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THE FILM KARMA AND KARTAVYA By Kailash ch Sabat-7207884783

Diplomacy is key to success of economic laws. A letter to shri Kamla Hassan because a big mind needs a larger scope.

When I wrote the Article the extreme movies and the actors on vishwaroop movie supporting Hon Jayalalitha s decision to ban the movie in Tamilnadu,internally I was hurt to anyway affect the psychology of a big personality. But God is great .He gives some new chances to everbody.I thought why not to work on that. Country Type of Diplomacy required as is obvious from 100 of years. The USA South Axis polarisation The West Commercial policy Germany Princeples and goods from Germany Russia War ties,poverty alleviation,space technology China China first and communist policy Japan Base for Japanese goods South Africa Investment and education sharing Middle East Support to Religious sentiments Any Prime minister who understands these in addition to knowledge of book economics is successful, no doubt which had been proved in case of Indira ji and Pt Nehru.As well Atalji worked to some extent on this point. We may make movies on communal wars but when world is thriving for a human religion how we work on favoring or criticizing another. A storyA mother parrot says the children to fly away when the hunter comes and make that by heart.But actually when the hunter comes the children simply utter the sentce that fly away when Hunter comes but dont move.
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From 1991 to 2013 was the testing time of our economic foundation.Why and How ? No doubt Dr Singh was a great scholar.But what about diplomacy? Simply visiting or pushing the export and getting the technology from them diplomatically. Problems 1. Lost to dollar 2. Unemployment is high 3. Lagging on sports 4. Slums are growing 5. Value education to poor missing 6. Pollution is high 7. In the habit of alleging good people. 8. Inflation is a major concern 9. Medicine cost are a far cry 10. Oil price a day dream 11. Onion politics of Delhi 12. High building cost---How there is no control on essential commodities??? 13. Loans to unemployed poor with skill education. 14. Current deficit and fiscal deficit work outs Mr Hassan along with two brothers Mr John and Ram charan is a journalist and writes on these factors and his love priyanka is from a poor back ground and faces the problems economic depression starting from managing the Home to medicine cost and fights with the current authorities. Mr Hassan makes appeal to the authorities and his name increases as he goes on meeting higher and higher authorities and ultimately solves his problem on the table of Mr Obama. Thats how he understands that diplomacy of favours is the key factors and not merely knowledge to tackle an issue.

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Comedy part should be larger as irony of Govt decision on Economic problems and the way they show up that they have contributed to the growth is quite ridiculous.And action part be minimum. SWADESHI SHOULD BE THE KEY WORD FOR SOLVING DOLLAR PROBLEM As we know Mr prakash Jha director of Satya graham has focused upon. I visited some companies and saw Machines Exporter Country Shoe Machines China Succs machine Italy Scanning machine Germany The USA TV ,motor car From Japan Defence material Russia ,UK and The USA He must write and meet diplomats for increasing our innovations. He must strive to divide the country on 100 economic zones and every zone manufacturing the goods necessary for the regional requirement. There is no unemployment concept as is in china and income gape is minimum.

He strives for his lover to achieve the goal and ultimately succeeds.

An article from kailash Entertaining India since last 12 years

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