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ROMMEL PEDRAZA RS 35 EDA BS ECE 4 REPORT Aspects of the Human Person Church social doctrine looks at the principle

le and indispensable dimensions of the human being. This helps make social doctrine able to understand the most significant parts of the mystery and dignity of the human being. Humans are meant to interact with fellow human beings because we humans are intrinsically made to interact. It is within us that we want to get involved with the people around us because it is our natural and apart of how we live everyday. Churchs social doctrine tries to emphasize the many aspects of man in his existence, personal being, social and community being. This helps the human being to be more understood as well as perceived more readily. The Unity of the Person The spiritual and immortal soul is the principle unity of the human being which is a unity of body and soul. This not only point out that the body will share in glory, also the reason and free will are directly linked to all bodily and sense aspects of the human being, because of this the person is responsible for himself and is subject to his own moral acts. The body allows man to be able to directly unite himself with the material world. The body should be regarded by man as something that is good because it was created by God and God will raise it up on its last day. Man must be careful of sin because it can enslave/control us causing to see only a life on earth and not in place with God. Through the spirit, man can move beyond the material world and into the inner most structure of reality. It also tells us the most important aspect of life is to go to a better place with God because we do have immortal soul's destined to transcend, but that does not mean that life in the material world is to be disregarded. It's still very important to value the time that you spend in this world. We should also still shape our lives in a way that reflects the exceeding world that we strive to be apart of and to reflect God by following his teachings. Man has two characteristics that help describe the human person. Man is a material being, linked to the material world in his bodily form. And man is a Spiritual being, one that lives independently of the existence of a physical body. It is because of its spiritual soul that the body made of matter becomes a living, a human body; Spirit and matter, in man, are not two natures united, but rather their union forms a single nature. Openness to Transcendence and Uniqueness of the Person A. Open to Transcendence Man is open to the infinite as well as all created beings but above all he is open to God. God is in a free relationship with all creatures and comes out of himself to begin relationships with others. Mans openness is what makes him able to transcend because the soul is infinite. B. Unique and Unrepeatable Man is capable of three things: Self-Understanding Self-Possession intellect consciousness WRITTEN

Self Determination freedom

The human person is an intelligent and conscious being, capable of reflecting on himself and therefore of being aware of himself and his actions. It is not the three things, man capable of, that define the person, it is the person that is at the base of these three things and the acts that are performed by the person in these three aspects which defines him. It is man freedom and life experiences which help him come to his conclusions on his own affirm to figure out what the best course of action and no one else. Its up to all beings to respect each other on earth in order to help develop the human person. C. Respect for Human Dignity Every political, economic, social and cultural programme must be inspired by the awareness of the primacy of each human being over society. Human beings must look at others as their life and there right to live that life ends that hinder his own development God for itself so no human being can freedoms. another self besides their own and take into account with dignity. In no way can a human being be used for as a human being. Man is the only creature willed by be subject to unjust actions against their rights and

The human being is responsible for his own growth together with the community that he lives in. The moralization of a community begins with the people themselves in that community. Living a moral life bears witness to the dignity of the person. The moral person must also instill their moral attitudes into their societies because its everyones job to watch out for the society and make sure social conditions are worthy of human beings. D. The Freedom of the Human Person The Value and Limits of Freedom God has made man so that man is under control of his own decisions which freely allows him to seek out God on his own in order reach perfection through loyalty to God. Man has to come to God by acting with free choice from within. Freedom allows man to also guide his personal and social life with full responsibility of it. This means that two things can happen, one that man can modify his state of things in the material world and two, by doing so can help benefit his inner state of being. Man has many freedoms but they are limited only God can decide what is good and what is evil. Man must Halt before the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for man must accept these moral laws given by God. Man violates his own freedom by straying away from the moral law and by doing so ultimately goes against divine truth. Removing the injustices in society with the moral law promotes human freedom and dignity. The Bond Uniting Freedom with Truth and the Natural Law Human freedom is a gift that should be accepted like a seed and to be cultivated responsibly. Contrary in this case leads to the death of freedom and the destruction of man and society. Judgment of conscience makes us responsible for the good and evil things that we do. It is by constantly searching for the truth in all that you do and being guided by that in your actions that man should be concerned with. It is the natural law that enables us to know what we should and should not be doing. The main objective of the natural law is the act of submitting to God, who is the judge of good and evil, and seeing others as equals. Natural law expresses the dignity of the person and shows people how to go about things. It unites all cultures even though they can be expressed in other ways in other cultures and also it can never be destroyed and will rise again in any place. This means that the natural law is the building block for the human community and establishing a civil law. If the natural law is not being put worth to the fullest then the community cant build a strong base and bond with others around them. It is the responsibility of all men to help instill the natural law strongly in communities. Since the beginning man has set himself away from God by doing things that go against his teachings which means that human freedom must be liberated. God frees man from the love of self which leads to sin by Jesus dying on the cross because this better connects man with God and others. E. The Equal Dignity of All People

Paragraph 144 introduces the concept that all human beings are equal because God shows no partiality and all people have the same dignity as creatures made in his image and likeness. Because we are all made in Gods image, there are no differences in human dignity, only surface differences like race and sex. What is important to the Church in this matter is also that this equal dignity to be respected by communities and nations on a larger level. Only the recognition of human dignity can make possible the common and personal growth of everyone and To stimulate this kind of growth it is necessary in particular to help the least. This recognition must exist within a whole community and through extension, the whole of humanity or else humans will never achieve this equality and will continue on persecuting each other, who are in every way their equals. The Church also believes that men and women are of equal dignity, but also that it is important to acknowledge the difference between the two. Men and women complement each other and it is only because of the duality of male and female that the human being becomes a full reality. Men and women thus exist with these differences to serve each other and together, have been given by God, the gift of creation. People with disabilities are also equal in dignity, no matter what their afflictions might be. In spite of the limitations and sufferings affecting their bodies and faculties, they point up more clearly the dignity and greatness of man. The Church also acknowledges the importance of protecting through law, those with disabilities because to do otherwise would be to practice a serious form of discrimination, that of the strong and healthy against the weak and sick. The only difference between those with disabilities and those without is whatever they suffer from, and the belief that all humans have equal dignity thus extends to them as well. F. The Social Nature of Human Beings Humans are essentially social beings because God, who created humanity, willed it so. Human nature, in fact, reveals itself as a nature of a being who responds to his own needs as stated in paragraph 149. Human beings have the ability to help each other out and to be there for those in need. To be social beings, communities are thus necessary, for community life is a natural characteristic that distinguishes man from the rest of earthly creatures. The Church believes that humans are not made to be alone, but rather they should take part in a community with those like themselves, and benefit from each other. It is important for the community to stand together so as to avoid leaving others out to the point that they would feel a need to stand alone, apart from their equals. Also, the social nature of humans is not a static element of existence, but is expressed in many different ways. In fact, the common good depends on a healthy social pluralism In this way the differences in culture and ideas can all be enveloped in the greater social good with is community.
The Catholic Church urges humanity to embrace many dimensions of personhood. In this section of the compendium, it lists several: The unity of the person. A person is both spiritual and material. Don't eliminate one for the sake of the other. Opening to transcendence. The person is limited but, unlike other limited beings, strives towards the infinite. Persons are more important than things. The freedom of the human person. Man "is the father of his own being" (n. 135), but his freedom is limited by the moral law. "Human freedom needs to be liberated" by the gift of self to others (n. 143). The equal dignity of all. "The dignity of every person before God is the basis of the dignity of man before other men" (n. 144). Men and women complement each other. "This difference is enriching and indispensable for the harmony of life in society" (n. 146). The social nature of human beings. The possibility of communion between and among people exists because of our social nature. But life in society does not lead automatically to communion, to the gift of self.