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ENGLISH TEST Name: .... Date: 21/06/2013 Total Score: 41 points NOTA Score obtained: Class: 7th years.



NICANOR PARRA, CHILEAN POET Nicanor Parra was born in 1914 in Chillan, a small town in the south of Chile. His father was a school teacher. In 1933 he entered the Instituto Pedaggico of the University of Chile, and got his degree as a teacher of mathematics and physics in 1938. Cancionero sin Nombre, his first book, appeared in 1937. After teaching in Chilean secondary schools, in 1943 he went to Brown University in the USA to continue his studies in physics. He returned to Chile in 1946. In 1952 Parra began to teach Theoretical Physics in Santiago. He created the so called anti-poetry and he read his poetry in England, France, Russia, Mexico, Cuba, and the United States. He also published several books, including one in collaboration with his great compatriot, Pablo Neruda. Parra has been nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Parra comes from the artistic Chilean Parra family of musicians, artists, and writers. His sister, Violeta Parra, is possibly the most important folk singer the nation has produced.

A. Read the text and circle the correct answer in each case. (Lee el texto y encierre en un crculo de la respuesta correcta en cada caso) (1 point each) 1.- The text is a: a) Short story. b) Biography c) Interview d) Poem 2.- Nicanor Parra is a Chilean: a) Painter b) Musician c) Teacher d) Folk singer d) Physics d) Temuco d) Gabriel Garca

3.- Parra is a teacher of mathematics and: a) Spanish b) English c) Music 4.- He studied pedagogy in: a) Chillan b) Valdivia 5.- He wrote a book with his friend: a) Salvador Allende b) Pablo Neruda Marques 6.- Parra was nominated for the: a) Teacher of the Year Award c) Poet of the Year Award 7.- Parra got his degree as a teacher in: a) 1938 b) 1943 c) Concepcin

c) Violeta Parra

b) Nobel Prize in Literature d) Folk Singer of the Year Award c) 1983 d) 1952

B. Read and write T (True) or F (False) in each case. ( Lee y escribe T (verdadera) o F (Falso) en cada caso) (1 point each) a) ______ Nicanor Parra was born in the North of Chile. b) ______ Nicanor Parra entered the Instituto Pedaggico. c) ______ He traveled to Europe to continue his studies. d) ______ Parra created the anti-poetry. e) ______ He read his poetry in England, France and Japan. f) ______ His first book appeared in 1973. g) ______ Cancionero sin Nombre was his first book. C.- Complete the sentences by using present continuous and the verb in brackets. las frases utilizando present continuous y el verbo entre parenthesis) (1 point each) a) I _______________________________________________ soccer now. (not/Play) b) __________ Sally ___________________________________ a bath. ? (Take) c) You _______________________________________________ a lot of noise. (Make) d) Tom _______________________________________________ his friend. (Visit) f) ___________You and I ________________________________ a sandwich.? (Eat) g) Dolphins _____________________________________________ in the ocean. (Swim) j) My little sister _________________________________________ now. (not/Sleep) k) ___________The cat ____________________________________ milk. ? (Drink) l) ________ I _____________________________________________ an e-mail. (Send)


D: Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and form sentences. Use the going to-future (Colocar los verbos entre parntesis en los espacios y formar oraciones. Utilice el futuro Going to) (1 point each) 1) He_______________________________________________________ his friend. 3) I _______________________________________________________ (to visit)

2) We______________________________________________________ a new computer game. ( To play) ( not/to speak.) (To watch) 4) ___________ My sister ________________________________________TV.?

5) ____________You____________________________________________ a picnic next Tuesday.? (to go) 6) Jane _______________________________________________________ to the office. (not/To ring) 7) She _______________________________________________________ a present for her mother. (to buy) 8) ________ I _______________________________________________ my homework after school. (To Do) E. Short Answers (Respuestas Cortas) ( 1 point each)

1. Is Leonardo di Caprio Vietnamese? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Can cats fly?

No, ________________________________.


Is she eating an ice cream? Yes,____________________________________. Did he buy all these books? No,_____________________________________. Does he know the answer? Yes,_____________________________________. Can Jack and Brian play the piano? Yes,_______________________________. Are the students listening to music? No, ______________________________.

F. Write the following structures (escriba las siguientes estructuras) (1 point each) 1. Present continuous affirmative

2. Interrogative Going To Future

3. Negative short answers

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