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The Birth Empowerment Course:

Session Five

Links & Extras

Hello, sweet soul!

The first link of this For those of

session is a book review.

you who are new to pregnancy or new to a holistic view of pregnancy I highly recommend reading Magical

Beginnings, Enchanted Lives,

by Deepak Chopra. This book gives a fresh, uncomplicated perspective on pregnancy from a truly holistic point of view. You can purchase the entire book in my Conscious Birth Shop. ull-view

Here's a fascinating article from the Natural Child Project (excellent website all around, incidentally--their work is so very valuable--check out more of their articles if you've got time!), discussing the possibility of pre-birth communication between mother and child. They use the word 'soul' but do not ascribe any religious specifics to it, so you're free to overlay any sort of spiritual context to it, or none at all. th_hallett3.html Next is a very convincing article by Birth Without Fear (a vital resource, by the way!)...

...on why chiropractic care is so incredibly helpful to the pregnant body: 24/how-chiropractic-can-help-with-yourpregnancy-and-birth/ And if that's not thorough enough, here's the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association's article on chiropractic care during pregnancy:

Are you struggling with hip pain, feeling like your pelvic joints are out of alignment, or popping?

Check out this great UK-based site explaining Pelvic Girdle Pain, previously called SPD. Chiropractic care is supposedly an amazing help for this ailment, which becomes more common in 2

and subsequent pregnancies. Tired of just walking to get some exercise? This article discusses the benefits of bellydancing during pregnancy! Did you know bellydance originated as movements to facilitate labor and birth? Fascinating, and so fun to try: /October05/childbearing.htm

Fitness is one thing that's too often overlooked during pregnancy, even though it's so important to our health and well-being. Sometimes, just having a friend or two who's willing to help keep you accountable and walk with you several times a week is all it takes. There are many easy and fun options for getting some fitness in, including workout DVDs, free prenatal yoga online, and even an online workout gym called that's especially designed for mothers! They're definitely worth checking out!

Finally, this refreshing article, written by a Texas Obstetrician, discusses the signs that your care provider might be planning to give you an unnecessarian, or unnecessary Cesarean secion. option=com_wordpress&Itemid=205&lan g=en&p=89

Remember to take very good care of yourSelf and your body!