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What is True Revival?

Psalm 85:6 Will You not revive us again, That Your people may rejoice in You?

Definition of Revival:
Revival is a supernatural revelation of God's awesome glory, irresistible power and perfect holiness that revives, or restores life, and brings hope and faith back into the hearts of God's people. Eze iel !":5 The #pirit li$te% me up an% &rought me into the inner court' an% &ehol%, the glory o$ the (or% $ille% the temple) Revival moves God's people out of the realm of the natural into the realm of the supernatural. Revival comes into the spirit of God's people as they are overwhelmed with the awesome glory of the manifested presence of God. * +orinthians ":,8 -ut .e all, .ith unveile% $ace, &ehol%ing as in a mirror the glory o$ the (or%, are &eing trans$orme% into the same image $rom glory to glory, just as &y the #pirit o$ the (or%) , #amuel ,/:6 0Then the #pirit o$ the (or% .ill come upon you, an% you .ill prophesy .ith them an% &e turne% into another man) The irresistible power of God is evidenced in true revival by the life-transforming, supernatural manifestations that occur in the bodies of God's children as they encounter the irresistible power of God's presence. 1evelation ,:,2 3n% .hen 4 sa. 5im, 4 $ell at 5is $eet as %ea%) -ut 5e lai% 5is right han% on me, saying to me, 06o not &e a$rai%' 4 am the 7irst an% the (ast) 8ohn ,8:6 Then 9 .hen 5e sai% to them, 04 am 5e,0 9 they %re. &ac an% $ell to the groun%) :ar 5:*; 4mme%iately the $ountain o$ her &loo% .as %rie% up, an% she $elt in her &o%y that she .as heale% o$ the a$$liction) 8o& 8:*, 5e .ill yet $ill your mouth .ith laughing, an% your lips .ith rejoicing) Ephesians 5:,8 3n% %o not &e %run %issipation' &ut &e $ille% .ith the #pirit, .ith .ine, in .hich is

3cts *:,"<,6 =thers moc ing sai%, 0They are $ull o$ ne. .ine)0 -ut Peter, stan%ing up .ith the eleven, raise% his voice an% sai% to them, 0:en o$ 8u%ea an% all .ho %.ell in 8erusalem, let this &e no.n to you, an% hee% my .or%s) 07or these are not %run , as you suppose, since it is only the thir% hour o$ the %ay) 0-ut this is .hat .as spo en &y the prophet 8oel:

As God reveals imself to mankind in revival, an overwhelming awareness of the absolute holiness of God brings true repentance into the hearts of saints and sinners alike. This repentance is followed by an awareness of God's unconditional love that brings an overwhelming fullness of !oy into the hearts of believers as they become saturated in the glory of is presence.

Psalm ;;:5 E>alt the (or% our ?o%, 3n% .orship at 5is $ootstool' 7or 5e is holy) 4saiah 6:" 3n% one crie% to another an% sai%: 05oly, holy, holy is the (or% o$ hosts' the .hole earth is $ull o$ 5is glory@0 3cts 2:"" AThen the (or% sai% to him, 0Ta e your san%als o$$ your $eet, $or the place .here you stan% is holy groun%)

3cts ":,; 01epent there$ore an% &e converte%, that your sins may &e &lotte% out, so that times o$ re$reshing may come $rom the presence o$ the (or%,

, 8ohn !:,6 3n% .e have no.n an% &elieve% the love that ?o% has $or us) ?o% is love, an% he .ho a&i%es in love a&i%es in ?o%, an% ?o% in him)

Psalm ,6:,, You .ill sho. me the path o$ li$e' 4n Your presence is $ullness o$ joy' 3t Your right han% are pleasures $orevermore) True revival always results in a great harvest of souls into the "ingdom of God as multitudes are irresistibly and supernaturally drawn by the #pirit of God into the reality of God's awesome presence. (u e ,/:* Then 5e sai% to them, 0The harvest truly is great, &ut the la&orers are $e.' there$ore pray the (or% o$ the harvest to sen% out la&orers into 5is harvest) 3cts *:!, Then those .ho gla%ly receive% his .or% .ere &aptize%' an% that %ay a&out three thousan% souls .ere a%%e% to them) 3cts !:! 5o.ever, many o$ those .ho hear% the .or% &elieve%' an% the num&er o$ the men came to &e a&out $ive thousan%) 3cts ,;:,/ 3n% this continue% $or t.o years, so that all .ho %.elt in 3sia hear% the .or% o$ the (or% 8esus, &oth 8e.s an% ?ree s) 4saiah 6/:,<" 3rise, shine' 7or your light has come@ an% the glory o$ the (or% is risen upon you)

7or &ehol%, the %ar ness shall cover the earth, an% %eep %ar ness the people' &ut the (or% .ill arise over you, an% 5is glory .ill &e seen upon you) The ?entiles shall come to your light, an% ings to the &rightness o$ your rising) Revival begins with a fresh revelation of the reality of God. $t comes in response to the hunger and thirst of God's people who will bring forth revival by prolonged, self-denying, earnest and effective prayer. 6euteronomy *;:*; 0The secret things &elong to the (or% our ?o%, &ut those things .hich are reveale% &elong to us an% to our chil%ren $orever, that .e may %o all the .or%s o$ this la.) :atthe. ,6:,2 8esus ans.ere% an% sai% to him, 0-lesse% are you, #imon -ar<8onah, $or $lesh an% &loo% has not reveale% this to you, &ut :y 7ather .ho is in heaven) :atthe. 5:6 0-lesse% are those .ho hunger an% thirst $or righteousness, $or they shall &e $ille%) 3cts ,:,",,! 3n% .hen they ha% entere%, they .ent up into the upper room .here they .ere staying: Peter, 8ames, 8ohn, an% 3n%re.' Philip an% Thomas' -artholome. an% :atthe.' 8ames the son o$ 3lphaeus an% #imon the Bealot' an% 8u%as the son o$ 8ames) These all continue% .ith one accor% in prayer an% supplication, .ith the .omen an% :ary the mother o$ 8esus, an% .ith 5is &rothers) 3cts *:,<! Co. .hen the 6ay o$ Pentecost ha% $ully come, they .ere all .ith one accor% in one place) 3n% su%%enly there came a soun% $rom heaven, as o$ a rushing mighty .in%, an% it $ille% the .hole house .here they .ere sitting) Then there appeare% to them %ivi%e% tongues, as o$ $ire, an% one sat upon each o$ them) 3n% they .ere all $ille% .ith the 5oly #pirit an% &egan to spea .ith other tongues, as the #pirit gave them utterance)