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MEAK_Revised: Scale Scoring Rubric for Subscale Knowledge Correct answers are bolded.

The answers are as follows: 31. Soil pollution is generally due to: a. sparse rains b. improper farming methods c. poisonous metals d. over-fertilization e. poor crop rotation 32. Most smog in our big cities comes from: a. Automobiles b. Supersonic jets c. Industrial plants d. Large trucks e. Refuse disposal 33. High concentrates of chlorinated hydrocarbon residues: a. Cause sheep to die b. Are found in large amounts in our atmosphere c. Accumulate flesh-eating birds and upset breeding behavior d. Are no longer legal in pesticides e. Are readily biodegradable 34. Mercury has been found at unacceptable levels in: a. Fruit b. Vegetables c. Seafood d. Beef e. Soft drinks 35. Which of the following does not appreciably reduce the pollution by automobiles?

a. Properly tuned engine b. High octane gas c. Low lead gas d. Smog control devices e. Propane engines 36. The most common pollutants of water are: A) a a. Arsenic, silver nitrates b. Hydrocarbons c. Carbon monoxide d. Sulphur, calcium e. Nitrates, phosphates 37. Ecology is best described as the study of: a. The relationship between man and the environment b. The relationship between organisms and the environment c. Pollution and its control d. The environment e. Recycling of products 38. Which of the following materials usually takes longest to decompose? a. Tin b. Iron c. Copper d. Aluminum e. Steel 39. Birds and fish are poisoned by: a. Iron b. Mercury c. Silver

d. Lead e. Magnesium 40. All but one of the following decompose in ocean water: a. Sewage b. Garbage c. Tin cans d. Plastic bags e. Chemical fertilizer 41. What is the harmful effect of phosphates on marine life? a. Causes cancer b. Renders fish sterile c. Induces nervous reactions in fish d. Makes H2O cloudy e. Feeds algae 42. Which of the following well-known groups is primarily interested in conservation issues? a. Boy Scouts of America b. The Sierra Club c. Kiwanis d. 4-H Club e. The Ecology Association 43. Practically all of the lead in our atmosphere is caused by: a. Cars b. Industrial plants c. Airplanes d. Burning refuse e. Cigarettes 44. DDT takes how long to deteriorate into harmless chemicals:

a. It never does b. 10-20 months depending on the weather c. About 200 years d. About 400 years e. Anywhere from several days to several years 45. Ecology assumes that the man in a(an) __________ part of nature. a. Differential b. Integral c. Inconsequential d. Superior e. Original