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E=MATTER=D E=gravity M=infinity small dust D=antigravity, black energy, empty space
Without D the concept for the energy E=Mc 2 not existed


7 CYCLES EXPANSION E=mc it incomplete


The description from the standard model is wrong





BLACK ENERGY SPACE =TIME TIME=SPACE Defining fundamental physics responsible for the physics of the atom and of the evolution of this creation

This document is addressed to all research chairs in physics, mathematics, cosmology has well as philosophy.
Rgis hypothesis is a new theory concept of the creation and the physics, and spin-off effects in the fundamental time-space, present before the Big Bang.


The Regiss hypothesis is a causal theory of the creation. This means it starts with a first element, wholeness energy: E=m=D (ENERGY, MATTER, DIMENSION). The development of the creation is the effect of the cause over the effect or in other words; the chronology defines each element within an orderly action. The Regiss theory unites the matter with the time-space from the first element E=m=D generating the 4 physics forces of the creation PLUS D antigravitational force called THE BLACK ENERGY or empty space: E = m represented by electro-magnetic force, gravitational force, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force property of the first element, THE SECOND BLACK ENERGY, strong anti-gravitational force, and weak anti- gravitational force, you surprise whit this concept. This first element generates the development of our dimension from the first action that defines itself as being the tiny point. The development of the tiny point generates the development of the fundamental physics within the time-space dimension. I did say time-space dimension because this value is preceding the Big-Bang. Its physics is in symbiosis with the dimension (black energy) form the creation of the volume starting with the tiny point. The development of the space and its physics is produced using fractals by growing the fundamental physics within itself with a precise goal. The Regiss hypothesis describes the expansion of our space-time through steps that will drive its collapse generating physically the Big-Bang in order to divide its space-time afterward. This action that I describe through the 7 cycles of expansion will help us understand the primary physics which is the fundamental physics. The creation of these elements like particle, neutrons, protons, electron, photon etc. As well as their unification within the atom is explained by the reason of its union. From this multiple, the first planets that I call giants and their disintegrated that will produce the galaxies as well as everything we can observe within our galaxy and of the thousands of other galaxies. I found this theory surprisingly moving although very interesting by its outcome.


My confidence to achieve a validation of all these elements belongs in the comprehension of the transcendence of the first element which is the energy in E=m =D that defines its composition and the possibility. Wave and matter condensed into the first element that defines its extreme mass which will be divided by the fundamental physics (black energy extreme) part of the 6th cycle into the Big Bang action generating all the matter contained in the universe. Everything is linked in the creation of this first element which gives birth to all the laws of physics in the space-time generating the evolution and the future of the atom in the creation. A research protocol at this level implicates a multidisciplinary knowledge of the different contributors: physicist, mathematician, astrophysicist and many other researchers interested to participate into such a research on our very first moment. The financing of this research is a detrimental element to the advance of this knowledge of the modern physics and the revolution it could generate. A condensed version of this theory follows the introduction describing the 7 forms of expansion as well as an introduction to the Big Bang.


The energy at hall distributes itself in this universe, from a starting point, and corresponding to the same logic of the summation of all energy. Here for the first time, the physical body of this very special Energy that conceived the creation generating the space, the matter and life on all its forms. STARTING POINT BEFORE THE CREATION

Wholeness energy find the extreme force and masse from the emptiness around


E =M= D


The summation of the creation correspond to 49 % of the possibilities of the energy



I wrote this theory the simplest way possible because beside a certain mental gymnastics needed at the beginning of this document in order to understand the inter-reaction physics (duality) between the different possible combinations. The action becomes foreseeable and easy to follow. The theory brings us to understand that all physics that produce the universe is starting from the trilogy of all three elements out of which two are the consequences of the action of the first.

The first being the energy of the whole. Very special energy E=m =D

The second being the electromagnetic energy Propriety of the energetic entity.


The third being the volume, (BLACK ENERGY) is coming from the expansion of the tiny point. The first energy is committing to expand the area by contribution of the electro-magnetic wave breathing time-space but also an opposing force, This force will be called anti-gravitational force black energy which is fundamental in physics.


ENERGY SPHERE The energy sphere is the one that breathes the expansion of space in the firsts place and also the dynamics of fundamental physics which wants that everything that is created is done so with some sort of compensation for the first phenomenon to be present. Its this wave emitted by this energy that is translated by the so-called STRONG electro-magnetic force the second is the result of the creation and the expansion of this volume which is the emptiness force that we also call the black energy . This force is reversed (anti-gravitational force) but equal to the electro-magnetic force that produces it. The volume is part of the creation process. Its essential to understand the link between these three elements. Energetic ensemble

1. The breeding dynamic Mechanic of creation. 2. The force line of the electromagnetic wave that transcend this space. 3. The force line of the birth of the wave creating the dimension and of the black energy. The reversed force created by the expansion of tan unexacting space at the start.


The creation is the result of the possibilities as well as the proprieties that belong the energy E = m=D and there is no magic. This energy brought together into this sphere defines itself physically into two elements in symbiosis. All of this because it owns the summation of all energy and the mass of all active or inert physical corpuscle (black matter). I explain this by the principle where everything is only wave and CARBONE tiny material and forming the particle. The energy is physically defined by what we call CARBONE tiny material which in reality is a BRICK that belong to the energy. These BRICK that we find in the heart of the atom that forms its mass are indispensable to the energy. Because without these BRICK the energy become a weak value wave. The necessity of these BRICKS to the energy gives it the polarisation with the help of its density and becomes an energetic entity of a higher level created and formed with previous events. All this belong to primitive physics of the nothingness before the birth of this energetic entity that created the sphere that represents wholeness to us. E (gravitational force) = tiny material (BRICK) = (anti-gravitational force) X by the propriety of the wave (gravity force) that invest it = its mass (particle). (E = m= D.) Its mass is equal to the energy of the emptiness (antigravity) outside the wholeness energy, opposed to its volume D. The energy possesses a physical body as well as take possibilities that comes from proprieties from each elements E=m = D become real by the fact that it define itself by all the physical elements that composes it and will be used to execute the creation from A to Z . The starting point of this composed physical energy correspond to the summation of the creation to set in motion an expansion process form an infinitely small space starting at the center of the energetic sphere that its ensemble forms to bring it dilate to its extreme before becoming the celestial geometry that we can observe.



The development of this volume will become the space that we know

Birth of the space-time essential point, first volume appearing at the start of the universe defining its dimension. Infinite point of the space appearing way before the formation of the event that we call Big Bang which gave birth for the first time to the atom BIRTH OF THE FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS (SPACE-TIME)

First action

Generate the dimension



PRIMITIVE NOTHINGNESS PLACE WHERE THE FIRST ENERGY LIVES ENERGY OF WHOLENESS The electro-magnetic force needed to create the first dimension will be equal to the black energy that is hidden this place and are opposed

E=M=D Fundamental initial energy that produces the essential volume and its dimension. First physical value of the infinitely small point. The starting point of the universe as well as all its physical value.

This before inn existing space starting from an infinitely small point fathered by its creation a reversed force that has to be considered as energy created and equal to what produced it. Electro-magnetic force = reversed force of the black energy issued from the dimension.


Starting from an homogeneous ensemble

Energy at the start There are 7 expansion cycles of the space.

1st cycle.

The birth of the space is no small thing. Starting from nothing else than unified energy this place is created and will take its own existence from its previous nonexistence. 2nd cycle

3rd cycle



4e cycle

INTRODUCTION TO THE GREAT THEORY OF THE PHYSICS OF THE CREATION The energy maintains its extreme expansion of the volume it created

The heart of the dimension (Dark energy) is Located at the center of all geometry This figure corresponds to the 5th. Cycle of transformation and the line of force of the dark energy wave converge toward the center. Location here There Is an extreme depression. (ANTIGRAVITY) Heart of the dark energy That started at the 1st. cycle



Before the ZERO events the space is full because its made of energy as well as elementary parts of chemical components.

The proprieties of this space are: Extreme cold, extreme blackness and extreme depression. These two cohabit together TIME = SPACE The undulating mechanics of each of the forces is revealing a part of dynamic effects of the INFINITELY BIG ON THE INFINITELY SMALL Anti-gravitational WAVE Dark energy








Transition steps of the form 6 : A,B,C 6A: Start of the collapse movement of the celestial vault in its closest point. This event set in motion the creation of the matter and the chemistry by penetrating the substance of what we call energy E=m=D. This event generates the reaction (out of the action/reaction) that will produce the atom and its chemistry. 6B: The walls of the vault will fold in its center within each other by penetrating on each of their side. The essential point of the dimension will be more and more divided and generate a rise a rise in physics reaction in opposition.





6C: The walls on each side will meet and will gradually stabilize. The fundamental physics inside of the volume will gradually get divided by the material penetration of the substance that composes the celestial vault. E=m=D is the value given the initial energy at the start. This collapsing slices the universe in two and stabilizes all creation by ending it.




The expansion is slowed down before the complete separation. 7th. cycle

The primary point that is divided in two by the collapse that produced the big bang will find once again its balance in the 7th. Cycle of expansion and will bring in its transformation the creation of two universe equal in its fundamental physics induced by each of the dimensions, in its matter, energy and possibilities.

Its the evolution of this space that will breed the creation by its transformation toward the 7thCycles.



6th. Cycle


Its the evolution of this space that breeds the creation by its transformation to the 7thCycles.



Some people call the event the Big Bang and others call it the zero event. Upper lip of the energy entity.

The collisions between the energetic energy breeds the disintegration of E=m=D.

The speed of the energy to move will exceed many times the speed of the wave of the entity (speed of light). This judicious reaction at the creation moment is produced by anti-gravity effect expressed by the dark energy in its greater concentration called the heart of the dimension.

Inferior lip of the energy entity.



Anti-gravity behave over the physical entity E=m=D in a manner that it accelerate the displacement many times by neutralizing the capacity of its wave E to be directed in this space. Therefore anarchy in the movement creates collisions.

The correlation of the projection of the infinitely small dust (tiny material) is present according to the angle of the impact.



Energetic Entity


Energetic Entity

Pure energy introverted E=M=D

Pure energy introverted E=M=D

The big bang particle travel 2 times 5 times 10 times the speed of its permitted constant

A BIG BANG particle as big as a head pin which would weigh over 200,000 tons.

Projection of the energetic wave of the entities


Reaction that produces extreme heat as well as extreme light and extreme propagation of the energetic wave

Projection of the tiny material contained in each entity


Wave invested in its mass divided Initial value of the energy E=m=D divided
The brick or tiny materials that are liberated from its whole are invested by an energetic ring of gravitational force. Its elements are called unit-cellular energetic entity first corpuscular element forming any size particle of the atom and its nucleus.




These exchanges at the moment of the collisions will produce in reaction the basic chemistry. Starting from the fundamental values present in the spacetime is confronted to the thermo-energy from E reactions between the elements at the moment of the collisions which will create the photosynthesis of the elements that will be frozen in time by the action of the event. The properties for D (black energy) in this space at the BIG BANG are: 1. Extreme cold
Photo-synthesis mechanics generated by the energy E reactions energy D that will produce chemistry

2. Extreme blackness

3. Extreme anti-gravity force

First element of the basic chemistry

Forged elements by the extreme heat

Reaction of the energy E

1. Extreme heat

2. Extreme light

3. The possibilities of the energy to develop all action in reaction are the extreme expansion and the extreme retention.

The chemistry will be constituted from the thermo-energy exchanges. This will be formulated by the reaction of the action at the moment of the collisions that is produced inside a space under depression and which define the background of the universe before the Big Bang.



The energy E=m=D divided presented it its corpuscular form.

The re-unification of the energy will take place from off of an action of extreme retention that will carry the re-unification of its corpuscular elements individually. The maximum summation of the energy to condense will be determined by its physical opposition from the anti-gravity (dark energy) that is provided by the geometric expansion from the wholeness energy to activate the dimension defined by the space-time continuum.




Corpuscular energetic entity gravitational force Divided corpuscular MECHANIC OF THE ENERGY Ensemble laws United corpuscular Reaction of the energy E=m=D in front of the strong depression that changes the polarity of the energy by its action. The positive energy produce negative part Corpuscular energetic entity X by its number = nuclear energy

Formation of the strong atomic energy positive introverted by the numbers

Polarity change




Its at this moment that the atomic nucleus will define its mass and will be formed in the equal retention action of the black energy. From these elements (brick +gravitational wave) and this multiple the energy will recuperate all its strength and will reformulate a new structure better adapted to the opposition of the force of the emptiness contained within the dimension located at the big bang. Has well as the nucleus is formed it will occupy the volume The presence of this volume brings back to action all the force of the heart of the dimension using the dark energy to dissociate it.

Maximal inversed force of the dark energy. Tiny point in its minimal volume

Force of the tiny point dark energy surrounding the energy nucleus in order to disunite it.

In a last action the energetic nucleus will divide the strength of the emptiness that surround (extreme dark energy) it by seizing a part of this void with the action of the electron.



Fundamental physics What will justify the structure of the atom is the presence of the physics of the side-effect of dark energy within the heart of the dimension, dark energy, that forces the energy E=m =D to produce itself to be in opposition.

Maximal force on the nucleus

Action = reaction
Black energy force divides by the electrons negative Black energy captured inside the new structure called ATOM, because the nucleus positive activate the electron negative spin too turn around Nucleus positive

Starting at this moment that I will define zero instant where everything topple over the present event of the Big Bang and the creation. The spreading and the division of the energy E = M will reunite by necessity and as well as it can the element toward it. This happens with the corpuscular entity that composed it initially and that was liberated by the Big Bang event. The first part of its action will compress its entity in order to form a new nucleus. The density of the nucleus will be equal to its wave that invested it. As soon as its formed, the dark energy goes back into action and surrounds the nucleus. This will bring back energy into action (E=m=D) by opposition and transforming only a part of its entities into electron in order to divide the physical action of the dark energy.



The heaviest natural atom

The uranium (U) is formed of a mix of three isotopes 238 235 99,30 p. 100 de 0,70 p. 100 92 92 234 0,006 p. 100 de 92



Nucleus composed of
238 particles

238 92

92 protons 146 neutrons

238 92



Size in millimeters: diameter
O of atoms: between 0,000 000 1 mm (hydrogen) and 0,000 000 5 mm (caesium) O of the nucleus: between 0,000 000 000 000 002 mm (hydrogen) and 0,000 000 000 02 mm (uranium) O of the electron: 0,000 000 000 004 mm O of proton and neutron: 0,000 000 000 000 002 mm

Within 1 millimeter we can align between 2 and 10 millions of atoms. The dimensions of the electron are, in comparison with the diameter of the atom is the same as the dimension of the earth in comparison to the diameter of its orbit around the Sun.

99, 95 p 100 of the mass of the atom is concentrated around its nucleus. A hypothetic nucleus as big as a head pin which would weigh 117,000 tons.

If there was a space between the particles of the matter all human gender would hold within a thimble.


Four levels of comprehension are necessary in order to grasp the whole of the creation that appears to me has the most important. They will bring us to take into consciousness the dynamic that generated the wholeness of the matter of the vegetables creating the biology and therefore life.
Level 1 : Pure physics of the energy This physics is located at the level of the composition of the energetic structure itself that came from the emptiness and has formed this creative ensemble and its properties as well as its possibilities.

Level 2 :

Fundamental physics Mechanics of the background dimension. The electromagnetic force is responsible of the equal movement of the dark energy that is also responsible of the dynamic of the initial energy (E=mc=D) within the atom. These two physical phenomenons are responsible of the judicious physics of the Big Bang and the evolution of the energy within the dimension. Physics of the ensemble This is the result of the properties and the particular possibilities that belong to the energy (E=m=D) and formed at the very beginning that will permits the exchanges between the energetic structures. This characteristic of the energy produce a synergy that will push the evolution of all elements within the creation from these exchanges from our neurones to our cells, from the atoms to the planets and from the planets to the galaxies. It is this law of ensembles that will permit the union and the evolution of all things within the creation by the transformation of its electromagnetic wave. THE ATOM THAT WE KNOW Modern physics The comprehension of the modern physics is the result of the comprehension that we get from the three previous levels.

Level 3 :

Level 4 :

4th. Level The modern physics is starting from the zero events. The physics of our instant is born at the 6th. Cycle of expansion that permits the creation of the atom and of the reality that we know.

1. White energy, E=M=D nucleus 2. Emptiness, Neutron force, Dark energy. 3. Matter Barrier of infinitely small dust that permits the surrounding the whole by the action of the electrons. E=mc 2=D



Each galaxies, before it become what we are observing, was previously to the event, reunited within an ensemble forming a super planet before being transformed into an giant star to disintegrated and form a new ensemble that we will call galaxy.

Transition steps of the form 6: A,

The fundamental physics of space time demand that all physical bodies that inhabits it to reconfigure into its form in order to better get into equilibrium within its forces needing to adapt to the variants that are created by the fundamental physics phenomenon on the matter within dark energy in the space-time. Evolution and adaptation is all part of matter as well as being part of ourselves.



THE INITIAL ENERGY TRANSFORMED BY THE FUNDAMENTAL PHYSICS ISSUED FROM THE EXPANSION CYCLES FATHERED THE JUDICIOUS PHYSICS OF THE BIG BANG. 6th cycle Transformation B Primitive nothingness belonging to Another dimension. Wall that isolate the space permitting to hold the fundamental physics within. This wall is what I call the physical body of this creative energy that transcend 49% of its energy by this physics within Thousands of galaxies taking place our dimension. into this celestial density Newly orchestrated.

HEART OF THE DIMENSION The heart of the dark energy, always present into the space that has the force of the extreme depression equal to the force that produce it. The extreme power resides into the center points that reside into its center. This tiny point involutes with the expansion of the universe and its geometry.

Our galaxy and its matter within our solar system as well as the earth that we inhabit.



It is the evolution of this space that breeds the creation by its transformation toward the 7 cycles

The reorganisation of the matter will take place, at the present moment around each hearts, the dark energy, Essential point, contained within each spheres.



The expansion is a natural in the universe and necessary action has the energy, this action produces multiple universes.

I talked about the possibilities of the continuity of the 7 cycles of expansion that produces the creation of the two universe at the end of the 7 the Cycle. What seems to be logic is that there is supposed to be a continuity of the action of the expansion cycles. The transformation of the two universe starting from one (Cycle 1 tiny point) that breeds a dynamics between the volume of the two universe and their continuity to produce other universe. So the expansion action will be set in motion again, starting from each of the spheres and will produce the multiple of the sphere. This action will produce diverse universe and to do so will only have to execute the expansion cycles from the 3rd. Cycle in order to carry again the evolution of the universe toward the 4th. , 5th. 6th. and 7th. Cycle that will produce multiple of the sphere producing the multiple of the universe.



Hundreds of universe will be created by the physics of the primitive emptiness.

Do you always think that we are the only reason for all of the creation?

The age of a Galaxy cannot get by calculating distance from the light. The multiplication of the space-time foresees the reorganisation of the matter at each multiplication of the dimension. A complete cycle carries along a Big Bang that organizes the evolution of the matter again. The theory teaches us the necessity of all things is to involute within the space-time before any transformation. According to my theory, the evolution that permits our presence is not coming from the first Big Bang.



This knowledge of the fundamental physics phenomenon can lead us to believe that we are at the end of the modern physics road and of its evolution. Then all scientific brains must be joyful, the time to adjust our knowledge to this new and great theory we will realize that we only opened a new door to an even more complex reality of our universe that will bring us to the its conscience and intelligence as well as ours. This theory will bring you to open your mind to a new face of the creation and will shed a new light toward the energy that created everything including ourselves. This greater challenge requires even more imagination and knowledge from the mind of the future scientists than the physical knowledge itself.









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Normand Rgis