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EL SUBSUELO DE LA CIUDAD DE MExIco D. VARIACI CANICAS cq RAUL J MARSAL* MARCOS MAZARI* RESUMEN PRESENTACION PROLOGO EDICIONES ICA, SERIE B, No 9 PROLOGO A LA SEGUNDA EDICIGN ANOTACIONES SOBRE LOS DATOS EXPERIMENTALES LOCALIZACION DE LOS SONDEOS CORTES ESTRATIGRAFIOOS Y PROPIEDADES MECANICAS DEL SUBSUELO. SONDEOS CONTINUOS Pc 20 A Pc 451 RESUMEN DE PROPIEDADES. MEDIAS DE LAS ARCILLAS VALORES MEDIOS TAPULADOS DE LOS SONDEOS CONTINUOS Pc 20 A Pe 451 u 15. 121 125 ABSTRACT The actual compilation is presented as Part D of The subsoil of Mexico city (UNAM 1969, bilingual edition), and summarizes the detailed informa~ tion on the variation of the mechanical properties with depth, performed at ICA laboratories from 1946 to 1956, and filed at the Institute of Engi neering, UNAM, archives. ‘This information was used during the statistical analysis of the mechani- cal properties of the clays for different strata and zones of the city, which appears in Part A of the forementioned reference. ‘The information herein enclosed, certainly can be of help as a comparison bases for recent studies undertaken due to the 19 and 20th of September 1985 intense earthquakes.