Federal EEO Process Informal and Formal Complaint Process

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Acts of Harm

To better understand what kind of claims you can make, see Issues and Bases or How To Write A Complaint.

Initial Contact with EEO Office

Phone contact is not advisable. Contact via fax, email, or certified or priority mail with delivery confirmation. Make sure you identify issues and basis to avoid dismissal later on and to establish timeliness of your claim. See Informal/pre-complaint process.

Within 30 days, unless extended by Complainant (not advisable).

EEO (final) Counseling/ Notice of Right to File a Complaint of Discrimination

Mediation, if elected, will automatically extend the 30-day counseling period to a 90-day period. Mediation is not advisable, as Agency usually does not seriously negotiate at this point. Choose “traditional counseling” to avoid mediation. See Settlement & Mediation.

File a formal discrimination complaint

Within 15 days of receipt of the Notice of Right to File

The 180-day formal investigation period begins. Report of Investigation/Investigation File must be issued by EEO Office within the 180-day period, unless extended by Complainant (not advisable). See Formal Complaint Process.

Acknowledgment of Receipt of the formal Complaint

Within 15 days of filing a formal Complaint

Notice of Acceptance or Dismissal of Claims
Issued by the EEO Director/Analyst

Within 30 day of filing a formal complaint. This is the most important Notice, which will later be referred by the Investigator during the investigation and by Admin. Judge (AJ) at the hearing. Issues not accepted will not be investigated by the Investigator or heard by the AJ.

Rebuttal of Dismissal of Claims or Correction of Claims

Within 5 or 7 days of receipt of Notice of Acceptance/Dismissal

Assignment of the Investigator

Notice of Fact-Finding Conference/Interview or Issuance of Affidavit Questionnaire

Fact-Finding Conference/Interview or Response to the Affidavit Questionnaire Submission of supporting documents

Response to the Questionnaire must be submitted within 15 days of receipt. Can be extended usually upon request with good cause. Submit your supporting docs even if the investigator does not ask. Leave a record of your submission with itemization of docs to ensure their inclusion into the Investigation File (IF), which will be compiled by the

he or she is misleading you. LLC (http://www. Both are referred to as ROI/IF or simply as ROI. Request EEOC Hearing or Final Agency Decision Within 30 days of receipt of the ROI. Investigator writes a summary of what is contained in the IF. cannot. and should not render a decision. or even omitted from the IF. Investigator does not. If his or her role is presented otherwise. Issuance of Report of Investigation (ROI) And the Investigation File (IF) Within 180 days of filing a formal complaint unless extended by Complainant (not advisable).eeo21. The summary is called Report of Investigation (ROI).Federal EEO Process Informal and Formal Complaint Process Updated on 08/24/12 by EEO 21. Mediation or withdrawal at this point is not advisable.com) Investigator and by the EEO Office. or displaced. ROI is not a decision or a finding of facts. Sometimes crucial docs are scattered within the thick IF. . It is only a summary of what has been gathered during the investigation. misplaced. The exhibit tabs containing the records and affidavits are called the Investigation File (IF).