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This type of projects represents a challenge in three major fields:
Economic viability and financing. A project of this magnitude requires a huge investment. There is usually a need to seek for a strong financial partner in order to canalize investment and minimize risks. Gestamp Solar brings the financial strength and expertise collected after many years in the PV business, with over 300MW PV finished and over 2300MW currently in advanced development. RENAULT 55 MW Legality Regulations in renewable energies’ field are constantly changing, sometimes even while a project is in construction. Gestamp Solar legal experts have strongly contributed towards project’s success, merging previous experiences with Corporación Gestamp seriousness and countries’ strategic weight as a global player with production facilities in over 25 countries with over 27.000 employees. Technical challenge Project implementation must happen without disturbing the normal day to day activity in the factory/plant. It is necessary to deal with important technical constraints, respect distances and space requirements to ensure proper access to both trucks and transport vehicles as well as to emergency and safety units. The optimization of the available surface in order to achieve the maximum nominal installed capacity is always a challenge for Gestamp Solar’s engineers.

240.000 modules placed over parking shelters, constitute the biggest roof-top project in the world. The specially designed structure brings special protection for brand-new cars and nigh-lightning. During module installation, the paving and ground lines painting were renewed.

In mid 2011 Gestamp Solar finished implementation of “SEAT al sol” photovoltaic Project, that allows clean electricity generation in SEAT’s factory in Martorell, Barcelona. This project, consisting in parking shelters and rooftop PV installations, is SEAT’s strong bet for CO2 emissions reduction and environmental care, profiting of photovoltaic great advantages and light-speed reducing installation costs.

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Green energy project developed and constructed for Nevada´s Army National Guard, built in 3 phases located in Las Vegas (2) and Carson City (1) over parking shelters in a surface of 40.000 square meters.

One of the photovoltaic pioneer roof tops in Europe, mounted over Lamborghini’s facilities in Bologna, Italy. It is part of the company’s strategic objectives to contribute, towards environmental protection and become a “green manufacturer”.

NEVADA ARMY National Guard 3 MW
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A company of Gestamp Renewables

Corporación Gestamp

Gestamp Solar

The strength of a Business Group
Global Presence R&D Industrial Capacity Financial Strength

Global presence
North America 9 Industrial Plants 4 Commercial Offices 1.500 Employees Europe 57 Industrial Plants 17 Commercial Offices 20.000 Employees

71 MW in large roof tops
...and 120 MW projected, mostly on parking shelters. Gestamp Solar has installed 71 MW of PV electricity generation facilities of some of the most important automobile manufactures in the world.
parking shelters

roof top

Quality Guarantees

Supply Chain Management

Corporación Gestamp is an european, multinational leader in steel service centers, automotive components and renewable energy. Comprised of three large divisions – Gonvarri Steel Industries, Gestamp Automoción and Gestamp Renewables – the holding has a strong global presence, with nearly of hundred industrial plants in more than 25 countries worldwide and global business revenues in excess of €5,5 billion annually. Our efforts are focused on providing our clients integrated solutions customized to their needs.

With the goal of supporting sustainable growth with in the corporation, we focus in the quality and the conservation of the environment wich are in line with the strategy of our business. Therefore our plants are certified under regulation ISO 9.001 and regulation ISO 14.001. A professional team in the industrial sector of more than 27,000 employees worldwide is the fundamental pillar which makes our future growth possible. Gestamp Solar is built upon on the strength of Corporación Gestamp, and photovoltaic solar energy is our hope for the future.

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Vehicle and material protection against meteorological elements Cost reduction in insurances Infrastructure improvements Ecological and green image Availability of electricity

Largest parking shelter facility in the world
Renault and Gestamp Solar have recently launched a 55 MW solar photovoltaic roof project (parking shelters) through an innovative partnership. Gestamp Solar prepares and adapts Renault facilities in order to install solar modules over the awnings that shelter brand-new cars outside 5 factories in France. The total area to be covered this way is about 370,000 square meters, which will result in 55 MW of nominal power generating capacity. The facilities hosting PV generation plants are Douai, Maubeuge, Flins, Batilly and Sandouville. The solar panels will cover the areas corresponding to new cars’ delivery and dispatch in the facilities of Douai, Maubeuge, Flins Batilly and Sandouville as well as the staff car parkings in Maubeuge. They will decrease the CO2 emissions in 9,000 tons every year, delivering the annual electricity consumed by 13,000 households. With this achievement Gestamp Solar settles its position as world leader in park shelter and roof top projects. Renault’s installation is the largest project ever carried out in France in terms of megawatts, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and giving a true ecological image to the automotive industry. According to this plan, Renault is aiming to cut its carbon footprint by 10% by 2013, and then by another 10% by 2016. The construction of parking shelters installations started in June 2011, while completion will be achieved in February 2012.

The Gestamp Corporation centers its industrial activity in three business lines:

Steel Service Centers and Renewable Industries

Renewable energies

Components for the automotive industry

South America 12 Industrial Plants 2 Commercial Offices 3.000 Employees

Africa Commercial Offices

Asia 17 Industrial Plants 2 Commercial Offices 2.500 Employees

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