Miscellaneous Exam:
Passive voice, Reported Speech


1. Write the correct relative pronoun or adverb. Add brackets
( ) if they can be omitted.
1.1 Show me the flat ___________ you intend to buy.
1.2 Pedro has got some cousins ___________ live in America.
1.3 I will take you to the town ___________ I was born.
1.4 That’s the man for ___________ I work.
1.5 I will never forget the day ___________ we first met.
1.6 Paul is a student ___________ marks are so high.
1.7 Thank you for the invitation ___________ you sent me.
1.8 April is the month ___________ I was born.
1.9 Mrs Barton is a teacher ___________ classes are interesting.
1.10 That was the reason ___________ Nathalie behaved so badly.
2. Join the following sentences using a relative pronoun or
2.1 Harry Potter is not a new book. It was written some years ago.
2.2 I met Alison in Manchester. I live there for two years.
2.3 She phoned Jill. Her father was in hospital.
2.4 Mark’s father has disappeared. He is very rich.
2.5 I remember my childhood. I was very happy then.
3. Write the following sentences into the passive voice.
3.1 The shop assistant sold many items.


4._______________________________________________________________ 3.1 ‘I wanted to go home before it was dark.’ I explained.4 Do you read detective stories? _______________________________________________________________ 3.10 He shouldn’t look for those old photos.2 ‘Are you avoiding me?’ Jack asked Tom.2 We will sing a carol at the Christmas party. _______________________________________________________________ 3.5 Why didn’t you pay the bills? _______________________________________________________________ 3. Write the following sentences into reported speech.8 I can teach French at school.9 Somebody had shut the door violently.3 ‘Don’t throw the rubbish on the grass!’ the policeman said. _______________________________________________________________ 3.6 People speak English in Australia. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 4.3 They have stolen some paintings in the museum. _______________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 3.7 Were you reading that letter yesterday night? _______________________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________________________ 3. 2 .

_______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 4.2 He’d have more friends if he TV.6 ‘Why did you leave so early yesterday?’ Susan asked me.4 ‘I will visit Rick tomorrow.Use your own ideas to complete the sentences.’ Tom said. _______________________________________________________________ 4. we ______________________________________ 5. _______________________________________________________________ 4.5 ‘Let’s go now!’ my friend suggested.’ my children said.1 What will you do if ______________________________________________ 5.9 ‘Did she work very hard a month ago?’ Danny wanted to know.8 ‘We must study hard.’ my mum said.10 ‘What time is it?’ Sam asked. _______________________________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________________________ 4._______________________________________________________________ 4. _______________________________________________________________ 4.7 ‘She is making a cake today.3 If I hadn’t mended the _____________________________________ 3 . 5.

he __________________________________ 5.4 You wouldn’t have felt ill if you ____________________________________ 5.5 If she didn’t gossip about her friends.6 Will you forgive me if I ___________________________________________ 5. she ____________________________ 5.8 If he had listened to my advice.5.7 What would happen if I ___________________________________________ 5.9 She would have won the competition if she __________________________ 5.10 They wouldn’t have minded if we __________________________________ 4 .

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