Lesson plan

➔Exploring, decay/decomposition:
● Collecting, buying, digging up different materials.

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● Looking at and recording how they change (using drawings, photos). ● Making maps to show where they are buried. All ages could participate. ● Fits in well with summer for example burying grasses in the soil/lawn clippings decay quickly. ● Composting - putting uneaten snacks in a different bin to use or compost in garden to grown plants.

➔Exploring shadows:
● Measuring shadows at different times of day/year. ● Drawing around shadows, making shadows. ● Linking to weather in different countries. (Maybe more difficult for younger children).

➔Exploring ice:
● Measuring how long it takes to melt in -- hot water, cold water, adding salt, insulating it. ● Putting in different places outside - where does it melt first/last. Fill balloons, rubber gloves, different shape containers. ● In milk cartons - make blocks to build with. Putting things inside ice, natural objects, make ice art, easier to include younger children. Add colour to ice. Make ice lollies with fruit and water.

● All children to learn a song in he different languages and post a video on the blog. Also skype the songs. ● Send portcards from Krtek Example to Uk, ”Children in Uk will miss him”. Continue this idea, Spain to Sweden, Czech to Spain.

➔Visit local park, woods or beach (choose which is convenient for school):
● Activities: Treasure hunt and Quiz (appropriate for all ages) Photos, video, blog to share

Lesson plan

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● Activities with Krtek during circle time/the forest. Take him on trips. Summer festivals ● Write a story about Krtek. Czech start and each country add to the story.

➔Recreated ideas from each visits:
● Ideas taken from trip to Sweden to recreate in home country and put on the blog. ● Using maps with the children. ● Creating HEYPOS area in the classroom. ● Photos / drawings of investigations from the experiment.

➔Food and culture:
● Each country shares experiences/traditions/topics etc. -- UK : Summer Term harvesting, cooking, eating our fruits and vegetables (planting and growing) Annual beach trip (July) Keeping chickens in the garden Farm trip ● Each country to upload a recipe that is typical for that country and is simple to prepare. Be aware of allergies. Recipe ideas: Spain: cheesecake, Sweden: soft ginger cake, England: rubab crumble, Czeck: apple strudel ● Share typical stories that are favorite in each class: (in different languages) Sweden: Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstockings) England: Superwarm, The 3 pigs Spain: Little Red Riding Hood

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