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yy R OO ee Branches of Wing Tsun eee Prof Teung Ding ENGLISH BOOKS ¥ The FIRST vompete book on the WingTsun system. The most rmagnitoent& refined emong al kungft Boks, ROOTS OF WINGTSUN THE GREATEST VOLUMINOUS BOOK IN COLOR over 18 years research by Prof. Leung Ting. Detaled information, thousands of phelos, doserstions,ilutrations & andlysie ofall the branches of Wing Chun Shocking conclusion on the (iin of WingTsun & Wing Chun kung. Fist tre tl-dealed Polos of sets performed by Yip Man, ‘Self-teaching—DYNAMIC WING TSUN KUNGFU Learning WT fighting techniques Vs various rartshart rovers 116 WINGTSUN DUMMY TECHNIQUES: Dero by Grancnaster Yip Man Form &arpicaonin dels. ‘SEVEN-STAR PRAYING MANTIS KUNGFU Describes al the fahtira methods, mottoes, thoes, etc FIVE-PATTERN HUNG KUEN (Part One & Two) Ghd, fee @aetenionet he Crap, Sit Tg, Loop Cane DRAGON-TIGER BROADSWORD STYLE ‘her 6A yeaa Tap socal KierStrd she oqasedt eat el ‘SKILLS OF THE VAGABONDS Revel the Chinese Bachar fom ere te Roaese Nr gel THE DRUNKARD KUNGFU & ITS APPLICATIONS Selfteaching che most amous Southam Drunkard Kungfu Spe, 108movements of SHAOLIN WOODEN-MEN HALL # &2 A century ol mansscigt eveang he legendary Staokin Kung Self Teaching: Chinese Weapon — KWANDAO Sal-teaching of he famouslong handed broadsnordin details DRUNKEN MONKEY KUNGFU Sefeacng the Souther Dunken Monkey Kangfin deta FEROCIOUS ENCHANTED STAFF by the Ancient Monks Tho old ut pin cowten by Prof, Leung, with érawings & itstations. IN TEN-ANIMAL FORM of Kwan Tak Hin Sit Kwan, "Father of Chinese Kunglu Moo seated the most ancustn-anial fom &appeatons dota BEHIND THE INCREDIBLES (skits ofthe Vagabonds #2) Revealing ssorets behind Chinese black magic, ci-kung & inatialart performances, paranormal powers, levitation, etc *SECRET OF 7-STAR MANTIS STYLE (by Lee Kam Wing) ‘Orig, keywords fahtng techniques, hand hand conbat, oe *CHOY LAY FUT KUNGFU (by Lee Koon Orin, basic exerts, stances, fostwor, fgtng chnques, ee WING TSUN KUNGFU SETS SerasieEEteR (Series tts! iota cobred ene: Cnisse & Falta stotans SILNIM-TAU x3 (Demo. by Prot Leung Ting SRAM st) CHINLIOU. BAH fy Sh.Chang Chan Fan BAREIS BIL-TZE $843 (b/Prot Leura ing RANSNHGS) WOODEN DUNIY AAAI; (ot Lue rg AERA) APPLICATIONS 48343912 (Cheng & Jol BME) + John Mest) THE CLOSE-BODY KICK by Prof. Leung Ting in cca REPU PEA CNN) YING TSUN (WING CHUN) HALL scroll with Grandmaster Man's big photo [ S62 ) AVS8% (#emf8F m0 carton) ‘Taoist EGHT-SECTIONED SATIN (Standing Sel) CH-KUNG SBAIRID CUES) A (Chiese & Engish