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<br> </div> <br><br> <pre>Good Friends (MF,MFf,Mf,1st,Cons) By Davidb234 This work is the intellectual property of the author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It may be posted or archived to any free site, but not to any commercial or pay site or organisation, without the authors express permission. Check out my archive at: XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWARNINGxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx This is a work of adult fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults and others. If you are under the age of consent where you reside delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort of material where you reside delete this file immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Good Friends Julia and I had been going out for a couple of years, and we had grown very close to each other. So close that even the fact I wanted to get her into bed practically every night, but she only really enjoyed making love a few days before her period started, made little difference to the way we felt about each other. I tried hard not to get too pushy despite the fact I was always so damned horny, but still ended up simply fucking her, just to relieve the pressure on my balls. Julia never complained about this, despite not really enjoying it, she always told me it would be better than having me jerk off day after day. I also admit that on occasions I'd been to bed with other women, mainly when Julia wasn't there for me. I'd asked Julia to marry me a number of times, but she always turned me down, saying she had been married once, to a real brute, and didn't want to repeat the mistake. She always ended up comforting me when she saw how hurt I looked at being compared to her ex, but still didn't enjoy the sex more than her usual once a month. I'd been away for a couple of weeks on a business seminar and when I got back to my apartment saw the light flashing on my answer machine. As I unpacked I listened to the tape, smiling at some of the trite things said by people talking to a machine. Until that was, I heard Julia's dulcet tones. "Jack darling, I need to speak to you as soon as possible. Please call me as soon as you get back. I love you, Bye." I looked at the clock, saw it was past eleven so decided to wait until the morning. A quick shower, and I went to bed to sleep off many hours of travelling. Next morning I got up, showered, shaved, had breakfast and was about to set off for work when I remembered about calling Julia. It was wonderful to hear her voice, despite the fact I'd been calling her almost every evening I was away, that's what made the

message so unusual. Anyway all that happened was that she told me I would be having dinner with her that evening and to go straight to her apartment after work. I didn't do much work that day, I spent most of my time getting debriefed by my boss, and passing on much of what had been covered at the seminar, to my staff. It was about six when I eventually knocked on Julia's door, and was overjoyed to see she was dressed in something casual, to whit, a soft, full, medium length skirt, and a simple cotton shirt, and that's about all. At least I guessed she didn't have panties on, I do know she wasn't wearing a bra, her hard nipples that pressed against the tight shirt told me that. As soon as the door closed behind me I dropped my briefcase and took her in my arms, hugging her tight and kissing her warmly and passionately. As we kissed Julia pressed her almost naked body close to mine, murmuring softly as she felt my cock slowly become erect and press against her thigh. "I guess you're really pleased to see me Jack darling" she said softly as we parted, I grinned and nodded "I sure am Julia darling, you just wouldn't believe how much I've missed you this past two weeks." A few minutes later and we were sitting down eating our dinner, finishing off with a cup of coffee before getting up and walking arm in arm into the living room. We sat on the sofa making out like a couple of teenagers for some time, then I almost blew the whole evening by saying it was time to do the dishes, and insisting the kitchen was tidied up before we continued from where we left off. In the end it didn't matter, we still ended up in bed together, and I make slow passionate love to Julia, cumming hard and loud, filling her pussy with gallons of my semen. As usual Julia didn't put her heart into our love making, but knowing it was going to happen made it a little easier for me to finish off nicely. It was as we lay in each others arms that things began to happen. "Jack darling, you know I love you, don't you?" the hairs on the back of my neck bristled, and I held my breath for a moment before I said slowly "Of course I do darling." "And you love me too don't you, enough to always tell me the truth if I asked you something?" Once more I took a deep breath, after all my experience with women demanding the 'truth' meant that someone was being set up for something pretty unpleasant. "Of course I do darling" I lied, at least I was being honest with myself right now. "Well" she continued "Does the fact I'm not interested in making love as often as you bother you at all, and I want the truth now darling, no silly lies please." "Of course it doesn't.." before I could finish speaking Julia covered my lips with her fingers, and said softly "The truth please darling, it's very important to me right now." Realising I was screwed if I lied, and screwed if I didn't, I took the latter option, thinking I'd be able to say 'I told you so' when the accusations started to fly. "Well, OK lover" I said softly "It does bother me some. I feel like a heel when you don't want it yet give in to me, and I wonder just how much longer you'll put up with it before I get the old heave-ho." Julia looked up at me from under her eyebrows and I saw a smile on her face. This worried me because I thought it meant I was going to get the push very soon. Anyway, all she did was say "What about other women Jack darling, do you go with them very often to get relief?" and even before I could frame a word she touched my lips

again with her fingertips. "The truth my love" she whispered "OK darling" I replied "Yes, I do sometimes go with other women, mainly when I'm really desperate and don't want to force myself on you." I paused here, looked firmly into her eyes and said "Look Julia darling, if this is a problem I'll understand, and I'll go and clear all my things out first thing in the morning. If you don't mind me staying the night, that is." Julia looked up at me and I could see a tiny tear forming in the corner of her eye, "I don't want you to do that darling, I love you too much to want to let you go. It's just that the sex thing is really worrying me, and so is you going with other women." Struggling to free herself from my encircling arms Julia sat up and gently pulled at my shoulders until I was laying with my head on her naked thighs, looking up at her face that was framed by her hard nipple topped breasts. "The thing is Jack darling, I'm really worried about the whole HIV thing, and you going with other women I don't know, worries me even more. That's why I want to know if you love me enough to do something really way out, but something that will make sure you never have to make love to an unwilling partner ever again?" Despite still being a little wary of what was happening I got the idea I wasn't going to be booted out of Julia's life, so decided to play along with her game. "Of course I trust you darling, why, what are you going to do, set up a load of women as a harem for me, and make out a schedule of what nights I visit each one?" The huge smile on my face soon disappeared when Julia smiled and said "How on earth did you guess darling, because that's just what I was going to suggest." I lay there in stunned silence for a couple of minutes, saw Julia was smiling and began laughing softly, "OK darling, I guess you got me there, if you want me to stop going with women you don't know, by setting me up with women you do know, I guess you're pretty serious about it. If you're that serious darling, all you have to do is ask me to stop, and I will. I guess I can revert to using my hand a bit more often." Julia bent down, her nipples brushing against my shoulder as she touched her soft warm lips to mine in a tender loving kiss, "You would too wouldn't you Jack my love?" she said softly. I just nodded silently, then she grinned broadly and said "Well, you won't have to darling, because I'm serious about what I said, I want you to promise to stop going with other women, women I don't know and don't trust, and start going with some that I do know and trust." By now I was sitting up and paying attention, "OK Julia darling, joking over, what's really going on?" I said as I slipped an arm round her shoulders. Julia leaned against my chest as I lay back on the supporting pillows, snuggled up close and said "Well darling, while you were away I went to a party with a few of my friends, women I've known almost all my life. As the drink began to affect us we started to talk about some of our most intimate problems. When I said I had a lover that was too much for my own appetite, but that I'd rather die than lose, one of them said 'Well, send him round to me darling, I'll keep him happy until you're ready for him again'. There was a lot of drunken giggling then another one said 'I'll take some of that too, if there's any going spare, I can't find a decent guy anywhere. All they ever want to do is fill me with booze, then fill me with their cum, doesn't matter what I might want.'" Julia paused here for a second stroking her hands through the hairs on my chest and

playing with my nipples. I felt her giggle silently as she saw the effect her touching my nipples had on my cock. I guess it was the same as with her, nipples in direct contact with groin. Anyway after a moment she continued "I thought about this for a few days, then called the girls one by one, to see if they were serious about what we talked about. Two reluctantly said yes, not wanting to upset me by seeming to have their eyes on my man, one other said maybe, but not just yet. In the end three of us sat down and worked out some details, laid out the ground rules, and agreed to get tested for HIV, something all of us were seriously worried about in our love lives." It was at this point I realised Julia was serious, and she really was trying to set me up with two or three of her friends to take the pressure off her. As we sat there in bed Julia gently stroked her hands over my naked body, ending up resting one of them on my half erect penis. "Does the idea of having a harem bother you Jack darling?" she asked, then I heard her giggle softly as we both felt my cock begin to swell. Before I could gainsay, she looked round at me and said "Ah, that much Heh? I think we better start getting things organised in the morning, don't you, my love?" At breakfast next morning Julia told me I was to go to a certain address straight from work as I would be having dinner with the first of her friends, Sally. As instructed I was knocking on Sally's door at about six o'clock, and it was opened by a stunning redhead who obviously knew who I was because she stood to one side and said "Oh, hello Jack, won't you come in please." After taking my coat Sally asked me to follow her into her living room where there was a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine sitting ready. I sat down beside Sally and took the glass she offered me, sipping at the contents and finding them very good indeed. "Errr.. shall we go and eat" she said quietly when I'd emptied my glass, and stood up telling me to follow her. Dinner was great, despite being a simple pasta dish with a meat sauce of some sort. I really didn't concentrate much on the food I was too interested in looking at Sally all the time. I know this bothered her, she told be when we were sitting on the sofa again after I'd helped her do the dishes, at least put them in the machine with her. I was on my second glass of wine when Sally suddenly burst out saying "I don't know if I can go through with this Jack. It seemed so simple when I was talking about it with Julia and the others, but right now it seems so.. I don't know.. so cold blooded, like I was a whore or something." "Is that what you feel like Sally?" I asked softly, She smiled, then said "Well no not really, but you know what I mean. It's not as if we feel anything for each other, damn it, this is the first time I've met you and I'm supposed to be going to bed with you pretty soon. Don't you feel that's a bit strange too?" I shrugged one shoulder, "Well, not really Sally, you see I've done that sort of thing a number of time, gone to bed with a woman an hour or so after meeting her. Didn't Julia tell you what was going on between us?" Sally grinned and nodded, "Yes Jack, and that's what made all of us want to know more. Let's be fair Jack, most women I know wouldn't want to share their man with anyone, they'd be too frightened of losing him. Julia is so sure she'll never lose you to one of us she asked us to try to take you away from her." Sally looked at the expression on my face then said "I guess that's not likely is it?" I shook my head "No, this has nothing to do with her losing

me Sally, I've already told her I'm prepared to stop seeing other women, women she can't trust to be safe. This is about her wanting to help you, and the others whoever they are, and give me the chance to have as much sex as I want, without her having to pretend to be liking it." I paused for a moment, then said "Look Sally, if you don't feel you can go through with it, I really don't mind, I'll just say thanks for a great meal, and go, I don't want to stay and have you feel you need to keep some sort of bargain we never made. OK?" Sally looked up at me and I saw her eyes were filling up again, "The thing is Jack, I DO want to do this, I just don't know how to go about seducing a nice guy like you. Most men I've been out with would be close to raping me by now if I hadn't already put out for them. All you do is make me feel like a fraud by being so understanding." I lowered my face and kissed her tenderly on the lips, "Look Sally darling, why don't you swing round, lay your head on my lap and just relax for a bit. Then we'll see what happens, OK?" By the time I'd shifted to the end of the sofa Sally was twisted round, her legs hanging over the arm and her head laying over my thighs as I got comfortable. After seeing her head was a bit low I lifted it with one hand and slipped a cushion under it, then bent down and placed my lips on hers in a longer kiss than before. This got something going inside her, because by the time I'd lifted my head she was gasping for breath and screwing her eyes up tight. "You OK Sally?" I asked softly as I stroked her hair with one hand while the other was resting on her lower abdomen. She nodded then gasped "Fine Jack, really fine, do that again please." As she opened her eyes I lowered my face again and touched my lips to hers, this time pressing the tip of my tongue between my teeth and flicking it against the inside of her lips. As Sally lay gasping as we kissed I continued to stroke her hair with one hand, the other one I began to move round in ever widening circles until I was touching the underside of her breasts at one end, and rubbing against her mons at the other. As Sally began to react to my touches I decided to take one more step and stopped rubbing my hand on her body, placing it firmly on top of one of her firm breasts and gently stroking it round and round so my palm was rubbing on her nipple. After a few moments of working on one of her titties I removed my hand and was about to move to the other one. Sally was too quick and tore her lips from mine crying put "No Jack darling, don't stop, please don't stop doing that.." I silenced her once more with my lips, helped by placing my hand on her other breast and clasping my fingers firmly over the fleshy mound. "This OK Sally?" I whispered as I lifted my head for a moment. "Oh, yes darling, do it harder please, it's been so long since I've been touched like this, please do it again darling, do it over and over again I love to have you hold my titties like this." I smiled down at her and said softly "How about if I get to look at them, instead of just feel them?" and began slowly to undo the buttons down the front of her dress. This wasn't fast enough for Sally, so she took over and in a few seconds was pulling the sides of her garment wide apart, displaying her wonderfully firm naked breasts to my lascivious gaze. "Oh, WOW" I gasped softly, and instead of talking about how good they looked I lowered my lips to first one and then the other, kissing them wetly, and sucking on them until the nipples were hard and throbbing. Sally just lay there gasping

and moaning with pleasure as I worked my lips and tongue over her breasts and nipples. At the same time I began to use the fingers of my right hand to slowly pull up the material of her skirt until it was all bunched up just below the waistband. As this left her partially undressed I was able to slip my hand down her legs then draw them back up, this time stroking the inside of her firm smooth thighs. Despite her earlier statement she couldn't go through with what we were now doing Sally showed me she was prepared to give some of it a go. That's why, as my stroking fingertips got closer to her crotch she opened her thighs more and more, until one leg fell off the arm of the sofa and the other one was resting against the back. The instant my fingers touched her panty covered pussy Sally gave a loud cry and began to hump her hips against them, placing her hand on mine in an effort to achieve closer contact with the source of her ecstasy. In the end I had to stop kissing her nipples and hold her tight to ensure that her jerks and spasms didn't throw her off the sofa and on to the floor. When at last Sally was still once more, with my hands resting gently on her breasts and her sopping wet panty covered pussy, she opened her eyes, looked at me and said "How did that happen Jack, all you did was touch my cunt and I exploded. What's it going to be like when you fuck me?" I grinned at her and said softly "Am I going to be doing that Sally darling?" "Jack darling, if you can get me upstairs and on to my bed you can do what you like with me, just so long as you promise to make me cum like that at least once more, OK?" without a moments hesitation I lifted her head, slipped out from under her, bent down and scooped her up into my arms. "Point the way, remember I've never seen your bedroom, so don't know where it might be" I said with a grin. As Sally wrapped her arms round my neck she giggled and said "You will after tonight darling, and by the end of the month you'll be able to find your way blindfold, or I'll want to know why." I set Sally down on her own feet beside her bed and offered to undress her. All she did was shake her head 'No' and a few seconds later was standing naked in front of me. "See, it was much quicker doing it myself, now I can take a bit more time doing the same for you" she said with a grin, and dropped to her knees and began to undo my belt and zipper in readiness for removing my pants and shorts. It felt a little strange standing there, naked from the waist down with my hard throbbing cock standing out in front of me as Sally pressed her naked body up close. Despite wanting to do more, Sally forced herself to concentrate on removing my shirt and getting me as naked as she was. It didn't take long, and the instant my last piece of clothing was laying on the floor behind me Sally threw herself on the bed, opened her arms and legs as wide as she could and said in a husky voice "Please come and fuck me Jack darling, I want it to be hard the first time, it's been so long since I've had an orgasm I want it to be quick." Always willing to be of service I crawled up the bed, between her thighs and lay down on top of her, pressing her body into the mattress with my weight as I moved my hips about trying to press the tip of my cock against her wet swollen pussy lips. Seeing I wasn't having a lot of luck doing it blind Sally giggled and slipped a hand between our bodies, found my cock and guided it to the entrance of her vaginal passage. "Maybe next time we can get someone to show you where it has to go.. Hnnnn" she said, ending

with a grunt as I gave a thrust of my hips and buried my cock balls deep inside her. "Oh God.. I just knew it would feel this good" she gasped as she threw her legs across my back and squeezed them tight, I then hooked my hands under her shoulders to stop her from moving too far away from me, and began to thrush hard at her body, covering her lips with mine to stop her making too much noise as I rammed my cock into her firm responsive body. As Sally had said, it had been along time since she had been fucked properly, and the speed with which she exploded into another orgasm proved it. That I also came at almost the same moment made it even more special for her, and feeling me shooting wad after wad of cum into her made her keep on coming over and over again. Having an orgasm can do strange things to your senses, and as I started to climax I thought I heard someone walking about downstairs. All it was was an impression of a noise, but it soon became real as Sally was coming down from the height of her climax, and I was laying spent on top of her taking my weight on my elbows and knees. "MOM!!" was all I heard, and as I rolled over and lay beside Sally I looked towards the bedroom door and saw a shapely, good looking girl of about eighteen or so standing, looking aghast at what was going on. Sally opened her eyes, grinned and said "Oh, hi Jenny darling, I wasn't expecting you tonight, was I?" Jenny, her daughter scowled and said "Obviously not Mom, who's the latest stud you've hired for the night?" Before I could say anything Sally sat up, oblivious of the fact she was naked, looked at her daughter and said "I think you should go downstairs, make us all some coffee and wait until we come down and join you. By the way young lady, if I heard you say anything like that again you'll get the spanking of your life, understand?" Despite her age Jenny blushed looked down at her feet and said "Sorry Mom" turned and left the room closing the door behind her. Before Sally could say anything I leaned over and kissed her, "Do you want me to slip away while you speak to Jenny?" I asked. Sally turned to me, smiled and said softly "Jack darling, I've never hidden anything from Jenny, not since her father disappeared, and I won't start now. I have to tell her what's going on, but if you think you'll be embarrassed by being there I'll understand. I will say though that I'd prefer it if you stayed because I'd like your help explaining it to her." "I'll stay then, but I'd like to have a shower first, I'm just a little aromatic right now, and I don't think Jenny would appreciate getting a whiff of sex while we sit down together." Sally leaned over, kissed me sweetly then surprised the hell out of me. "That's just what I want her to do darling, and you'll soon see why, come on let's go and have a cup of coffee." A couple of minutes later and I was sitting in the kitchen wearing a shortish bathrobe Sally had thrown me, while she was pouring our coffees. As I sipped mine I saw Jenny was about to say something to Sally, who put up a hand, silencing Jenny instantly, then said in a gentle voice "Jenny my love I know you've never liked the way I've managed my love life. But you do know I've not had much luck finding a decent guy to have a stable relationship with. Well, now I have, and I'm quite sure you heard just how much I'm enjoying having him around." Jenny blushed and just nodded silently. "Well darling, I'd like to introduce you to Jack, he's Aunt Julia's lover, and she's allowing me to borrow him on a weekly basis, in fact she's sharing him with a number of our friends that have the same problems with their love lives

that I've had. Any questions?" I was forced to bring my cup to my lips so my smile couldn't be seen by Jenny as she sat there open mouthed, a stunned expression on her face and her eyes almost popping out of her head. Jenny's face cracked and she grinned broadly, then said "Yeah, right, OK Mom, now what's the real story, where did you find a hunk like this running round free? Or did you get him from an escort agency somewhere?" "OK miss, you've gone too far now, I told you to watch your mouth, now you're going to suffer the consequences" said Sally, and she stood up, pulled one of the kitchen chairs into the centre of the kitchen and asked me to sit on it. I did as I was asked, holding the front of my robe together to hide the erection that had started to emerge as I sat beside Sally. As I sat down Sally went over to Jenny, took her by the arm and pulled at it saying "Come of young lady, get yourself over Jacks lap, you're getting the spanking you deserve." "NO, Mom, you can't I'm too old for this, and he can't do it it's wrong, no Mom, please don't make me, I'm sorry I said those things, I didn't mean them I'll do anything, just don't let him spank me.." by now Jenny was standing by my thigh and Sally said firmly "Get on and lay across Jacks lap young lady, or it will be the worse for you" unhappily Jenny did as she was told, and a moment later was laying across my lap, with my suddenly hard cock pressing up against her abdomen. "Sally darling, I don't think this is a good idea you know.." I began, "No Jack, it's a great idea. Jenny was out of order saying what she did about you, and being the insulted party it's your right to punish her. If you don't do it, I'll have to and I'll be a lot harder on her than I want you to be, believe me." Seeing she was serious about this I shrugged my shoulders and said "Well, OK if that's what you want darling. How many do I have to give her?" Sally looked at me then said "You've not done this before have you?" I shook my head "No, I've never had any kids that needed it" and laid my hand gently on Jenny's bottom, smoothing her skirt down so it covered her upper thighs. "Well, I think a round dozen will do as it's your first time, what do you say Jenny?" "Yes Mom, that's fine by me" murmured Jenny as she lay with her head down and her breasts suddenly pressing hard against my thigh. "Right then Jack, let's make a start" said Sally, and I brought my hand up to my shoulder and brought it down on Jenny's bottom with a dull 'thwack'. All that happened was that Jenny jumped slightly, and Sally stood there grinning at me. "Oh, dear me Jack darling, you definitely haven't done this before, here let me show you what to do" and with a quick flick she had Jenny's skirt up over her back, and a second later her panties were down to her ankles and over her feet leaving her naked from the waist down. "There, that's much better" said Sally with a grin, then, before I could say anything she lifted her hand and brought it down hard on Jenny's naked buttocks. This time Jenny yelled and her whole body jerked, and I saw the glowing red hand print left behind as Sally placed her hand on Jenny's bottom and gently stroked it round the mark she'd just made. "There, that's the way to do it" she said "Now you have a go." I did as she said, slightly half-heartedly, as I wasn't all that happy laying hands on a young girl in this manner. The hand print I made wasn't anywhere near as red as the one Sally did, but I still spent a long time caressing Jenny's naked butt as I tried to take away the pain. "Well, it'll do I suppose" said

Sally, "Now give her the next ten so I can hear them, I have to go and do something important." As Sally left the kitchen door open when she went out I decided to make some noise, so I lifted my hand and brought it down on Jenny's bottom, loud but not too painfully. As I caressed her naked cheeks I leaned over close to her head and whispered "Are you OK with this Jenny, I don't want to hurt you, you know." Jenny turned her head, looked up at me and said softly "Please do as Mom said, spank me as hard as you can, or I'll get it from her as well." This frightened me slightly but again I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my hand shoulder high, bringing it down hard, and noisily, making Jenny cry out this time. Each time I spanked Jenny I spent a few seconds caressing her bottom,until about number seven that is. That's when what I was doing really hit home, and made me realise what was going on. As I gave Jenny spank number seven I began to caress her bottom as usual, this time though my hand went a little lower as I'd actually made contact with the top of Jenny's thighs rather than her buttocks. As my hand moved across Jenny's skin I suddenly felt it touch something slick and warm. Looking down at my hand I saw it was touching the swollen lips of her pussy as they poked out from between the backs of her thighs. They weren't just swollen, they were glistening with what could only be Jenny's lube juices. She was enjoying what I was doing, and was obviously close to getting off on it. Slowly I lifted my hand to my face, sniffed, licked at my sticky palm, then said "OK Jenny darling, I think there's three left, let's get them over with." This time I made sure I didn't hit her lower lips, but I got as close as I could, and each time I took a sniff and a lick at the copious amount of fluid that ended up on my palm. Despite not wanting to push things too far or fast I couldn't resist doing what happened next. As Jenny lay there gasping for breath after the last few hard spanks I slipped my hand between her thighs from behind, cupped it over her hot wet swollen pussy lips and pressed my middle finger into the length of her slit. This brought a gasp of pleasure from Jenny, then a loud cry of ecstasy as I moved it up until I was touching her hard swollen clitoral bud. As I stimulated her clit I moistened my thumb and pressed it against the entrance to her vaginal passage, gasping with surprise at how tight it was as I moved slowly inside her. It suddenly occurred to me that Jenny was either a virgin, or hadn't had many cocks inside her. Wanting to know, I moved my hand back and replaced my thumb with my long middle finger and slipped it inside her as deep as it would go. Jenny was a virgin! The tip of my finger touched against her maiden barrier, bringing a loud gasp from her as she lay slumped across my lap still. Not knowing how far I was supposed to go, I removed my finger, replaced it against her clitty and spent the next few minutes rubbing against it until she was screaming out as her orgasm exploded inside her. I had trouble holding Jenny on my lap, and had to remove my hand from her pussy to do so, just as Sally returned to the kitchen to stand watching her daughters orgasmic spasms as she lay across my spread thighs. "I think this young lady needs to be in bed, don't you Jack" Sally said with a smile, and promptly began to lift Jenny up by the shoulders before I could say anything to her. As Jenny stood upright it became obvious why I wanted Sally to wait, my hard throbbing cock was standing upright, released from the confines of my robe by my movements as I spanked Jenny. "Oh, god,

it's beautiful" gasped Jenny as she stared down at my lap, "Come on young lady we have things to talk about" responded Sally, then asked me if I'd carry Jenny up to the bed we'd recently used. As I laid Jenny down, and covered her with the sheet Sally asked my to give them a couple of minutes alone while they had a 'girl to girl' talk. I went back down to the kitchen and got myself another coffee, sitting there sipping at it slowly until I heard Sally calling me from upstairs. As I sat on the edge of the bed I looked first at Sally then at Jenny and said "Look Jenny, I'm sorry I did that to you when I was done spanking you, I guess I just succumbed to temptation or something. I guess I better make myself scarce." Jenny, who was laying full length on the bed, the sheet pulled up tight to her chin smiled prettily at me and said "No Jack, I'm the one that should say sorry. I didn't believe what Mom told me. To be honest I still can't see why Aunt Julia would share someone like you with someone as dishy as Mom. Isn't she afraid she might lose you or something?" I shook my head, and was going to tell Jenny why, when Sally said "Yes, well, we have a slightly bigger problem at the moment Jack darling. While you were spanking Jenny, I was calling Julia and telling her we'd been busted. As might be expected she thought it was funny and made a very strange suggestion. I've already put it to Jenny, and she agrees, making it three against one, so you're already outvoted even before you know what I'm going to say." I sat there, looking from one to the other, seeing the broad smiles that were appearing, then suddenly realised what was going on. "NO!, and that's final!" I said firmly, Sally grinned and said "Oh, come on Jack darling, most men would give their right nut for such a chance, many would pay a fortune, and some would even give their all. You get to do it for free, and with a very willing girl, ably assisted my her mother, and all with your lovers express permission. Now how's that for having the deck stacked against you buster?" I smiled quizzically at Sally then turned to where Jenny still lay under the sheet. "And what about you Jenny, any one ask your opinion?" she just nodded, then smiled beautifully as she threw back the sheet to show me she was naked, and her knees flopped open to she me she was also well and truly ready. "OK" I sighed, and lay on the bed beside Jenny, rolling on my side so I could kiss her on the lips and cup her naked breasts in my hand. This made her gasp with pleasure, and I lowered my head so I could cover her hard nipples with my lips while I slipped my hand down her abdomen until it was covering her pussy once more. This time she was ready for my fingers invasion of her vaginal opening, and she was bucking her hips so hard at my hand I almost allowed my finger to tear her hymen. Eventually I removed my finger, and pulled Jenny to lay on top of me, her legs straddling my hips, and her lips locked to mine in a hot passionate kiss. After a moment or two Sally pulled Jenny upright and showed her how to position herself over my pulsating penis, holding it still as her daughter lowered her body until she felt my cockhead touch her hot swollen lips. Sally held Jenny round the waist and whispered "OK darling, slowly down until I say go. Then you have to sit down hard on Jacks legs, understand?" "Yes Mom" said Jenny softly and very slowly relaxed her thighs until she gasped out loud and held position with my cock touching her maiden barrier as my finger had so recently done. I reached up to take Jenny's hands in mine, holding them just as Sally said "Now", and gave a

push on Jenny's hips, as I jerked mine upwards. Between these movements my cock burst through Jenny's hymen, destroying it forever, then continuing onwards and upwards until Jenny was sitting her buttocks on my thighs gasping as she felt me filling her up like she never experienced before. Despite the pain Jenny just sat there for a moment or two, and allowed a couple of tears to run down her cheek, "You OK Jenny darling?" I asked softly, she smiled down at me and said "I'm glad you didn't tell me it wasn't going to hurt Jack darling, I'd have been disappointed in you for the rest of my life. Now what do we do?" Sally leaned over Jenny's shoulder and whispered in her ear "No you start your first fuck baby." Even before Sally spoke Jenny was moving her hips back and forth, and I lifted my hands to her breasts once more and began to stroke and caress them in time with the movements of Jenny's body. As Jenny and I worked together towards a mutual climax Sally decided to take a hand and, laying beside me, began to stroke her hand over my chest and abdomen, occasionally moving down further so she could caress Jenny's inner thighs as she bounced up and down on the rigid shaft of my cock. It only took a few minutes for Jenny to be gasping for breath and squeezing her eyes tight shut as she concentrated on her building sense of arousal. All of a sudden she stopped in mid stroke, opened her eyes so wide I thought they were going to pop out, then gave out a long low cry of pleasure as her orgasm hit her like an express train. On and on Jenny cried, then I yelled out as I began to shoot a massive load of hot sticky semen deep into her tender young body. The instant Jenny felt this she gave a loud scream and collapsed forward on to my chest, laying there jerking about as her orgasm continued to ripple up and down her frame. Eventually Jenny lay still and quiet on my supine body, which is when Sally sat up beside us, looked down at me and said "For Christ's sake Jack, what happened there, I've never had that happen to me, not even with you?" "I don't know Sally darling, I guess it was too much for her seeing as it was her first time. I don't suppose it'll happen again when she gets used to making love. All she needs is to find the right guy." "I've found him" murmured Jenny from my chest, and she moved her head to look up at me and said "And I'm going to do it again with you if I have to bribe Aunt Julia to do it, understand?" Sally chuckled, gave Jenny a firm but loving slap on her naked bottom then rolled off the bed saying "Oh, I don't think you'll have to bribe Aunt Julia darling, not when I tell her what happened here. Now, you two lay still for a minute or two while I get something to mop up before you go for a shower" and she quickly went to the bathroom returning with cloths and towels to clean Jenny and I up before we moved from our horizontal positions. I woke up next morning still with a soft female body on each side of me. As I lay there savouring the feeling I felt Sally stirring on one side of me, and turned my head to face her. "Good morning Sally darling, did you sleep well?" she just nodded silently, then reached up to kiss me tenderly on the lips before saying "Mmmm.. like a baby. What happened after you made Jenny come again?" I grinned and was about to tell her when we heard "He made me cum three times Mom, after that I just collapsed beside him and went to sleep. Can we have him over again tonight please. Better still can he move in with us so we can sleep together all the time. I could really enjoy getting used to having him around

the house." As Sally sat up she said "I shouldn't get too greedy Jenny darling, after all you know he has to see some more of Aunt Julia's and my friends. I'd hate it if you went and spoiled it for all of us by getting possessive. Why don't you have a chat with Aunt Julia later on today?" With that Sally got out of bed and went to the bathroom, where I followed, shortly after giving Jenny a long loving kiss, and starting her day off with a few minutes stroking and caressing her wonderful firm breasts. As Sally and I cuddled up close in the shower we heard the door open and soon had Jenny standing watching us as we soaped each other, then rinsed off. As Sally got out to dry off Jenny asked if she could get in with me and have the same as her mother had. Sally laughed, "Jack darling, it seems as if we've woken a beast in this girl of mine, I think I better take her to see Julia for a chat, this afternoon, don't you?" As I had Jenny's naked body pressed against mine, and her hand clutching my hard throbbing cock, I was in no state to argue, and just nodded. Eventually I managed to disentangle myself from Jenny, and dried off then went and dressed before going down to the kitchen where breakfast was waiting. After some long goodbyes, almost as if I was going on a trek round the world, I managed to leave the house, drive to my own apartment where I changed my clothes before going to work. All day I was trying hard not to think about what was happening in my private life, and actually managed to get some work done by the time finishing time came round. Having been away from my apartment for a couple of days I decided I better go there straight from work and do some sorting out. I hadn't been in long before there was a knock on the door, and I was soon stepping to one side as Julia brushed past me. I invited her to take a seat in the living room, went into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee for her to drink whilst I finished tidying up. When at last I was sitting beside her she lay back against the cushions on the sofa and looked at me for a couple of minutes. "I guess things went a bit awry with Sally, didn't they Jack darling?" she said with a grin. I nodded, and before I could actually reply Julia sat up and said "What do you feel about including Jenny in our little group, will she be too much for you?" "Julia darling" I said softly, "I've told you more than once, it doesn't have to be this way.. OK, I had a really great time with Sally and Jenny, and I'd like to repeat it some time in the future. Jenny was the first girl that ever wanted me to be her first, and I tried to make it as pleasant as I could, as I'm sure Sally already told you." Julia grinned and just nodded as I continued, "Well darling, as you're the one to have set this whole thing up, I think it should be you that makes the decision about having Jenny join in, after all I haven't even met the rest of your friends yet, so I don't have any idea as to how much energy I'm going to need." Seeing as I was smiling Julia knew I was still happy to go along with her plan, and she came and sat on my lap, put her arms round my neck and pressed her soft lips to mine in a warm loving kiss. "Jack darling, I think it would do Jenny a whole lot of good to learn how to enjoy sex while she has others around her to steer her along the right path. Having someone as considerate as you, and her mother and some of her friends to give a female perspective I think she'll soon be wanting to find someone her own age. I'd like it if you could include her until then please." Friday saw me with another fresh address to go to straight from

work. This time it was a friend of Julia's that I'd met on a number of occasions, and often lusted after. Sandi was in her mid thirties, unmarried, and suspected of being a lesbian by many of the people that knew her. That's why I was just a little wary when I was sitting beside her on her old leather sofa with a glass of wine in my hand. As it was Sandi's habit to have most of her evening meals delivered she had waited until I arrived before ordering in a very nice Chinese dinner from her favourite restaurant. Once it was cleared away and we were once more sitting on the sofa with a drink Sandi took a hold of my hand and twisted herself round so she was sitting astride my thighs, with her deep cleavage inches away from my eyes. In a single movement Sandi knocked back what remained of her drink, took my now empty glass and leaned over to place them on a small table beside the arm of the sofa. "You know Jack, I've been waiting for so long to be sitting here, like this, with you. Now that I am, there's absolutely nothing I can do with you apart from ask you to play with my titties, and maybe give you a blow job." I tore my eyes from Sandi's cleavage, looked up into her eyes and saw she was almost in tears, "Timing that bad?" I asked, and she squeezed her eyes tight shut and nodded as she lowered her head on to my shoulder. I hugged her close, kissed her ear and neck then whispered "Sandi darling, would you trust me to do something for you, and promise not to refuse to do anything I ask you to do?" Sandi pushed herself upright, looked me in the eye and said "You're not going to hurt me are you?" I grinned and shook my head "No, I promise I won't hurt you, and I further promise you will have a good time, just so long as you do as you're told. OK?" Sandi sat there for a moment or two, then shrugged her shoulders and said "Why not, I can't be any worse off than I am right now, can I. OK Jack darling, I trust you, and I won't say no until you're finished with me. What do I have to do first?" A couple of minutes later Sandi was sitting on the sofa with her legs up, her head resting on my chest and her arms tucked behind her. Slowly I began to undo the buttons of her blouse, and when I was done I tucked the flaps behind her back so that all she had on above the waist was her sheer lacy bra. I think she was surprised that I left this on, especially when I told her to stop as she began to undo it at the back. I then undid the waistband of her skirt and pushed it as far down her hips as I could reach, again stopping her when she tried to help me undress her. Placing a tender kiss on her forehead, I started to massage of her abdomen, running my hands from just below her breasts, out to her sides and then down over her sides to meet in the centre of her lower abdomen just above her mons. Very slowly I slid my hands back up to her ribs, holding my thumbs out so they grazed the underside on her bra covered breasts, before I stroked them down her body once more. I did this about a dozen times, each time making longer and firmer contact with her breasts at the top, and getting closer to her panty covered mons at the bottom. Eventually I made a stroke cycle sexual by covering her breasts with my hands and gently squeezing before sliding then down her body in a straight line to cover her fabric covered pussy with one of them. As she felt my hand touch her Sandi gasped out loud and thrust her hips upwards so she was pressing harder on to it. As I moved my hands upwards once more Sandi gave a soft moan, then another gasp of pleasure as I cupped her breasts once more. The next time I moved my hand down her abdomen I rested the tips of my fingers on her mons for a few seconds before moving them

down, pressing them on to her hooded clit, and between her suddenly swollen pussy lips. This brought a long low moan of pleasure from her, and she arched her body and wriggled her hips as she tried to increase the pleasure she was experiencing. Placing my long middle finger on the centre of her mons and pressing against her pussy lips I moved my free hand back up to her rib cage and cupped her breasts once more. It only took a dozen strokes of my hands on Sandi's pussy for her to come to a crashing orgasm, and for her to clamp her thighs together and trap my hand between them as she also humped her hips at my probing fingers as she drew out her orgasm for as long as she could. Sandi collapsed in my arms completely spent while I gently stroked her pussy through her panties, and her breasts through he bra, kissing her tenderly on the cheek, neck and shoulders as I waited for her to regain some control of her senses. In the end Sandi gave a long shuddering sigh, opened her eyes and turned her head to look at me, "How did that happen for Gods sake?" she asked softly, I shrugged my shoulders, smiled at her and said "I guess you must have been pretty horny, I didn't do very much after all, apart from stroke your body a few times, you did the rest." With something of a struggle Sandi slewed round so she was sitting beside me, still with just her bra on, and her skirt down around mid thigh, "What now Jack darling, any more bright ideas I might like?" I stood up. Put out my hands to her and pulled her to her feet. This enabled her skirt to fall in a pool around her ankles and she simple stepped out of it as I guided her out on the room. "Show me where the bathroom is" I said softly, and a couple of minutes later we were standing in front of the shower with Sandi stripping my clothes off as quickly as she could. When I was naked I asked her for a specific item, and despite blushing she produced what I wanted. As she stood there with the blue and white tube of K-Y in her hand I stripped off her bra, and was about to do the same with her panties when she stopped me. As I expected this to happen I didn't push it, just took the K-Y off her and stepped into the shower saying "Take your tampon out as well Sandi darling, and don't argue." Again she blushed, but a moment later she stepped into the shower and into my waiting arms as I stood beneath the gentle jet of water. "What are you going to do Jack?" Sandi asked, sounding slightly apprehensive, I grinned down at her and said "I'm going to make love to you Sandi darling, what else did you think was going to happen?" she laid her head on my wet chest and said "I've never had it in my ass before, will it hurt?" I chuckled softly "Who said anything about your ass, I don't remember mentioning it" I responded softly. This made Sandi look up at me, "But you can't do it the proper way, not when I'm dirty like this Jack darling" she gasped. "Just turn round and bend over" I said softly, and grasped her shoulders and spun her round to face the wall. "Place your hands on the wall Sandi darling, and shuffle back until your back is level with the floor" I instructed. As she was doing this I was covering my hard throbbing cock with K-Y, and coating two fingers ready to lube up her pussy lips. Not giving her time to protest, the instant I was done coating her pussy I placed the tip of my cock to the entrance to her vagina and pressed forward slowly and firmly, not stopping until I was buried balls deep inside her, and felt my cockhead pressing against the mouth of her cervix. This touch inside her body brought what was happening home to Sandi, and she

gave a loud scream of pleasure and clamped her vaginal muscles tight round my cockshaft as I tried to pull it back in readiness for another inward stroke. "NO!! Don't move" she gasped, and began to wriggle her butt from side to side and round and round as she savoured the feeling of a hard throbbing cock inside her menstruating body for the first time. After few minutes Sandi relaxed her grip on my penis, and I began to move it slowly in and out of her love tunnel, ending the in stroke with a jerk so my hips hit against her buttocks, making her jerk forward slightly. Sandi was so aroused by now that it only took a few minutes before she was gasping out as her climax approached, suddenly screaming out loud and her body jerked and spasmed as her orgasm exploded inside her. This orgasm was so intense I was forced to grab her round the waist to prevent her falling to the floor and hurting herself as she once more collapsed into a dead faint. Very gently I lowered Sandi to the floor of the shower, placing her in a sitting position in the corner so she was supported on two sides by tiled walls. As I allowed Sandi to recover in her own time I turned to face the shower jet and rinsed my still hard cock off. As I turned back to face Sandi she opened her eyes, looked up at me and said "I didn't feel you cum that time Jack darling, what happened?" I grinned wickedly and said "Just you watch" then leaned one hand on the wall and used the other one to begin jerking off. I knew just how close I was, and I knew Sandi was going to get a surprise in just a few moments if she continued to look up at what I was doing. It turned out that this was the first time she'd ever watched a guy masturbate and was so fascinated she couldn't take her eyes off what was happening. Until that it, I gave a low groan and began to shoot wad after wad of hot sticky semen straight at her open mouth. Not all of it hit her mouth, or even her face. In fact most of my cum splattered against her chest and titties, with the final few drops dripping on to her naked pussy. Sandi was so surprised at what happened the instant she felt my cum hit her tongue she closed her mouth and gulped instinctively, swallowing it whether she wanted to or not. By the time she realised what she had done, I was totally spent, and leaned against the opposite wall to her and looked down at her as she rubbed her fingers through the pools and streaks of semen that covered her upper body. "OH WOW!" she gasped "A cum shower in the shower. Jack darling, you don't know how I've always wanted someone to do that to me, I just never found the right guy, you know, someone I could trust not to do anything stupid." I reached down and pulled her to her feet, hugging her tight to me as I gently stroked her back. "I think it's time we got cleaned up, don't you?" I asked gently. Sandi nodded, picked up the soap and a washcloth and began to wash me from head to toe. That she spent a long time on my cock didn't surprise me, I just did the same when it was my turn. In the end we were standing side by side rubbing ourselves with warm fluffy towels until we were both dry, and powdered. Sandi opened a drawer in the vanity unit and pulled out a fresh tampon, looked at me, blushed and said softly "Please turn away Jack darling, this isn't something I normally do with an audience." I smiled, turned my back on her until I felt her place her lips on my back in a soft tender kiss. "OK darling, all done, can we go to bed now please, I'm bushed." Being Friday I didn't have to go to work the next morning so Sandi and I were able to lay in bed together after we woke up. At

least I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee and toast, just as Sandi was closing the bedroom door with her firm shapely bottom. When we'd finished our breakfast I excused myself to go and use the bathroom, finding on my return that Sandi was just finishing making the bed, a sure indication that we weren't going to spend any more time in it together. Sure enough, we didn't, we just showered, together of course, and got dressed before going downstairs. That's when I got my biggest surprise of the day, when I, or rather we, found Julia sitting on the sofa in the living room, chatting away to a very tasty looking dusty blonde woman. As soon as Sandi entered the room Julia stood up and opened her arms so Sandi could step into them, getting a big hug and kisses from my lover. The blonde with Julia did the same, as if they were old friends, then it hit me, they were, this must be another of Julia's friends that she was wanting to add to the harem. Sure enough as soon as Sandi and the blonde were finished hugging Julia turned to me, kissed me lovingly on the lips and said "Jack darling, I'd like you to meet Susan, she's going to be spending the day with us, do you need to go home to change before we go out?" before I could say anything Susan came up to me, slipped her arms round my neck and kissed me full on the lips, "Hello Jack, I'm so glad to meet you, I've heard so much about you, I can see how so much of it must be true." There was a giggle from behind me and Sandi came and slipped her arms round my waist from the rear, looked over my shoulder and said softly "Oh, believe me Susan, its all true, every word of it, you just ask some of the others, they'll tell you." A few minutes later and I was driving back to my apartment, followed by Julia and Susan. When I was changed we all piled into Julia's car and we drove out of town towards the beach. "I thought it would be nice if we had a picnic on the beach and did a bit of sunbathing Jack darling" said Julia, "Maybe we could also have a dip at the same time." Almost before I could answer in the negative Julia was pulling into a parking lot and coming to a halt. "You can do that if you like lover, I'm not equipped for swimming right now, I left my bathing trunks at home. Maybe you should have told me this is where we were coming, I'd have been prepared for what you have in mind." Julia and Susan giggled, then, as they pulled the picnic basket off the seat beside me Susan looked at me and said in a sultry voice, "Oh, don't worry Jack, we'll think of something to do I'm sure." I took the basket off Susan, leaving her and Julia to carry the beach blankets, then followed them down the steps on to the sand. The girls seemed to know where they were headed so I just tagged along behind, enjoying myself as I watched the way their buttocks moved inside their tight shorts, and wondering what Susan's looked like naked. It wasn't long before I found out, but before I did I got the shock of my life when we finally stopped and I had a chance to look around me to take in the local view. NAKED BODIES!! Naked bodies all round, albeit that they were twenty or so yards away rather than a few feet, I could still see there was very little evidence of swim wear, even in the loosest sense of the word. Suddenly I blushed, as I realised Julia and Susan were giggling at my reaction, and I averted my eyes in case anyone saw me staring, and stood there almost dumbstruck as I watched the girls lay out the blankets. After placing the basket on the edge of the blanket I sat down saying "OK, you got me, now what happens, I don't suppose this is a clothing optional beach by any chance?" Susan looked down at me from where she stood slowly

removing her blouse, shook her head and said "Sorry Jack darling, its an official nudist beach, and anyone wearing clothes is looked down on." Wanting to salvage some sort of face out of this situation I grinned at her and said "Oh, I see, looked down on, I don't mind that quite so much if it means I get to 'look up at' the likes of you." This brought a chuckle from Julia who was standing to one side of Susan, and I turned and watched her as she bent over to remove her final piece of clothing, her skimpy panties. Julia then dropped to her knees beside me, pressed me down on to my back and began to undo the clasp of my pants, and run the zipper down. "Jack darling, if you're not going to strip off, then I suppose we'll have to do it for you" said Julia, and she was instantly joined by a very lovely and very naked Susan who started to strip off my shirt. In no time at all I was naked, and had an erection that was being watched by Susan with much interest. It was too much to hope that the girls would leave things like that, and I was soon laying out sandwiched between the two of them, my arms under their necks and their heads resting on my shoulders. We hadn't been laying there long before Julia sat up and began to apply sun block to my front. "We don't want you to get sunburned do we Jack darling, especially not down here" she said as she stroked her oily hand over my rampant erection. When she was done with my front I was rolled over and Susan helped her do my back, then I was told I had to do the same for them. Being presented with Julia's body first I applied plenty of oil to her front and back, making quite sure I rubbed it well into her breasts and between her thighs. As was normal with Julia I wasn't able to bring her to a climax, but it was real good fun trying. With Susan it was very, very different. Julia encouraged me to make applying the oil to Susan's front as sexual as I could, and I did as she asked, bringing her to a crashing orgasm in a matter of a few minutes. This did present a problem with her tendency to scream, which I managed to stifle by kissing her as I frigged her pussy with my hand. As Susan lay there, gasping for breath I shuffled round to kneel between her thighs, ready to lay on her and begin to fuck her brains out. Julia gave me a firm slap on the thigh, "Not here Jack darling, overt sex is frowned on, on this beach, do her back then we'll see what we can work out." Tenderly I rolled Susan on to her front, spread her thighs again and shuffled up close to her butt as I began to rub oil into her thighs and buttocks. Not wanting to move too much I poured some oil on to Susan's back, between her shoulder blades, leaned forward and placed the palms of my hands in the pool and began to spread it out over her prone body. As I leaned over the tip of my cock pressed between Susan's buttocks, making her cry out in surprise as she thought I was going to butt fuck her. I wasn't but I suddenly had an idea and, grasping her hips tightly I pulled her body up my sloping thighs until my erection was pressing against her hot wet swollen pussy lips. Slowly I pulled a little more and Julia and I heard her gasp of pleasure as she was drawn further and further on to my cock, and it sank ever deeper into her vaginal passage. As soon as I was buried balls deep inside Susan's body I spread my thighs as far apart as I could and began to rock back and forth, rubbing my hands up and down her back, and rubbing my cock in and out of her now tight grasping pussy lips. From a distance it might just have looked as if I was applying sun cream, close up Susan's sighs and low moans of pleasure told Julia and I what she was experiencing. Suddenly

I began to panic as I felt twinges in my hips thighs and back. This may have seemed like a good idea, but it was something I want going to be able to continue for too much longer. In the end luck took over and, as I raised myself up off my heels to ease my aching back, my cock was forced a little further into Susan's body and she was so taken by surprise she began to come immediately. This movement also eased the crowding of my balls, and as I heard her muffled cries of ecstasy as she buried her face in a pile of clothes, I also began to shoot wad after wad of hot creamy cum deep into her firm young body. As my back arched in orgasm, and Susan's body jerked and twitched about, my pulsating cock was wrenched from her pussy and she slipped down my oily thighs and ended curled up in a heap by my knees. I was so spent by now I also collapsed in a heap between Susan and Julia, laying face up, gasping for breath. As Susan and I lay there spent, Julia sat looking at us, and said softly "Damn, that looked so sexy, I'll have to try it myself some time. Was it as good as it sounded Susan darling?" Sue turned her head, opened her eyes and smiled up at Julia, "I don't know Julia, I do know it was the strangest way to get stuffed, Jack wasn't even that deep inside me, yet it felt.. Oh, I don't know, so.. strange, then when he pushed in that bit extra, it was almost as if it was someone else, a little bit bigger, suddenly taking over and ramming his cock all the way in. That's when I began to cum, I just couldn't stop myself, I just came and came over and over again. Then all of a sudden he was gone, and I was being dropped on to the blanket with cum running out of my pussy and making a wet patch for me to lay in." Susan looked at Julia and me, saw we were so close to bursting out laughing, and sat up saying "WHAT! What are you laughing at?" Julia grinned, then said softly "Oh, I'm sorry Susan darling, it was just the way you described what you felt. I really wish I had your imagination my love, my sex life would so much more enjoyable." After a few more minutes getting our breath back I suggested that we all go and have a dip in the ocean to clean off as well as cool off. This found favour with them both and we walked arm in arm down the beach, Susan waddling most of the way as our mixed cum began to ooze slowly from between her pussy lips as she walked. After spending a few minutes in the water, where we all ended up groping and getting groped, we walked slowly back up the beach, getting some envious glances from some of the few couples that we passed on the way. I guess it was a combination of having had a recent climax, and being more relaxed at my naked state, but I didn't react as I normally would as we passed some very lovely and very naked young women on the way back to our blanket. As we sat down Susan leaned over in front of me and said in a loud whisper, "Did you see that Julia, all those naked women and he didn't even give a twitch, was it something I did?" Julia laughed softly, "You know Susan darling, I do believe it was. And a very good job you did of it too." With all the exercise we had been indulging in at least Susan and I were hungry by the time Julia spread out the food she had brought, and we spent a pleasant time eating together. When we were all done Susan lay back and said she was going to make the best of the sun and improve her tan. Julia and I packed the remains of our repast away, she then stood up, held out her hand to me and pulled me to my feet saying "Susan darling, Jack and I are going for a little walk, I have something to discuss with him, you don't mind staying here alone do you?" Smiling and shaking her head Susan

looked up, then giggled at the sight of our naked bodies standing over her, "You know Julia darling, it's a good job I know you two, or I might be frightened of what might happen with the pair of you standing over me like that." "Just make sure you don't run away before we get back please darling, I'd hate to lose you, you know. We wont be too long darling, don't fall asleep and burn will you? this sun is pretty fierce if you're laying still." With that Julia took my arm and steered me towards the waters edge where we began to walk parallel to the breakers, arms wrapped round each other waists, and hips moving in synch as we walked slowly along the sands. After a few minutes of silent walking I said quietly "OK Julia darling, what's this all about. What do you want to say that Susan can't hear?" If it was possible Julia pressed even closer to me, burying her face in my chest until I stopped, lifted her head up and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "Come on darling, it can't be that bad, why don't you tell me what's bothering you." Taking my hands in hers as she turned to face me, Julia placed my palms on her breasts, looked up at me and said softly "You know you keep on asking me to marry you, and I keep on saying no, well, what if I changed my mind now you have all these other women to make love to. What would happen then Jack darling?" "Weelll" I said slowly, "I guess I'd have to think about buying a ring, and finding a suit that fits me. What else do you think I should do my love?" Julia was about to throw her arms round my neck and kiss me, but I pressed hard on her chest with my hands that were still covering her breasts and said softly "Sorry Julia darling, it doesn't work that way, its me that has to say Julia, will you please marry me. Then you can think about it and answer my question, got it?" she smiled, nodded her head and said "Yes please Jack darling" "Yes please what?" I asked, "Yes please I'll marry you my darling Jack." As I slipped my hand round her waist she threw hers round my neck and we spent hours kissing before I pressed her away from me and said "Shall we go back and see what Susan's doing, we don't want her to get burned now, do we?" By the time we got home Susan was more than a little suspicious that something had happened. Neither of us would tell her, not even when we showered together to remove the sand and oil from our bodies. Even after dinner, when we were sitting on the sofa, me sandwiched between the girls, and gently caressing both their breasts as we sat watching TV. For some reason Julia said we should have Susan sleep with us when we went to bed, and as we lay there Julia eventually turned to Susan and said "Susan darling, I think you deserve to know that Jack has asked me to marry him, and I've said yes this time." What happened then took me by surprise. Susan scrambled to her knees, leaned over my supine body and threw herself at Julia crying out "Oh, mom I'm so glad. I couldn't want a better step father than Jack. He's so nice and kind and so damned good at making love to a girl." Before I could react to what I just heard Susan sat back on her heels, looked down at Julia and said "Oh, does this mean I don't get to make love to him any more, if so I think it's beastly of you, and so will all the others." "MOM!, what do you mean MOM. Julia, you never told me you had a daughter. When did this happen?" Susan looked down at me, grinned cheekily and said "Oh, about twenty years ago Daddy, I can call you Daddy, can't I Jack darling?" Before I could answer Julia said "Of course you can Susan darling, but please not until after we're married." Susan grinned happily and lay back down beside me, snuggled up close

and murmured "What about Robin mom, can she call him Daddy too?" "ROBIN.. Who's Robin??" Susan looked at Julia, grinned and said "Whoops, sorry Mom, I guess you didn't tell him about Robin either, did you?" Julia shook her head very slowly, "No darling, I didn't, but he knows now, so I guess I better tell him the whole truth. Will you let me tell him, and just lay there quietly until I finish please Susan?" "Yes Mom, quiet as a mouse, promise" replied Susan, and she lay down beside me, snuggled into the crook of my arms and lay her head on my chest in just the position that allowed her to flick my nipple with the tip of her tongue. Julia sat up facing me, her legs crossed Indian style, clasped her hands in her lap and started to speak. Very softly she told me how she had lost custody of her girls in her divorce, based on the fact her ex husbands lawyer was better than her own. That meant that it was her that had to pay alimony until the girls were of age, and in the eyes of the law, needed no maintenance. She had stopped paying for Susan almost two years ago, but, as Robin wasn't eighteen until the following weekend, she was still liable for payments. "Is that why you always refused to marry me?" I asked softly. Julia nodded her head, "Yes darling, I didn't think you'd want to get a ready made family, especially a grown up one, and besides I was still paying out to my ex, and I couldn't have you taking on any of that burden." Despite my best efforts I was being distracted by the sight of Julia's naked body, especially her pussy, which was facing me between her spread thighs. Before I said anything else I covered Julia's legs with the bed clothes, then looked up at her, smiled and said "Well, OK darling, we can leave that for now, I'd still like to know why you suddenly changed your mind now, and how come you got me into bed with your daughter. Most women would fight tooth and claw to protect theirs, why not you?" Just then I felt a movement beside me, and yelped as my nipple got nibbled. Julia chuckled, then said "Well, Susan came to live with me now, so she could make sure everything was OK for when Robin turned eighteen. You see Jack darling, neither of them liked living with their father, I just persuaded them to stay with him until they came of age, then it would be OK for them to leave him and come and live with me. Just after she came home someone told Susan what was going on, for the very best of reasons as it happens, and I got badgered into letting her become part of the Harem. I wasn't too happy about it at first, but she talked me into having her join us." "And what about Robin, will she be invited in?" I asked with just a little trepidation. After all, it was one thing to have four willing women, adult women, ready willing and able to take their turn benefiting from my sexual favours. It would be quite another to have my soon to be wife's, daughters, making it six. "Are we going to be too much for you Daddy?" asked Susan with a giggle. I turned to look at her and said seriously "Actually, yes darling, I think you might just be too much for me. Even if the rest of them only want it once a week, that still leaves you and your sister, assuming she's going to want to join in, and your mother to take up the rest of the week. I'll end up with less than a full day off each week. Nice as it may sound, that is just too much for one man, especially one as old as I am." By now Julia was laying down beside me, snuggled up into my arm, and she said "Well Jack darling, you know I wont be wanting too much, and I'm sure the girls will soon get used to having a man around, and

wont be getting too horny too often, besides, it'll do them good to be made to wait occasionally, don't you think?" "Besides which Daddy" said Susan, "Robin will need your special attention because, unless our father has done something awful in the past few weeks, she's in desperate need of a kind, considerate and very gentle man to be her first." "She's.." I began, Susan nodded "Yes Daddy, Robins a virgin, and believe me, when I tell her how very good you are, she wont want to be one for very long when she gets here." "On top of which Jack darling" continued Julia, "I know that at least two of the others have told me they want to double up with you, if you agree, of course. And there's always Jenny and Sally, you know they like a threesome, at least until Jenny finds someone her own age and leaves the group. I think you can get away with at least TWO days off a week, sometimes even THREE if we play our cards right." I gave a silent laugh, and heard Julia and Susan giggling across my chest as they looked at each other. Heaving a huge sigh of resignation I told Julia I agreed to what she was proposing, and Susan said softly "Something told me he would Mom, here, have a feel?" and they burst into laughter as Julia covered her daughters hand as it grasped my hard throbbing cock. "OK, so I can't control my own body" I said, "At least I'm honest about it, and I don't keep deep dark secrets from the ones I love." Julia let go of me, shuffled up the bed so her face was level with mine, looked deeply into my eyes and said "I'm so sorry about that Jack darling, I just didn't want to have it spoil what we had, at least until I was sure what was actually going to be happening. I promise I'll never lie to you again?" END Check out my archive at: </pre></body></html>