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ChE 312 Process Synthesis & Design Feedback and Marking Sheet for Portfolio Student name: _____________________________

Total mark: ______ (max. 100)

Task 1. Information on designated product (20 marks)
Criterion Information content Scoring Little thought given to the material; largely irrelevant information included Most topic areas covered adequately, but some gaps; selected article (part c) is more than 2 years old or is not commercial All topic areas covered with appropriate balance; recent article is commercially relevant and well summarised

Mark: ______ Choice of information sources 0 None specified, or main sources were nonprofessional (such as Wikipedia or student projects on the Internet) 5 One or two professional information sources used or some lesser quality sources included 10 Three or more professional sources used (e.g. Ullmanns, ICIS Chemical Business, news wires, manufacturers websites, ...)

Mark: ______ Key economic data 0 None specified, or main sources were nonprofessional 2 Some topic areas given were covered; used lesser quality sources; some evidence of literature consultation 4 Covered all topic areas stated with good breadth and depth; used professional and valid data sources

Mark: ______ Subtotal: _______

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Task 2. Process flow diagram (40 marks)

Criterion Justification of process selection Scoring None specified, or brief description given without much thought on selection rationale Procedure employed in process selection described; one or two selection criteria included Procedure employed in process selection described; three or more selection criteria given

Mark: ______ Process flow diagram (PFD) 0 None given, or block flow diagram or other type of diagram other than the PFD provided 2 Simple PFD provided with one or more key components (e.g. piping, equipment, valves, etc.) missing 5 Engineering PFD complete with streams, major equipment, major control valves, major bypass & recirculation streams, operational data, stream names

Mark: ______ Process key technical and performance data

0 None specified, or other irrelevant information provided

6 Few process key technical and performance data provided, or used lesser quality sources

12 Sufficient data on reactor separation and other discussed (e.g. effectiveness, efficiency, quality, productivity, safety, equipment & catalyst details, and etc.), with reference to valid professional data sources

Mark: ______ Process details 0 None given, or other irrelevant information presented 6 One or more required process data missing, or with wrong basis of finished product, or used lesser quality sources 12 All required data given (i.e. raw materials, catalyst if any, utility), used valid data sources, and on correct basis

Mark: ______ Additional information 0 No or inadequate additional information provided regarding the process 3 Adequate additional information addressing some of the topic areas, but some insight lacking, some evidence of literature consultation 6 Professional additional information presented, good breadth and depth, valid literature used for reference

Mark: ______ 0 Subtotal: _______ 2 5

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Task 3. Mass and energy balances including HYSYS simulation (30 marks)
Criterion HYSYS simulation Scoring No simulation performed, or lack of evidence that simulation was performed Simulation performed on HYSYS, but with errors; new flowsheet with mass balance numbering scheme & calculation basis provided; final mass balance table presented Essentially correct HYSYS simulation; new flowsheet with numbering scheme used for mass balance presented; basis of calculation provided; final mass balance table presented

Mark: ______ 0 Subtotal: _______ 7 12

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Task 4. Report (10 marks)

Criterion Report introduction Mark: ______ 1 Report conclusions Not given Conclusions given but not clearly linked to the study 2 Conclusions drawn are supported by study conducted; page limit respected Scoring Introduction presented but with unclear report structure Introduction presented along with clear description of the structure of the report

Mark: ______ 0 Many errors in spelling, grammar and formatting; structure is difficult to follow; graphics are unclear; references missing or missing essential information 1 A few spelling, grammatical and formatting mistakes; report structure is logical; graphics acceptable, but may be poorly scaled or similar; referencing attempted but with style errors 2 Essentially free from spelling, grammatical and formatting mistakes; structure is logical and clear; graphics of professional standard; well referenced and in Chicago style

Report writing quality

Mark: ______ 1 Subtotal: _______ 2 6

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