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PALD al ATHLETIC Sin} MERICAN SPORTS PUBLISHING CO. 21 Warren Street, New York i A.C.SPALDING &BROS. \x\ MAINTAIN THEIR OWN HOUSES. af FOR DISTRIBUTING THE SPALDING COMPLETE LINE OF ATHLETIC GOODS IN THE FOLLOWING CITIES: NEW YORK enrcaco SAN FRANCISCO ‘2520 So, Wabash Ave. || 156-138 Geary Street OAKLAND, CAL. 128 Nassau St. me-08 Fini Avewes NEWARK, N.J. To read street || CINCINNAT PITLADELPHTIA, PA. ato Chectnnt Street INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 136 N. Pennsylvania St. BOSTON, MASS. coLumus, 0. 74 Summer Strect || “107 Sout Lich Street PITTSBURGH, PA. DETROMT, micH. st. . "G08 Wood Street x Wawdrara Ave.|| "Tate North Seventh St BUFFALO, N.Y. wasmmaron, b-¢._. || kausas erry, wo, G1 Main Street ||" 613 14th Street, N.W. aera SYRACUSE: N LOUISVILLE, KY, BILWAUKEE, WI: ir'So, Warren Street || “aae West detterson St.|| “'379 ast Water Street ROCHESTER, N.Y. ATLANTA, CA, DENVER, coL. 40 Clinton Ave,, North ‘74 N. Broad Street || G22 Sixteenth Street i NEW ORLEANS, LA. || MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. ‘32 state Street || 140 Carondelct Street || "G2 Seventh St South BALTIMORE, MD. DALLAS, TEX. ST. PAUL, MIN! 110 E. Baltimore St.|| 1503 Commerce Street || "386 Minnesota Street MANCHESTER, MONTREAL, CANADA ‘369-71 St Comerne St, W. ‘|| voronzo, CANADA 207 Yonge Street SYDNEY. AUSTRALIA 204 Clarence Street ']| PARIS, FRANCE BIRMINGHAM, ENG. || GLASGOW, SCOTLAND || \ 35 Basievard dx Copnciaes New Street House G8 Huchanan Street || 27 Rue Tronchet (omsmcteatans drei tA. STALBINGKB80S, lay of he abave adresses, wl receiv past ated, Mm | THe ane 0 aN = al FOR OUR CUSivL THIS ORDER BL} IS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. YOU PURCHASED THIS BOOK AT We also sell a complete line of Spalding Athletic Goods as well as all the books of the Spalding Athletic Library. CONSULT THE FULL LIST FOR OTHER BOOKS ON ATHLETICS When ordering Athletic Goods use this sheet. Simply tear it out along dotted line, fill in your wants on the reverse side, and mail it with the price asnoted. SEE THE OTHER: SIDE