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FADE IN: EXT. FAIRYWORLD - DAY FAIRIES walk calm in the streets. Suddenly <BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

> THREE ELIMINATORS arrive. Cupid shouts. CUPID The Eliminators are back! Fairies <SCREAM> and fly away. ELIMINATORS Eliminate Timmy Turner. REVERSE ON: TIMMY TURNER lands! He holds THE WHITE WAND GUITAR and is ready for action. TIMMY Don't you mean the Chosen One? Timmy does a wicked <GUITAR RIFF> on the white wand. The Eliminator's hands transform into arm cannons. They fly o.s. ...and land in front of Timmy. They aim the arm-cannons and power up. Timmy spins the guitar around his neck, catches it and strums <A POWER CHORD!> The guitar blasts a ray of light that disintegrates them. But as they disappear, they reveal THE LEAD ELIMINATOR (bigger, leather jacket and sunglasses). LEAD ELIMINATOR You cannot stop the Darkness. <WHOOSH!> LE opens its mouth and sucks in Timmy. TIMMY Ahhhh! The mouth closes. LEAD ELIMINATOR The Chosen One is eliminated. Suddenly, LE begins to tremble and crack! We hear a <POWER CHORD!> Light shines out from inside LE as it explodes revealing Timmy in a power stance holding the white wand.

TIMMY And you cannot stop THE CHOSEN ONE. He plays a <LITTLE LICK!> The words "YOU WIN" flash across the screen, (think Sonic video game) score points tally (11,501) and a gold star appears on screen. Rank: Chosen One. PULL WIDE ON THE SCREEN: we're watching a VIDEO GAME AT... INT. SPARKLES DEPARTMENT STORE - FAIRY WORLD - CONTINUOUS Timmy turns from a monitor holding the WHITE WAND GUITAR CONTROLLER (think Guitar Hero controller). TIMMY And that's how you play: The Chosen One Video Game! SNAP OUT: Timmy's at a VIDEO GAME PREMIERE! A BANNER reads: "FBox presents: THE CHOSEN ONE VIDEO GAME!" There are large CUT OUTS of Timmy with the white wand. Stacks of the video games are on display. FAIRY FANS, wearing pink Timmy hats wait in line; they <CHEER!> FAIRY GAME GEEK #1 I hear when you play this game you feel like you're the Chosen One. FAIRY GAME GEEK #2 Don't call my house anymore 'cuz I'm gonna play this game 'til I die! FANS IN LINE Chosen One! Chosen One! Chosen One! Timmy waves to the audience as COSMO, WANDA and POOF poof in. TIMMY Awesome! Thousands of fans cheering for me. As they should. WANDA They love you Timmy! You defeated the Darkness and saved Fairyworld! COSMO

You're like a movie action hero, except you don't have rugged good looks, tight glutes, a trophy wife who loves you for your money as opposed to your first wife who supported your failing career and loved you when you had nothing, and you don't have cool catch phrases! TIMMY Hey, my glutes are very tight. Timmy pokes his glute and his hand sinks into his flab. TIMMY (CONT'D) Sorta. And I do need a cool action phrase like (tough) "Don't touch my cheese" or "Hungry? How about a filet of fist?" Timmy holds up his fist. WANDA Yeah, let's work on those. Fans cheer: <Chosen One! Chosen One!> Suddenly, a PINK LIGHTNING BOLT hits the stage and TURBO THUNDER (the tardy Chosen One from "Ep I") appears. He's bucktoothed, muscular and wears a cool Pink TT hero suit. TURBO THUNDER Do not cheer for Timmy Turner! I am the true Chosen One! TIMMY Oh no. Here we go again. TURBO THUNDER For it was I, Turbo Thunder, who trained himself for many years to harness the power of light in order to defeat the Darkness! And I would have, too, if I wasn't late. Stupid daylight savings! Spring forward, fall back! Come on! ON THE CROWD: not applauding, just staring. We hear:

VOICE (V.O.) You stink! TURBO THUNDER You won't think I stink when the Darkness returns and I save you with my mighty Thunder-Pits! Turbo Thunder dramatically lifts his arms. The wind begins to blow and a KINETIC BALL OF MAGICAL ENERGY forms out of his arm-pits then between his raised hands. WANDA Oh, that's attractive. Wham! Then Turbo Thunder gets hit by a barrage of TOMATOES. TURBO THUNDER AGH! DAGH! DOH! VOICE (O.S.) Your thunder-pits stink! ON TIMMY AT A SIGNING TABLE: Timmy wipes away some tomato juice. A FAIRY FAN arrives with his GAME WAND CONTROLLER. SPARKY Hi, I'm Sparky. Will you sign my white wand controller, Chosen One? TIMMY "To Sparky. Keep rocking, signed the Chosen One, your hero who stopped the Darkness and you love 'cuz he's so cooell." Timmy hands back the wand. Wanda poofs in wearing a HEADSET. WANDA Sorry to interrupt, your Modest One. But we're late for your White Wand statue dedication. TIMMY What! I can't leave my fans who totally love the Cho... Poof! They are gone.

FAIRY TOWN HALL - LATER The AUDIENCE <APPLAUDS WILDLY!> Timmy waves to the crowd. JORGEN stands next to a COVERED STATUE. A crowd and TV CAMERAS are gathered as Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof appear. JORGEN ...And that's why we dedicate to Timmy Turner this Chosen One Statue of him holding the real white wand that stopped the Darkness! Jorgen pulls the tarp off the statue and we see it's a STATUE OF TIMMY holding the real WHITE WAND GUITAR! FANS Chosen one! Chosen one! TIMMY (re: statue) Hmmm, not really sure if that captures my heroic essence. Cosmo flicks the marble glutes of the statue. COSMO Yeah, the glutes on this baby are way too tight. WANDA Come on gluteus maximus. It's time to hit the talk-show circuit. TIMMY What? And leave thousands of screaming fans who love the Cho... INT. TV TALK-SHOW STUDIO - LATER BILLY CRYSTAL BALL is at his desk. Timmy, dressed cool and wearing shades sits in the guest chair. <LEAD IN MUSIC JAMS!> BILLY CRYSTAL BALL We are back with everyone's favorite soft gluted super hero, the Chosen One. Tell us, Big C, are you scared the Darkness

might come back and try to, oh I don't know, destroy you? TIMMY Well if the Darkness does come back it better come hungry. BILLY Why's that? TIMMY 'Cuz I plan on serving it up some Filet of Fist. Timmy holds up his fists and they light with fire! The crowd <GOES WILD!> Wanda and Cosmo watch from the side. WANDA Where did he get the flaming fists? COSMO Oh, he wished them up when you where in the can. BACK ON: Timmy works the crowd. TIMMY That's why the Darkness is never comin' back! Whoop! Whoop! EXT. OUTER SPACE - ON THE PLANET YUGOPOTAMIA What a peaceful blue-ish green planet. Suddenly Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Fireballs (meteors?) fly past Camera heading for the planet. EXT. ROYAL PALACE - ON A BALCONY KING GRIPPULON and QUEEN JIPJORULLAC stand on the balcony overlooking the glorious, putrid, Yugopotamian landscape. KING GRIPPULON Aaah! Another glorious Yugopotamian day. The garbage is in bloom; the swamp monsters are singing. ON: A DISGUSTING SWAMP MONSTER!

SWAMP MONSTER <BLAAAARGH!> QUEEN JIPJORULAC ...and the sky is full of giant fireballs heading right for us. IN THE SKY: are those FLAMING METEORS approaching? KING GRIPPULON It's just like the night we first...GIANT FIREBALLS???? <CRASH!> FIREBALLS land and smash around the palace!!! KING GRIPPULON (CONT'D) We're under attack! The King takes off, running over the Queen to escape. EXT. ROYAL CASTLE - CONTINUOUS YUGOPOTAMIANS run for their lives as FIREBALLS CRASH! The Fireballs open up to reveal NEW ELIMINATORS! YUGOPOTAMIAN TANKS arrive and <BLAST!> The Eliminators' arms transform into plasma blasters and fire at the tanks <KAPOW!> INT. CASTLE - SAME THREE ESCAPE POD ROCKETS rise from the ground. A hole in the roof opens. The King and Queen race in. QUEEN JIPJORULAC Are you sure you know how to operate the Royal Escape Pods? KING GRIPPULON Of course! I'm the King! Watch! The King holds up a REMOTE, pushes a button and one of the escape pods takes off through the open roof. KING GRIPPULON (CONT'D) One of us probably should have been on that.

QUEEN JIPJORULAC Give me that before you... She grabs the remote but in the struggle pushes a button. The SECOND POD takes off. QUEEN JIPJORULAC (CONT'D) My bad. KING GRIPPULON Only the Prince's pod is left! And there's only room for one, so bye! The King jumps in the pod. QUEEN JIPJORULAC No! That is Prince Mark's pod! She pulls him out of the pod with a tentacle. KING GRIPPULON But Mark is on Earth spending his days hating his home planet and chillin' with the universe's great space warrior Timmy Turner. QUEEN JIPJORULAC Isn't that Mark right there? She points and there's MARK CHANG, walking and <WHISTLING!> MARK CHANG Yo 'Rental Units! I came home for a new fakeifier! My old one's on the fritzo and only converts me into ladies foot wear. Mark turns THE FAKIEFIER on his waste and he turns into a FLAT, then a PUMP. QUEEN Ooh, nice pump. Mark returns to alien form is about to reach into a big bin labeled "FAKEIFIERS" when...<CRASH, CRASH, CRASH> - three more fireballs crash through the open roof. MARK CHANG Ahh! Are we, like, UNDER ATTACK!?

The fireballs convert into Eliminators. Mom grabs Mark and slams him hard into the pod. KING GRIPPULON Quick! Go to Earth, my son, and carry on the legacy of our beloved planet. Though you will be... Mark's escape pod blasts off! The King looks angrily at the Queen who sheepishly holds the remote control. KING GRIPPULON (CONT'D) I WASN'T FINISHED! Suddenly, A LARGE SHADOW falls over them. It gets windy. QUEEN JIPJORULAC Oh no! But I think we are!!!! KING GRIPPULON What the...let me protect you my sweet! <WIND!> The King slides the Queen in front of him as a human shield but they're both sucked OS. KING/QUEEN AAAAAGH! REVERSE ON: ELIMINATORS #1 and #2. Their Vortex mouths close and Eliminator #2 <BURPS!> <ZHOOMP!> The Lead Eliminator (LE) arrives, dressed in familiar leather jacket, boots and sunglasses. He's baa-aack. The Lead Eliminator opens the crate of fakeifiers. LEAD ELIMINATOR He will not escape us this time, because he will come right to us! Suddenly the whole hanger is sucked away revealing the darkness floating above Yuogopotamia. The fakeifiers are sucked up into the spinning hole of doom. LEAD ELIMINATOR (CONT'D) <HE LAUGHS!> The Eliminators hold their fists in the air and zoom o.s.

EXT. SPACEY LANDSCAPE Mark's ship zooms away from the planet escaping the Darkness as it eats Yugopotamia! MARK CHANG Can, like, anybody save uuuuusss!!! <WHOOSH!> Mark's ship zooms past camera. <WHOOSH!> Like a shooting star, the Darkness warps away (in the opposite direction). It's gone! WHIP PAN TO: MOVIE TRAILER It's a sexy trailer with jump cuts of: the White Wand: SNAP INTO - buck teeth; a quarter flicks off of a butt; fists of fury alight with fire - blasts of action! ANNOUNCER (V.O.) He was just a normal gorgeous Earth boy with tight glutes who saved Fairyworld with his fists of fury. ON THE STREET: is that Timmy's back with wings? He turns to reveal a handsome fairy actor playing Timmy. ANNOUNCER (V.O.) (CONT'D) Shimmer Fairybunker is Timmy Turner in "The Chosen One - Ninja"! SHIMMER, with moustache, is surrounded by Eliminators. Shimmer rips off his clothes to reveal: he's a NINJA! INT. FAIRYMONT HOTEL - THE CHOSEN ONE SUITE - SAME Wow, what a sweet suite! The Plasma TV is on. ON: Timmy in a sunken hot tub watching. Cosmo watches from the bubbles too. COSMO Cool! Fairywood adapted Timmy's life story for the big screen! ON: Wanda floats and feeds Poof a BOTTLE. WANDA

But when did you become a ninja? TIMMY I might have tweaked the script a little. Wait til you see the end when I have a big romantic action kiss with a Trixie Tang lookalike. Poof zooms out of Wanda's arms and floats 5 inches from the TV. He loves Ninja action. Shimmer kisses a Trixie lookalike then spins her away to fight Ninjas. Chop! Crack! Chop! SHIMMER Hungry? How about... Timmy mouths the words from the hot tub. SHIMMER (O.S.) (CONT'D) ...a filet of fist?! Shimmer kicks the crap out of the Eliminators. Poof watches at close range and makes ninja moves, repeating the action. Wanda poofs over. WANDA Poof shouldn't be watching this! The violence could negatively influence him. COSMO Relax, that's just a myth. Poof spins. <KAPOW!> He kicks Wanda <Ahhh!> into Cosmo <GAH!> and they both splash down into the hot tub. SPLASH. Timmy looks. Beat. Timmy picks up the HOUSE PHONE. TIMMY Yeah, this is the Chosen One in the chosen one suite. Can I get four strawberry shakes, six double cheese pizzas, extra towels and... anyone else want something? Cosmo pops up as a green rubber ducky. COSMO Nine pounds of cocktail weenies! TIMMY ...and nine pounds of cocktail weenies.

POOF! FOUR PINK MILK SHAKES, A STACK OF PIZZAS and a HUGE PILE OF COCKTAIL WEENIES arrive. A WAITER holds out a BILL. Timmy signs. The waiter poofs away. Timmy sips a shake. COSMO Don't touch my weenies! Hey that can be my catch phrase! WANDA Timmy, don't you think it's time to wrap up the "Chosen One" thing and, oh I don't know, get back to Earth and school and be good ol' regular Timmy Turner again? TIMMY Poof! Cosmo poofs up a BIB and TWO FORKS. Poof kicks him o.s. then looks around for more danger. <BLACH!> Poof spits up then looks for more danger. WANDA (O.S.) That's it, no more action movies for Poof! Poof kicks Wanda who crashes o.s. Timmy sips his shake. TIMMY Why would I go back home when I can do this.... Timmy picks up the phone. TIMMY (CONT'D) Yeah this is the Chosen One. Can I have a giant pile of wrapped presents sent up to the chosen one suite - and don't tell me what's in them, surprise me. Poof! A GIANT PILE OF WRAPPED PRESENTS arrives. Timmy signs the bill then opens a present. It's a pair of ROLLER SKATES? TIMMY (CONT'D) Roller skates? Well, I did say surprise me. WANDA But I bet your parents are worried sick about you! Aren't they Cosmo?

Cosmo eats his weenies but you can't hear a word he says. COSMO Glarbar-glubglub-chobble-munch... WANDA See. And what's that Cosmo? (fast) We should poof Timmy home before he wishes us not to - Okay! Wanda raises her wand.... INT. TIMMY'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS They all POP into a wide shot of Timmy's room. TIMMY That was sooo uncool. COSMO Weenies! Where for art thou weenies? Poof kicks him across the room, makes some cool Ninja poses and spins up out of frame like in Crouching Tiger. DAD (O.S.) Oh, Timmy! Are you home? WANDA See! I told you your parents missed you and are worried sick. TIMMY Okay, maybe you're right. Cosmo, Wanda and Poof poof into the FISHBOWL as MOM and DAD burst into his room (wearing SKI OUTFITS). MOM Hey sweetie, your Father and I just got back from our amazing ski trip and we were wondering... DAD Did we forget to bring you?

Timmy shoots Wanda a look. Wanda smiles sheepishly. TIMMY Yeah. But it's okay. I'm the Chosen One. DAD AND MOM Great! MOM 'Cuz now it's time to pack for our tropical vacation! Mom and Dad rip away ski wear to reveal tropical sun outfits. (Note: Mom wears a RED SCARF around her head.) DAD And this time we promise not to forget you! Mom and Dad dash away. Beat. The fairies poof back in. WANDA Ooh a vacation with your parents. A perfect opportunity to re-connect with your parents and Earth. TIMMY 3.....2....1. We hear <THE FRONT DOOR SLAM AND THE CAR ZOOM AWAY!> COSMO Timmy was right, you were wrong and I want my weenies back. TIMMY And I want all the other stuff! WANDA Fine. Poof! Wanda poofs up the stack of weenies, presents and milk shakes. Cosmo grabs a weenie and eats it like an Eliminator. COSMO Must eliminate weenie - GAH!

<WHAM!> Cosmo is knocked o.s. He hits the wall then the ground. Crouching, Poof spins and lands. TIMMY And now it's time to get back to Fairyworld. (intense) I'm an action hero, Wanda. If there's a cry for help, the Chosen One must heed that call. WANDA But the Darkness hasn't come back, and nobody is crying for help! MARK CHANG (O.S.) Timmy Turner! Like HELP! COSMO Wrong again, Woman. TIMMY Quick! To my gelatinous space friend who's call I must heed! EXT. TURNER FRONT YARD - SAME Poof! Timmy and Fairies arrive. A winded Mark arrives. MARK CHANG Timmy Turner! My planet was, like, attacked by metal robot dudes and eaten by a big swirly thing of death! TIMMY So the Darkness is back - well I hope it wants a big filet of - THE DARKNESS IS BACK! Ahhhh! Timmy dives into a hole in a tree. WANDA Spoken like a true action hero. Mark pulls Timmy out with two tentacles. MARK CHANG

But you are like "the Chosen One" and you must help me fight. TIMMY Heh, heh, technically I'm not the Chosen One. Although they call me the Chosen One, it's actually incorrect and how did you know I'm the Chosen One? I never told you. (struggling) And you're holding me kinda tight. MARK CHANG Because I must ELIMINATE TIMMY TURNER! Mark opens his mouth and it becomes a SWIRLING BLACK PORTAL! Cosmo, Wanda and Poof grab onto the bed. COSMO/WANDA It's an Eliminator! TIMMY Yeah, but I've got magic this time! I wish the Mark Eliminator was gone! Cosmo and Wanda hold out their wands. SNAP - two tentacles grab the wands and pull them away! TIMMY (CONT'D) And the Eliminator has more arms this time. (goes into mouth) Ahhhhh! WANDA AND COSMO Timmy - noooooo! COSMO There's nothing we can do! <WHAM!> The REAL MARK CHANG'S ESCAPE POD smashes into the scene and crushes the Mark Eliminator. <POW!> The tentacle holding Timmy goes flying. TIMMY Gah!

The tentacle holding Timmy then shorts out and transforms into an Eliminator arm. The escape pod opens to reveal Mark Chang. MARK CHANG Yo. Earth Buds! What's up? Exasperated Timmy holds up the arm of the Eliminator. TIMMY The Darkness is back. CUT TO BLACK. END ACT I. FADE IN: EXT TURNER FRONT YARD - SAME MARK jumps out of his ship. COSMO is in shock. COSMO Ah! It's another Mark Eliminator! POOF dons a tough look and reaches into his purple pants, pulls out his DIAPER and throws it at Mark (like a Chinese fighting star). <WHIP!> Mark opens his mouth and <GULP!> MARK CHANG Oooh, diaper delight. Thanks li'l purple dude. TIMMY No vortex mouth; eats dirty diapers; it's the real Mark. With two tentacles, Mark grabs Timmy with love and gusto! MARK CHANG Timmy Turner! Oh greatest warrior in the universe, you must help me defeat the metal warriors and swirling evil that has destroyed my entire plan-net!

Under Mark's pod the Eliminator's feet curl up (like the Wicked Witch). A fakeifier is in its place. Wanda grabs it. WANDA And they stole your fakeifiers! Mark drops Timmy <GAH> and grabs the fakeifier MARK CHANG A new fake-i-fier! With wi-fi! He slaps it on his waste, turns it, and transforms into a BEAR <ROAR>; TINA TURNER <AHHHHH>; then JUSTIN JAKE ASHTON. MARK CHANG (CONT'D) Cool, I'm Justin Jake Ashton! Earth teen dream with three first names. Timmy pulls the fakeifier off Mark. He returns to normal. TIMMY So that's how the Eliminator was able to disguise himself as Mark. WANDA But why would the Darkness destroy Yugopotamia and not the rest of the universe? COSMO Maybe it doesn't want to destroy the universe, just Timmy. I mean if I tried to eat the universe and a squishy butted boy stopped me, I'd want to take him out before I tried again. Right? WANDA (stunned) Did Cosmo just figure this whole thing out? TIMMY (BEAT) THE DARKNESS WANTS TO TAKE ME OUT! I mean, this looks like a job for THE CHOSEN ONE! MARK Yes! I knew you'd like help me Timmy Turner!

TIMMY Not me. Turbo Thunder. There's no way I'm fighting the Darkness again. Don't get me wrong, I like getting all the stuff that comes with being the Chosen One, just not the part where I have to be the Chosen One and fight the Darkness! COSMO Is that your new action phrase 'cuz it's kinda long. TIMMY Look. We just find Turbo Thunder; he fires his "thunder-bolts" at the Darkness; the darkness goes bye-bye and I live happily ever after in Dimmsdale and marry Trixie Tang! Timmy sees TRIXIE walking her POODLE across the street. TIMMY (CONT'D) Hi Trixie! TRIXIE Help! Police! Trixie <SCREAMS> and runs away. TIMMY She digs me. Now, first up, find Turbo Thunder! They Poof away. EXT. DOWNTOWN FAIRYWORLD - CONTINUOUS ON TURBO THUNDER: he holds a sign reading: "THE DARKNESS IS COMING!" He seems a little beaten down. TURBO THUNDER The Darkness is coming back! A FAIRY passes by and drops a quarter in a cup next to him. TURBO

Thanks. And you'll all be sorry you rejected the true Chosen One, Turbo Thunder! JORGEN arrives up. JORGEN I'm only sorry I didn't ban you from Fairyworld sooner. TURBO THUNDER What?! I'm Turbo Thunder. You can't ban me from -Poof! He's gone. Poof! Timmy and his gang arrive! JORGEN Hey, you just missed me banning Turbo Blunder from Fairyworld! TIMMY Did you just say you BANNED TURBO THUNDER!?! Where is he? JORGEN Who knows! Who cares! He kept ranting "the Darkness was coming back!" Ah ha ha...what a laugh. TIMMY/WANDA/COSMO The Darkness is coming back. JORGEN Oooooh! EXT. CAVE OF DESTINY - SAME PUSH IN TO: The dark cave in the mountains above Fairyworld. JORGEN (O.S.) What are you saying... INT. CAVE OF DESTINY - CAVE PROPHECY - SAME

Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Mark study the cave prophecy. The last image they see is the drawing from Episode I (an image of Timmy holding the white wand). Jorgen stands in front of THREE STALAGMITES. JORGEN --that I missed a hidden part of the cave prophecy? Turner I have the eyes of an eagle, the speed of a puma and the wisdom of a great horned owl... Timmy brushes his hand over the cave wall and reveals the start of ANOTHER SERIES OF DRAWINGS. It says: TIMMY "Part two: how to find THE SECOND WAND?!" JORGEN OK, maybe it's the eyes of a mole and the wisdom of a clothes hamper, but I still have the strength of a lion. Stand back! Jorgen poofs up a MAGIC SCRUB BRUSH and SQUEEGEE that washes the dust off the wall and ANOTHER PROPHECY STORY is revealed! ON THE NEW PICTURE: it shows fireballs hitting Yugopotamia. MARK CHANG Yo! That's like Yugopotamia getting attacked! Timmy is at the end of the prophecy with ANOTHER DRAWING: the Chosen One stands above a dark blue planet. But this time he holds a SECOND WAND in a CRYSTAL SCABBARD. TIMMY THERE'S A SECOND WAND!?! POOF Poof-Poof! Poof studies a picture of a RED NINJA on the wall. JORGEN

<GASP> The Red Ninja. As a young boy I heard about the legend of an all powerful red destroyer, but it looks like it's more than a legend. Poof looks then mimics the drawing and gives it the evil eye. WANDA No, Poof. You're not taking on the Red Ninja. Timmy is. TIMMY (quick) No I'm not. ON THE WALL is a cave drawing of Eliminators surrounding fairies with a broken rainbow over the drawing. COSMO (laughing) Check it out. This cave picture looks like the Eliminators taking over Fairyworld! <LAUGHS> (stops) Wait that's not funny. EXT. DOWNTOWN FAIRYWORLD - SAME CUPID and JUANDISSIMO dine in an outside cafe. Cupid cuts into a large heart shaped chocolate on a plate. It's unusually busy on the street full of fairies. CUPID Uhg. This is solid. I said I wanted the caramel filled chocolate heart. JUANDISSIMO Why don't you have a salad for once. Caramel makes you irritable. CUPID No, what makes me irritable is how busy it is in downtown today. What's with all the fairies? Suddenly - click! 3/4's of the fairies turn into ELIMINATORS! JUANDISSIMO

Those aren't Fairies. They are Eliminators! But they are shiny and I look fantastic on their chests. WHOOSH! The Eliminators swirly mouths open and start sucking. ON Cupid and other Fairies. Zoom in to there terrified faces. FAIRIES Ahhhhhhh!! INT. CAVE OF DESTINY - SAME Jorgen reacts to a terrible gut feeling. JORGEN I just felt a disturbance in the fairy force. Like a thousand fairies cried out in agony. We must quickly decipher part two of the prophecy, find the wand and stop the Darkness - again. There's a CRYPTIC SAYING below the drawing of Timmy holding the wand. Is it written in an ancient language? WANDA But the message looks like it was written by a complete moron! COSMO Stand back. I speak complete moron! (reads) "Blabbity, blah-blah, give Cosmo 9 pounds of cocktail weenies." WANDA It does not say that. COSMO (mystical) YES - IT - DOOOOES.... MARK CHANG Uh, it says: "The second wand lies on the dark side of the blue moon." TIMMY It's written in Yugopotamian?

MARK CHANG Shya! Which is kinda freakin' me out 'cuz why would my native tongue be scribbled on a cave wall in FREAKY FLOATY RAINBOW LAND! JORGEN You're freaked? I think my mole vision saw those stalagmites move. Suddenly the stalagmites turn into LEAD ELIMINATOR, #1, & #2 ELIMNATORS ELIMINATE TIMMY TURNER. They suck wands out of Cosmo, Jorgen, Poof and Wanda's hand. JORGEN Ahh! Our wands! Then Eliminator #1 shoots a net from its hand blasters. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Jorgen are trapped. WANDA/COSMO Ahhh! Butterfly nets! MARK Ahhhh! Hold me Turner! Mark jumps in Timmy's arms. LEAD ELIMINATOR You have no power now Chosen One. And I will finally eliminate you. LE's arm transforms into a massive arm blaster. TIMMY Technically I'm not the "Chosen One." I'm just a dorky kid who looks like the Chosen One and... Timmy backs up. The blaster powers up. TIMMY (CONT'D) Ahhhhhh!!!

Timmy's butt hits the wall. Suddenly, the wall glows then it envelopes Timmy then <WHOOOSH!> They are sucked into the wall and are gone <PZZAP!> LE's arm transforms back to normal. JORGEN Ha! The Chosen One got away! You lose! Well you don't lose but you don't win either. ELIMINATOR #1 I didn't see that escape portal earlier ELIMINATOR #2 And I have the eyes of a puma. LEAD ELIMINATOR Put these with the others then find and ELIMINATE TIMMY TURNER. WANDA What does he mean by "others"? EXT. ABRACATRAZ - MOMENTS LATER It's the prettiest maximum security island in Fairyworld. A sign reads: "Abracatraz." INT. ABRACATRAZ - MOMENTS LATER All the Fairies in Fairyworld are stuffed in a BUTTERFLY NET CELL. JAUNDISSIMO and CUPID peek through the netting. CUPID You cannot keep all of Fairyworld locked up, and love always conquers over Darkness! JAUNDISSIMO And my sexiness can never be contained. See! He rips off his shirt. Eliminator #1 hits a button and steel doors <SLAM> down around the fairy cell. CUPID (O.S.) It's so dark! We can't conquer this!

JAUNDISSIMO OK, who just touched my nipple?! PAN TO the next cell as Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Jorgen are thrown in. Jorgen's shackled and chained. WANDA What are we going to do? We're locked in Abracatraz, Fairyworld's maximum security prison, and who knows what happened to Timmy?! COSMO Oh, I know what happened to Timmy - he got eaten by the cave prophecy. JORGEN I'll tell you what we are going to do. We are going to break out of this cell, get our wands back and help Timmy Turner crush the Darkness. Now stand back for I also have the strength of a Lion! Jorgen goes into <A MACHO CHAIN BRAKING POSE! HE FLEXES AND FLEXES AND GIVES UP!> JORGEN (CONT'D) Did I say I Lion? Perhaps it's more like a medium sized cat thing like a lynx or a snow leopard. CUT TO: INT. TIMMY'S BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS TIMMY/MARK (O.S.) Aaagh! A MAGICAL WALL PORTAL opens, and Mark and Timmy roll out. MARK CHANG Cool, we're wall vomit. Now, WHAT'S GOING ON!? TIMMY The Darkness is trying to destroy me, so I have to find the second wand to destroy

the Darkness. And oh yeah, you're my new sidekick. MARK CHANG yeaaaahhhh - no. It's the Chosen Uno, not the Chosen Duo. So, you go out and battle the sucky-bots and the "notchosen-one," that's me, will stay here and nosh on these tiny tubes of spicy flesh. Mark munches on some weenies. TIMMY May I remind you that you lost your entire PLANET to that thing and you read the prophecy! Now are you a man or a mouse? Mark turns his fakeifier and becomes a MOUSE. MARK CHANG Like, Squeak? TIMMY Fine! I'll do it myself! The Darkness may have taken my fairies, but I have the wisdom of a really smart animal and the speed of a - really fast animal. And I will not be fooled by their surprise attacks. MOM AND DAD (V.O.) OH TIMMY! Come down stairs! We have a surprise for you. TIMMY Cool! Timmy dashes o.s. INT. TURNER LIVING ROOM - CONTINUOUS Mom and Dad are in their tropical gear. Timmy arrives. TIMMY Surprise!? What's my surprise? Boy want surprise!!!

DAD Here it is... MOM AND DAD ELIMINATE TIMMY TURNER. Mom and Dad open their mouths - THEY'RE ELIMINATORS!! TIMMY Dia, doh, der deeee.... Mouse Mark dashes and skids into frame. MARK CHANG Back off nasty sucky-bots! Oh wait, hold that thought. Mark changes his fakeifier. He transforms into Tina Turner... MARK CHANG (CONT'D) No, no, not Tina.... Then finally a GIANT PRO WRESTLING KANGAROO. MARK CHANG (CONT'D) Better. Sucky-Bots say hello to the Chang-aroo!!! <BRAKAM!> The Chang-aroo kicks the Eliminators o.s. MARK CHANG (CONT'D) Now say goodbye! Mark shoves Timmy in his pouch and hops away. EXT. TIMMY'S HOUSE - SAME The Chang-eroo slams the door behind him. Timmy hops out. TIMMY Thanks for saving me buddy. MARK CHANG Hey, it's what sidekicks do. Mark transforms back to normal. TIMMY

And I will not get fooled again or believe what anyone says. TRIXIE arrives in the front yard. TRIXIE Hi Timmy. I thought I would just stop over and make out with you. TIMMY Awesome! Timmy puckers up and heads for Trixie. TRIXIE Kiss me you - FOOL! Trixie's mouth opens and sucks Timmy into her vortex. Mark reaches in with a long tentacle and pulls him out. MARK CHANG Dude!?! TIMMY Cut me some slack. I've wanted to kiss her since kindergarten. Mark wraps Trixie with a tentacle and spins o.s. (like a top) <BASH!> Mom and Dad bust through the house wall. They shape shift back into ELIMINATOR shape. ELIMINATORS Eliminate Timmy Turner. Their arms transform into blasters. MARK CHANG Okay, wisdom of a smart-animal-boy, what do we do now? Timmy takes off leaving Mark behind. ON THE ROAD - Timmy runs for his life. Mark catches up. MARK CHANG (CONT'D) Run!?! That's your great plan? TIMMY

I don't have the creativity of a really creative animal yet. <WHOOSH!> Behind them, the three Eliminators fly toward them blasting fireballs that narrowly miss Timmy and Mark. ELIMINATORS Eliminate Timmy Turner. AHEAD IN THE STREET: CHESTER and AJ rise from a man-hole. CHESTER Timmy! Robotic aliens have taken over Dimmsdale! AJ Jump in if you want to live! MARK CHANG Trust them. They live in a sewer. Timmy and Mark run and dive into the sewer. <WHOOSH!> The Eliminators zoom overhead. INT. SEWER - CONTINUOUS MARK CHANG Sewer dwellers! Thank you for getting us out of that mess and into this one. CHESTER And now we must... They opens their mouths - they are ELIMINATORS, too! CHESTER AND AJ ELIMINATE TIMMY TURNER. MARK CHANG I can't believe the sewer dudes turned on us. TIMMY What now, sidekick boy? MARK CHANG

Lucky for you I have the extremities of a squid and the knowledge of a sanitation employee. Mark slaps Timmy on his back. His legs spin like propellers and <WHOOSH!> The water kick-back sends the Chester and AJ Eliminators backward and o.s. Mark take off through the sewers. Timmy rides him like a jet-ski. TIMMY Ahhhh-aaaaahhhh.... AROUND A CORNER - <WHOOSH> - Mark and Timmy take a turn. <WHOOSH!> They go around another corner and <SPLASH> into the camera. Then, they <WHOOSH> past camera. EXT. STREET - CONTINUOUS ON A MAN HOLE COVER - <POW!> Mark and Timmy shoot out. TIMMY/MARK Whooooo-hooooooo. Timmy and Mark land. PULL WIDE to see they are back on Timmy's front yard surrounded by the Eliminators. TIMMY Worst sidekick ever. MARK CHANG I won't argue that. TIMMY Run? MARK CHANG Big time. Timmy and Mark dash inside the house. INT. TIMMY'S ROOM - SECONDS LATER WHAM! Timmy gets in his room (note: it's full of all the stuff he wished up before: weenies; presents; roller skates). MARK CHANG

Wait I have another plan! Mark turns into a mouse and runs into a hole. TIMMY What about me? MARK CHANG I don't think you'll fit in the hole. Suddenly - <RIP!> The wall of Timmy's bedroom rips away revealing the Five Eliminators. ELIMINATOR #4 Dead end, Timmy Turner. ELIMINATOR #5 Key word: 'end'. ELIMINATOR #6 Shouldn't the key word be 'dead'? Suddenly LE flies & hovers in front of the other Eliminators. LEAD ELIMINATOR Yes. It should. Eliminators join hands and form a giant portal. The Lead Eliminator stands in front. LEAD ELIMINATOR (CONT'D) Enter the Darkness Timmy Turner. You have no fairies. You have no weapons and you have no options. Timmy looks down. He sees all his stuff around him. TIMMY Oh yeah, think again Eliminator! Timmy grabs a present. TIMMY (CONT'D) Please be a turbo weapon. Please be a turbo blaster. Timmy opens it. It's a <FUNK MUSIC PLAYING BOOM BOX!>

TIMMY (CONT'D) A boombox? Oh well - let's hope it really goes boom! Timmy throws the boom box in the vortex. The vortex shorts out, and for a second we see the metallic Eliminators appear again then they reform the portal. Mark looks on. MARK CHANG Dude. I don't think it likes the funk. Timmy picks up the roller skates. TIMMY Then let's see if can rock and roller skate!?! Timmy throws the skates in and it becomes more unstable. LE sparks, shorts out, and its voice speeds up and slows down. LEAD ELIMINATOR Stop Timmy Turn...eliminaChosen....Eliminate... NEXT TO TIMMY: Mark fakeifies back to himself. TIMMY Now let's see how he likes my weenies! Not the catch phrase I was going for, but WHIP THE WEENIES! Mark and Timmy whip the weenies at the portal. LEAD ELIMINATOR Elimina---stop---weenie---Timmy--Suddenly <KAPOW!> The Eliminators explode and pieces scatter everywhere to the ground in the front yard. Timmy looks down in shock. Then looks up. TIMMY You see that Darkness?! Now I'm gonna go get the wand on the dark side of the blue moon and I'M COMING AFTER YOU! MARK CHANG And where is this blue moon?

TIMMY (to the heavens) I HAVE NO IDEA! FADE OUT. END ACT II... ACT III EXT. TIMMY'S FRONT YARD - LATER Smoldering BOT-BODIES are scattered all over the yard. TIMMY and MARK arrive and survey the carnage. TIMMY Eliminators down; the Darkness to go. And although I have no idea how we crushed those dudes with roller skates and weenies, it's OFF TO YOUR SPACE SHIP TO GET THE SECOND WAND! MARK CHANG Sewer squid powers activate! Timmy hops on Mark's back and he dives into the sewer hole. PAN OVER to the bot-parts. The pieces roll together and reconnect. LEAD ELIMINATOR (LE) rises into frame. Suddenly a glow comes over him as he reboots, ROLLER SKATE WHEELS appear on his feet and a BOOM BOX morphs out of his chest. LEAD ELIMINATOR Elimina---elimina---GET - GET Timmy Turner. THREE OTHER ELIMINATORS rise behind him. ELIMINATORS Get Timmy Turner. <FUNK MUSIC PLAYS!> They disco roller skate down the street. CUT TO: INT. ABRACATRAZ - DAY

ON: rolling Eliminator feet. WIDE: Eliminators roll behind the real Timmy's MOM, DAD, CHESTER, AJ and TRIXIE down the jail cell hallway (Eliminators have arm blasters drawn). MOM Where are we again? DAD The last thing I remember is we were eating cocktail weenies on the beach and we got sucked into the face of a man who looked like me. CHESTER Hey, I was sucked into the face of a dude who looked like me! AJ I surmise we've been abducted by an alien super race that can shape-shift into any form they want. DAD Either that or that was a baaaaad batch of cocktail weenies we ate. ELIMINATOR #2 The kid's right. We're aliens. TRIXIE Aliens, right. What are you going to show us next - fairies? DAD (laughs) Ah-ha! There's not a batch of weenies in the world bad enough to get me to believe that. A cell door opens and they are shoved in the same cell as JORGEN, COSMO, WANDA and POOF, who float in fairy form. DAD (CONT'D) Bad, baaaad weenies! Mom, Dad, Chester and Trixie <FAINT> from fairy shock. AJ But I didn't eat any weenies.

Then AJ <FAINTS.> COSMO Awesome! A fainting party! Cosmo <FAINTS & THUD!> ON THE ELIMINATORS: outside the cell. ELIMINATOR #1 I like the funny green dude. ELIMINATOR #2 And I like our new roller feet and the funk. Eliminator #1 and #2 roller boogie away. WANDA Uh, GET US OUT OF HERE! JORGEN Fear not Wanda, for if I know Timmy Turner. Right now he's fearlessly hurtling through the universe with the speed of a space cheetah on his way to obtaining the second wand and saving us all. EXT. DIMMSDALE DUMP - SAME TIMMY WHERE'S YOUR SPACE SHIP? ANGLE ON: a hole where Mark's ship is usually parked. MARK CHANG Oh right. I left it on Yugopotamia, which is, of course, gonzo. But the good news is I have no idea where this Blue Moon is that we seek. Wait, bad news - I meant to say the bad news is I have no idea where the blue moon is. TIMMY Okay, so we have no ship. We have no idea where the Blue Moon is, and there's no one to help us because the Darkness has captured all my friends and loved ones!

MARK CHANG Uh, like, is there anyone who hates you that can help us? INT. CROCKER CAVE - CONTINUOUS ON: A PLATE OF COCKTAIL WEENIES - MR. CROCKER spears one. CROCKER Yes! After 32 years of searching, 13 nervous breakdowns and 4000 cocktail weenies, today is the day my atomic magic seeking magno-scope will finally locate the legendary Fairyworld. PULL WIDE to see Crocker standing next to a HUGE TELESCOPE. Crocker presses a BUTTON. OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE - SAME A HUGE TELESCOPE shoots a pulse into the sky. BACK INSIDE A computer screen at a command center <BEEPS.> COMPUTER VOICE Fairyworld not detected. CROCKER Curses! Crocker turns and sees Timmy and Mark standing there. CROCKER (CONT'D) GAH! I didn't steal anything - I mean OW! OW! OW! Mark uses his tentacles to force open Crocker's mouth. MARK CHANG Bad news, he's not a black-hole sucky dude. I mean good news! CROCKER

What's going on?! How did you smuggle this squid past mother - (tough) This better be good. TIMMY Long story short - I'm being hunted by a big black hole in space and I need you to help me find a mystical and magical Dark Blue Moon. CROCKER Tell me you have fairies and we have a deal. TIMMY I have fairies. CROCKER NO USE IN DENYING IT and - oh. Man, that was anti-climactic. But I am a man of my word. Crocker adjusts his telescope - an image appears on his BIG SCREEN and it finds a FUZZY BLUE MOON. CROCKER (CONT'D) On my many failed attempts to find the Fairyworld, I did find this Blue Moon in the Vegon system. It gives off a large magic reading but I detected no life on the planet. The image magnifies: it's blurry but there's a STAR SHAPED CRATER (like on the wall of the cave)! TIMMY The Star Crater! That's it! CROCKER Yeah, blah blah blah, now SHOW ME YOUR FAIRIES! TIMMY Oh, you want to see them, too? Well that's gonna cost you extra. CROCKER

What? What do you want? Name your price. How about A's for life no matter how bad your projects stink? TIMMY I need to get to that moon - fast. CROCKER Behold the CROCKER ROCKET! A MISSILE SILO opens in the middle of the Crocker Cave and a SPACEROCKET rises from the ground. MARK CHANG Dude aren't you a teacher? How do you afford this stuff? CROCKER Oh, um, well remember the funds that went missing for the new school science wing and the teen center that would keep the troubled youths off the streets and turn them into productive members of society. TIMMY Yeah. CROCKER You're looking at them. TIMMY And this will get us to the Blue Moon of Vegon? CROCKER Does this answer your question?! Crocker hits a REMOTE CONTROL and <THE ROCKET TAKES OFF!> CROCKER (CONT'D) We probably should have been on that. MARK CHANG Ahhhh! What are we gonna do now?! I need to save my planet and I can't pull a space ship out of my pants!

TIMMY Calm down. We know where the second wand is and I can get us a space ship. All I need is a high speed internet connection, a laptop and a whoopee cushion. Mark pulls THESE ITEMS (see above) out of his pants. MARK CHANG Shpingo! (off their look) What? I said I couldn't pull a spaceship out of my pants. Now who wants cocktail weenies? TIMMY/CROCKER No! No! No! No! EXT. SPACE - THE DEATH BALL - LATER Establishing. <LAUGHTER> can be heard coming from within. INT. DEATH BALL - CONTINUOUS DARK TROOPERS watch a MONITOR and <LAUGH!> DARK LASER enters. DARK LASER What's so funny? TROOPER #1 Eh-hem, um, you wouldn't find it funny, sir. DARK LASER What do you mean? I'm Dark Laser! I've got a great sense of humor and...LEAPING LIGHT YEARS! ON THE SCREEN: we see a "TOO YUBE" video of a stop motion cut out of Dark Laser. He moves, dances and <FARTS!> DARK LASER (ON TV) (CONT'D) I'm Fart Blazer! I'm Fart Blazer! Pull my finger. I'm Fart Blazer.

DARK LASER (CONT'D) What the - ? That's not me. I'm discreet with my flatulence. (to Flipsie) Right Flipsie? Who posted these lies? ON THE SCREEN at the bottom it reads: POSTED BY TIMMY TURNER. DARK LASER (CONT'D) Turner. EXT. TIMMY'S HOUSE - CONTINUOUS Timmy, Mark and Crocker wait on the lawn. Timmy looks up. TIMMY 3....2....1. <WHAM!> Dark Laser's Death Pod lands on the lawn. DL jumps out with his LIGHT STICK ablaze! DARK LASER Timmy Turner, this time you've gone too far! I told you about my irritable bowel in confidence. KIDS ride by on BIKES. BIKE TEEN It's "Fart Blazer" from Too Yube! The kids <LAUGH!> DL holds up his hand and uses the force to <CRASH> their bikes. Timmy shoves DL back into the pod. TIMMY Yeah, yeah, we'll talk about it on the way to the Vegon system. DARK LASER Hey, easy. Watch it. We are not done with this conversation. Mark turns to Timmy. MARK CHANG

But Timmy Turner, do you think this Timmy-hating army is large enough to take on the Darkness?! TIMMY No. We're missing one secret violent ingredient. Timmy holds up a CASH REGISTER and rings it up. <KACHING!> Vicky arrives like a panting and salivating dog. VICKY Money! Money-money. Money-MONEY! TIMMY Get the cash machine, Vicky! Get it! Get it, girl! Timmy throws it in the Death Pod. Vicky chases after it. MARK CHANG The bodaciously evil Vicky. Nice. INT. DEATH POD - CONTINUOUS Timmy and Mark arrive in the seating area. Vicky holds the empty cash register. VICKY What's going on? There's no money in this and why are we in an evil space pod? TIMMY Alien Robots have kidnapped my friends and family, and an evil wall of Darkness will devour the universe unless my enemies, that's you guys, help me get a mystical second wand to stop it. Timmy makes a delayed "get it" gesture. VICKY Why should we help you? TIMMY (To Vicky) I'll give you $20 bucks.

(to Crocker) You can see my fairies. (to Dark Laser) And you can destroy me when this is over. CROCKER/DARK LASER DEAL! DARK LASER I'll set the co-ordinates for the Vegon system. (mumbles) Yes I'm going to destroy the Darkness then destroy Timmy Turner hub-blub-blub. TIMMY Blast off! EXT. TIMMY'S YARD - SAME The Death Pod zooms up into space. Suddenly, BIG BOOTS walk into frame. Somebody was watching them. Then <WHOOSH!> Whoever it is chases Dark Laser's ship. INT. ABRACATRAZ - CONTINUOUS Jorgen is <CHEWING> the jail bars. JORGEN Being that I have the teeth of a great white crocodile shark I will eat our way to freedom! ON: Cosmo, Wanda and Poof sit next to Mom, Dad, Chester, AJ and Trixie. Awkward silence. Dad speaks up. DAD Soooo...Timmy has magical fairy god parents and that's your magic baby? COSMO/WANDA/POOF Yep./Poof! MOM And you grant Timmy's every wish?

WANDA Not every wish. There are rules. MOM Could he have wished me a clean house whenever he saw I was tired and weary from domestic overload? WANDA Oh sure! That's an easy one! CHESTER Could he have wished me up a big house when my trailer got destroyed by that twister? COSMO Heck, he could have just wished away the twister! TRIXIE And me to be even more popular than I am now? WANDA That and a thick head of hair for AJ, but he just chose not to. DAD Well I choose to GET TIMMY! MOM/DAD/CHESTER/AJ/TRIXIE <Timmy stinks!/ Down with Timmy!> They all run, <CRASH> into the bars and fall to the floor. JORGEN And I'm still chewing here! WANDA Now you may all think that Timmy is selfish... COSMO Which he is.... WANDA

But what you don't know is that he's risked his life to save all of you and now he's out there trying to save you from the Darkness. DAD Wow. Soooo, could Timmy have wished away my man-boobs? JORGEN Yes! And I'M TRYING TO BREAK OUT OF THIS JAIL HERE! He turns back to the bars to see Eliminators #1 and #2 standing there. JORGEN (CONT'D) I mean - I'm hungry. GAH! The door swings open sending Jorgen flying back into the cell. The Eliminators put down a PLATE OF CHICKEN FINGERS. DAD Oh no thanks. Chicken Fingers go right to my man boobs. ELIMINATOR #2 And do not try escaping. You are not smart enough to out think us. They turn to exit, but POOF's stuck to Eliminator #2's back! The door shuts. Poof smiles and waves! COSMO Look! Poof busted out! OUTSIDE THE JAIL CELL: Poof peels himself off the back of Eliminator #2 as they leave. Poof <LANDS> and looks around. He pulls out a RED SCARF and EYELINER. ON: Mom. MOM Hey, he took my scarf. DAD And he took my eyeliner! Er, I mean, it's 2:30... Poof whips the red scarf around himself, <SPINS and LANDS> with dark mysterious eyes ready for battle. He looks like....

WANDA I knew he shouldn't have watched that movie. Now Poof thinks he's the Red Ninja. <CLICK> - the Eliminators come back into the room. COSMO Ahhh! Now he's the dead ninja! ELIMINATOR #1 Looks like we have a li'l prison break out. Emphasis on "li'l." Poof goes into a crouching-baby stance! ELIMINATOR #2 Shouldn't the emphasis be on "break?" 'Cuz we're gonna break his... Poof <FLIES> at Eliminator #2 and <KICKS> him against the wall <CRASH!> Eliminator #1 rushes Poof, but Poof <SPINS> up into the air to avoid him. CUT TO: a series of action shots of Poof kicking robo-butt. WANDA Hey, Poof does a pretty good Red Ninja. JORGEN Wanda. That's not an impersonation Poof is the Red Ninja! COSMO And I taught him everything he knows. Hi-Hoo-ha-GAK! Cosmo does a karate moves but knocks himself out. OUTSIDE THE CELL: all the robot pieces land forming a SWING SET. Poof <LANDS, SWINGS AND GIGGLES!> WANDA Nice job Sweetie. Now could you let us out of here? Poof <SWINGS HIGH, JUMPS> out of the chair and <LANDS> on a LEVER which lowers. The cell opens and everybody runs out.

EVERYONE Hooray! Wanda rushes over and hugs Poof. JORGEN And now we must join forces with the Chosen One and stop the Darkness once and for all! He holds up his hand. There's no wand. WANDA We don't have wands. JORGEN Darn it! INT. DEATH POD - SAME It's quiet as Timmy and his rag-tag team of heroes sit and wait. Dark Laser's in the cockpit. Mark sits next to Vicky. Mark <YAWNS> and tries to get a tentacle around her. MARK CHANG Oh I'm sooo tired from this long space travel and... VICKY Don't even think about it. MARK CHANG Right. TIMMY And I'm hungry from this long space travel. Are there snacks on this flight? DARK LASER I serve death, not snacks. But there's a great cantina coming up on Frigidarium. CROCKER Frigidarium? That's the coldest nonmagical sector in the galaxy. And we don't have heat regulating dark suits like you.

Dark Laser opens a CLOSET, it's full of SUPPLIES. He pulls out some WHITE BLANKETS, a <BLEEPING> GARBAGE CAN WITH WHEELS, RED FUZZY EAR MUFFS and a FUR COAT. DARK LASER Hang on. I've got blankets, a thermal refuse barrel, some ear muffs and my exwife's fur coat. CROCKER I call the fur coat! EXT. FRIGIDARIUM - LATER The planet looks like a giant snowman. The Death Pod enters frame and heads toward it. INT. FRIGIDARIUM CANTINA - LATER The door swings open and Timmy and his gang enter the cantina full of FREAKY SPACE ALIENS (they look exactly like the cast from Star Wars). Timmy with a white blanket wrapped around him looks like Luke. Vicky with ear muffs and blanket looks like Leia. Crocker's fur coat looks like Chewbacca. DL is Darth Vader. Mark's stuffed in a <BLEEPING> wheeled barrel. Everyone in the cantina turns to look and the music stops. MARK CHANG <BLEEPS> This thermal barrel is, like, on the fritz. Crocker clears his throat, sounding like Chewbacca. CROCKER RAAAAAARRERRR. (beat) And my sinuses are acting up. TIMMY This seems weirdly familiar. OUTSIDE TWO BOOTS walk into frame next to the Death Pod. BACK INSIDE -

DARK LASER I'll get us a table. Dark Laser walks up to a TABLE, uses the force and five aliens fly out the table <WAH!> They all sit at the table. TIMMY (impressed) Nice. Mark's barrel <BLIPS AND BLEEPS!> MARK CHANG Man, this thing won't shut up. Vicky reaches for a MENU but can't grab it. VICKY Pass me the menu. Help me, twerp, you're my only hope. CROCKER RRRAAAEEERR. I think I'm allergic to this coat. RRRAAAE-EEREERR. A SPACEY WAITER arrives at the table. VICKY What are your specials today? WAITER We have a lovely Chosen One soup. TIMMY Oooh, what's in it? Suddenly, the waiter transforms into the Lead Eliminator! LEAD ELIMINATOR Youuuuuuuu. ALL THE ALIENS in the cantina transform into Eliminators. TIMMY IT'S A TRAP! LEAD ELIMINATOR Get the Chosen One.

OTHER PATRONS turn into Eliminators and chant. ELIMINATORS Get the Chosen One! Arm cannons are drawn! They fire! <BLAST! BLAST!> ALL Ahhhhhhh! <BOINK. BOINK. BOINK.> They are hit with - weenies? TIMMY Weenies? They blasted us with weenies? DARK LASER This battle is going to be easier than I thought. Catch! Dark laser tosses Timmy and Mark LIGHT STICKS. Crocker pulls out a FAIRY FREEZER and fires it up. VICKY Hey, what do I use for a weapon? Dark Laser hands her TWO FORKS. DARK LASER Here, use the forks. WHOOSH! Timmy and Mark light their light sticks. They are all in a pose and ready for battle or at least a movie poster. CROCKER Reeerearrrrrr. TIMMY Okay, now I know I've seen this somewhere before. CUT TO BLACK. END ACT 3... FADE IN: ACT 4

INT. CANTINA - SAME SHOT OF TIMMY and HIS REBEL ARMY ready for battle. SHOT OF LEAD ELIMINATOR with 10 behind him ready to attack. TIMMY Um, are those roller skate feet? LEAD ELIMINATOR Yep, and check this out. Lead Eliminator presses the boom box on his chest. It plays <SILLY HAPPY MUSIC!> DARK LASER Oooh great if we were fighting at a birthday party. DL hits a button on his chest and it plays <BATTLE MUSIC!> DARK LASER (CONT'D) Now that's battle music! (Evil laughs and mumbles...) TIMMY SPLIT UP! They all leap in different directions. The Eliminators fire more WEENIES. Timmy ducks, dodges and jumps behind a TABLE. Crocker pops up from the table holding a FAIRY FREEZER. CROCKER I think it's time you all "chill out" with my FAIRY FREEZER! He aims, but LE opens his vortex mouth and sucks the freezer out of Crocker's hand. LE swallows it, then glows, re-boots and then his hand suddenly transforms into a fairy freezer. CROCKER (CONT'D) Did I say my Fairy Freezer? I meant your Fairy Freezer, which looks fabulous on you and - GAH! <BLAST!> Crocker is frozen in carbonite. Suddenly <WHACK!> The Lead Eliminator's arm freezer is cut off. Dark Laser lands next to frozen Crocker wielding his light stick.

DARK LASER Ha! You are no match for the powers of my light stick. <SUCK!> DL's light stick is sucked into the mouth of Lead Eliminator. <VROOM!> LE forms a light stick on his hand. DARK LASER (CONT'D) I mean your light stick, which also looks fabulous on you. <PZZZAP!> LE holds up his broken fist and CLICK! The Freezer arm reattaches. PZZAP. He freezes DL. Vicky lands on top of the frozen DL and Crocker and fans out two handfuls of forks. VICKY May the forks be with...Gah! Vicky is frozen. Three Eliminators arrives and <SUCK> the frozen army into their vortex mouths. <ZHOOOMP!> LE snap-turns to see Timmy in the middle of the Cantina. TIMMY <GULP> (nervous energy) Hey. Cool trick how you sucked up a fairy freezer and a light stick and then your arms became fairy freezers and light sticks, and AHHHHH! Timmy drops his light stick and dives over the bar. BEHIND THE BAR: Timmy lands next to a scared Mark. MARK CHANG I told you we needed a bigger army! TIMMY What can I say? You where right. MARK CHANG Say you have a plan on how to crush the robo-freaks! (Beat. Beat.) You're not SAYING ANYTHING! <WHOOSH!> A light stick rips the bar in half. It falls. LEAD ELIMINATOR

Get the Chosen One. TIMMY Exactly. "Get the Chosen One." But the Chosen One is not here. I'm "Timmy Turner", you want "Turbo Thunder." Me Timmy, not Turbo. So whaddya say we shake hands and call this thing a big mix up and we'll go back to Earth and forget the whole thing, okay? Okay. Timmy shakes the Lead Eliminator's hand. Suddenly LE begins to shake and spark. CLOSE ON: the hand's shaking. LEAD ELIMINATOR Get the Chosen - get - does not compute. Warm. Does not compu... LE shorts out then sends an electrical pulse that shuts down all the Eliminators. They all collapse, fall to the ground and spark sporadically. Happy Mark pops up. MARK CHANG Dude! You did have a plan. You used your Chosen One death grip! TIMMY All I did was shake his hand and be nice. MARK CHANG And that works tooooo - because - you are soooo the Chosen One! TIMMY Maybe I am. I know before I said I wasn't but maybe I really am. EXT. CANTINA - CONTINUOUS The door bursts open. Timmy exits with Mark. TIMMY Yes! I am the Chosen One! <VROOM!> The Darkness appears in the sky and it's close! TIMMY (CONT'D)

Is what I would say, if I was - but I'm not. Not the Chosen One. The Darkness begins eating the planet. <WHOOSH!> Dark Laser's Death Pod is sucked into the Darkness. MARK CHANG It's eating the planet! What the heck does that thing want!? A <WHISPY SPACEY NOISE> comes out of the Darkness. DARKNESS Timmmmyturneerrrrr.... Timmy jumps into Mark's arms. TIMMY Hold me. They stand as the Darkness is about to eat them. TIMMY (CONT'D) Any last words ol' buddy. MARK CHANG Actually, just one comes to mind. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!" WHOOSH! A PINK STREAK zooms in and takes Timmy and Mark away. EXT. MYSTERIOUS PLANET - MOMENTS LATER Timmy and Mark plop down on a barren pink landscape? TIMMY AND MARK Ahhhhhhhhh-OOF! THE MYSTERIOUS BOOTS enter frame. Timmy's eyes go wide. TIMMY It's you. INT. ABRACATRAZ - SAME <ALARMS GO OFF!> Eliminators run through the hall. They stop in front of a GUARD ELIMINATOR (#7).

ELIMINATOR #8 The fairy prisoners have escaped. We were sent to guard the magic sticks in case they go after them. ELIMINATOR #7 The magic sticks are stored in the vault on sector 3. Those fairy idiots will never find them. ELIMINATOR #8 You said it - idiot. <POW!> Eliminator #8 knocks Eliminator #7 over the head, then turns a fake-i-fier on his hip <PZZAP!> It's Jorgen! The others unfake-ify, revealing the fairies and humans. JORGEN Fakeifiers rock. Now TO SECTOR 3. DAD Wait! Could Timmy have wished Dinkelberg into a poop sandwich! JORGEN A triple decker - now let's go. They all dash out of frame. EXT. SECTOR 3 - SECONDS LATER ON: a Sector 3 vault sign and door. The gang arrives. Jorgen tries the door. <ALARMS STILL SOUND!> JORGEN Gah. Even with the strength of a medium sized cat I can't open it. Cosmo jumps into frame and does some sexy karate moves. COSMO Stand back! For I have the speed of a running shoe and the wisdom of a throw pillow, and the Red Ninja's in my hand! (holds up Poof) Chop it down Poof.

Poof looks determined and spins out of frame (like the Tazmanian Devil) and chops the vault door <SMASH!> It opens - spilling hundreds of WANDS into the hall. JORGEN Yes! We have our wands back! Now to poof to Timmy's side and help him defeat the Darkness! Jorgen holds up a wand and is ready to heroically poof. CHESTER But we don't know where he is. JORGEN Darn it! EXT. THUNDER-WORLD - DAY ON THE BIG BOOTS. PAN UP to see - it's TURBO THUNDER! REVERSE ON: Timmy and Mark still on the ground. TIMMY Turbo Thunder! You saved me? Turbo Thunder picks Timmy up and sets him down. TURBO THUNDER Of course I saved you. I'm Turbo Thunder! I save everything from the Darkness and I know all. So where's that second wand? MARK CHANG Oh, now I get it. You saved us, so we'd tell you where the wand is? TURBO THUNDER Hey, that's still "saving." And I would have gotten to the Cave of Destiny to find out for myself but I was a little bizzay. TIMMY Busy doing what? TURBO THUNDER

Building THUNDER WORLD! PAN a thunder wonderland (Las Vegas meets a kids theme park): PINK PALM TREES, PURPLE STREAMS and TWO "T" SHAPED HOTELS. TURBO THUNDER (V.O.) (CONT'D) Where tourists will come and celebrate me and my victory over the Darkness! BACK ON TT: T-shaped KIOSKS rise from the ground. They are full of THUNDER DOLLS, T-SHIRTS, TOYS and BOBBLE HEADS! TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) And spend a ton of cash on official Thunder-wear and souvenirs! He tosses a Bobble Head to Timmy and Mark. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Oh and that's $40 worth of bobble heads I just gave you FOR FREE. Now what did the "cave prophecy" say about the second wand? (mocking) "The wand is hidden in the rock and sealed with my butt?" And what is the Darkness after anyway? Right? He turns to the sky and <WHOOSH!> The Darkness appears! DARKNESS Timmmmyyytuuuurrrerrr. Turbo grabs and picks Timmy up. He's clearly scared. TURBO THUNDER Ahh-haaaahhhaaahh!!!! (to Timmy) Tell me where the second wand is so I can crush the Darkness, become a big hero and have my grand opening. The <WINDS KICK UP!> The Darkness is getting closer. TIMMY If I tell you where the wand is, then you have to take me and my sidekick with you.

TURBO THUNDER Yes of course, we will defeat the Darkness together as a team! Hurry! IT'S EATING THUNDER WORLD! The Darkness begins sucking up the planet! The wind kicks up. TIMMY The wand is on the dark side of the blue moon in the Vegon system! There's a star crater there and... TURBO THUNDER Laters! TT drops Timmy and CLAPS TWICE. A THUNDER-JET rises up. Turbo Thunder jumps in. TIMMY You said we'd do this together! TURBO THUNDER Yeah, I turbo lied. TIMMY But you need our help! There will be galactic protectors guarding the wand and the Eliminators will be back. TURBO THUNDER And I am the Chosen One. As in I go it alone and you are going in that! The Darkness is coming. TT fires the <JET ENGINES!> TIMMY Noooooo!!! The jet rises. It takes off into space. Beat. <PZZAP!> The Darkness eats Thunderworld and zooms away. EXT. SPACE - SAME PAN through space and find A BLUE MOON (with a dark side) <WHOOSH!> The Thunder-Jet shoots toward it. It comes out of a light speed portal.

EXT. BLUE MOON - SECONDS LATER The terrain is like a lunar landscape. <BOOM!> The Thunder-Jet lands at the edge of the star crater. Turbo jumps out. TURBO THUNDER I turbo made it to the blue moon of Vegon. And there is the wand! ON A NEARBY ROCKY RIDGE: A 3FT HIGH GLOWING WAND sticks out (think parking meter size). TT runs to it. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) Now to pluck the wand from it's rocky sheath and it won't budge! Why won't it budge? BUDGE FOR THE CHOSEN ONE! Turbo Thunder tries to pull the wand out. It won't budge. ON THE JET: MARK drops from the bottom and lands on the ground. (He stuck himself to the ship!) He then spits out Timmy <BLARK!> They bicker in whisper mode. TIMMY Don't ever do that again. MARK CHANG Oh, you mean save your life. Turbo continues to struggle with the wand. TURBO THUNDER Out of the rock, ya stupid wand! Oooh, ooh, it's moving. Suddenly, the wand rises up from the ground held by a giant ROCK HAND and a GIANT ARM! TT falls off the hand. TURBO THUNDER (CONT'D) AHHHHHHH! The mountain continues to rise up from the ground to reveal a GIANT ROCK GUARDIAN. It's 60 feet tall! Timmy and Mark hide under the jet and watch. TIMMY That's the protector of the wand.

MARK CHANG Phew. I thought it was a giant scary rock beast. GUARDIAN From rainbow bridges to outer suns, this wand belongs only to the Chosen One. TURBO THUNDER Well I'm the Chosen One, Bub, and I need that wand pronto-nay. GUARDIAN Before this wand, you can possess; you must first pass the chosen test. TURBO A test? I don't have time for tests! So how's this? Perish rock warrior in the mighty spew of my thunder clap! TT claps and forms a lightning ball over his head. The Guardian then pinches his finger and flicks Turbo Thunder (like a bug) over the horizon. TURBO THUNDER GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! MARK CHANG I don't think he's the Chosen One. The Guardian turns. He heard Mark. GUARDIAN Who goes there?! The Guardian slaps the Thunder-Jet aside revealing a scared Timmy and Mark. TIMMY ...heeeeeyyy. GUARDIAN Before this wand, you can possess; you must first pass the chosen test. Timmy gets up, pleads and walks toward the monster.

TIMMY Look. I don't want to fight you. But we need that wand to light the Darkness and save my friends and my sidekick's Planet. Please. I need your help. GUARDIAN The Chosen One never attacks unless attacked and always trusts before mistrusting. It is you. The Guardian makes a fist and smashes the ground next to Timmy. A SPARKLY CRYSTAL SCABBARD rises from the star crater. GUARDIAN (CONT'D) Here is your wand - Chosen One. The Guardian gets down on his knee to give Timmy the wand. TIMMY Cool! I really am the Chosen One. Timmy is about to grab it when suddenly <WHOOOSH!> The giant Guardian is sucked OS, but the wand falls to the ground. ABOVE THEM ALL: the swirling vortex of the DARKNESS floats in the sky. <WIND BLOWS!> - the Darkness sucked up the Guardian. ON: the wand. It's picked up by - the Lead Eliminator. LEAD ELIMINATOR Looking for this? (Laughs...) INT. ABRACATRAZ - SECTOR 3 - CONTINUOUS Frozen Crocker, DL and Vicky are rolled in by 3 Eliminators. ELIMINATOR #4 Leave them here. They are of no threat to us. Eliminators turn and look in shock. POOF! They disappear. REVERSE ON: Jorgen, Cosmo, Wanda and the gang in formation. JORGEN ...but let's hope they are of help to us.

<BLAST!> Jorgen unfreezes Crocker, DL and Vicky. VICKY/DARK LASER Who-What-Where...?/Flipsie! Crocker looks around and sees... CROCKER Fairies! Fairies! Fairies! Ha! Ha! Fairies....I see fairies... Fairies - floating fairies (getting tired) Magical fairies,- seeing fairies...fairies many fairies... (calm) Heyyyyy. WANDA Where's Timmy? DARK LASER If he got away, he's on the Blue Moon in the Vegon System. JORGEN To the Blue Moon of Vegon! Jorgen heroically holds up the wand but pauses. JORGEN (CONT'D) We're good this time, right? We have all the pieces we need? WANDA We're good. JORGEN I hope we are not too late! EXT. BLUE MOON - CONTINUOUS The Lead Eliminator aims the second wand at Timmy and Mark. LEAD ELIMINATOR No magic wand can stop us, Chosen One. We'll just keep coming in greater numbers than before.

AN ARMY OF ELIMINATORS (100) land behind the Lead Eliminator. LEAD ELIMINATOR (CONT'D) It's over. We have your wand. The Darkness begins to swirl closer. LEAD ELIMINATOR (CONT'D) And it's time you finally met the Darkness. A DOZEN ELIMINATORS land behind Timmy. He's surrounded. They draw BLASTERS - but then - MAGIC WANDS stick out of them? ELIMINATOR #8 Think again robot-punk. The 12 Eliminators morph into Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Dad, Mom, Chester, AJ, Trixie, Vicky, Crocker, Dark Laser and Jorgen! DAD Duck Timmy! MOM But don't get your pants dirty! Timmy ducks. <BLAST!> Jorgen's army shoots a magical blast at LE's army and PZZZZAP! They are gone! The second wand falls. TIMMY Cosmo? Wanda? MOM AND DAD?! You saved me! DAD You bet we did! Up hi, C-Dawg! Dad and Cosmo hi five. Trixie, Chester and AJ hug Timmy. TIMMY And Trixie, Chester and AJ? TRIXIE To think all this time there was a heroic and magical side of you I never knew. TIMMY You want a pony right?

TRIXIE Unicorn. Timmy snaps his fingers. Wanda poofs up a UNICORN under Trixie. The <WIND PICKS UP STRONGER!> CHESTER I don't mean to interrupt a greedy romantic moment, but there's a WHIRLPOOL OF DEATH COMING FOR US. He points to the Darkness getting closer. TIMMY Stand back. For this looks like a job for the Chosen One. Timmy picks up the second wand from the ground, flings it into the air and catches it. TIMMY (CONT'D) Now stand back and say goodbye to the Darkness - FOREVER! Timmy shoves the wand into the crystal scabbard. Suddenly, the wand and scabbard glow - but nothing else happens. Beat. CROCKER Again, very anti-climatic. JORGEN This isn't right. It should be shooting a magic laser that blasts back the Darkness or something. But it's not shooting the laser! MARK CHANG And we're about to be Darkness din din, man! The Darkness gets closer. The wind kicks up. Clinging to each other AJ, Chester, Trixie, Mom and Dad get sucked upward. ALL Ahhhhhh!

Mark grabs them with his tentacles but he loses his grip and flies up, too. Jorgen grabs Mark. He drives his wand like a stake into the ground. He holds his wand with one hand and the human ladder with his other. JORGEN Turner say the word and I will wish us all out of here. TIMMY But no matter where I go the Darkness will follow me. MOM I can't hold on much longer! DAD What does it want? DARKNESS Timmmmmmyyyyturrrnnnerrrr. TIMMY I think it wants - me. Timmy climbs up the human ladder of his friends. He walks up Jorgen, then Mark, Cosmo... WANDA/COSMO Timmy where are you going?! He passes Wanda who's holding on to Mom then Dad. MOM/DAD Timmy no! TIMMY I've got to stop the Darkness before it takes you all. Timmy gets to the top of the chain: it's Trixie. TRIXIE Timmy! (beat) How's my hair? TIMMY Perfect.

Timmy gives Trixie a big trilogy kiss. Music swells huge! TIMMY (CONT'D) I always wanted to do that. (up to the Darkness) You want me, Darkness! You got me. Timmy lets go and is pulled into the Darkness. TIMMY (CONT'D) Ahhhhhhhhh.... ON THE DARKNESS: Timmy flies into the swirling vortex. <LIGHTNING CRACKS> inside the vortex, then it twists, spins and then - it warps away spitting the planet back out and it leaves everyone safe. ALL TIMMY! Suddenly everything is quiet. The human chain falls. OOF! TRIXIE He...he saved us all. VICKY I'll never call him a twerp again! MARK CHANG There, there Vicky, let me hold you and comfort you and make out... Mark puts him arm around Vicky. She elbows him in the gut. MARK CHANG (CONT'D) I lack air. JORGEN The Chosen One saved us; now we must save him. Jorgen waves his wand! POOF: an AWESOME SPACE SHIP appears. DARK LASER That's big. Are you sure you can fly it? JORGEN Does this answer your question?

Jorgen poofs up a REMOTE CONTROL. He presses a button. The <SHIP TAKES OFF!> DAD Eh, we probably should have been on that. JORGEN Darn it!! Everyone looks up. <JOHN WILLIAMS MUSIC SWELLS AND SWELLS!> We PULL BACK faster and faster past planets, suns and moons until we see a giant star field. Then the Darkness appears and zooms toward the camera and the screen... GOES TO BLACK. THE END - OF EPISODE TWO!

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