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An educational media center is a facility designed for the housing and utilization of all educational media within the school. It is a basic requirement for school to render quality service.It is not independent of the school. Rather, like any part of the human body, it is the unit in the school that cooperates with other unit of departments that help the school fulfill its mission and realize its vision by living up to the school's philosophy and aims.It serves a myriad roles and functions and services such as: Orientation-All teacher are given an orientation on the Educational Media Center.The students are also given an orientation on their first Media Instructional Program class. Selection of print and non-print materials-The librarians continually select and acquire print and non-print material that suits the needs, interest, and special abilities of the students and teachers. Organization of print and non-print materials- A technical librarian organizes all the purchased print and non-print materials for easy retrieval. Circulation of print and non-print materials-The Educational Media Center lends out various types of materials to students and teachers. Reference-The EMC attends to request such a bibliographic information from the card catalog,serch throug books, periodivcals, pamphlets, documents and nonprint materialsd.

Bibliographic Service-Threre are listings of materials and periodical articels to publicize the new materilas and periodical aricles in in the EMC. Media Instruction Prprogram-The MIP aims to teach students to be skillfull and discriminating uesrs of print and non-print media. Class Supervised Resarch-IT is a schedule program of activity particularly in Science and Sicial Studies. Grade level newspaper- Each grade level is given a subsripytion to anewspaper of their choice.. Photocopying Services- A self- service photocopying machine is available foe the faculty to Zerox material needed. Video and Sound Production-Simple production for class instruction, program and school wide presentations are put together in the audio-Visual area. Multi-media Services- Different non-print mediamaterials are acquired.

Educational Media Center functions as a visual instrument as well as a basic requirement for quality education by enriching all parts of the school's educational process. It reflects and supports the philosophy of the school.It involve in the teaching and learning process.It is a source center .It is a learning laboratory.It is a teaching agency. It is a service agency.It is a coordinating agency.It is a center of recreational, viewing, and listening and it is a stepping stone to other community resource centers.