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1) Human Resources management dose not include

a. Leading
b. Evaluation
c. Recruitment
d. Selection
2) Among the challenges faced by H.R managers are
a. An oversupply of people trained to work in growth area
b. Fewer laws to direct the actions of H.Rs managers
c. Continued downsizing that is taking a toll on employee morale, and increased demand for
temporary workers
d. Fewer older workers, and too many of them want to retire, making it difficult to fill them
3) A job analysis will provide information about
a. What is done by various employees who fill different job tittles
b. Whether or not the labor force is paid adequately
c. The strategic plan for recruiting, selecting training and development
d. Education, capabilities, training and specialized skills to determine if the company’s labor force
is technically up to date
4) “Clerical worker, with responsibilities for answering phones, greeting clients, filling for
H.Rs department. Some weekends required”. This is an example of a
a. Job analysis
b. Job specification
c. Job description
d. H.R inventory
5) Which of the following is not included in a list of reasons why recruiting has become
a. Sometimes people will necessary skills aren’t available
b. The number of available recruiting tools has begun to shrink
c. The emphasis on participate management makes it important to hire people who fit in with the
corporate culture
d. Some companies have policies that make it difficult to recruit
6) According to the text, the greatest advantage of hiring from within is
a. It is quick
b. It requires less training
c. It helps maintain employee morale
d. It keeps the firm from having an oversupply of workers trained in certain areas
7) What is the first step in the selection process?
a. Obtaining a completed application form
b. Contacting an employment agency
c. Background investigation
d. Interviews
8) Background investigations
a. Are no longer legal
b. Help identify which candidates are most likely to succeed
c. Include an investigation of skills
d. Are not good predictors of who will be successful
9) Employment tests must
a. Be directly related to the job
b. Measure only specific skills
c. Be conducted in the initial job interview
d. In general be avoided, because of legal issues

10) Internal and external programs to develop a variety of skills and to foster personal
development away from the job is called
a. Off-the-job training
b. Vestibule training
c. An apprentice program
d. Employee orientation
11) …………… is a type of management development that exposes managers to different
functions of the organization by giving them assignment in a variety of departments
a. Understudy positions
b. On-the-job coaching
c. Job enlargement
d. Job rotation
12) In developing a performance appraisal, standards should have all of the following
characteristics except
a. They should be specific
b. They should be subject to measurement
c. They should be easily attainable
d. They should be reasonable
13) Decisions about promotions, compensation, additional training, or firing are all based on
a. Going through the appropriate training program
b. Having the right selection process in place
c. Performance evaluations
d. Legal considerations
14) Henry is interested in making a lot of money. He is a very good salesperson. People tell
him he could sell sand to Saudi Arabia. He is a very hard worker, and is willing to work a
lot of hours to make the kind of money he wants. Henry should most likely look for the
kind of job that is paid
a. On salary with overtime
b. By commission
c. With profit sharing
d. In a situation with team based compensation
15) Studies of compensation for teams have shown that
a. It is recommended that pay should be based on team performance
b. Team based pay programs are pretty well developed and need not be changed
c. Team members should be compensated as individuals
d. Skill based pay programs are relatively easy to apply
16) Fringe benefits
a. Include pay as well as items such as executive dining rooms and country club memberships
b. Are usually set and wont change over time
c. Is relatively easy for a company to administer once benefits have been determined
d. Are expensive for companies, and account for as much as 30% of payroll today
17) A program that gives employees freedom to adjust when they work, as long as they work
the required number of hours is called
a. Job sharing
b. Flextime
c. A compressed workweek
d. Home based work
18) Among the disadvantages or challenges of telecommuting or home based work is
a. Reduced productivity for the organization
b. Makes job performance appraisal more difficult
c. Reduces the amount of time available for work for the employee

d. Increase the amount of office politics as workers who have to come in are jealous of those who
work at home

19) The effect of downsizing and the resulting flatter corporate structure is that
a. Fewer layers of management make it more difficult for employees to be promoted to
higher levels of management
b. Companies are now scrambling to re-hire those workers who were laid off
c. A decrease occurs in the level of complexity of managing H.Rs
d. Less need to adhere to employment law
20) Employment at will is
a. The right for an employee to choose any job they would like
b. Rigorously enforced in most states today
c. Is a financial incentive used to encourage early retirement for long term employees
d. The right of employees to fire workers
21) Title VII of the Civil Right Act
a. Require that disabled applicants be given the same consideration for employment as people
without disabilities
b. Prevent business from discrimination against people with disabilities on the basic their physical
or mental handicap
c. Prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing and other areas on the basis of race, religion,
creed, sex or national origin
d. Give the victims of discrimination the right to a jury trail and punitive damages
22) The law that requires employees to give disabled applicants the same consideration for
employment as people without disabilities is the
a. Age Discrimination in Employment Act
b. Equal Employment Opportunity Act
c. Americans with Disabilities Act
d. Civil Rights Act
23) Qualified labor is more scare today, which make recruiting and selecting more difficult
a. True
b. False
24) H.R management has become so important that it is no longer a function of just one
department but a function of all managers
a. True
b. False
25) Because technology changes so rapidly, training programs should not be started too long
before the skills are needed, in case the skills become outdated
a. True
b. False
26) New tools used to recruit employees include Internet online services
a. True
b. False
27) Recruiting qualified workers may be difficult for small business because they may not be
able to offer the sort of compensation that attracts qualified workers
a. True
b. False
28) In recruiting, it is important to look for individuals who are skilled but less important that
they fit in with the culture as skilled workers will quickly learn how to fit in
a. True
b. False
29) The application form and the initial interview are good ways for a company to find out
about an applicant’s family and religious backgrounds
a. True

b. False
30) Employment physical exams are always illegal
a. True
b. False
31) Training focuses on short term skills, whereas development focuses on long term abilities
a. True
b. False
32) It is important for companies to take the initiative to develop female and minority
managers because it is a key to long term profitability
a. True
b. False
33) In a mentoring program, an older, more experienced worker will coach and guide a
selected lower-level manager by introducing him or her to the right people and group
a. True
b. False
34) Discussing the results of a performance evaluation with the employee should be avoided
because it is important to let an employee “sink and swim” in a job
a. True
b. False
35) A 360 degree performance review includes employees, peers, subordinates, and managers
a. True
b. False
36) While compensation and benefits packages are important to keep employees, these
program play little role in attracting qualified employees
a. True
b. False
37) Soft benefit include things such as on-site haircuts and shoe repair and free breakfasts
a. True
b. False
38) One benefit of job sharing has been reduced absenteeism and tardiness
a. True
b. False
39) Some companies have found that telecommuting has helped the company to save money
a. True
b. False
40) While early retirement programs are a more expensive strategy of downsizing than laying
off employees, it can increase the morale of remaining employees
a. True
b. False
41) Learning why an employee leaves a company is not especially valuable information for a
company to determine
a. True
b. False
42) Registration and legal decisions have had little effect on H.R management
a. True
b. False
43) The EEOC is charged with enforcing affirmative action programs
a. True
b. False
44) A key concept of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is accommodation in the
a. True
b. False