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How does Purition stack up as a meal replacement?

Herbalife Formula1 Healthy Meal vs. Superseed Breakfast Smoothie Discounted to 27 for 550g
(Amazon 15/7/13)

18.95 for 560g 14 x 40g servings = 1.35 Nutritional info Energy: 205 kcal Protein: 15g (66% more) Carbs: 3g of which Sugars: 1.46g (84% less) Fat: 13g of which Saturates: 2.58g Fibre: 7.4g (40% of your RDA!) Salt: 0.2g

21 x 26g Servings = 1.29 Nutritional info Energy: 92 kcal Protein: 9g Carbs: 9g (52%!) of which Sugars: 9g (36%!) Fat: 8.8g of which Saturates: 0.5g Fibre: 2.5g Salt: 0.33g

We have provided the nutritional information this way as it was the only way we could find the Herbalife information listed. Pricing is also an estimate based on an Amazon search however as Herbalife is a direct selling organisation we believe prices can vary.

What is Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal 750g? Formula 1 Healthy Meal is intended as a nutritional meal replacement shake. Can be used as part of a weight management plan for people wanting to lose, gain or maintain their weight. A convenient healthy meal. They recommend taking their Formula 1 product with their Formula2* Multivitamin Complex and their Formula3* Protein Powder not accounted for in price comparison. They advice that taking 25g of soy protein per day as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart diseasehowever 1 serving of Formula 1 provides 9g of soy protein. You would need to drink 3 shakes per day to achieve 25g of soy protein! Naturally and artificially flavoured.

This is what we say about Herbalife. It does not claim to be high in protein and it isnt; however it is very high in carbs 52% (of the 26g serving) and contains an astonishing 36% sugar. It contains 4 different types of sugars and we are confused how this can help anyone lose weight or claim to be nutritional and healthy meal! We believe Herbalifes Formula 1 shake will give you a very short-term energy boost from all the sugar followed by fatigue and hunger a short time after. It is more beneficial to have a higher protein content than carbohydrates and sugar because protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer. There are 42 ingredients in a 26g serving of Herbalife Formula1!

This is what we say about Purition. Purition Superseed Breakfast Shake is a high protein, high fibre wholefood shake/meal which contains high quality wholefood fats Omegas 3, 6 & 9. With absolutely no added or artificial sugars; in fact no added anything! Purition will not cause a spike in your insulin and will help to stabilise blood sugar levels and give your body nourishment, leaving you feeling satisfied and fuller for longer naturally. Purition meal replacements are a nutritional tool to help you to eat a clean diet, free from sugars, grains and artificial ingredients for permanent fat loss and weight reduction without calorie restriction. Just compare our ingredients list to Herbalife and judge for yourself It is important to remember that just because a product has a low calorie and fat content does not make it suitable for your nutritional needs. There is evidence to suggest that low calorie/fat products actually leave us feeling hungry because our bodies are not receiving the energy it needs to leave you feeling satisfied.

Ingredient listed by quantity. Herbalife Formula 1 1) Soy protein Isolate is from the soybean which is a GM (Genetically Modified) crop. It is a very low cost source of protein and as such is found in many processed foods and animal feeds. As a protein for human consumption it can be suitable for those with special dietary needs such as lactose intolerance. Purition Superseed Breakfast Smoothie 1) Whey Protein Isolate is the gold standard in whey and the finest quality; easily digested protein source. We single source our isolate from Devon as it is undenatured and comes from UK dairy that is predominantly grass-fed and growth hormone free. Whey Isolate is approximately 7x more expensive than Soy Isolate. 2) Flax, high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids (heart health), excellent source of lignans, anti-oxidant rich food and contains both soluble and insoluble fibre.

2) Fructose a fruit sugar processed in the liver. When the liver cant process it quick enough for the body to use it as sugar, the result, is it will start making fat from the fructose instead and sends it to the bloodstream as triglycerides (high blood triglycerides are a risk factor for heart disease). Read more here. 3) Soy lecithin this is an emulsifier we are surprised to see it present in such large qualities in the product, you can read more here. 4) Soy oil This is a byproduct of soy protein isolate processing.

3) Coconut, highly nutritious and high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. A functional food that provides many health benefits. 4) Almonds, good for your heart, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich and good unsaturated fats. The highest fibre content of any nut! Also an excellent vitamin E source. 5) Sunflower Kernels, high in vitamin E known for its many health benefits, phytosterols (help lower cholesterol), good source of magnesium and good source of fibre.

5-8) Thickeners (cellulose powder, guar gum powder, carrageenan, xanthan gum, citrus pectin) We are surprised to see thickeners as the 5th ingredient these are used to thicken the product and have little or no nutritional value. 9) Flavours - Herbalife use an array of artificial ingredients to produce flavours like cookies and cream. 10) Oat fibre a good source of fibre but if they come below artificial flavours in their ingredients list there can not be much in the product. 11) Corn bran another byproduct of soybean production it is the tough outer layer of corn. High in fibre. Used as a filling agent in many food products. 12) Calcium citrate this is a preservative 13) Fructooligosaccharides this is sugar 14) Silicon dioxide really? See here 15) Milk protein good source of protein

6) Sesame seed, good source of many vitamins and minerals, source of beneficial fibers (lignans) and phytosterols known for their cholesterol lowering effects. High in copper and manganese.

7) Cocoa, contain antioxidants, soluble and insoluble dietary fibers, rich in minerals and vitamins.

8) Chia Seed - one of the highest known vegetarian sources of Omega 3 in the world, high in insoluble and soluble fibre, source of protein and high in calcium, iron, selenium and zinc.

Herbalife Formula 1 16) Dextrose this is sugar again 17) Potassium phosphate (mineral mix) 18) Magnesium oxide (mineral mix) 19) Rapeseed oil not sure why it is used? 20) Vitamin C, 21) Ferrous fumarate, iron supplement 22) Honey powder this is sugar 23) Vitamin E, 24) Niacin, nutrient 25) Parsley powder, 26) Papaya powder,

Purition Superseed Breakfast Smoothie 9) Pumpkin seed, high in manganese, magnesium and tryptophan, good source of zinc and other vitamins and minerals. Antioxidant and source of vitamin E. 10) Inactive brewers yeast, not to be confused with bakers yeast. A natural source of B vitamins and protein and an excellent source of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid (essential nutrients to help release energy from food, build healthy cells and support a healthy nervous system naturally. 11) Psyllium Husk (from the plant Plantago ovate), can improve bowl regulation, good source of dietary fibre. May help lower cholesterol. 12) Apple Pectin, rich source of soluble fibre (American Heart Association state that adding soluble fibre to your diet can reduce your risk of heart disease.) 13) Stevia, 100% natural zero calorie sweetener. There are no vitamin or mineral mixes in Purition only naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from the wholefood ingredients we use. Your body is capable of using and absorbing these because they are whole molecules that work with other pre-existing molecules found in the food that work together enabling your body to use them.

27) Zinc oxide (mineral mix) 28) Copper gluconate (mineral mix) 29) Vitamin A (vitamin mix)

30) Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) 31) Vitamin D, 32) Alphatocopherol (E307 vitamin E) 33) Ascorbyl palmitate (E304 vitamin C) 34) Vitamin B6, 35) Vitamin B12, 36) Manganese carbonate, 37) Riboflavin, 38) Thiamin, 39) Folic acid, 40) Potassium iodide, 41) Sodium selenite according to Wikipedia its a pet food additive 42) Biotin.

All Purition products are 100% natural; its real food and does not contain anything artificial, we use ingredients to delicately flavour our products and we dont use gums, thickeners, bulking agents, cheap fillers or milk powders so you will notice a significant difference in taste and texture for the better, providing you can appreciate the texture of seeds and nuts (real food). Your body is capable of processing all the ingredients in our productdo you think the same goes for Herbalife? If you have any questions please call us on 0845 222 0174 - END -