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Sacred Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House



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Sacred Astrology
Thousands of Years Old Indian Vedic Astrology is Deeper than Human Imagination. Here an attempt has been made to bring out some of its salient features for those Interested souls and can contact the author for individual consultations

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Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House
Rahu in 1

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I am a keen student of Indian Vedic Astrology, studying it since many years, as I firmly believe no human being can ever claim to have totally studied, understood & mastered vedic astrology, and hence a student. View my complete profile

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The Rahu in the First House is good for the native; it brings him a measure of support which will enable him to succeed in life. It is also a sign of wealth from the intellectual standpoint: a practical imagination, an inventive and fruitful mind. This position is good for the health. The Ketu, being in the Seventh House, signifies worries and troubles regarding partners. It often indicates a very material union, so that if the planets are well-placed in the Horoscope this position will be fortunate for money and material things, but where marriage is concerned, not for the emotions. Person must develop his/her own initiative and their own personal power. They would have relied too much on other people in the past, and have been dependent on or dominated by others. Now they must work and carve out their own destiny. Through their own efforts and own actions, they will gain the confidence and self-reliance they need. This person tends to learn to do things for himself/herself, to rely on their own initiative. Life seems to force them constantly into situations where they will have to act under their own volition. He/she should develop a personality that the public identifies as being individual; and he/she needs to take a personal stand on things. Rahu in the first is forced constantly to project himself, depending upon the sign position. The sign would indicate the reason for the projection of self. He/she will need to accomplish things through the power of his personality, and to develop self-sufficiency. Ketu in the seventh is self-negation. There is danger here that the individual will try to indulge in all kinds of relationships. His/her partnerships can become so involved that he/she may lose his/her individuality in other. This gives the probability that the person will marry successfully later in life. There is always a secret fear of losing the marriage partner. It gives innate knowledge and talent of how to be a good partner. Along with this comes dissatisfaction because of the Ketu person’s overly idealistic image of a partner. Marriage in this ideal sense may be tried many times and many times denied. He/she is not rational where partnerships are concerned, especially when Ketu is in the sign of Libra. Ketu in Scorpio in the seventh is troubled with sexual idealism and / or the partner’s financial status. The person is capable of counselling others despite his own personal problems, or more probably

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5/11/2013 5:40 PM

. and. he/she becomes an Now! extremist. and this person may or may not take heavy partnership responsibility. he/she fell into the trap of depending upon undependable people. Individuality is… please. In former incarnations. Money. he/she develops the tendency to become too over-assertive. ► 2009 (3) ► 2008 (4) ► 2007 (34) because of them. it www. Family and Work: Your These Nodes indicate past incarnations in which the individual Free 2013 Astrology submerged his identity in the affairs of others. This is extremely difficult. and the personality can be action-oriented. the partnership activities are often a drag for them in many ways.Sacred Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House http://sacred-astrology. in the light of his own singular vibration. Speaking Tree Now He/she must ultimately learn how to assume gracefully the role of leadership. Now the highest growth potential is to establish a Get the right sense of self without shutting off completely the benefits of beauty tips for your skin from the marriage and partnerships. he/she actually extinguishes himselfherself in the causes of he/she has made himself a reflection of an ideal peculiarly Horoscope for Mar opposite to his own basic nature.blogspot. Beautiful Skin All of his important experiences revolved around docile KayaClinic. Through an instinctive knowledge that his/her Achilles heel or weak spot is in the ways that he/she can allow himself to be put into the position of being taken advantage of in acquiescence. March 2013 His/her first house Rahu now brings to him/her the awareness that Horoscope somehow he/she has lost his identity. Strong aggressive tendencies are displayed. he/she never stopped to reflect on how their same Astrology for situations and circumstances played an important role in his/her 2013 own eyes. Other Useful Links Astro-Kundali Astrodienst Get Free Horoscopes Indian Vedic Astrology Pt Sanjay Rath Sacred Astrology Alternate Location Sri Jagannath This individual is here to go through experiences which challenge the self. www. He/she tries too hard to make up for what he/she feels he/she has lost. He/she starts focusing every part of the life energy around the desire to lead rather than to be led. Too often when he/she becomes aware Experts. Submerged in the desire to speakingtree. He/she therefore allows their thoughts and opinions of him to influence his own sense of identity.elitematrimo… Ultimately he/she must come out of the bondage of trying to be all Exclusive things to all people. because he/she has had so much prior-life experience in being submissive. In their recent past life. 2 of 7 5/11/2013 5:40 PM . Apply of all he/she has sacrificed through his Ketu. This condition signifies that the personal values are more important than general public or partnership(s). Free Spending too much time trying to help others understand themselves. Love.. but they have to learn to cope with that.numerology-… now becomes difficult for him/her to see who he/she really is. for Rich & Affluent His/her soul memories of co-operation and teamwork are so strong that every time he/she falls back on them. Matchmaking Service From establish who he/she really is. Other people or partnerships become a medium of learning experiences with or without choice. He/she must escape from living in BharatMatrimony the shadow of other people’s lives. In reality. As a result of putting the accent outside the self. He/she has Tips for sacrificed himself/herself so that others could achieve their goals. Marriage and Chart! partnerships are so deeply rooted in his/her way of doing things that his quest of self is constantly viewed through other people’s EliteMatrimony. feeling that one state of existence inhibits the other. they have been too much marriage-oriented or in deeper public involvement. This causes him much current-life 2013 For All Sun pain as he/she desires to come out of himself/herself while at the Signs! Get it On same time not inflict hurt upon those near him/her.

Remain sensitive to your environment. ambitions may have been thwarted by an early marriage or an unfortunate marriage that was based more on transitory romantic feelings than real love. dependency on others for stimulating KeralaMatrimony. but try to avoid Shaadi. while only the weed grows quickly! The sign which contains the Ketu indicates the ways in which the individual during former incarnations submerged himself/herself in others. with the understanding that the most beautiful flower takes time to blossom.… vitality. Sometimes there are problems from laziness or passivity. He/she must deliberately try not to rush his/her own growth and independence. Conflicts: Good self-projection in terms of being true to self vs. Your focus for personal development will concern identity and relationship issues. The sign which contains the Rahu shows the ways in which he/she can now establish his own sense of identity. Possible ways to integrate Rahu: Learn to accept leadership roles occasionally. It’s interesting to note that in the process of balancing the first / seventh nodal axis. Lucky Baby Numerologyname www. Seek out new experiences. but often lacks Matrimonial Service Photo-Matches via moderation in his/her attempts to fulfill a leadership role. society relationships are often initiated on the basis of an attractive appearance. This can be misleading. there’s a hang-up about being overly influenced by it. since neither the dictator nor the pawn proves to be a Requests totally comfortable role. in our Chain Online. Travel .and a strong lack of confidence in your abilities. and needs. An exclusive Kerala Matrimony Portal Possible results of sacrificing Rahu: You become dependent on the with Lakhs of co-operation of others. www. You may become dependent on others and. submerge your identity in the process. However. motivation to act on them is lacking. Shaadi. the person may for a time develop an almost narcissistic preoccupation with grooming and appearance. honest contact with others. in so doing.blogspot. perhaps by displaying a passivity to their will. For this reason. he/she must learn how to balance equally his/her own needs with those around him. perhaps creating a 3 of 7 5/11/2013 5:40 PM .Com about partner’s well-being vs.. You lose your identity.ChristianPra… A less common tendency is to not care about how you look. attention to your own well-being. desires. those who neglect to develop this facet of their personality quite often don’t get to first base when it comes to forming relationships. rightly or wrongly. so that when opportunities arise. There’s a Email. name corrections To achieve happiness in the current life. You sacrifice yourself so that others can achieve their goals. again rightly or Join Free! fluctuation between playing the dictator . good projection in terms of appealing to others. You may lack self-esteem. and lucky. as your self-image often reflects others’ perceptions and evaluations of you.. Either extreme produces clashes with Prayer others. Seek Matrimonials… In the first house. Feelings about relationships and life in general are changeable. Self-generated vitality… Famous Numerologist Sheelaa Bajaj Company name.which invariably proves unsuccessful . You lose awareness of your own feelings Profiles about things. and often make a drain on energy. In contrast. wants to be accepted on the basis of his Strongest Prayer or her inner qualities.preferably on your own.sheelaa.Sacred Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House http://sacred-astrology. This person The World's #1 is inherently strong and probably highly motivated. You feel if you can’t be the ultimate leader you may as well just put your Miracle life in other people’s hands. Rahu in the first house wants to be thought of as ambitious. Excessive worry KeralaMatrimony. This Need a Blessing? person.

‘This is what I am. as there is a tendency to be ruled by the opinions of others. Yet relationships will be important. Learn how to be more independent and forge a unique identity. you probably will remain too influenced by another’s persuasion.careeducatio… Leading Technical Analysis Academy In India. particularly since you allow others’ views and opinions to influence your actions and behavior. Initially. Discovering this alternate path is your challenge. If. With the Node in the 1 house. and I am not going to change for anyone’. While you recognize the value of relationship co-operation and harmony. it is important to be aware of the opposite Node. The native seeks recognition and makes an effort to be noticed. But reliance on someone else.Sacred Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House http://sacred-astrology.16 Lakhs. you can live by your own light. They may find it difficult to deal with the emerging ‘new you’. But retain faith that your struggles will create great personal benefit and freedom. For some. what is required is the courage to stand up and say. Growth rarely happens overnight. it will come slowly and with considerable effort. What may occur is that. which can benefit all concerned. You may have to assert your needs and desires in a way which does not create conflict. You need freedom from dependency on others. Ltd Seats! Stock Market Training www. this may cause relationship challenges. and relationships must be rebalanced and adjusted. and you can devote much time trying to satisfy these partnership needs. and it is for me to decide whether or not I can do it or want to do it’. you encounter friction with those who have almost taken you for granted. until this is achieved. Android Training www. and your assertiveness may be inappropriate at times. however. lose contact with your deeper being. and hoping that another person will th st st st st st 4 of 7 5/11/2013 5:40 PM . and to wait for them to tell us what to do. The Ketu is. in the 7 house. When the chart is examined as a Become an Android Expert Training @ Bangalore. you deny and repress your own identity. Such difficulties must be faced. being too passive and submissive to more assertive personalities becomes I run into difficulties. Here the individual stands out against the backdrop of his or her environment. it is usually found that the ego has problems in sufficiently being itself. especially if you suddenly at as a ‘new you’ overnight.Ace2Three. we must learn to stick to our point of view. The 1 house is an extrovert house. I am going to be… 5 New jobs today. Also. through your desire to please others. But.blogspot. and when harmonizing your needs with those of partners. Check Courses Offered ! Mail zzress@yahoo. or try to dominate others. needs and desires. this developing self-expression will be balanced with an opennes to experience the richness and complexity offered by relationships. of course. Apply now! Work Canada Play Rummy & Win 16 Lakhs www. with the Node in the 1 house. ‘Whatever happens. You need awareness of how you are treating others as you move from a passive to an active role in your relationships. reverting to a submissive or passive attitude will be detrimental to inner growth. With the Node in the 1 house. Through self-understanding. instead of relying on others to define it for you. Hyderabad Work Canada jobrapido. and through misplaced self-sacrifice. when you become more assertive.. the native introduces himself or herself. the most likely reason is an inability to say. Perhaps due to previously relying on others to decide actions. and that this is something the Moon’s Node urges us to work at. Ideally. Careful moderation may be necessary. There are alternate ways of relating. Care is required as you unfold your distorted self-perception. In the 1 house. the transition could involve dissolving older relationships and later forming new ones more suitable to the old phase..c… Play Continuous Rummy Tourneys this Month & Win Rs.

in/2012/10/rahu-in-1st-house-ketu-in-7t. Thus a false picture of ourself is presented. Then the possibility of growth. so that we have no need to fight for ourselves. The person must follow his/her instincts and impulses. his individuality. the person’s greatest growth.Sacred Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House http://sacred-astrology. the partner. If the native tries to help himself or herself. The motivation is what matters.blogspot. He/she may (with great effort. evolution. The world has to be made to look at him or her. He/she will be happier and healthier when he/she learns to value his own opinions and stand up for himself. If the Node in the 1 house receives soft aspects. It is preferable to try and make the best possible impression on people than to make none at all. and fulfillment come through developing his/her own personality and personal power. pain.. He/she has been too dependent on marriage partners in past lives. That is not stagnation. manipulated. in the 1 house. Toward this end. give in to his habitual patterns of suppression and self-denial. he/she will be st th st st st 5 of 7 5/11/2013 5:40 PM . we get on well with this person because we are friendly and hide the less amiable side of our character. it is observable that often the native does not care to emphasize the ego. and very much more so in inconjuncts. In this lifetime. and has relinquished his individuality and authority to his/her mates. The person gains a great deal from decisiveness and dynamic action. The person should beware of compromising too quickly and easily. Certainly. This is not as bad as when the native asks for support. Rahu in the first house. since without parading our ego we have no real chance in the world. and struggle) eventually free himself in order to develop and nurture his own personality. If the Node is on the Ascendant itself. put our chestnuts out of the fire for us. If the Rahu is in the first house. In soft aspects. The Node on the Ascendant is a placement in which the native almost always has to call attention to himself or herself. Men or women with this Rahu placement are well-advised to cultivate and nurture their masculine side. which considerably blocks our development. and express his/her emotions when provoked. the tendency is to use the Ketu reflexly by currying favor with the other person. the whole 1 -house theme must be taken very seriously. one has to cultivate one’s image. In hard aspects to the 1 -house Node. He/she must not allow himself to be dominated. represented by the 7 house. but it should be presented as honestly as possible. The world will not know who we are. Action has been taken. The person must let go of his compulsion to create peace and harmony in the environment. and ego needs are of the essence. The person should be more assertive. satisfaction. ambitions. There is a great likelihood that the person will become enmeshed in early marriage and soon feel smothered and controlled. He/she must not. and learn to care for his/her own destiny. He/she must work on confidence and self-reliance. and use his/her own judgement. and a sense of accomplishment becomes a reality. will be very supportive without having to be asked. self-esteem. because it is not the ‘done thing’. in the event of anger or irritability. and self-expression. This can be a big mistake. or overshadowed by the feelings and wishes of others.. and should therefore take the initiative as much as possible. the partner may also come along and help. amounts to stagnation or falling back in development. It is very important to put the self forward and to keep on improving the personal image.

the Rahu in the first house and the Ketu in the seventh indicates a beautiful and powerful appearance. forever thrust into circumstances where he/she feels compelled to declare his convictions and take appropriate action.. Thanks this was very helpful 29 April. In ancient Hindu astrology. Know your path ahead and walk towards a glorious future.. 2012 22:23 Chandan Jana said.. Thankyou this fits in with my current circumstances and the suggestions to change are very understandable... Retrograde planets are extremely interesting. 2012 17:12 niyati singh said. or highly spiritual spouse.. be more daring. 2012 23:32 Pilgrim said. thanks. eccentric. Good post and good information. Sign positions of the nodes are of much higher significance as well Posted by Madhusudan at 18:29 5 comments: Syam Pandeet said. 08 November. For all that immaculate accuracy in the articles on RAHU in various signs. The person should focus on his/her physical body.. and a strange.Sacred Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House 2013 23:36 niyati singh said. and allow the fiery element of his personality to come through more often.. 30 December. Astrallworld with the divine blessings of learned gurus unveils solutions of life with the aid of vedic indian astrology.. serious ups and downs in married life.. 29 April.blogspot. 2013 23:37 Post a Comment Links to this post Create a Link Newer Post Home Older Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) 6 of 7 5/11/2013 5:40 PM .. I can't wait to read the articles on RAHU/KETU in various houses(Bhavas) ! 13 November. 7 of 7 5/11/2013 5:40 PM Astrology: Rahu in 1st House / Ketu in 7th House http://sacred-astrology.blogspot. Web sacred-astrology.