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NUST National University of Science and Technology H-12 Campus, Islamabad (SMME, NICE, NCVI, SEECS, IESE) ISLAMIC STUDIES

(2credit hours) Instructor: Email: Dr. Abdur Rahim Ashraf Baluch Phone: 03335117013

Goals & Objectives:
The course aims to build up the character of the students and intends to cover the fundamentals of Islam, life of the Prophet and study of selected verses of the Quran and Ahadith. Make them good and moderate Muslims having pride in their religion without any prejudice to other faiths and religions of the world. Text Book: Reference Books: Islamic Education by A. S. Bukhari & M. D. Zafar 1. Mi‘yaari Islamiat by Prof Dr. Hafiz M. Akhtar 2. Islam: Beliefs and Teachings by Ghulam Sarwar. 3. The Qur’an: Basic Teachings by Thomas Ballanttine Irving, Khurshid Ahmad, Muhammad Manazir Ahsan. 4. Introduction to Islam by Dr. M. Hamidullah TOPICS AND LECTURE PLAN Wee k

PART-I (Chapter-I) Fundamental Teachings of Islam

1. The Basic Doctrines of Islam (Five Articles of faith: The pentagon of Belief) 2. Ibadat (Worships) (The Five Pillars of Islam) Lecture#1

Meanings of Islam, Imaan , Ihsan & Deen (Faith & Belief): An introduction Lecture#2 Tawheed (Unity of God) ,Types of Tawhid Lecture#3 The Angels and their duties Lecture#4 The Prophethood & the Status of the Prophets Lecture#5 The Revelation and the Divine Books Lecture#6 Al-Aakhirah: The Mega Events Lecture#7 Ibadah: An Introduction Lecture#8 SALAT: The prayers Lecture#9 Lecture#10 SAWM: The Fasting of the Ramadan ZAKAT: The Charity


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Islamic Studies

Definition of Civilization and historical background 12. A. Roman) Lecture#29 History of the civilizations-II (Persian.Influence of Islam on the civilizations of the world 12 13 14 17 Page 2 of 4 Dr. Indus & Indian. Egyptian.V) Islamic Civilization 15 16 11. Important Duties and Obligations of Muslims HAJJ: The Pilgrimage 1st OHT 8 Lecture#13 Amr bil-Maroof & Nahy ‘an alMunkar and the concept of Jihad. Da’wah Lecture#14 Tafakkur –o-Tadabbur. Baluch Islamic Studies . Women. non-Muslms etc) Birth of the Prophet. Prophetic Office and the Task before the Prophet 6.& Ijtihad Lecture#15 Kasb-i-Halaal (Lawful Earning)& Khidmat-e-Khalq Lecture#16 Fundamental Human Rights: Maqaasid -e. Birth and Early Life of the Prophet 5. his strategy and achievements) PART III (Chapter. R. Battle of Khayber & Battle of Mu’tah Lecture#23 The Conquest of Makkah.Lecture#11 Lecture#12 7 3. Battle of Hunain & Ghazwa-e-Tabuk Leture#24 2nd OHT Lecture#25 Hajjat-ul-Wada’ & Khutba-eHajjat-ul-Wida’ Lecture#26 Finality of the Prophethood (Seal of the Prophethood) Lecture#27 Definition of civilization and its background Lecture# 28 History of the civilizations-I (Greek. Chinese) Lecture#30 Spread of Islam and its dominance Lecture#31 Features of Islamic Civilization-I Lecture#32 Influence of Islam on Western Civilizations Lecture#33 Influence of Islam on Eastern Civilizations Lecture#34 Conclusion & Paper Lecture#17 9 PART-II (Chapter-IV) 10 11 The Life of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) 4. Ghazawat-eNabavi ( The Prophet as an Army Commander. Uhad & the Ditch Lecture#22 Hudaybiyyah Truce & Bay’at-iRizwan. Education. his Noble family and his Early life Lecture#18 Prophetic Mission ( As a Teacher /Preacher) and hardships faced by the Muslims Lecture#19 Mi’raj and Migration to Madinah Lecture#20 Mithaq-e-Madinah & Muwakhat Lecture#21 The Battles of Badr.Features of Islamic civilization 13.Shariah (Objectives of the Shariah) (Rights of parents.

A. Education & Jihad.II Translation and explanation of selected Quranic Verses included in Chapter-II of the Text Book. R. Final Examination MARKS ALLOCATION (% age) 2 OHTs (6th Week & 12th Week) Assignments Quizzes Final Exam (18th Week) 30% (30 marks each OHT) 10% (10 marks each Asgt) 10% (10 marks each Quiz) (100 Marks Final Exam) 50% BREAKUP AND PATTERN PART-I (Lectures) One Hour Tests Chapter-I (30 Marks) a) Faith (Eimaniyaat): Five Articles of Faith b) Worships (Ibadaat) : Five Pillars of Islam c) Amr bil-Maroof. they should rather consult Urdu and English commentaries of the Qur’an as well for the Verses in Chapter II General Knowledge about Islam: (Quizzes) (10 Marks) a) Faith & Belief b) Ibadaat c) Mu’amalaat d) Akhlaq (Etiquettes & Manners) e) Seerah (Life of the Prophet) Islamic Studies PART-III Page 3 of 4 Dr. d) Tafakkur & Tadabbur and Ijtihad e) Kasb-e-Halaal & Khidmat-e-Khalq f) Fundamental Human Rights a) Birth of the Prophet.Nabvi e) Last pilgrimage & Last Sermon a) Definition of civilization and Background b) History of Civilizations c) Spread of Islam and features of Islamic Civilization d) Influence of Islamic Civilization Chapter-IV Chapter-V PART.18 Semester End Pattern etc. his early life & prophetic mission b) Mi’raaj & Migration c) Mithaq-e-Madinah & Muwakhaat d) Ghazawaat-e. Da’wah.II Subjective Study of the Qur’an and Hadith done by the students as their Assignments: (10 Marks) Chapter. Baluch . covering IX topics Chapter-III Translation and explanation of 20 Ahadith (Traditions) given in Chapter-III of the Text Book Note: Students are advised NOT to depend on the material provided in the relevant chapters of the Text Book.

however they are advised to use authentic sources only. A.f) History of Islam (Major Events) g) Muslim World Today (People & Places) Note: Students are required to enhance their knowledge of Islam regarding above mentioned 7 branches/disciplines by extensively reading about them. FINAL (End Semester Exam) (100 Marks) Questions from all FIVE Chapters of the Text Book. Page 4 of 4 Dr. Choice of the material left to them. R. Baluch Islamic Studies .