Bi-directional DC Motor Driver
IP8082BL is a 1-CH forward/reverse DC motor driver with braking and speed control. It is suitable for loading motor of CD-P / VCD-P/DVD-P systems and TOYS. By adjusting the voltage of VCTL pin, The motor speed will be easily controlled.





- 1-CH forward/reverse controlled DC motor driver. - Built-in TSD (thermal shut down) circuit. - Built-in shoot through protection circuit - Built-in speed control circuit - Low standby current (6mA typ). - Operating supply voltage (4.3V~13.2V).

Device IP8082BL I8082BL I8082BL-TP Package 8-DIP 8SOP (Tube) 8SOP (Tape & reel) Operating Temp
-35OC ~ +85OC -35OC ~ +85OC -35OC ~ +85OC

* L : Lead Free * TP : Tape & Reel packing


VO2 8



VIN2 5

Output Bias Shutdown TSD


2 VO1


4 VIN1

JAN 2007 (Rev. 0)



com -2- . 0) www.interpionsemi.IP8082BL Bi-directional DC Motor Driver PIN CONNECTIONS PRELIMINARY PIN DESCRIPTIONS NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 SYMBOL GND VO1 VCTL VIN1 VIN2 SVCC PVCC VO2 I/O O I I I O DESCRIPTION Ground Output 1 Motor speed control Input 1 Input 2 Supply voltage (Signal) Supply Voltage (Power) Output 2 JAN 2007 (Rev.

com -3- . Vcc should be over Vzener+1.7V to use stable area of zener diode. 2. POWER DISSIPATION CURVE RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS CHARACTERISTICS Signal supply Voltage Power supply Voltage 1 SYMBOL SVCC PVCC VALUE 4.2mm X 114mm X 1.IP8082BL Bi-directional DC Motor Driver ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS CHARACTERISTICS Maximum supply voltage Maximum output current Power dissipation 1 (8SOP) Power dissipation 2 (8DIP) Operating temperature Storage temperature SYMBOL VCCmax Iomax Pd 1 Pd 2 Topr Tstg VALUE 18 0.4 mW/OC for using above Ta=25OC 4.8note1 0.3 ~ 13.6 note2 0.57mm PCB (Phenolic resin material).8 mW/OC for using above Ta=25OC 3. 0) www.2 4. Power dissipation reduces 6. So. Do not exceed Pd and SOA (Safe Operating Area).3 ~ SVCC UNIT V V * CTL pin is connected to the VCC line with 2*Vbe+1Vce_sat. When mounted on 76. JAN 2007 (Rev.8 note3 -35 ~ +85 -55 ~ 150 PRELIMINARY UNIT V A W W O C C O Note> 1.interpionsemi. Power dissipation reduces 4.

interpionsemi. Pin5=IIN RL=∞.3 0.4 7.4 2.9 0. Pin4=Pin5=GND RL=∞.6 UNIT mA uA uA V V mA mA mA mA V V V V V V JAN 2007 (Rev. Pin5=L RL=∞.5 30 30 1.2 1. Pin4=L. Pin5=L RL=∞.85 0.2 7.6 1.com -4- .5 1. No Load RL=∞.25 0. Pin4=IIN1.0 1. Pin5=L RL=∞. Pin5=L RL=∞. Pin5=L RL=60Ω.IP8082BL Bi-directional DC Motor Driver ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (SVCC=PVCC=12.5 7. Pin4=L.6 TYP 6.5 10 10 1. Pin4=H. Pin5=H IO=300mA IO=500mA IO=300mA IO=500mA MIN 4 1. 0) www.5 0.2 1.) CHARACTERISTICS Quiescent circuit current Minimum input operation current1 Minimum input operation current2 Input threshold voltage 1 Input threshold voltage 2 Output leakage current 1 Output leakage current 2 Zener current 1 Zener current 2 Output voltage 1 Output voltage 2 Saturation voltage 1(Upper) Saturation voltage 2(Upper) Saturation voltage 1(Lower) Saturation voltage 2(Lower) SYMBOL CONDITIONS Icc Imin1 Imin2 Vith1 Vith2 Ileak1 Ileak2 IZ1 IZ2 VO1 VO2 Vsat1 Vsat2 Vsat3 Vsat4 Pin4. Pin4=Pin5=High RL=∞.3 0.01 0. Ta = 25OC unless otherwise specified.4 PRELIMINARY MAX 9.85 7.0 6. Pin4=L. Pin5=H RL=60Ω.3 2. Pin4=IN1.9 1.6 1. Pin4=H.2 1.01 0. Pin4=IN1. Pin5= GND.0V.3 1.6 6.

0V Input Low is Below 0.IP8082BL Bi-directional DC Motor Driver TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUIT PRELIMINARY INPUT VIN1(Pin4) High High Low Low VIN2(Pin5) High Low High Low VO1(Pin2) *Low High Low *Low OUTPUT VO2(Pin8) *Low Low High *Low STATUS Brake Forward Reverse Standby Input High is above 2.7V *Low : All power transistors are off state But internal bias makes output voltage low state JAN 2007 (Rev.com -5- . 0) www.interpionsemi.

0) www.com -6- .IP8082BL Bi-directional DC Motor Driver PACKAGE DIMENSION(8DIP) PRELIMINARY JAN 2007 (Rev.interpionsemi.

IP8082BL Bi-directional DC Motor Driver PACKAGE DIMENSION(8SOP) PRELIMINARY JAN 2007 (Rev. 0) www.com -7- .interpionsemi.

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