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Teaching Learning Set induction (5 minutes) Pupils are shown pictures of the procedures of making ice-kacang

Content Appendix 1 Pictures series

Remarks -To arouse the pupils interest on the topic

Pre-Reading(15 minutes) Task 1 Pupils view the pictures of the icekacang Teacher introduces keywords and sentence connectors Teacher explains the key words and models how to pronounce the words. Pupils repeat after the teacher

Appendix 2 Keywords on making icekacang and sentence connectors Keywords on making icekacang Ice shavings Dessert Mixture Evaporated milk Syrup Creamed corn Bowl Sentence connecto rs First Secondly Thirdly Next Then Finally After that

-To prepare them for the reading text

Task 2
-Teacher distributes

worksheet and gives instruction on how to do it. -Pupils matching the picture with the correct procedures individually. -Teacher gives feedback and does correction together with the pupils.

Appendix 3

While reading (15 minutes) Task 1 - Teacher puts in sentence strips next to the picture series, contain the procedures of making ice kacang on the board. - Teacher reads the text followed by pupils - Pupils do jigsaw reading monitored by the teacher. Task 2 - Teacher distributes worksheets and gives instructions on how to do it. - While reading, teacher asks pupils to refer to the pictures series and ask pupils to match the pictures with the correct procedures. - Pupils answer the task individually - Pupils go over the answer with the teacher. Task 3 - Teacher models how to use sentence connectors to form the sentences. - Teacher asks pupils to make sentences by using the sentence connectors. - Pupils make sentences by adding sentence connectors to the right procedures - Teacher and pupils do the correction together

Sentence strips Pictures series

-To build confidence among the pupils.

Appendix 4 Worksheet Matching pictures series with correct sentences.

Sentence connectors First Second Third Final Next Then

To enrich their vocabulary To reinforce the correct grammar practice

To highlight mistake made and correct them

Class No of pupils Date Time Topic Theme

: : : : : :

Year 4 18 (mixed ability) 10th May 2011 11.00-12.00 am (1 hour) Making ice-kacang World of knowledge Reading

Language skills focus: Syllabus Specification: 3.2.1 3.2.2 3.8.1

Recognise complete words in texts. Read and learn the meaning of 5 key words for each topic taught. Read and understand instructions, directions, notices, labels, messages, letters, recipes, passages, descriptions.

Lesson Objectives :

1. 2 3. New words

List 7 key words and 7 types of sentence connectors. State at least 3 out of 4 steps on how to make ice-kacang. Answer all 4 multiple choice questions. : Keywords on making icekacang Ice shavings Dessert Mixture Evaporated milk Syrup Creamed corn Bowl Sentence connecto rs First Secondly Thirdly Next Then Finally After that

Pupils previous knowledge: Pictures series of ice- kacang, and sentence connectors that have been used in the Listening and Speaking lesson earlier.

Grammar item

: The simple past tense, verbs, sentence connectors

Moral Value

: hardworking, independent,

Thinking Skills

: making summaries, generating ideas, identifying true and false atatements

Appendix 4

Name : ____________________________

Date : __________________

Class : ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Choose the best answer. 1. When do you like to eat ice-kacang most? A. Night B. Morning C. Afternoon D. Evening 2. How does it taste? A. Bitter B. Sour

C. Salty D. Sweet 3. Put ________of ice shavings on top of the mixture. A. A pinch B. Many C. Some D. Little 4. Which of the following procedures you must do first to make icekacang? A. Ice-kacang is now ready to be eaten. B. Add some syrup and evaporated milk. C. Put some ice shavings on top of the mixture. D. Place red beans, jelly and creamed corn in a bowl

5. What is the main ingredient of making ice-kacang? A. Water B. Raisin C. Sesame D. Ice shaving

Appendix 5

Name : ____________________________ Class : ____________________________

Date : __________________

___________________________________________________________________________ Tick ( ) the correct answer. Cross ( X ) the false statements. Statements 1. The ingredients for making icekacang are corn, jelly, milk and margarine. 2. The first step to make ice-kacang is place red beans, jelly and creamed corn in a bowl. True ( ) False (X)

3. The taste of ice-kacang is bitter. 4. The ice cube need to shave using shaving machine