access records during the
COMMISSION licensee’s investigation for May 1997
submitted to the National Science
Foundation for financial support. [IA 99–049] and May and June 1998, on the dates
Agenda: To review and evaluate CISE that Mr. Falvey indicated that the
Major Research Instrumentation proposals Randall G. Falvey; Order Prohibiting shotguns were tested, showed both that
submitted in response to the program Involvement in NRC-Licensed Mr. Falvey had, in some instances, not
announcement (NSF 99–103). Activities entered areas where shotguns were
Reason for Closing: The proposals being stored and, in other instances, that Mr.
reviewed include information of a I Falvey had not stayed in an area long
proprietary or confidential nature, including Randall G. Falvey was employed from enough to retrieve a shotgun for testing
technical information; financial data, such as
January 3, 1994 to October 30, 1998, as and replace it with another. Security
salaries; and personal information
concerning individuals associated with the the training manager for the Wackenhut personnel were interviewed and none
proposals. These matters are exempt under 5 Corporation, the security contractor of could recall retrieving or firing a
U.S.C. 552b(c), (4) and (6) of the Government the Wisconsin Public Service shotgun at Mr. Falvey’s request.
in the Sunshine Act. Corporation (Licensee). The Licensee Furthermore, Mr. Falvey could not
Dated: October 25, 1999. holds license No. DPR–43 issued by the provide the name of any individual who
Karen J. York, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC may have retrieved or test fired a
Committee Management Officer. or Commission) pursuant to 10 CFR Part shotgun at the direction of Mr. Falvey.
50 on June 16, 1974. The license Other records indicated that none of
[FR Doc. 99–28418 Filed 10–28–99; 8:45 am]
authorizes the operation of the these firearms were taken to the firing
Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant (facility) range or cleaned after test firing.
in accordance with the conditions Condition No. 2.C.(4) of the NRC
specified therein. The facility is located operating license for the Kewaunee
on the Licensee’s site near Green Bay, Nuclear Power Plant requires the
Special Emphasis Panel in Wisconsin. Licensee to maintain in effect and fully
Experimental & Integrative Activities; implement all provisions of the
II Commission-approved Kewaunee
Notice of Meeting
From December 21, 1998 to June 21, Nuclear Power Plant Security Manual
In accordance with the Federal 1999, an investigation of licensed and the Licensee’s Security
Advisory Committee Act (Pub. L. 92– activities was conducted by the NRC Implementing Procedure (SIP) 30.02–10,
463, as amended), the National Science Office of Investigations (OI) in response ‘‘Testing, Inspection, and Maintenance
Foundation announces the following to information provided to NRC Region of Security Equipment.’’ The annual
meeting: III by the Licensee on October 14, 1998. testing of site-assigned weapons,