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Kiss Army Argentina interview with Ed Kanon:

"Being Kiss' drummer for just one night, It was memorable for sure"

Ed Kanon and Kiss Army Argentina.

Kiss Army Argentina: Hi, Eddie. Thanks a lot! for your time for this interview with KISS Army Argentina. Ed Kanon: Thanks for having me! Sorry it took so long. Kiss Army Argentina: Do you remember the moment in which you were told you would have to wear the makeup to replace Peter Criss in Columbus during the Alive Worldwide Tour? Could you please tell us how it happened? Ed Kanon: Yes I do actually. It was Doc walking up to me. We (the crew) were waiting for the band to come onstage and sound check. It wasnt like them to be as late as they were. He walked up and said Nice

beard.Shave it. It was April 5th., 1997, Kiss Army Argentina: How did you feel when you were told the news? Ed Kanon: I didnt know what to think at first. He explained what was going on quickly then said to come into the dressing room. Paul and Gene were in there, and they said Peter wasnt able to play the show, and they wanted me to do it. Kiss Army Argentina: The whole process of make up and getting ready for the show as the Catman must have been truly memorable. How long did it take you to be ready? Ed Kanon: Being Kiss's drummer for just one was memorable for sure. Lots of commotion. People going back and forth. Someone doing your hair, someone doing your makeup, someone putting costumes on you. It took about an hour or so. Thank God Tommy was there. He did my makeup. He did a great job. Then, sitting there looking at the set list, making sure I knew how all of the songs go. KissArmy Argentina: And you did you feel the following day? Did you phone anybody to talk about that KISStoric event? Ed Kanon: The next day I was really sore. I hadnt played a show that long, and that energetic in quite some time. That level of playing takes a while to get used to. Im not sure who I called. It was probably my mom, and a few close friends. It was still quite surreal. KissArmy Argentina: Even though you are a drummer and you were Peter Criss personal assistant, how familiar were you with KISS songs to play them live? Did you feel nervous during any song in particular? What was the hardest part of that event? Ed Kanon: I wasnt familiar with the songs other than hearing them. I heard them so many times by then, they were just in my brain. It took a second to get used to playing them, not just hearing them. The hardest part of the show was getting tired. You really have to pace yourself. You are up there for 2 hours. So, by 2/3s of the way through the show, my arms were tired. You have to just work through it and keep going. Kiss Army Argentina: Looking back at having been the drummer for KISS during one night, what was the best of that? What did that leave you as an experience? Ed Kanon: I guess most of all it was nice to see the show from the eyes of the band member on that level. Just to see what Peter sees while all of that is going on. And to know that I can pull something like that off at the drop of a hat, when it counts. The whole thing was amazing. Kiss Army Argentina: What was the most complicated song that KISS

played live during that tour? We guess that Watchin You must have been one of the most difficult ones because of the multiple arrangements it has. Please tell us your thoughts on this. Ed Kanon: Watchin you was actually one of the funniest. I had no problem with that one. Their (KISS) arrangements are really straight forward. Easy to feel where they are going. That was really nice. Gene is great at his cues. You can always watch him, and know where the accents are. I think Detroit was the toughest because of its pace. Its late in the show, youre tired, then that beat comes in. Fun to play though. Kiss Army Argentina: What was life on the road like during that tour? Because you did not have much time to rest. Besides, the relationship with the original members (basically Paul and Gene vs Peter and Ace) was pretty bad by the end of the 70s, and in the Reunion Tour, in spite of various specific clauses, that relationship did not work either. How did you live through all this, being so close to Peter? What is your vision on this issue? Ed Kanon: It was a giant machine that you are a part of. So many people, so much gear, so many fans. They were doing a lot of shows a year. We were gone all of the time. Time zone to time zone. That is why you hear Rock Stars say that it is all a blur. That is what it feels like. And it all happens really fast. Then you end up with a lot of friends all over the world. Kiss Army Argentina: What was Peters reaction when he found out you were going to be his replacement because of his health issues? Some years later, he commented that that decision was not right for him, even though he claimed to have nothing against you, and that in his opinion, the show should have been canceled, as that would have been the case if the person affected had been Paul or Gene. Ed Kanon: There were a lot of politics involved, I am sure. I wasnt really part of that. Hey, if the fans were ok with it, that is all that mattered. I am sure the ones that werent happy with it still got their moneys worth. Kiss Army Argentina: Do you currently keep in touch with Peter? We all know about how he fought breast cancer not so long ago; did you have the chance to meet him then, or more recently? Ed Kanon: I am not in contact with Peter. After the KISS/Aerosmith tour, I was done with it. More than done. I wanted to get away from the touring, and just stay home, and not have to travel. So, I just moved on. Kiss Army Argentina: Peter has recently released his autobiography; did you have the chance to read it? If you did, what is your opinion, considering all the years you spent next to him? Ed Kanon: I have read it. I hope he gets what he wants to get out of it. I wish him success. That is all I have to say about that

Kiss Army Argentina: Please tell us about your current activities and your plans for the future. Ed Kanon: I am always into something. I am always producing music. I am working on a few different projects right now. Writing with Justin Roberts, a friend from Sonora, California. Great guitar player, and song writer. I am spending time with my 6 year old son, Ashur. He is almost all of my time right now. Life is good. Kiss Army Argentina: Eddie, once again, thanks a lot for your time. Ed Kanon: Thank you so much. Good luck with your Army down there. I love Argentina. You guys know how to live it up. I have had great times down there, and hope to again in the future. Viva Argentina!!

Interview by: Marcelo Garca and Diego Ferreyra (July 2013)