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The Bridge to Freedom Introduction to The Bridge to Freedom

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In the early 1950's Master El Morya, with the confidence and cooperation of The Master Saint Germain, developed the idea and plan for a New Endeavor of The White Brotherhood to supplement and complement "The I Am Activity" of Saint Germain of the 1930's. It was to be called "The Bridge Activity" and was conceived by El Morya in July of 1951. After the presentation of this proposal to The Lords of Karma for This System and The Solar Logos, it was given approval and birthed 9 months later in April of 1952. The human channel for all the communications from The Spiritual Hierarchy for this teaching endeavor was Geraldine Innocente, an incarnate expression of The El Morya Consciousness. This Activity was sustained until 1958.

I have completely reorganized, restructured, and synthesized the voluminous messages and teachings that came from The Highest Levels of The White Brotherhood for Planet Earth and The Solar System. They were formed into chapters that center on The Temples and Retreats of The Masters and The Hierarch of That Retreat, as well as The Lord of The World and Shamballa, The Manu of The Root Race, and The Mahachohan of this planet. This Thrust of The Brotherhood was intended to offer more information about The Ascended Masters and to uplift the consciousness of Humankind and to accelerate the coming of The 7th Golden Age upon Planet Earth. Since the knowledge of the existence of The Masters came to be known to Western Civilization in The 19th Century through the writings of H.P. Blavatsky, there has not been a greater source of information about Them than what They provided through Geraldine Innocente in That Movement of the 1950's. The language and terminology is more reminiscent of earlier times and can sometimes be difficult to penetrate, but the greater exposure of the compassionate and caring Beings Who devote their purpose to the evolutionary advancement of all life-forms on this planet is inestimable in its value to the student of The Spiritual Hierarchy.

Lord Mahachohan: "For the past 150 years, The Law has endeavored to bring, to the understanding of the people of Earth, the reality of the existence of The Spiritual Hierarchy. Early in The 19th Century, The Cosmic Law called the attention of The Hierarchy to the necessity of bringing the fact of the actual existence of The Masters to the outer consciousness of the people. So, We proceeded through a series of Conferences and Councils in order to devise ways and means of bringing the living Presence of These Masters to the acceptance of men and women, particularly in The Western Hemisphere

where the vital energies, which would promulgate action, were incorporated into the embodied souls." "The universal presence of The Holy Ones has long been accepted in The East, where for ages was guarded the spiritual currents and impetus which was destined to be transferred into The Western Hemisphere. Before this spiritual activity took place, it was imperative that some western lifestreams know of the existence of The Ascended Masters and The Hierarchy and then hold the guard in order so that the knowledge of The Sacred Fire could be given." "The Causal Bodies of thousands signified that they were capable and ready of rendering this service. Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Olcott, Besant, and Judge were among these. The few who accepted the opportunity at first formed the nucleus of The Theosophical Society. With their own bodies they broke through the veil of materialism, thus making the opening wedge through which the interest of the student of The Law of Life was turned toward the various Members of The Brotherhood." "Up to that time, They were not even intellectually accepted as having existence, not to mention intelligence or individuality. The outpouring through The Theosophical Society was primarily through The Wisdom Ray (The Second Ray or Aspect of The Creator). Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis, Saint Germain, and I sat together many hours in those days and poured, through the mind of Blavatsky (the founder of The Theosophical Society), the wisdom which she wrote into 'The Secret Doctrine', 'The Voice of Isis', and the other volumes, many of which are yet secreted in The Masters' Retreats." "Into these volumes We endeavored to incorporate as much of The Truth as could be understood, the same Truth that is contained in The Vedas of India, The Upanishads, and that which is in all the secret writings which are the heritage of Mankind. Many of these are guarded in Tibet, China, and by The Brotherhood throughout the world in various Retreats. When Truth is revealed, It always has had an earlier revelation, and the later revelations necessarily have to be confirmations of the eternal verities. Hence the exponents are accused of plagiarism." "The members of The Society (Theosophical) were mostly content to confine their energies to an interest in the new knowledge and, except in rare instances, contributed little of their own energies in expiating the karma of The Race or helping souls to return to The Law a balance for the investment of Our Energies. Thus, the amount of Energy We were allowed by The Cosmic Law in that century was expended in drawing the wisdom of the ages into these documents. So when that was used up We had to close the book of wisdom and wait for a new outpouring after the turn of the century." "For the second phase of This Endeavor, The Master Saint Germain determined to draw upon The Power Ray (The First Ray or Aspect of The Creator). He formed another group of dedicated lifestreams (The I Am Activity of the 1930's), stimulated their interest in The Masters, and coupled This Endeavor with cooperative application by which impersonal service could be rendered individually but particularly in group activity. In this way, The Energy allowed for The 20th Century might spread over a wider range, which would enable Us to procure a greater dispensation from The Karmic Board to reach sensitive individuals through the release of energy in invocation and decree. In The 2nd Activity, the wisdom and intelligent understanding in the mind, which was so evident in the early and earnest Theosophists, was muted. The accent was placed on The Power Plume." "Now Our 3rd Endeavor (The Bridge Activity of the 1950's) to draw The Light of Truth from both and balance It through loving harmony also faces the danger of deterioration if the students persist in working solely on The Love Ray (The Second Ray) without application and understanding. There must be the practice of drawing forth, the molding and expanding of The Primal Life Essence, qualifying It by Divine Wisdom, Power, and Love in action."

Master El Morya: "When Kuthumi and I started to bring The Ascended Masters to the consciousness of The Western World, first We had to get an instrument that had some affinity to Us through past association and who was a little clairvoyant, clairaudient, and had a little faith. After a good deal of endeavor and persuasion, We got Mrs. Blavatsky (Helena P.) to assist Us, which was done through the power of accelerating her clairvoyance and clairaudience. In other words, this applies to individuals who have that capacity to see a thing at a higher vibratory action than the actual physical sight of the average person. People who have a good clairaudience are able to hear sounds that are beyond the ken of the average mind." "We did secure her rather reluctant cooperation at first, and then, with the very strength of her tremendous energy, We broke through the veil of unbelief and created the foundation of The Theosophical Society. Among that Society there were a great many dissentions. Mr. Olcott himself, whom Mrs. Blavatsky finally persuaded into giving assistance, became so difficult before We even got started that I had to take off my own turban and give it to him to prove to him that I was not a wraith. For Me, I would say that that is quite a concession." "We got the dispensation (from The Lords of Karma) for Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan Master of Wisdom) to speak to Alice Bailey (founder of The Arcane School and The Lucis Trust). She was a natural automatic writer. She would not do it. She did not like it. No, she wanted nothing to do with it. It took great persuasion. Djwhal Khul had to write a great deal of material before she would even believe He was Djwhal Khul (Who wrote through Alice A. Bailey from 1919 until 1949). Then Mr. Ballard (Guy Ballard, the channel for The I Am Activity) too was clairvoyant. When he was not disturbed, he was able to see the letters of Living Light. When he was disturbed, and he was disturbed at times, those Lights blurred too. It is like trying to see through tears. Sometimes he did not get all the words. He did the very best he could, emotionally, mentally, aetherically, and physically. He was clairaudient too." "Now We have another unascended individual (the channel of The Bridge Acitivity, Geraldine Innocente) with a combination of all the factors mentioned before, an individual with emotions, mind, aetheric, and physical bodies, none of which is perfect. We endeavor to use all the bodies when possible, or as many of the bodies as We can, through which to give clear reception and direction. If We cannot get the emotional, We try the mental, and We have to have the brain consciousness and the vocal cords for the reception." Master El Morya: "I presented to Sanat Kumara (The Lord of The World, The Ancient of Days, The Head of The Spiritual Hierarchy), Lord Maitreya (The Christ), and Lord Mahachohan (The Lord of Civilization) a certain logic which brought forth This Activity (The Bridge Activity), the logic based on the fact that the most well-meaning individual cannot consciously cooperate with The Ascended Masters unless he knows what They are doing, when They are doing it, and has opportunity at least to refuse or accept cooperation with The Endeavor." "For the one pure enough to live within his own Heart Flame (The 3-fold Flame) in communion with his God Self and, through the intuitive faculties, complete his course, there are billions that have no way of getting back Home except through the stumbling, blind mazes of human creation, running up to the end and having to come back and retrace the way until The Heart Flame leads them out. Like the travelers to Wesak (The Wesak Festival of The Buddha held on the full moon of May in The Himalayas), many of them never get there." "It was to help those who, I felt within Myself, would cooperate that I approached The Karmic Board,

The Cosmic Law, and My Superiors, asking for just a limited opportunity to tell them of the activities in which We are engaged and see if some small energies would choose to cooperate with Us. Even The Lord Mahachohan asked if I had forgotten so soon the endeavors in The Theosophical Society, the travails, differences, opinions, prejudices, and unbeliefs of human nature. Yet, I said I would try, and I have tried. We have a Plan governing an entire System. Our endeavor is to get across something that will be a seed that will grow in The Light." "Among the men and women of The Earth, there are some willing enough to stand and ask for The Will of God, then when knowing That Will to desire to incorporate even the most reluctant energies of their feelings into weaving, through That Will, the Divine pattern and tapestry for Life and make, of this planet, Freedom's Star." Master St. Germain: "Too often, through the centuries, have We seen the flame of enthusiasm for God Causes flicker and die out and the vision of world brotherhood lie dead ash, blown by the winds of adversity into oblivion. While there is yet a heart in which a spark is burning, there is hope of renewing the flame, even as while a tiny ember burns the woodsman can rekindle the watch fire upon whose guarding presence his safety so depends." "Seeing the handwriting on the wall, We have been able to secure the acquiescence of The Cosmic Law, The Lords of Karma, and The Lord of The World, Sanat Kumara, to invest the lifestream of the channel (of The Bridge Activity) with the responsibility of being such an ember to rekindle The Life Flame of the student body." "The Blessed Kuthumi has offered tremendous assistance at Inner Levels, and to his schoolrooms come all who, in any way, can be used to further The Cause of Freedom and the knowledge of Truth. Here the inner bodies and consciousness absorb something of The Plan, The Pattern, The Vision of the future. Then, it is to couple this inner instruction with outer instruction whereby the intellectual consciousness may remember the education of the inner self." Lord Mahachohan: "The Master Morya secured, from The Karmic Council, the right to establish this new order of contacting the consciousness of certain dedicated lifestreams. When The Master Morya received the permission of Helios and Vesta (The Solar Logos) to bring forth The New Endeavor, all of The Members of The Great White Brotherhood offered to give Him the assistance of their particular talents as He should choose to use them to further This Cause. The beauty of the sphere of Ascended Master perfection is the unity, loving cooperation, and selflessness of each Intelligent Being to promote the general good and progress of the whole." Master St. Germain: "The endeavor of The Great White Brotherhood is to unfold the spiritual nature within every lifestream, which must be developed from within the soul of every man. Earth's children must, of themselves, provide The Light Which is required to insure The Earth a permanent place in This Solar System. This Light comes through the hearts of men. If they are not given an opportunity to learn The Law and are denied, by language restrictions and limitations of distribution, the tremendous accumulated store of wisdom that lies unprinted, how can they be counted upon to contribute their Light? It was for the purpose of reaching these millions that This Endeavor was started, not as a new Activity but as a complement to the former (The I Am Activity), a supplement not a competitor. The activities described and the instruction given are in agreement with The Law of Truth."

Master St. Germain: "A way and means by which We might reach the consciousness of the people had to be devised. The Bridge was the solution to this problem. We shall continue to expand the workable knowledge of The Cosmic Law, and time and harvest will confirm the God intent behind This Endeavor. The souls of men are our concern, all men of all colors, all countries, because from The Flame in their hearts will come the illumination which will make this Dark Star a flaming Sun of Freedom." Master El Morya: "This is the schoolroom (The Earth) where We hopefully await the developement and maturity of our disciples and chelas in so far as the temptations of the outer world will allow. Around the council tables, at Inner Levels, one will see The Masters with their disciples sitting in the full freedom of their inner bodies where they vow to accept certain responsibilities to forward the progress of this evolution. These (disciples) are pushed forward through The Halls of Karma and given the opportunity to re-embody, which is often a favor far beyond their merit. We then await the developement of the flesh body, the maturity of the mind, the awakening of the soul, at which time some temptation of the flesh usually carries them off into many wasted years of carnal living through which the intensity of The Light begins to dim, and they come to a place where they lose interest in our purpose." "My service, in connection with that of The World Teacher (Lord Maitreya), is: when the 2,000-year Cycle is opened, when the evolution of the entire Race and all the souls therein are measured, then The World Teacher devises a Plan Which can be incorporated into the worship of the masses whereby the soul is fed and the spiritual centers stimulated in their endeavors to reach toward God. When This Plan is completed, then The Teacher endeavors to obtain the assistance and service of certain lifestreams, at Inner Levels, who will carry That Divine Plan with them into embodiment, project It upon the screen of life, and interest certain lifestreams in The New Endeavor." "It is then my service, as it was that of My Predecessors (Chohans of The First Ray, The Ray of Divine Will), to find, among embodied egos as well as those awaiting embodiment, those souls strong enough to grasp the vision of the completed Plan of The God Will for that Age, and in this way the embodying teacher may lay the foundation of the religion in their nation and their continent, thus utilizing The Energy allotted Us by The Lords of Karma, The Sun of our System, and The Great Cosmic Law." "In the early days of Theosophy, when Kuthumi and Myself endeavored to interest the western mind in the activities of The Higher Realms, We spent a great portion of The Energy allowed Us by The Law in phenomena through Madame Blavatsky, and although We did obtain certain results, the final achievement did not show a balance for the tremendous amount of concentrated energy invested by Us in the precipitated letters (The Mahatma Letters) to chelas, etc. Therefore, in This New Endeavor, We too have benefited by past experience, and We are more cautious now in the investment of our own energy, so the greatest good can be effected before the full manifestation of This Endeavor is attained." "Our association with Mankind is primarily to forward The Cause of World Freedom, and this investment of our energy and the potential service of your individual and collective lives, as well as Ours, are used in an endeavor to remove the human veil between The Realm of Heaven and The Realm of Earth where the souls of The Immortal God Selves have been imprisoned for so many centuries." Master El Morya: "How can a Hierarchy direct the progress of a Race unless The Masters can reach the

consciousness and outerminds of the lifestreams who are in distress, unless there is a bridge, a link, a connection over which our design, counsel, words, and current endeavors may reach the intellect of the personal self?" "It was to bridge this gap, to cross the chasm between the now and then, that I applied for a dispensation, an opportunity by which I might endeavor to convince some old heart friends that We are capable of speech, capable of God-intelligence, and that We do not rest upon our crowns fulfilling a karma of merit to the tune of a celestial harp while your planet stands at the end of its hour." "Every 100 years within the 2,000-year Cycle do The Great Lords of Karma give a dispensation of Energy to The Spiritual Hierarchy. The Lord of The World, The World Teacher, and The Mahachohan, in Council, decide how best to invest That Energy. They look upon the souls of men. They look upon the earth conditions. They face the requirements of The Cosmic Law. And then together They design some Cause of merit and present It to The Entire Brotherhood. Opportunity is assigned to the various Members of The Brotherhood, and These Members then call about Themselves chelas. They show them The Pattern and Plan, and They ask the chelas if they wish to cooperate to bring That Plan to fulfillment in the world of form." "It is easy to volunteer before taking embodiment, and for that reason The Great Initiator Himself (for The First 2 Initiations, Lord Maitreya) carefully examines each volunteer before he is given opportunity to serve The Brothers in the world of form, for enthusiasm and zeal are not akin to constancy and hundreds of thousands of centuries of rhythmic, selfless service." "From the year 1400 until the beginning of The 17th Century, this impersonal Energy was given primarily to Saint Germain (The Chohan of The 7th Ray) to bring forth a new land (North America) or to bring remembrance of a new land to the minds of the people of Europe and to encourage the selfless and brave spirits to forge ahead and in this new land create a cradle in which the spiritual endeavor, which is to flourish in The Ceremonial Age (The Aquarian Age) and Ray (The 7th Ray), could be brought into being." "The vital energies that flowed through Columbus (embodiment of St. Germain) and the other explorers were greater than those of their own human selves. Ordinary men, women, and children, against all reason and human judgement, left home and security to face an unknown course, a chartless sea, to carve for themselves a nation out of a wilderness, prompted by an intangible quality called The Love of Freedom. One can see that it was a pressure greater than the human self that carried them, like a cosmic wind, from comfort to privation. Men of destiny are always swept by The Cosmic Mind of The Holy Spirit (The Lord Mahachohan) in spite of themselves. It has ever been thus." Master El Morya: "The countless centuries that The Great White Brotherhood has served The Human Race, without more than a handful of people being cognizant of their very existence, has done much to retard the natural evolution of The Higher Consciousness, Which is The Instrument by Which and through Which The Divine Plan may be fulfilled." "The Brotherhood, able to reach the outer mind of Man only through the intuitional sense and the questionable promptings of the feeling nature, could hope for little conscious cooperation with the services in which They were engaged and which They hoped would raise the consciousness of the individual to a point where The Higher Self could control and direct the activities of the personal self. Then, instead of blind, groping, blundering embodiments which merely add to the shadows that enshroud The Earth, We would have a steady and progressive evolution toward mastery through the individual and for The Race."

"After the establishment of a Focus in this Western Hemisphere at the beginning of The 19th Century, Lord Maitreya told The Chohans (of The 7 Rays) it was time to bring a knowledge of The Hierarchy to the minds of Men. It was time that The Masters Who had concentrated their attention in The East should enter the occidental consciousness. Then in that pleasant, persuasive, eloquent, and magnificent manner of his He outlined what you know as Theosophy." "He told Us how certain lifestreams might embody, and then those of Us Who were close to these people could step through the veil and the embodied chelas open the door to an understanding of Our Presence, our particular service, and our willingness and desire to cooperate with anyone who would accept our friendship, our questionable intelligence, and our capacity for counsel, not for personal credit or for the karma of merit that would result from their trust in Us." "Blavatsky was there, Leadbeater, Judge, and Sinnett, the names you know and many more, perhaps better qualified than the crude, rough woman (H.P.Blavatsky) who stood forth and said, 'Masters, I will go and be that wedge'. Crude of body and mind, spirit, soul, and self as she was, and for all the finer, more delicate instruments that did not volunteer, We were glad to accept those who did. For many thousands of qualified lifestreams, perhaps 10 are willing to volunteer, and out of that 10 maybe 2 are fully qualified. Then it is a sifting and a sorting, a praying and a hoping until We have prepared perhaps one soul whose sole will and purpose is centered in Our Cause, and on that one our hope depends." "However, as Representative of The Divine Will (The First Ray) of God to The Earth today, it became my great honor and privilege to approach The Lord of The World, early in The 19th Century, and ask that a knowledge of The Masters, The Brotherhood, and their endeavors to assist Mankind be brought to the conscious attention of the minds of The Western World, wherein I perceived the vital energies required to translate vision into action." "My arguments in favor of investing certain spiritual energies in attempting to contact and convince individuals of the reality of The Masters and the existence of This Brotherhood were rewarded, and I, together with Blessed Kuthumi, St. Germain, and Serapis, began our plans for the organization of The Theosophical Society if We could secure the cooperation of any embodied souls with western vehicles who could form the spearhead for our endeavors." "Helena Blavatsky, naturally attuned to Our Vibrations through centuries of association at Inner Levels and many embodiments of cooperative service while in physical bodies, became the medium through which We endeavored to bring a knowledge of The Masters to the people. Through the exertion of great effort and the production of much phenomena, We were able to reach a limited number of lifestreams, and the opening wedge into the consciousness of The West began." "Thus was the initial endeavor of Theosophy born. The Lords of Karma gave to Us a certain amount of Energy to use, which the lifestream had not earned, and so Kuthumi and Myself and The Mahachohan endeavored to use That Energy to the best advantage. We offered It then to Blavatsky and the founders to supplement their own faith and wisdom. Many is the night We sat and talked about how to confirm her appointment. We released to her the powers of precipitation and phenomena, everything to please the senses, everything to convince the reluctant consciousness of the outer self. We spent a great store of our allotted Energy in literally turning hand-springs in an endeavor to secure the faith and cooperation of those whom We lived to serve." "Hundreds of letters were written. Tons of logical records went into our correspondence. And out of it all We had at least a workable knowledge of The Law and of The Hierarchy available for those members of The Race who chose from time to time to honor Us by opening the pages of our books and examining the fruits of our labors, and so that cycle closed."

"The 20th Century dawned and again The Council of Lord Maitreya met. Again the energies were offered to assist Mankind to a workable knowledge of The Law and The Hierarchy. This time We decided that it would not be phenomena but radiation and feeling that would secure, for Us, brothers and sisters willing to be Ourselves in the world of form. I have, to the best of my ability, stood behind St. Germain in his endeavors to bring an understanding of The Law to the people. We are pleased and blessed, because in this century not only was the knowledge of The Law available, but the method by which the students could contribute their energies to the amount allowed Us by The Karmic Board was also provided. This has given Us more with which to work." "If I stand before The Karmic Board and offer to use My Life Energy to talk to you, The Karmic Board would ask, 'What benefit will the investment of your counsel bring to The Universe? Your Light is too valuable to be given for the amusement of Mankind, and if You invest It in human beings and there is no interest on your investment, You make karma for them by reason of their indolence and indifference'. I have thought a plenty before I have given of My Light to the people of Earth. I have watched That Light flow carrying the words of My Brothers and prayed to The God That made us all that someone on Earth would weave out of It a blessing." "The Master St. Germain, then, as His Cosmic Ray (The 7th Ray) began to strike the inner atmosphere preparing for The Cycle (The 7th Ray Cycle of 2,000 years) Which will close another 14,000-year period, felt it within the design of The Cosmic Law to begin to train dedicated lifestreams in the art of invocation and the direction of Light Rays (The I Am Activity) by which vortices of discord and the accumulated shadows of human thought and feeling might be dissolved." "The 3rd chapter of the book began in 1952 (The Bridge Activity). The trained spiritual lifestreams, chosen from among all those who applied for acceptance, had to receive some means by which they could cooperate with the current activities of The Great White Brotherhood, so rather than the scattered energies of individual groups rendering separate, distinct, and localized services, We might have a world-wide body of intelligent, cooperative chelas who could offer their breath in cooperation with The Ascended Master activity on a given date and form a conscious union between the human and The Divine." "Before this time, although The Brotherhood focused its energies at one place in each 30-day period, and although It one-pointedly called for certain activities to bless the people, The Cosmic Law limited the release because no energies from unascended Mankind were offered in cooperation with its endeavors. How could even the most earnest cooperate when the shadows of human thinking had shut off the directions of The God Mind and there was no outer channel to tell them of the activities." "For this reason, I again applied for the opportunity of reaching the outer mind of blessed chelas who wanted to cooperate but whose creations were yet such that they could not grasp the inner action clearly enough to participate. The Beloved Mahachohan gave Me a limited grant, saying that the response of the few whom I had chosen would determine whether I could continue such an association. With well justified trepidation, I endeavored to correspond with the most likely and promising of those who professed to love Us and our way. Their response made it possible for Me to continue This Endeavor." "Without The Hierarchy, The Earth would long ago have passed into oblivion, the electrons which compose It returned to The Universe, and the souls depending upon It for existence snuffed out like candles before the wind." "The momentum of energy drawn by a cooperative group of chelas builds through the years until it can be used by a Member of The Hierarchy to introduce a new Cause or Endeavor by Which We might drive the wedge of The Divine Will and Pattern of The Universe into the consciousness of Men."

"Among all the qualities of The Masters of Wisdom, gratitude is high, for We live but to serve, and We can serve only where We are accepted." Master Kuthumi: "Beloved Master Morya and Myself have worked since early in The 19th Century to reach the consciousness of Mankind through The Theosophical Society which We bless forever for having at least given an intellectual knowledge to so many people in The Occidental World. We are grateful also to all other channels who have faith in Us, for there is no way for The Spiritual White Brotherhood to reach Mankind of Earth except through some members of The Human Race who yet wear bodies of flesh. We must use their bodies, consciousness, the conviction and faith of their feeling worlds, and the clarity of reception in their mental bodies to convey The Pattern and Plan for The New Era. Therefore, the greatest individual service one can render Us is to purify and harmonize his own vehicles that We may have the freedom, through him and through his faith, to reach Mankind." Master El Morya: "The conception of The Bridge was in July, 1951, and its birth 9 months later, April, 1952. Looking upon the evolutions proceeding to avail themselves of the use of Life and opportunity in, through, and around The Planet Earth, I resolved to apply for permission to The Supreme Authority for This System to endeavor to reach the outer consciousness of some members of The Race and secure their limited but earnest cooperation in hastening the fulfillment of The Divine Plan." "Beloved Helios and Vesta (The Solar Logos), listening kindly to my petition, acquiesced to my suggested Plan and referred Me to the proper Authorities for confirmation of their dispensation, namely The Karmic Board, my immediate Superior (The Lord Mahachohan), and The Chohan Whose Cause I desired to supplement, The Ascended Master St. Germain. All of These Beings offered their consent to my endeavors, kindly withholding their own personal and individual opinions as to its efficacy due to the fact that the problematical and voluntary cooperation of unascended beings would more or less decide the fate of The Endeavor as well as its ultimate good as a progressive spiritual stimulant to the recalcitrant evolutions involved." "An ostentacious Journal was thus designed, completely devoted to Our Cause, wherein We might present our current activities with the illuminating knowledge as to what Retreats of The Great White Brotherhood were playing Host to The Spiritual Hierarchy in each 30-day cycle. To this was added a simply worded course of application by which the interested and worthy might join their voluntary energies to the primary Causes of a given hour." "From above, The Beloved Helios and Vesta blessed Our Idea and invested Us, together with the accepted chelas, in This Cause. From below, good lifestreams assisted Us according to their consciousness, developement, and understanding. Between the 2 a bridge was built and expanded to this present day. Over it many of The Hierarchy have stepped to bring their wealth of knowledge to the receptive consciousness of students, and over it, in time, many chelas will walk to Eternal Freedom." Lord Mahachohan: "The word-pictures given for your study and contemplation by The Divine Beings are not idly given. These addresses are thoughtfully prepared by Them when They are apprised of their opportunity to address you. Their words are an outpouring of their vital Life Energies, freely and lovingly offered, that you may take advantage of their experiences and example on the same path you are treading."

"No one, Angel or Master, has ever attained mastery without the help from Those Who have gone before, which had been drawn by earnest and constant prayers for help and guidance. Therefore, call to your own indwelling Christ or to any Member of The Heavenly Host with Whom you may have an affinity for the faith and constancy you require to hold you on The Path to Which you have been led by grace." Lord Mahachohan: "Anticipating the need for a new opportunity to release certain Forces Which would give that spiritual impetus to make every soul emit more Light, The Masters Morya and St. Germain requested, from The Sun (The Solar Logos), the right to create a new channel through which the instruction and the spiritual impetus might flow to meet The Cosmic Law's demands. The Christ Selves of The Race then put in a petition whereby They might throw the full weight, so to speak, of their influence into That Endeavor." "The Planet Earth, being so far behind its natural evolutionary course on the scale of Life, required a tremendous spiritual impetus to hasten its developement through the expanding consciousnes of its people. If existing Orders, after a given time, are not found sufficient to supply the necessary spiritual currents which are the impetus to the raising of the souls of Men, there are Cosmic Grants given for the establishment of a new spiritual organism, and some Members of The Great White Brotherhood, in cooperation with their chelas, apply to The Sun of Their System for The Grant required to set into motion The New Endeavor. This is what The Masters Morya and St. Germain received from The Heart of Helios and Vesta." Lord Mahachohan: "Master Morya within Himself determined, after looking upon the endeavors of The Beloved St. Germain since His Ascension in The 17th Century (May 1st, 1684), to secure a dispensation of some kind wherein He might supplement St. Germain's endeavors and secure an opportunity for a continuity of thought and consciousness by which students already developed and matured might be held at the rate of evolution which they had attained and progress therefrom. Beloved Morya approached Me upon this subject and asked for permission to take some of The Vital Energies Which I had drawn from The Sun and use Those Energies in cooperation with his own in creating This Endeavor. At that time, I told Him that if the response from the student body did not warrant the investment of Those Energies Which He was taking from my own Cosmic Stockpile and Which He was investing from his own world, He would have to make up that balance in some way. Beloved Morya said that He was most certainly willing to make that balance. I acquiesced to The Endeavor upon those terms." Master Serapis Bey: "Up until the securing of the dispensation whereby We might speak with you, We have had to render this service through radiation, through the impress of The Christ Self. Now We have the greater opportunity of sowing the seeds into your outer consciousness within which are the ideals We represent, The Plan and Purpose Which We serve, and the way and means by which you, as individual lifestreams, may cooperate with Us and, while redeeming your own energy, also help to set the rest of life free. The only reason for a contact between a God-free Being and a human being is the potential good that can be rendered the whole." Master El Morya: "With all of mankind's idiosyncrasies, strengths, and weaknesses, I hoped to try to bring this era of cosmic invocation into being on the wave of The Beloved St. Germain's Endeavor (The I Am Acitivity). I have tried to hold those already trained in the use of The Violet Fire and the powers of

invocation from sinking back into the inertia of the outer mass mind, which is like quicksand and which, at the slightest doubt, absorbs even the most zealous in its maw. Seeing all this, and seeing that the quicksand of doubt and fear and lethargy was waiting to suck the aspiring but disappointed souls back into itself, I asked The Karmic Board for the opportunity of inspiring them to new endeavors." Master El Morya: "Long has The Planet Earth been the problem child of The Universe, and for many ages Those of Us Who belong to The Brotherhood have considered the ways and means by which It might be moved forward. Through many Great Beings embodying upon The Earth, We have endeavored to stir the reluctant energy of Mankind to a point where We could get Them interested in the sublimation of the personal self, and the spiritual history of the planet records, with some degree of accuracy, that We were successful in a few cases at least, but this was not enough. It was not enough when you think of the millions of lifestreams who, for so many eons of time through the use of free will, refused to be a part of their own or the planet's evolution and, through the various avenues of escape of the human senses, closed their consciousness against The Divine Plan." "Now, through a double activity all this has been changed; firstly, through the persuasion of The Karmic Board by Beloved St. Germain and Myself that if lifestreams on Earth knew of these conditions they would help through their own individual application to change them; secondly, having secured permission from The Karmic Board to prove our assertion, our next step was to secure the attention of a handful of chelas who had to rely upon their hearts rather than their sight in recognizing Our Presence and Reality. After this was accomplished, We had to draw them together and prod them onward, sometimes by praise and sometimes by the spur, to a point where We could, by the use of their own projected consciousness, make them acquainted with the needs of the moment and then hope that, through their intelligent grasp of the situation, they would make calls for its accomplishment thus fulfilling, on their part, The Cosmic Law governing the evolution of The Mankind of Earth." Lord Mahachohan: "In a Great Cosmic Council of The Brotherhood, dedicated to The Mankind of Earth, at Which it was my privilege and prerogative, as Mahachohan, to preside, it was shown that while thousands of individuals had become aware of The Great White Brotherhood and of the fact that there was a Plan and Design for the redemption of The Race through its intervention, yet the consciousness of the people had fallen so low that there was no point of contact between The Masters' Plan and the willing but uninformed chela. There seemed to be no way or means provided whereby this hope and promise could be fed into the intellectual selves of those who were eager to cooperate but unable to find the way." "Along The 7 Rays (The 7 Departments of The Spiritual Hierarchy), The Chohans (or Lords of The 7 Rays) reported the same thing, good material but no bridge. It was then that Beloved Morya presented the idea of forming an alliance or bridge by which The Brotherhood could reach the people and allow The Karmic Board to determine, by the result of such an action, whether the investment of energy was worthy of The Grant." "The Beloved Helios and Vesta acquiesced to the experiment, and I was delegated with the authority to give The 7 Chohans rein to connect the consciousness of their people with The Will of God if they could provide and sustain such a bridge. The Lords of Karma passed on the proposal, and The Christ Selves of The Race eagerly began their endeavors to create the individual bridges (the antahkaranas) which are the natural connection between each outer self and his Higher Mind (The I Am Presence), and this whole New Endeavor is the result of such cooperative activity."

Master El Morya: "I have contended for some ages that it was an important principle, in the endeavors of The Great White Brotherhood to serve The Race, to secure the conscious, intelligent cooperation of unascended beings. I have felt that the efficacy of the well-meaning was limited, not so much due to willful disobedience as from ignorance resulting from the veil clouding the spiritual sight and vision. For many ages, I have awaited the opportunity to prove my point in the world of form. The recent dispensation granted Me, to reach the conscious mind of the chelas, has proven that a mind sharpened, an intellect illumined, and a consciousness spiritually nourished will produce effects of merit even through limited and impure energies. My point, well proven, has been accepted by Beloved Sanat Kumara, My Beloved Teacher, The Mahachohan, and The Lords of Karma." Master St. Germain: "By reaching the consciousness of Beloved Godfre (Guy Ballard) and then reaching the students (of The I Am Activity), We began the initial impulse in teaching individuals how to decree impersonally to bless Life. From the metaphysical channels, which are so often charged with selfishness, the consciousness of the students came into an understanding of serving impersonally for the good of the whole. Then, through the offices of Beloved Morya, We were enabled to focus the powers of invocation on the need of the hour, on the crisis at Inner Levels which could be averted by the intercession of unascended beings whose energies could be offered to expiate certain currents of force (through The Bridge Activity)." Master El Morya: "To open the door from The Ascended Master Realm whereby The Members of The Hierarchy may present their words, Their Radiation, and specific services in The Cause of world freedom and evolution of spiritual maturity is my service to Life. To this end did I devise a way and means by which specific spiritual nourishment might infiltrate, not only the consciousness of the students, but the very atmosphere in which Mankind abides. I secured permission to put My Plan into operation if I could secure the cooperation and voluntary assistance of embodied lifestreams." Master St. Germain: "Each Chohan (of The 7 Rays), when He begins a New Endeavor, has to enter the heart of the silence and find out how to present The Law through the vibratory action that can best reach the minds of the people embodied. It is the souls of embodied Mankind that The Chohan must serve. The Karmic Board, through Cosmic Law, decides who is to come into embodiment, who is to get the benefit of The Radiation during every 2,000-year Cycle. Then The Chohan, Who is The Heart of The Radiation for that 2,000 years, has to draw forth, from The Heart of God, a way and means of presenting That Aspect of Truth and open the centers (chakras) so that the individuals, who are his charges in That Cycle, will get the greatest possible benefit." "The Lord of The World (Sanat Kumara) works with each successive Chohan in this service. When it became apparent that I was to have the opportunity of representing The Freedom Flame (The Violet Flame of The 7th Ray) in this 2,000-year Cycle (The Aquarian Age or Era), as The Great Cosmic Wheel turns, I had no more to work with than you have. I had only My Consciousness, My Mind, my feelings, and access to God and The Universal Wisdom through contemplation. People think that as soon as One becomes Ascended everything is laid out before Him. That is not true. Each of Us on the scale and ladder of evolution up to Alpha and Omega Themselves (The Great Central Sun of The Galaxy) has to draw forth, consciously, ways and means to fulfill his part in The Divine Plan, and I am sure that Alpha and Omega do the same with The Superior Sun of The Galaxy of Galaxies."

"First, I had to find a place free enough of aetheric records so that the consciousness of Mankind would not be over-laid with the tremendous blood records and fears of the past. America was such a place. Then I had to find individuals whom I could reach by whatever means I could evolve, individuals who would believe in Me, those whose consciousness was receptive enough to get My Vibration and share My Vision. This was not too difficult for I had friends of many ages. These individuals I endeavored to contact, first, through the offices of H.P. Blavatsky and others, then through Mr. and Mrs. Ballard (The I Am Activity of the 1930's)." "Then there was before Me the problem of how to benefit The Race quickly. One day while I was within the heart of the silence, Archangel Zadkiel (The Archangel of The 7th Ray) and Eloah Arcturus (of The 7 Elohim) gave to Me the idea of training people in the power of invocation, in the power of magnetization, and in the power of conscious decrees. That day was the happiest day in my service as a Chohan, for I knew that which could be accomplished through individual and group endeavor would hasten the evolution by millions of years. The establishment of groups of people upon the surface of The Earth who could create forcefields, magnetic centers to draw The Angels, The Devas, and The Powers of God, that became my next Endeavor. Such groups were established. Decree patterns were set up. And a certain limited understanding of The Spiritual Law of The I Am entered the consciousness of the people." "Then Beloved Morya and Lord Mahachohan came to Me with the opportunity to expand the understanding of a few who could sense My Vibration and who would be willing to step across the abyss of reason into a new world. These crossed that abyss upon the bridge of faith and became creators of forcefields which are magnetic currents drawing The Presence of The Ascended Host and The Spiritual Radiation from above." "Arcturus, Zadkiel, and Myself set into action, at Inner Levels, a Plan whereby you might learn to magnetize more Power and more Light, to expand your own sphere of influence, then collectively form a pull on God Beings Who, for the most part, have chosen to ignore The Planet Earth considering It a blot in The Solar System. There is no Power That can deny the magnetic pull of your heart. Remember, any Cosmic Being, The Sun Itself, any Angel, Deva, or Power of Light must respond to the magnetic pull of your heart in invocation." "The chakras within you should be positive radiating centers in the knowledge of the mastery of The I Am, in the knowledge of The Presence of The Angels, The Masters, The Devas, and The Powers of Light, in the knowledge that there is no limitation, no ill health, distress, disintegration, nor death. You are provided with 2 powers, the same as The Sun (The Solar Logos): the power of magnetization to draw to you only that which you want and the power of radiating what you wish to give. Until you learn to control those 2 powers, you are a plaything for any energy that chooses to attach itself to you. Remember, you are endowed with the power to magnetize and to radiate. That is the whole substance of The Law of Activity. What you do with those 2 powers will determine what you shall be. The master control of energy from within their own hearts is the lesson for which all people took embodiment." "Each one of you is a pillar in a foundation upon which We shall build a permanent Golden Age for This Planet Earth until, emitting the sweet Music of The Spheres and radiating the color tone of Violet It becomes truly a Jewel in The Crown of a Great Galaxy to Which It belongs." Master Kuthumi: "When Lord Maitreya began to design the world religion with The Ascended Master St. Germain for His 7th Ray Cycle (the current 2,000-year Cycle), They had to take into consideration first, the amount of Eternal Light The Planet Earth and its people were required to give forth by Cosmic Law or be dissolved, and second, the capacity of the 10 billion souls to receive and understand the deeper instruction given. This was no easy task because the climax of the 14,000-year Cycle should have been reached and every lifestream already developed to the status of a Christ under

The 6th Ray (The Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism), the mastery as expressed through The Master Jesus (The Chohan of The 6th Ray)." "Then, as The 7th Ray comes in and the ceremonial activity is developed, the entire evolution should have been ready to participate in the glorious cooperation between the visible Angelic Host, The Divine Men and Women, and the shining Elemental Kingdom." Pallas Athena: "When a Being desires to bring forth a New Movement, That Being presents It to Vesta (The Feminine Aspect of The Solar Logos) Who vests Him with the power to bring That Movement forth, or That Cause. Then, in cooperation with certain Ascended Master Sponsors, He goes through The 7 Spheres (of The Planet Earth), and looking at the glory of the causal bodies abiding therein, He asks for the assistance of certain ones who are prepared to help Him." "I am The God-Mother of Messengers, all of The Messengers That carry The Word, The Word Truth, because no matter how limited its expression may be, It carries part of My Life through When Beloved Vesta invests the energy of a lifestream into a Cause pertaining to the carrying Truth to Mankind or any evolutionary scheme, then such a one must come to Me (The Goddess Truth)." Lord Mahachohan: "From time to time individual lifestreams are chosen by The Guardians of The Race because of the accumulation in the causal body and given opportunity of becoming part of a Cause Which forwards The Divine Plan for the planet and its evolutions. By accepting the opportunity to serve when it is offered by The Karmic Board, The Lord of The World, or His Representatives, they greatly hasten their own evolution." "When an individual or group comes to a certain point of developement and, at the same time, a cosmic moment is struck in the history and evolution of a planet or System, The Governing Board of The Spiritual Hierarchy presents to possible servers The Plan, The Vision, and the part which each one, individually or collectively as part of that group, may play in the world scene." "As the wise director carefully casts the members of his play, so does The Director of The Cosmic Scene carefully designate those who might effectively further The Divine Plan through the world of form. Then, voluntarily, the individual soul or ego may accept or reject the opportunity to serve, although he is fully aware that, through this service, he may achieve his own Eternal Freedom." "It is a solemn and serious meeting when The Masters present a Plan Which they would like to externalize to a group of individuals at Inner Levels. They throw their developed Plan on The Cosmic Screen showing the accomplishment by which an entire Race will receive perhaps the use of the electric light, the airplane, the removal of certain so-called incurable diseases, or some other racial benefit." "All those disembodied, who have been selected by The Silent Watchers (The Logoi of The Planets) as being capable of comprehending This Vision and carrying It through the veil of birth to fruition, are present. All those, who qualify through work well done through the ages, enjoy the spectacle and are filled with the enthusiasm of The Sponsor. This part of the activity is beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting." "Then, as each individual who professes a willingness to be a part of That Cause comes forward, he is forced to look upon his own karma which stands like an obstacle or a wall between him and the fulfillment of his part, and here many drop from the roll of volunteers, leaving only the boldest, the of It. of of

strongest, or the most loving who are willing to take The Vision in one hand, as it were, and the weight of their karma in the other and, passing through the gates of birth, endeavor to externalize The Vision, expiate the karma, and keep the faith. For each one who has accepted the mission, a thousand who were perhaps better qualified to peform the service have refused to accept the responsibility."