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title: Grapes on the Vine

Summer 2009
Jill Louise Campbell Fine Art

16 new paintings in four co!ections

Dear Friends,
This summer Jill is adding some beautiful new pantings to her
Italy, France and Salt Spring Island Collections. Jill has been
painting in a new narrow format, capturing the winding
pathways in Europe and fields filled with ripe olives and grapes
on the vine. We invite you to visit the gallery and


I have had wonderful painting retreats in 2009

plunging into my watercolours as I reminisced on past
and recent travels to France and Italy. Taking on a
dream like quality, and being serenaded by Andreas
Boce!i my colour palette danced and dazzled.
"Grapes on the Vine" took me meandering into a
vineyard snug to hamlet homes amidst bri!iant fields,
lavender arch to sky.


Jill Louise Campbell Art Gallery, 3 - 110 Purvis Lane, Salt Spring island, BC Canada V8K 2S5 1
250-537-1589 email
Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

New to the France Co!ection

title: I Have a Dream 1 (left)
“I hum and paint and delve into a
kaleidoscope of gilt
edged fields,
mosaic patterns
float and settle, as
I scurry along to
a sunny village
with 2 moons
hung kissing the
horizon. Draping willows texture
the sky like a curtain rising to the morn.”

title: I Have a Dream II (right)

“ wandering not complete, I reach for
more paper to keep the dream alive. Settling
into my reverie, this fairy tale land unfolds a
castle view.”

New to the France Co!ection

title: Joie de Vivre
"I am intrigued by old, crumbled and
worn. Of places lived in, used and
loved. Piles of homes built leaning
together over centuries. Stairs to
where? Arches and open french
doors. I smell the perfume of
flowers, cooking, and old stones. I
hear laughter, music...a violin...steps
on cobbled lanes. I love this life.”

Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

New to the France Co!ection

title: Firefly Light (left)
Mellow warmth of aged roof tops sing in
harmony with the evening light show of
thousands of fireflies. The luminescence
sparkles to join a celestial heaven and sigh
as night envelopes the village.

title: Cicada Sings (right)

Open the gates by the light of the moon, a
strangely comforting sound accompanies
the walk home. Dishes done, a last nod to
the day before shuttering up for the night,
laundry to fold ...then all settle in to listen
the cicadas sing.

New to the France Co!ection

title: Take Me Back to France
Wistful....and yet
frankly deliciously
grateful for my many
visits to so many
beautiful places in
France. I allow the
memories to
flood over me
and begin to
Curiously the
paint takes
backyards and house facades viewed from a floating space. Perspective glides
across the roof tops and mimics the lines to fields of lavender. Have I been here
before? Take me back to France to see.
Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

title: Grapes on the Vine

New paintings in the Italy Co!ection

title: Grapes on the Vine
"Grapes on the Vine" took me meandering into a vineyard
snug to hamlet homes amidst brilliant fields, lavender arch
to sky.

title: Ripe Olives

Salty, rich, earthy, I think Nicoise are my favourite. I dream
of owning an olive grove, not large, just a few wise old trees,
gnarled and pruned. I would paint under my olive trees and
dream of picking them just ripe for their gold oil and keep a
pot of brine filled with my purple/black favourites.

title: Ripe Olives

Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

Salt Spring Island Co!ection

title: Spinnakers Up:
A peek a boo view from Madrona Bay to the start of The Race
Round SSI. Bright colours just set for wind to catch. A snug
cottage gazes on near Goat Island. This is a paradise for boaters
and nature lovers!

title: Madronna Bay on Salt Spring Island

A view south west to Churchill Beach and distant village of
Ganges on Salt Spring Island, it's panorama of gentle west
coast unfolds. A lap of ocean, glisten of arbutus leaves blowing
in the breeze, a coastline unfolds that holds sweet surprises to a kayaker.
Seals surface stare and blink, a sweep of Canada Geese land close by, eagles soar and head
home to Goat Island, a few swans drift in a quiet cove. Embraced by nature I am content.

Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

New to the France

title: Sweet Remembrances
A nostalgic view of Beaumont Du
Ventoux a tiny hamlet in
Provence, France. We spent a
year, I painted our children went
to school in a one room school
house. For centuries these
families framed the land, grapes,
and fruit trees.

New to the Salt Spring

title: Fulford Valley
Swept away as in a dream this valley view
to Mount Maxwell and and vineyards
below. I have walked some of this land and
discovered hidden waterfalls and creeks
that spill water and sweet music.

New to the Salt Spring

title: Ruckle Sheep
Ruckle Park was home to the Ruckle
Family for generations now a Provencial
Park the legacy of tended sheep and apple
trees lives on. Layered photographs with
water colour oil and gouache mimic the
layers of love and devotion to this heritage

Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705
New to the India
title: Maharaja Dreams
The veiled past of purdah,
whispers secrets some shared.
Poetry, sweet lovers of art and
music are reflected in the
graceful lines of Indo Persian
Windows delicately
framed in carved
stone, cenotaph
stands sentry in
nocturnal light.
An enchanted
dream flowers.

New to the Like Minds Co!ection

title: Water Chi
My imaginings sometimes reach to the "other world" of
nocturnal dreams. An especially vivid recollection begged
to be painted as fish and water life greeted me in
celebration as I swam in their midst. I toasted my
aliveness with a cup of green tea, abundance flowed.

New to the American SouthWest Co!ection

title: Sitting in a Row
A blue door opens welcoming a visit, country garden
carefree as the life style, life is simple and abundant.

Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

“Free to Be” a gi* to the Spirit of One

A signed Giclee Limited Edition of only 100 prints
on watercolour paper has been created by Jill to
support Raffi’s Child Honouring Program. The
first 100 contributors of $1000 or more will receive
this beautiful print FREE as a gift.

Ji! supports Raffi’s Spirit of One

Child Honouring
Raffi's dedication to Child Honouring has opened my
heart many steps wider as he takes action at the root of
our evolution for a sustainable positive future. Many
times I have felt paralyzed with a fear of what to do,

how to do it , where to place my positive energy. I always

Title: “Fee to Be"
come back to my favourite vehicle of expression.
“This painting is a metaphor belief in the potential Painting. Paint and brush help me speak my truth, the
of children. May our children be nourished in essence of my heart. I resonate with Raffi's beliefs and
mother earth, cradled in a community of love, with know them for truth. Nurturing the Child, Honouring
opportunity to blossom in fullness.”…….Jill the Child is the heart of our existence. The energy we
give generates a force. As the world turns that force
returns to us in like kind. May it be born from love.

"Jill Campbell's paintings offer a dance of colour, form

light, rhythm and grace. An inviting feast for the heart."
Raffi 8
Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705
Large 22” X 60”
Found your perfect image?? now select $675. stretched
the best size or $599. rolled

We hope you have found this catalogue helpful. All our Med 17” X 48”
Giclee Limited Editions are lifetime guaranteed not to $390.
fade plus they are top coated with a special varnish so
you can just damp wipe any splashes that might land on Small 13” X36”
the painting. $285.

To purchase any of these new images pick the size that

works best for your space and then just call us at
1 800 474-6705 or email the gallery.

Orders are filled in about two weeks if we are on island

and shipping is by Canada Post. Small and medium
Canvases are shipped stretched and ready for hanging.
LARGE sizes are shipped rolled unless agreed.

Size and Prices of Giclee Canvas

Limited Edition Prints...

Small An added Personal Touch

16” X 24” For those wanting that little extra personal touch. Jill
$225. will be pleased to embellish your Giclee Canvas with
hand painting done in an
Acrylic Paint. This
personal touch adds
allows Jill to highlight key
elements of her painting.
24” X 36”
She adds additional
texture and colour plus
she enhances the gold
outlining which is such a
signature element in her

The price for this hand

work varies to the size of
canvas: small… $175, Medium.. $250, Large..
32” X 48”
$675. stretched
or $599. rolled

Ji! Louise Campbe! Art Ga!ery www.jlcga! 1 800 474-6705

A little history
On the Gallery
We opened our first gallery in Ganges on Salt Spring
Island in 1992. Since then we have moved a few times
- increasing to the largest Gallery in town at one point
and now likely the smallest. We are now really trying
to work less and play
more. Our plan is to
open the gallery in
the summer only…
and then sail and
travel the rest of
the year. See Jill’s
blog for the latest
news and travel

+om Duart’s perspective…… Jill has painted all her life
but it is only the past 20 years that she has really
taken a professional focus. I have always contended
her inspiration came from me but honestly I have no
idea how she brings her images together - I see the
same scenes when we travel and yet her
interpretations are truly breathtaking …. That is the
magic of her art. She can sit with a blank canvas and a
few photos and memories and just start in. I have
done a bit of video to capture her thoughts in action
and I will try to get some of these on the website.

The days of Bank Marketing seem like ancient history.
For the past 20 years I have become a self taught art
publisher. I have helped craft Jill’s paintings into
formats of interest to the public in a way that might
allow us to make a living out of art in Canada. I am
pleased to say it continues to be an ever changing and
wonderful journey. We both now look forward to a
lighter work load and more travel and down time. I
travel with my computer so expect to update the
website to keep everyone apprised of Jill’s new
paintings and plans. …...Duart


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