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Worksheet 1: Adjective-Forming Suffixes The following suffixes often form adjectives:

-able -ish

-ible -en

-ful -y

-less -ive

-ous -ant

-ual -ent

-ic -ate

Notice how these adjective-forming suffixes convert nouns or verbs to adjectives.


The beauty of the countryside surrounded us.


The beautiful countryside surrounded us.

Select any noun or verb from the lists below. On your own paper, write a sentence that uses that word as a noun or a verb. Then write a sentence that uses the adjective form of the word. Continue this process for nine more nouns or verbs. When you finish, you should have twenty sentences.

Noun or Verb envy response help penny glory grade artist passion fool

Adjective Enviable responsible helpful penniless glorious gradual artistic passionate foolish

wood fog attract resist persist manage sense beauty home danger act magnet fortune self gold rust progress import depend

wooden foggy attractive resistant persistent manageable sensible beautiful homeless dangerous actual magnetic fortunate selfish golden rusty progressive important dependent

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