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Jurassic Adventure Only few movies had intrigued me and one of them is the masterpiece of Steven Spilberg “Jurassic

Park”. This adventure is just to god to not be seeing. The movie was released in 1993 and since then it has been a classic of science fiction movies. Many of the effects that were used in this movie give a big sense of reality to the creatures, the robots and others also made their part in the creation of this Jurassic world traped on our time. The cast that was composed of Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Martin Ferrero, Samuel L. Jackson and others, was just perfect for this movie, they played in such a wonderfull way that you actually see the terror in the face of the characters when they had a close meeting with the terrible kingof-dinosaurs, the T-rex. The performing that each actor made in this scenes made it more real, it is just hard to think about how does men would had lived if the dinosaurs where still walking on the earth, well this story it´s not what we think about it. Some actors, who also star the next movies of the saga, said that there were moments in wich they only talked to a big green screen but when they saw the result of the scene they were happy that the dinosaurs were just an ilusion created by a computer. The plot of the movie go around the opening of a “natural park” located in an island in the caribean sea. This park it´s not a normal one, it is not full of common animals however it is full of dinosaurs. The technology that IGEN company created was the key for animal clonation and even for the revival of death creatures as the dinosaurs. With this technology the scientists of IGEN made the impossible, bring back an extinted animal. The intention of the park was to be a place in wich families could spend a invaluable time watching the dinosaurs and learning about them. However something went wrong in a visit of some paleontologist to the park. The Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and the other specialists didn´t image the hell in wich the park was going to turn. After a great not-adviced storm, the security of the researche facilities and the park in general went down. The dinosaurs scaped form their jails and started to walk around the place without any opposition. The Dr. Grant and the others suvivors fougth for their lives and in the end they found and helicopter that saved them. By the time the movie was launched in Perú, it raised more than 1 million dolars. It was a succed and even move E.T from the most viewed movie of Steven Spilberg untill that time. The story, which is based on the book of Micheal Crichton, will continue in two more movies but in my case and i think a lot more, this first chapter has been the most memorable movie of dinosaurs ever. To concluded i would like to say that Jurassic Park it´s a fabulous story with great special effects and a wonderfull plot that catch your attention since the first minute. But also i think that me could asociated to a couple of meanings too, one the worry about nature and the human treatment for animals and plants it is now that a great many of this living creatures are in danger for human expantion, and two the idea of play as god, it is an important discussion, when does humanity should stop their search for new answers, it would be and option if we talk about human lives or the conditions of our earth. Just like in the movie, human lives could be putted in danger if dont know how to deal with our expectation, we play to be the gods but and the end we are all crashed by our creations.

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