Project proposal for an inorganic waste collection system in the township of Soloy Besiko District, Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé

, Panamá April 24, 2013


Objective: To establish an inorganic waste collection system in order to avoid pollution, improve and maintain the local image as a tourist destination, and promote sustainable development in the region. Location: Areas accessible by car within the township of Soloy; including Alto Soloy, Soloy Centro, Boca Miel, Barriada 2000, Jevay and the entrance to Moracho. Methodology: 1. Awareness: give talks to the local population regarding the types of waste (organic and inorganic), their harmful effects to health and the environment, to local culture and tourism, as well as the proper way to dispose of it. 2. Training: offer workshops and demonstrations on how to build and manage a compost heap for organic waste. Explain the need to collect inorganic waste as it is produced and deposit it in sealed bags inside containers out of the reach of animals and protected from the elements. 3. Waste collection: establish a waste collection service through the main road, stopping at previously established locations where the garbage is accumulated. The trash collected would be then transported to a nearby landfill. This service would be carried out once or twice a month, as needed, on a fixed date. To carry out this service, this project suggests hiring two local people; the owner/driver of an adequate vehicle, and a person in charge of loading and unloading the trash. These two employees would be provided with a salary, the fuel costs, and the necessary materials to carry out the service. 4. Fines: those citizens or visitors who do not cooperate (both picking up trash on their property and littering in public spaces) should be penalized with a fine of a previously established amount. The funds collected from these fines should be used to meet the objectives of this project. 5. Signs: place several awareness and warning signs in key places of the township. It is suggested that these signs be written in both Spanish and the local dialect, and that they are made by children and youth, as part of school workshops.





Budget (in USD): Cost $ 10,00 $ 10,00 $ 20,00 $ 5,00 $ 10,00 Unit 2/month 2/month 2/month 2 1 Partial $ 20,00 $ 20,00 $ 40,00 $ 10,00 $ 10,00 Total Annual $ 240,00 $ 240,00 $ 480,00 $ 10,00 $ 10,00 $ 980,00

Driver Collector Fuel Gloves Plastic


Observations: It is suggested that the nearby City of David be formally contacted in order to establish a collaboration agreement to deposit Soloy’s waste in this city’s landfill. This proposal emphasizes the importance of taking immediate action to avoid aggravating the situation. In addition, it underlines that the project proposed here is an immediate and short-term solution while Soloy’s town hall continues to search for a plot of land on which to build its own landfill. However, it is also recommended that the town hall searches for alternative waste management systems which include the possibility of recycling in the near future. Sincerely, Soloy Tourism Committee coordinators: Juan Carlos Bejerano and Elmon Vejerano


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