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T-shirt Yarn Macrame Puppet

Wooden bead Cotton cord approx. 45 cm T-shirt ribbon approx. 45 cm Short piece of ribbon for scarf (optional) Bobby pin Tape Colored pencil (black, brown, )

Fold the cord in half and slip onto bobby pin.

Pull the bobby pin all the way through the bead.

by // Between the lines //

Tie a knot to make a loop and push the bead all the way up.

Tape the cord with bead to the table to hold into place. Place the T-shirt ribbon under the cord legs as shown.

Tie a right-handed knot around the legs as shown in the photo, i.e. the left end going under and the right end going over the legs.

by // Between the lines //

Pull to tighten the knot.

Tie a left-handed knot around the legs (i.e. the left end is now going over the legs, the right end going under). Pull to tighten.

Repeat a couple of times, alternating between a left-handed and righthanded knot, until the loose ends are about 4 cm long.

by // Between the lines //

Tie a knot in both loose ends to make the hands. Do the same with the legs to make feet.

Draw eyes and a mouth with a colored pencil. Optional: draw hair with a pencil or marker.

Tie a little scarf around the neck and Done!

by // Between the lines //