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Drafted 28 Sep 2010

Contractors Accommodation Monthly Checklist - Safety, Hygiene & Welfare

01 Main doors meet Life Safety Code. Where necessary, full width panic bars, UL listed, are fitted. On no occasion are main doors or fire escapes ever to be locked.

Check there are no obstructions on routes of escape such as lockers or furniture.


Reference: Sanitary Code, Chapter 07 Life Safety Code Written A4 Fire Plan posted (named wardens, emergency phone numbers, etc) See example Fire Plan Attached.


Fire Sketch Plan Posted (routes of evacuation clearly marked with assembly points) The Plan will show location of stairs, fire exits, assembly points and fire extinguishers. Post Fire Plans in each floor where there are a large number of dormitory rooms and where escape is via a corridor and stairway.


Smoke Detectors Fitted (UL listed or CE standard) & are all operational. Located in the egress corridor outside sleeping areas away from the kitchen. In multiple occupancy villas, provide smoke detectors on each stairwell landing level on every floor of the building. These detectors can be connected to mains electrical system or battery operated. If battery operated, do a battery test and check that detector is not routinely bleeping (this indicates battery failure). Annually clean detector sensor to remove dust. Emergency lighting fitted & operational. Provide emergency escape lighting in apartment, connected to main supply, with back-up battery supply in event of mains failure.


Drafted 28 Sep 2010


An adequate number of fire extinguishers provided, wall mounted at a suitable height [mixture of ABC dry chemical + water]. Inspect them visually every month and record date on label attached.


State percentage of staff trained in fire safety for accommodation. Train occupants in fire safety e.g. use of fire extinguishers, means of escape, the Fire Plan, evacuation and assembly arrangements and fire prevention.

08 09

Trained Fire Warden (with back-up) appointed. Quarterly fire evacuation drills have been conducted and recorded. Conduct and record periodic fire drills. Drills should be done quarterly.

10 11

Gas cylinders are not located inside buildings & hose connections are armored and suitable. The entire electrical installation at the contractor accommodation must comply with NEC [National Electrical Code USA] and be tested annually by a qualified electrical engineer. Note: For new Aramco contracts, this should be an independent engineer, not a company employee. Arrange for an (independent), qualified electrical engineer to inspect this facility and provide a copy of the report and electrical test certificates. Ensure that all electrical appliances meet UL or CE standards. Periodic PM checks and servicing of equipment such as the gas cooker and connections, washing and drying machines by a competent electrical engineer. Identify and resolve any identified fire risks such as faulty electrical equipment, overloaded sockets and jointed cables. Extension leads should be UL or CE listed and multiple use of extension leads and overloaded walls sockets should be avoided. Housing Supervisor should visually check electrical appliances used by occupants to check for any physical damage, damage to cables, fitted with correct plug and appliance has UL Listed or CE markings. If they do not, either have the occupants pay for repairs or remove the appliances from the building.

Drafted 28 Sep 2010


Perform preventive maintenance on every A/C unit by a qualified and experienced technician, every six months or as instructed by the manufacturer, whichever is the sooner. Provide a copy of the PM reports. New occupants must have Camp Safety Orientation on arrival. (Physically show them fire-fighting equipment, escape routes, assembly areas, etc). Keep records.


14 Suitably stocked first-aid kit provide a in a prominent position & frequently replenished. 15 Appoint a custodian of the first-aid kit.

Bedrooms are not overcrowded and meet space standard. Minimum 6.5m2 each occupant.


Appropriate sanitation facilities/appliances provided. The following amenities should be provided: The number of shower, toilet/urinal and hand washbasin fixtures required per numbers of persons housed in the communal living facility is outlined in the table below. Number of persons housed in Number of Number of Number of the communal living facility showers/bath toilets and hand s urinals* washbasins From 1 to 6 1 1 1 From 7 to 10 2 2 2 From 11 to 20 4 4 4 From 21 to 40 6 6 6 From 41 to 60 8 8 8 From 61 to 80 10 10 10 From 81 to 100 12 12 12 More than 100 one per 10 one per 10 one per 10 additional additional additional persons persons persons

Drafted 28 Sep 2010

Reference: Saudi Aramco Sanitary Code, Chapter 7 Recommendations Provide toilet rooms with fixtures to meet the requirements of the table below Provide self closing doors and screen doors that open outwards for entrances to toilet rooms. Provide mechanical extractors for all toilet and shower facilities Ensure that walls in shower rooms are made of materials that are impervious to water to a height of at least 1.8 meters. Walls in toilet areas and around washbasins must be impervious to water to a height of at least 1.2 meters. Floors must be sloped to a trapped floor drain and coved at wall/floor junctions. Showers and washbasins must have supplies of hot and cold water under pressure. Provide mirrors at hand washbasins to facilitate grooming Ensure that sufficient lighting is provided at hand washbasins. A minimum level of 540 lux (50 foot candles) is necessary as measured at eye level Reference: Saudi Aramco Sanitary Code, Chapter 7 Hygiene Written Cleaning Schedule exists for communal areas & is followed daily. 18 19 20 Accommodation maintained in a neat, clean and sanitary condition. Example Cleaning Schedule attached.


Kitchens are clean, ventilation extraction units are clean and grease free. Bedrooms are clean & pest free. Refuse stored correctly &removed daily from location. All refuse stored in appropriate type containers and removed daily. Refuse containers fitted with lids or covers to prevent attraction of flies, rodents & and cats.