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-Erosion on materials that can’t stand heavy loads, OTHERS
INSPECTION FORM frictions and repeatedly usage.
(1). DEFECT CATEGORIES : PLEASE MARK ONLY -Corrosion happens as the materials are being exposed -Plant growth
to sun, rain without no anti-corrosion coating. -Late repair
-Changes in structural element
-CATEGORY 1 (1>25%): still in good condition, can be
observe, replace & repair) -Disengagement of materials happen as it is easily
broken, fragile to debris. This is because of exposure to (3).TYPES OF DEFECT
-CATEGORY 2 (26>50%): averagely, need to be observed sun.
& replace/repair as scheduled) -Abraded (haus)
-Others. -Bend
-CATEGORY 3 (51-75%): serious, need to be replaced -Blister
-Can’t be close
-CATEGORY 4(76-100%): critically, must be replaced -It doesn’t have quality observation during construction -Can’t be lock
-Can’t be open
(2).CAUSE(s) OF DEFECT -Quality of material is not being proper observed, from -Collapse
the aspect of how it is being used or installed. -Curve
-Weak quality of inspection. Lack competency of
-Exposure to sunlight causes the building façade to inspection. -Disengage (lerai)
crack, fade. -Electrocuted
-Lack preparation of protection towards sun exposure -Erosion
-Changes of temperature cause crack and building and rain during construction works. -Fade
materials contract.
-Unstable of site preparation problem happens as the soil -Hole
-Rain causes humidity, rot, and leakage. is now well compacted. -Hollow
-Wind and dust causes dirty stain, erosion that can spoil -Others. -Lost
certain components. -Mold
-Not functioning
-Impact of the surrounding developments is something -Poor Installation
-Humidity can affect the stability of the building that can’t be avoid. It can gives impact towards -Relocation of building
structure, can cause the growth of algae, fungi and plant surrounds building. -Rough surface
growth on buildings. -Rust
-Others. -Sagging (tergantung)
-Increase of water level causes dampness on building
-Split (rekah)
walls, weakens the strength of a building as corrosion USAGE AND OUTER PRESSURE -Spotty surface
occurs, spoils the paint of a building. -Stagnant
-Misused of existing facilities by the parties for private -Torn
-others usage. -Unstable
-Unsuitable Installation
DURABILITY OF MATERIALS -Vandalism towards material, building components and -Vandalism
elements by irresponsible parties. -Vibration
-Short term of usage and easily spoil as the strength of -Weather
material is low and sensitive towards outer environment. -Chemical agents being used to clean up the building as
it can erodes the surface of the building.
-Insects and fungi on materials timber based easily
attacked by insects. -Others.

-Absorption of water.

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