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Foundations of Occultism The Extraterrestrial Connection Part I

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Foundations of Occultism The Extraterrestrial Connection

'ny educated Occult Scientist (nows) all the Great Societies had contact with Extraterrestrials. 'tlantis) *u) +emuria) 'ncient Egy!t) *ayans) Incas and many others) all had ET contact. ,ostile ETs caused the destruction of 'tlantis) as they tried to con-uer earth. The 'tlanteans sto!!ed them) ut at a great cost.

Positi.e ETs assisted the e.olution of man(ind on earth. Teaching certain !riesthoods secret (nowledge of all (inds) from uilding massi.e stone structures to teaching ad.anced systems of healing and energy mani!ulations. The transmutation of the !hysical ody into !ure energy) eing their most ad.anced teaching. *ost of the magical methods of e.ocation and s!irit communication are ased on ET methods) as are many magical !ractices. Entire classes of S!irits and /inns are ET related. These ET connections to humans should not sur!rise anyone. 0ith T1 Series li(e) 'ncient 'liens and oo(s y Erich .on 2ani(en) some of the truth is (nown. There is much more to the com!lete story) then offered to the general !u lic.

IGOS is the only Occult Guild with uni-ue ET contact that has allowed the !assing of 'lien 3magical3 technology to Grand Guild *aster and +ord Commander Thor Tem!lar of the ,ostile 'lien Resistance *o.ement) along with s!ecific technologies for mind de.elo!ment and !rotection against hostile ETs. These are the most ad.anced and secret systems (nown in the uni.erse.

IGOS will e offering some of these ad.anced methods to the general !u lic. *ost will only e offered to Guild *em ers in the higher le.els. These !ractices re-uire a su!erior Occult Scientist consciousness to understand and !erform. *ore details on this entire area of study will e released soon. There is no limit to the

(nowledge the Guild has to offer.