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VW (VOLKSWAGEN) / Polo Classic 1.4 / 12/1995 - / , D 1.4 / 44 kW AEX VWW 1370

VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION No. of cylinders Capacity (Fiscal) Compression ratio Output Suitable for unleaded petrol Minimum octane rating Ignition system Ignition system Ignition system Trigger location Fuel System Carburettor/Injection system Carburettor/Injection system Air metering Combined ignition and fuel ECM Diagnostic socket IGNITION SYSTEM Ignition coil Ignition coil supply voltage Primary resistance Secondary resistance Firing order Ignition timing Ignition timing - basic BTDC Ignition advance checks TUNING AND EMISSIONS (1) Idle speed Oil temperature for CO test CO level at idle speed - tailpipe HC level at idle speed CO2 level at idle speed O2 level at idle speed Increased idle speed for CO test CO content at increased idle speed Lambda at increased idle SPARK PLUGS

Type:4/OHC cc:1390 :1:10,2 kW (DIN hp) rpm:44 (60) 4700 :Yes RON:95 Make:Bosch Description:Map-h Type:Motronic MP9.0 :Distributor Description:MFI-s Make:Bosch Type:Motronic MP9.0 Type:MAP :Yes :Yes Make:Bosch + with ballast V:11,5 Ohm:0,5-1,2 Ohm:3000-4000 :1-3-4-2 o = without + = with vacuum: Engine/rpm:61/1500 Engine/rpm:ECM controlled rpm: C:80 Vol. % CO: 0,5 Max Not adjustable ppm:100 Vol. % CO2:14,5-16 Vol. % O2:0,1-0,5 rpm:2500-2800 % Vol:0,3 lambda:0,97-1,03

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Spark plugs Spark plug Electrode gap Spark plugs Spark plug Electrode gap Spark plugs Spark plug Electrode gap Spark plugs Spark plug Electrode gap FUEL SYSTEM System pressure without vacuum Regulated pressure with vacuum Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor Injector resistance Injector opening duration (hot) SERVICE ADJUSTMENTS Valve clearance -INLET Valve clearance -EXHAUST Compression pressure Oil pressure Radiator cap Thermostat opens LUBRICANTS AND CAPACITIES Engine oil grade - cold climate Engine oil grade - moderate climate Engine oil grade - hot climate Engine oil classification - moderate climate Engine oil grade - alternative - moderate climate Engine oil classification - alternative - moderate climate Engine with filter Gearbox oil grade Gearbox 4/5 speed Cooling system Brake fluid Brake fluid Power steering fluid Power steering fluid TIGHTENING TORQUES Cylinder head Cylinder head instructions Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Additional tightening torques figures Main bearings Main bearings

Original equipment:Bosch Type:W7LTCR mm:0,9-1,1 Make:Bosch Type:W7LTCR mm:0,9-1,1 Make:NGK Type:BUR6ET mm:0,7-0,9 Make:Beru Type:14GH-7DTUR mm:0,8 bar:3,0 bar:2,5 Ohm/C:275-375/80 Ohm:14-17 ms/rpm:3,9-8,1 mm:Hydraulic mm:Hydraulic bar:7-15 bar/rpm:2/2000 bar:1,3-1,5 C:85 SAE:5W/30 SAE:15W/40 SAE:20W/50 API/ACEA:SJ/A2-96 SAE:15W/50 API/ACEA:SJ/A2-96 litres:3,2 SAE:75W/90 Synth. litres:2,7 litres:5,5 Type:DOT 4 litres:2,0 Type:VW G 002 000 litres:0,7-0,9

: Renew bolts:Yes Tighten:40 Nm Tighten:60 Nm Tighten:90 Tighten:90 :No Stage 1:32 Nm

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Main bearings Big end bearings Big end bearings Big end bearings (2) Flywheel/driveplate Oil pump to cylinder block Sump bolts Sump drain bolt Clutch to flywheel (3) Crankshaft pulley (4) Camshaft sprocket/gear Camshaft carrier/cap (4) Camshaft/rocker cover Inlet manifold to cylinder head (4) Exhaust manifold to cylinder head Spark plugs Lambda probe (oxygen sensor) (4) Front hub (5) Rear hub Steering track rod end (6) Brake caliper to carrier (7) Brake caliper carrier to hub Back plate to hub ABS sensor ABS sensor Road wheels STARTING AND CHARGING Battery Maximum cranking amps Alternator output at engine speed BRAKE DISC AND DRUM DIMENSIONS Minimum disc thickness - solid Minimum disc thickness - ventilated (8) Maximum drum diameter (9) Minimum pad thickness Minimum shoe thickness Handbrake travel AIR CONDITIONING Air conditioning refrigerant Air conditioning refrigerant quantity Air conditioning oil (10)Air conditioning oil quantity

Stage 2:65 Nm :Yes Stage 1:30 Nm Stage 2:90 : :20 Nm :15 Nm :30 Nm :20 Nm : :20 Nm+90 :6 Nm+90 :5 Nm+90 :20 Nm :25 Nm :25 Nm :55 Nm :265 Nm : :35 Nm Front: Front: Rear:60 Nm Front:10 Nm Rear:10 Nm :110 Nm V/RC(Ah):12/75 (44) A:119-145 A/V/rpm:60/14/3000 Front:10 mm Front:16 mm Rear:181,5 mm Front:7 mm Rear:2,5 mm No. of notches:3 Type:R134a grams:850-880 Type:G052 154 A2 cm?:

Important note:
Idle speed ECM No. 6KO 906 027A = 690-790 rpm ECM No. 6KO 906 027E = 790-890 rpm.

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Flywheel/driveplate Fit new bolt coated in locking fluid and tighten to 60 Nm + 90.

Crankshaft pulley Use new bolts Hexagonal bolt = 90 Nm + 120. Multi-point bolt = 90 Nm + 90.

Use new nuts/bolts.

Rear hub 10.99 Use new nut Tighten to 175 Nm.

Brake caliper to carrier Volkswagen brake system = 25 Nm Lucas/Girling brake system = 35 Nm.

Brake caliper to hub Lucas/Girling system = 125 Nm.

Maximum drum diameter ABS = 201,5 mm.

Minimum pad/shoe thickness Measurement includes lining and pad/shoe backing plate.

Oil quantity

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1996-9.99 Classic = 115 cm 1997-9.99 Estate/Kombi = 120-150 cm 10.99 Classic/Estate/Kombi = 135 cm .

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