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Mr. E. J.

Krass, SoH
Just Call Me - Galileo II/Founder of the Unified College of Medicine Spokesperson for THE TRUTH BASED FREE Society and Its Realm August 5, 2013

RE: THE TRUTH BOMB - the numerical system is flawed and exponential growth!

To Everyone: 1 After great review and study, the indisputable conclusion is that the numerical system is

inherently flawed as it is an exponential growth system - 10x growth of a previously large number. 2 Since 2008 and really since 1973 when President Richard Nixon abolished the Gold Standard

following WWII, the rich have been getting far richer and wages have stagnated relative to obscene wealth from derivative managers. Yet, not one learned university mathematician has come forward to explain just why a person getting 10% of the newly minted fiscal pie in a year gets a more massive slice of the new money if they have say, $100,000,000.00 ($100 million), $10,000,000,000.00 ($10 billion) over the working schmos making just $10.00. 3 The answer to this conundrum that has dogged the system for time immemorial and has led

to countless collapses of the US economy since 1850 is that the numerical system endears exponential growth thereby dismissing working for a living and inherently instituting a massive amount of class warfare and every decimal point makes a person in the higher wealth brackets get an even greater chunk of the pie on an annual basis! 4 Since the collapse of the Cold War, mammon was fully released upon the world and, since

2008, the US Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars to correct the destruction of economy wrought by the upper wealthy (2nd tier wealthy) trying to keep their stature with corrupt banking practices that were previously banned in the 1934 era but which President Bill Clinton dismissed at the end of his tenure as President. 5 With this action by President Bill Clinton, the banking system returned to its previous 1920's

practices where the pursuit of wealth in an inherently flawed numerical system that is exponential growth biassed: the result was the same in 2008. 3929 Woodell Road, WESTBANK BC V4T 1E1
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Mr. E. J. Krass, SoH

Just Call Me - Galileo II/Founder of the Unified College of Medicine Spokesperson for THE TRUTH BASED FREE Society and Its Realm 6 Today, there is at least $10,000,000,000,000.00 ($10 trillion) being withheld from the global

economy (the near equivalent to the current US economy) because the withheld total WILL destroy the global economy if it were released upon it - the purchasing power of a US $1 is currently near nonexistent relative to its purchasing power of 1960 or even 1970 and the system knows this but is unwilling to admit the obvious because it exposes that the economy and the pursuit of wealth, i.e. progress as told to us for decades, has always been an unmitigated lie and confidence game! 7 The math does not lie and never did but nobody could explain the wealth gap since the 1980's

that has been reported nor has anyone provided a means to eliminate this obscene wealth growth that is represented by 1% of the wealthy owning 99% of the money and, even worse, the .1% owning 99.99% of the money. 8 May God have mercy on your souls because the investment banking schemes since 2008

were re-integrated in your commercial banking system with the same effect coming as in 1929 and all due to the withheld fact that the numerical system naturally creates exponential growth: the withheld $10 trillion is really a greater cube or mountain than the whole economy and its valuations that, when this beast is released, will destroy everything that we knew for generations! 9 Take this document to all mathematicians and ask them if the base 10 system produces an

extreme exponential growth from 1 billion to 100 billion and 10 trillion from 100 billion. The answer is undeniable when the curve starts at 1 goes to 10 over one second, then, 100, then, 1,000, then, 10,000, then, 100,000, etc. up to 10 billion and ending at 100 trillion.

Praise be unto God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Ernst John Krass, SoH Spokesperson for THE TRUTH BASED FREE Society and Its Realm 3929 Woodell Road, WESTBANK BC V4T 1E1
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