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Lesson Plan

Teachers name: Buru Florin School: Scoala cu Clasele I-VIII, Nerau Grade: IV Level: Beginners Time: 50 minutes Lesson type: Communication Lesson title: Unit 2 Nice Jobs Lesson 2 Jobs Main Skills: acquire new vocabulary and grammar Ability: by the end of the lesson students will have been able to: A1: articulate sounds, respecting the accent and intonation A2: acquire and use new vocabulary: jobs A3: make connection between images and words A4: make the difference between written and spoken English A5: use the present simple tense in sentences A6: use es or s in present simple sentences, third person A6: understand homework assignment

Teaching aids: -

textbook blackboard and chalk handouts blackboard and chalk

Stages Class organization

Activities/Techniques The teacher prepares the class for the new lesson, and checks out if there is anybody missing Warm-up The teacher checks if Ss. had any problems resolving the homework assignment. Then the teacher presents the topic of the lesson: acquiring new vocabulary: jobs; and using the present simple tense in sentences. Lead The teacher asks the in/picture Ss. to open their discussion books at page 14 and to describe the images presented in the textbooks. They are asked what is presented in the images, what jobs those characters represent. Comprehension Ss. are asked to activity repeat after their teacher the words that can be found below the images. They must identify which word corresponds to each image. Vocabulary

Skills Listening

Time Purpose Obs. 3 - to prepare the class for the new lesson 5 - to stir interest and promote discussion - to raise expectations and create involvement in the lesson


Listening Speaking

- to determine children to identify and name jobs - to stir interest in the images

Listening speaking

The teacher writes on Note-taking the blackboard the meaning of the words Ss. dont know

- to make articulate sounds, respecting the accent and intonation - to make connection between words and images - to acquire new vocabulary

Vocabulary extension activity

Ss. in pairs have to Speaking resolve exercise 3 Note-taking page 15 on their notebooks. They have to use the dictionaries to translate words they dont know. Teacher names a few Ss. to check if they answered correctly. Afterwards exercise 4 is resolved


- to determine a better fixation of the new acquired vocabulary - to use the dictionary

Extension activities

Teacher gives some Listening examples of writing sentences in the speaking present simple tense. Ss. must pay attention to the explication in order to complete the assignment on the handout, namely to put some verbs in the correct form for the third person. (he/she/it) Ss. are asked to Note- taking resolve the exercise 6 page 15 from their textbooks

- to determine correct usage of the verb in the present simple tense, third person

Homework assignment

- to determine Ss. to work with the new acquired grammar notions

Timpul Prezent simplu (Present simple tense) Obs. Verbele care se termina in ss, -ch, -sh, -x primesc es [care se pronunta -iz] la persoana a III a singular. (el/ea) Obs. Verbele do si go primesc es la persoana a III a singular. Exemple: Ea citeste o carte. She reads a book. El merge la scoala. He goes to school. Tom spala vasele. Tom washes the dishes. Maria culege mere. Maria picks apples.

Exercitiu: Puneti verbele de mai jos in coloana potrivita in functie de litera sau grupul de litere pe care verbul le primeste la persoana a III a, numar singular: take, match, read, sell, watch, sing, catch, drive, teach,do, draw, learn, wash, go, speak S ES