Miscellaneous Exam:
Passive voice, Reported Speech


1. Write the correct relative pronoun or adverb. Add brackets
( ) if they can be omitted.
1.1 Show me the flat ___________ you intend to buy.
1.2 Pedro has got some cousins ___________ live in America.
1.3 I will take you to the town ___________ I was born.
1.4 That’s the man for ___________ I work.
1.5 I will never forget the day ___________ we first met.
1.6 Paul is a student ___________ marks are so high.
1.7 Thank you for the invitation ___________ you sent me.
1.8 April is the month ___________ I was born.
1.9 Mrs Barton is a teacher ___________ classes are interesting.
1.10 That was the reason ___________ Nathalie behaved so badly.
2. Join the following sentences using a relative pronoun or
2.1 Harry Potter is not a new book. It was written some years ago.
2.2 I met Alison in Manchester. I live there for two years.
2.3 She phoned Jill. Her father was in hospital.
2.4 Mark’s father has disappeared. He is very rich.
2.5 I remember my childhood. I was very happy then.
3. Write the following sentences into the passive voice.
3.1 The shop assistant sold many items.


1 ‘I wanted to go home before it was dark. _______________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________ 3.2 We will sing a carol at the Christmas party. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 3.5 Why didn’t you pay the bills? _______________________________________________________________ 3._______________________________________________________________ 3.3 ‘Don’t throw the rubbish on the grass!’ the policeman said.3 They have stolen some paintings in the museum. 2 . _______________________________________________________________ 3.4 Do you read detective stories? _______________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________ 3. Write the following sentences into reported speech.6 People speak English in Australia.8 I can teach French at school.’ I explained. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 4. 4.2 ‘Are you avoiding me?’ Jack asked Tom.9 Somebody had shut the door violently.7 Were you reading that letter yesterday night? _______________________________________________________________ 3.10 He shouldn’t look for those old photos.

_______________________________________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________________ 4.’ Tom said. we ______________________________________ 5.3 If I hadn’t mended the _____________________________________ 3 .’ my children said.2 He’d have more friends if he TV.Use your own ideas to complete the sentences. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 4._______________________________________________________________ 4.9 ‘Did she work very hard a month ago?’ Danny wanted to know.1 What will you do if ______________________________________________ 5.’ my mum said. 5.7 ‘She is making a cake today.6 ‘Why did you leave so early yesterday?’ Susan asked me.4 ‘I will visit Rick tomorrow.8 ‘We must study hard.5 ‘Let’s go now!’ my friend suggested. _______________________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 4.10 ‘What time is it?’ Sam asked.

7 What would happen if I ___________________________________________ 5.9 She would have won the competition if she __________________________ 5.10 They wouldn’t have minded if we __________________________________ 4 .4 You wouldn’t have felt ill if you ____________________________________ 5.6 Will you forgive me if I ___________________________________________ 5.5 If she didn’t gossip about her friends. he __________________________________ 5. she ____________________________ 5.8 If he had listened to my advice.5.

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