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19 years of dasha accidents accumulator of wealth acquisitive (a) action, not adversities aged persons agriculture and wild

animals anuradha , ruled by apostate, if in 9th aquarius 20 moolatrikona aquarius, owned by architectural skill asthma atmosphere attraction to the world finished auspicious, no house is austere bad friends (a) bamboos barrier beyond space beyond time bitter fruits black black colored stones black in color blame blue sapphire bondage bones boon for spiritualists brain diseases brick layers brick laying bright's disease (a) bronchitis (a) burning ghat callous (a) cancer (a)

capricorn, owned by captivity career in real estate careers, laborious cautious cereals chaste clarity obscured clever in worldly matters in 3rd coal coarse hair cold wave colon problems color dark blue or black conservatives considerate constipation consumption (a) contemplative covered with veins covetousness brought to an end craziness cruel cunningness danger from thieves dangers dark dark blue dark brown dark in form dasa period is 19 years death deceived decisive deceitful (a) decrepit old man deep set eyes deeply active defects dejection dejection at first demoralization

denial depressive (opposite of mars) depressive feeling, when with moon despondency destroyer (of false ideals) destruction detached objectivity detachment from life deterrent devotion, not permitted to grow difficulties direction west direction, south west discipline discoverers diseases of the joints disillusionment disputes downward looks dreadful terms drunkenness dull duration economically reserved eight yojanas emotional enaunch end endless endurance enemy of sun, moon, mars enjoyment denied by envious evil evil nature evil purposes exacting (a) exalted in libra 20 executive

explorers eyes set deep falsehood farmers fear fearful (a) feelings hidden feet female, treated as final boundary foresight forests friends, low class ones (a) friendship with wicked (a) fruits with thick skin frustrated frustrates all efforts to expand frustrating frustration gambling glandular disease (a) goblins god of agriculture (to romans) god of death god, surrender to governs the west great malefic greed brought to an end grinds slowly hair hearing heart pain (a) heart-breaking misery for materialists helplessness high status, sometimes bestowed by hillocks

hit by wood/stone houses human miseries humbler humiliating humiliation idiocy (a) idiosyncrasies idle illusion is destroyed impediments impediments impetuosity impossible to appease impotent (a) imprisonment incompetent (a) indifferent (a) indigo industrious inert inevitable influence of the supreme inferior orders initiative, not permitted to grow initiator in spiritual wisdom injuries insanity (a) introspection introverted inventors iron jail joints diseases junk dealers jupiter is neutral king of the golden age knees laborious (a) laborious employment land large nails

lead lean libra 20 exaltation limb injury (a) limitation liverenlargement longevity longevity looks downward low people low stamina, when with sun loyalty, not permitted to grow malefic malefic or benefic man, old, with sickle in hand margosa trees marrows mars, doesn't like him mars, sun, moon is enemy mars- Saturn's opposite martyrs masonry material comfort, abnegated materialists, misery for mathematical mean acts melancholic (a) mental aberrations mental trouble mental turmoil, when with moon mercury, venus, friends of metals iron mill grinding mind , not free to function logically miners

mines miserable misery misfortunes mode of ignorance mode of ignorance money comes in when in 11th moolatrikona in aquarius 20 moon, harmed by moon, sun, mars is enemy moral courage mountains nails necessity negroes nervous neutral to jupiter obstructions offers mental courage oils old age old dilapidated houses old man with a sickle in his hand opinions profound opposites-mars and saturn oppressor palmyra trees paralysis (a) paralysis, aspects between mars/saturn patience preserving persistent pessimistic (a) philosophers phlegm (a) pitiless plumbing

pondering, causes pots pottery poverty power for austerity precise privations profession profound in opinion property property owners provident prudent psychic intuition, abnegated psychological reorientation pushya, ruled by radiance is obstructed rags rays, five real estate reclusion redeemer of good things rejuvenation releases karmic forces religion, repulsion to established in 9th religious leaders remedies for restoring life renown, sometimes bestowed by reproach resolute responsible restricted restrictions rheumatism (a) ribs right ear ripe risks

rubbish heaps Saturday Saturday saturn has five rays saturn is friend of venus, mercury saturn, 3rd/11th not as bad scientists secluded secret secretive (a) secretive system secrets of life seeds sensitive serious serpent wisdom servants servitude setbacks sex, abnegated shadow shanishcharacharya shrinks the life singular in thinking sinners sins skeptical (a) sloth slothful slow (a) slow-moving preceptor slowly sociability, abnegated social reformers son of the sun soodra caste sorrow sorrow at first sorrows south west spiritual path surrender to

spiritualists, boon for spleen spoils steel stoning storms strong stubbornness suffering by adjusting suicidal tendencies, when with moon sun, harmed by sun, moon, mars is enemy surely surrendering oneself to god suspicious (a) tall body tamasic tamasic in nature teeth teeth large temperate thamo guna theft thieves thieves, danger from thin thinker of high order third eyesight thorny trees thwarting timelessness transcending the illusory world trees full of thorns tumors (a) unattractive to worldly men unhappiness, aspecting luminaries unorthodox if in 9th

unreliable (a) uttrapada, ruled by veins visible venus, mercury friends of violent vitality sapped, when with sun west western direction whirlwinds wickedness wild flowers wind (a) windy diseases without beginning or end wood falling upon woolen fabrics worker class worldly men not attracted by worry worst malefic yama zest for life, not (mars does)